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1978 –  2017   Registered  Charity  No  1154022  

Newsletter  No  89  –  November  2017     Hello   and   Welcome   to   the   latest  edition  of  the  ‘Eagle’!  

In this  issue  of  the  Eagle    

We have   lots   of   news   updates   plus   a   wider   email   audience   receiving   this   extra-­‐large   edition   so   we   hope  you  enjoy  it!  

Good News     NEW  -­‐  Meet  the  Managers  Q&A    

NEW -­‐  Team  of  the  Month     Kewford  Summer  Tournament     Our  BIG  40!     NEW  -­‐  Groundsman  Notes     AND  Lots  Lots  Lots  More!!!!!    

Julian Smith   is   a   Kewford   Parent   and   our   new   newsletter   Editor   and   so   a   big   thank   you   to   Julian   for   donating   his   spare   time.   If   you   want   to   get   involved   and   help   Julian,   please   let   a   committee   member   know!   All   ideas   are   most   welcome.  We  really  appreciate  Julian  stepping  forward  and   helping  with  this  task,  allowing  the  Committee  to  focus  on   progressing  Eagle  Park  and  other  matters.     The   last   issue   went   out   in   May   so   we   have   had   a   whole   summer  of  news  to  catch  up  on  in  this  edition,  covering  the   Tournament,   ground-­‐works   updates,   team   successes,   FA   Education   and   we   have   introduced   a   Q   and   A   with   managers.  Enjoy!    

In addition  to  this  Newsletter  please  monitor  the  Kewford   Facebook  page  for  important  announcements,  news  and   updates  which  is  updated  regularly.     www.facebook.com/Kewford  

Charter  Standard  Community  Club  |    www.kewfordeagles.co.uk  


NEW -­‐  Meet  the  Manager,   Seniors     Quick  fire  Q&A:     under  the   spotlight  is   Ian  Taylor  U19   Girls:  

Current ‘Leagues’  Gossip:     Currently  we  have  teams  playing  in  the  following  Leagues,   and  you  can  follow  their  updates  using  the  following  website   links  below:       SDYFL  –  http://www.sdyfl.org/leaguenews  

Central Warks  –  http://www.cwyfl.org.uk  

Stourport  -­‐  click  their  Facebook  page  here:   https://www.facebook.com/Stourport-­‐District-­‐ Youth-­‐Football-­‐League-­‐1459226504306423/  

MJPL -­‐  http://www.mjpl.org.uk/  

The   main   notes   to   make   are   the   SDYFL   rule   changes   that   affect  U7  /  U8  regarding  reducing  large  “cricket  score-­‐lines”   in  mini  soccer.    See  your  team’s  coach  for  more.    

  (Q1)  What  made  you  decide  to  start  up  a  football  team??     ‘My  Daughter  was  interested  in  playing  football  and  we  just   went  from  there.’       (Q2)  What  is  your  favorite  part  about  running  your  team??     ‘I  have  a  great  bunch  of  girls  who  have  grown  into  lovely   ladies  and  I  have  made  some  great  friends  with  the  parents’       (Q3)  Which  football  teams  do  you  support  and  do  you  try   to  play  like  your  team  does??     ‘I  support  Wolves  and  just  like  to  see  the  girls  play  football   and  not  just  hoof  the  ball  anywhere!.’       (Q4)  What  is  your  favorite  memory  so  far  with  your   Kewford  team??     ‘A  couple  of  seasons  ago  when  we  won  the  treble  that  was  a   really  great  season  but  all  in  all  we’ve  had  some  really  good   seasons!.’       (Q5)  And  Finally…….  Where  do  you  see  Kewford  as  a  club  in   the  next  5  years??     ‘Hopefully  we  can  get  to  the  standard  we  require  with  a  3G   pitch,  Floodlights  and  a  Clubhouse,  although  this  may  take   longer  than  5  years.’       Thanks  Ian  many  thanks  for  your  time  and  good  luck  for  the   rest  of  the  season.               Charter  Standard  Community  Club  |    www.kewfordeagles.co.uk  

Also   the   SDYFL   are   promoting   #FriendsThroughFootball   competition  where  the  best  photos  of  match-­‐day  friendships   will  win  a  trip  to  St  George’s  Park!      

FA Regional  Support  &   Education:                 Russ  with  U7N  on  an  October  Level  2  course

Congratulations to   Rus   Smith   [our   FA   coach   mentor]   who   th won   ‘FA   Coach   Developer   of   the   Year’   on   November   30   2017!     Rus   is   often   down   at   Eagle   Park   so   please   feel   free   to   say   hello   and   ask   any   questions   –   whether   from   a   parent’s,   player’s   or   coach’s   point   of   view!   There’s   been   a   recent   shift   in  focus  of  the  FA  early  2016  so  it’s  a  great  time  to  dust  off   your   old   notes   and   get   involved   with   FA   education   online   and  with  Russ  in  person.    Russell.smith@thefa.com   Over  the  summer  Kewford  Eagles  FC  have  paid  for  new  Level   1   coaches   especially   in   creation   of   the   four   new   U7   teams.   Rus  also  has  three  Kewford  Level  2  students  completing  the   11  day  course  end  of  April  2018.       Well  done  Rus  and  all  who  are  learning!       2  

Teams of  the  Month  

• Seniors Team  of  the  Month:     Drum   Roll!……   Seniors   Team   of   the   Month   goes   to   Glynn   Smith  and  his  coaches  for  their  hard  work  with  U12’s.  Glynn   and  his  team  have  a  great  development  philosophy  and  their   hard   work   during   the   last   5   years   leading   up   to   11v11   and   this  summer  paid  off  with  a  League  Cup  Win  and  some  very   happy  players  at  the  Trophy  Ceremony.         As  the  FA  say,  winning  is  important  but  it  isn’t  everything!   So  please  let  us  know  if  you  think  you  want  to  put  your   team  forward  for  Team  of  the  Month  regardless  of  score   lines.    

New to  the  monthly  newsletter  is  “Team  of  the  month”.     Each  month  we  are  going  to  have:     • •

one team  -­‐  Mini  Soccer  age  group  (U7-­‐U11);  and     one  team  -­‐  Senior  age  group  (U12-­‐Seniors)    

SO if  you  think  your  team  deserves  to  be  mentioned  in   the  monthly  newsletter  ALL  you  have  to  do  is  drop   Julian  Smith  an  email  to  let  him  know;  he  will  need  a   bit  of  info  of  the  team,  why  they  deserve  it,  and  a   team  picture!   •

Mini Soccer  Team  of  The  Month:    

Trumpet noise!   Our   first   Mini   Soccer   Team   of   the   Month (October   2017)   goes   to   James   Smith,   Mark   Jones   and   Adrian   Harris   brand   new   team   U7s   North!   This   team   have   pushed   the   extra   mile   over   their   first   summer   entering   5   or   6   tournaments  and  we  gave  it  to  them  as  they  rotate  the  full   squad   positions   and   give   all   the   boys   equal   time   –   doing   things   the   ‘right   way’.   To   top   it   off   they   won   the   inaugural   Mary   Stevens   Hospice   tournament   (beating   6   good   teams   and  going  on  the  big  festival  main  stage  after  the  final).     Well   done   to   all   the   parents,   players   and   management   -­‐   keep  up  the  hard  work  guys!  Lovely  photos  below.    


U7 North  Summer  2017  

Charter Standard  Community  Club  |    www.kewfordeagles.co.uk  

U12 Winning their first trophy in their first year of competitive football.


Kewford Summer   Tournament  –  Recap!


Since the  last  newsletter  we  have  been  busy!    

Our summer   Tournament   was   a   HUGE   success   –   with   216   teams  from  all  over  the  midlands  and  so  a   VERY  BIG  Green   and   White   THANKYOU   to   all   the   volunteers.    We   have   captured  a  few  here  but  thanks  to  everyone.      NEXT  YEAR  we   will  be  calling  new  volunteers  to  help.  Watch  this  space.  


The video   below   went   in   the   local   news   and   received   over   5,000  views  on  Facebook.  Please  have  a  look  at  it  when  you   get  a  moment  –  it’s  really  great  for  our  club  to  have  such  a   well-­‐produced  video  telling  our  story.    


Charter  Standard  Community  Club  |    www.kewfordeagles.co.uk  


NEW -­‐  Meet  the  Manager,   Mini  Soccer    

  (Q5)  And  Finally…….  Where  do  you  see  Kewford  as  a  club  in   the  next  5  years??     James   -­‐   With   the   enthusiasm   I   have   already   seen   from   a   number   of   existing   managers   and   committee   members   Kewford   can   become   an   even   more   amazing   club.       I   would   really   like   to   see   the   club   fulfill   its   ambition   to   complete   phase   2   of   its   plans   for   Eagle   Park   and   look   at   3G/4G   floodlit   facilities.   On   top   of   this   I   would   like   to   see   Kewford    introduce  more  Saturday  football  for  youth  teams   especially  with  Kewford  being  one  of  the  largest  community   football   clubs   in   the   country   with   over   45   teams,   therefore   giving  us  potential  to  enter  the  JPL  for  under  8’s  next  year.   Kewford   has   already   started   to   forge   links   with   the   ‘Albion   Foundation’   which   in   my   eyes   has   been   amazing   for   the   children,   as   it’s   given   them   experiences,   memories   and   opportunities   they   wouldn’t   ever   have   been   given   at   any   other   local   clubs.     I   can   see   a   bright   future   for   Kewford   and   I   am   extremely   excited   to   be   part   of   an   amazing   club,   but   like   any   club   it   needs   the   support   of   everyone   and   not   the   regular   few   to   take  it  to  the  next  level.     Nice  one  James  many  thanks  for  your  time  and  good  luck   for  the  rest  of  the  season.  

Quick fire  Q  and  A     Under  the  spot  light  here  is,   James  Smith  U7  North    

  (Q1)  What  made  you  decide  to  start  up  a  football  team??     James   -­‐   Having   played   football   myself   for   numerous   years   the  enjoyment  and  life  skills  I  acquired  from  being  part  of  a   team   was   priceless   and   I   wanted   to   give   the   same   opportunities  I  was  given,  back  to  the  youth  of  today.  With   my   son   Travis   showing   a   keen   interest   in   football   it   was   an   ideal  opportunity  for  me  to  do  this  and  to  take  on  one  of  the   new  under  7’s  teams  for  the  coming  season.     (Q2)  What  is  your  favorite  part  about  running  your  team??     James  -­‐  My  favorite  part  about  running  the  team  is  seeing  10   enthusiastic  children  and  their  parents  come  together  every   weekend   for   training   and   match   days,   sharing   the   enjoyment   and   socializing   aspects   football   can   bring.   Football  seems  to  create  a  special  bond  between  the  players   and   they   seem   to   see   each   other   more   as   family   than   teammates.  For  me  there  is  nothing  more  special  than  being   a  part  of  this  and  seeing  the  children  grow  and  develop  both   as  a  person  and  a  player.     (Q3)  Which  football  teams  do  you  support  and  do  you  try   to  play  like  your  team  does??     James  -­‐  I’m  proud  to  say  I  am  an  avid  Wolves  supporter,  and   would  love  for  my  team  to  play  the  great  passing  style  that   they   are   currently   playing.   The   resilience   of   the   Wolves   defense   particularly   in   the   Man   City   game   is   definitely   something  we  are  trying  to  aspire  to  achieve.     (Q4)  What  is  your  favorite  memory  so  far  with  your   Kewford  team??     James   -­‐   I   have   quite   a   few   favorite   memories   however   there   are   two   moments   that   I   cannot   choose   between.   One   of   them  would  be  our  first  ever  match  as  Kewford  North  Under   7’s   which   was   in   a   tournament   held   by   Wolves   where   the   team   reached   the   final   and   played   Wolves   Academy   U7’s.   The   other   favorite   memory   that   will   stay   with   me   and   no   doubt   everyone   involved   with   the   team   would   be   winning   the  Mary  Stevens  Invitational  Cup  competition  at  the  end  of   summer   pre-­‐season   it   was   a   great   testament   to   the   teams’   hard  work  during  pre-­‐season.       Charter  Standard  Community  Club  |    www.kewfordeagles.co.uk  


The membership   scheme   has   great   potential   but   we   need   to  help  Naomi  drum  up  some  more  opportunities  –  a  great   work   experience   role   for   U16,   U17,   U18   perhaps?   The   role   will   be   to   get   some   extra   discounts   for   members   in   the   region  –  e.g  dealing  with  corporate  clients.    

Membership Cards  and  Social   –  the  low  down.        

Our BIG  40!!!  

YES Kewford  is  40  years  young  next  year,  so  watch  this   space  for  various  information.  


We are  proud  of  our  heritage  and  we  hope  you  are  too.  We   will  be  updating  this  section  in  due  course!  

If you  have  any  ideas  on  how  we  can  all  celebrate  the  Big   Four  Zero  please  tell  your  team  manager,  or  message  us  on   Facebook.    


Kewford Social  –  e.g.  Trips  to   Grounds,  etc.    

Mick   McCann   (U9W   parent)   came   up   with   the   idea   of   our   new   Membership   Card   scheme,   which   we   launched   shortly   after  in  June  2017.  It  is  a  big  undertaking  handing  them  out   but   now   that   Naomi   Bagley   (U7W   parent)   has   volunteered   she  is  the  “go  to”  person  championing  this  at  the  moment!      

WHO  DO  YOU  SUPPORT?    BAGGIES,  WOLVES,  VILLA?  WE   want  to  know!     We  are  currently  surveying  who  in  the  club  (Coaching  Staff   and  others)  supports  which  team!       See  link  here  if  you  want  to  fill  it  out:   http://bit.ly/KeyVolunteersList_Kewford     Out  of  the  20  coaches  who  have  filled  it  out  so  far,  Wolves   are  most  common,  with  WBA  and  Aston  Villa  in  joint  second     with  our  acting  Chairman  Rich  Shelley  propping  up  BCFC  on   his  own!       Currently  we  have  a  variety  of  teams  we  support  and  we  are   looking   for   a   volunteer   to   organize   Kewford   trips   to   matches:  to  St  Georges  Park,  Wembley,  and  get  involved  in   social  days  out.    Get  in  touch  if  you  want  to  help  out!       We   are   hoping   to   improve   the   social   scene   at   Kewford   and   we  need  one  or  two  folks  to  help  pull  that  together.  That  can   be   grandparents,   mums,   dads,   aunties,   uncles   or   players   –   given  we  have  so  many  members  we  should  be  able  to   get   some  good  group  discounts  on  days  out!       Watch  this  space  for  more  information.      

She is   our   Membership   Card   Manager   and   you   can   contact   her  on  naomi507@hotmail.co.uk.

If  you  haven’t  applied  yet,  here  is  the  link:-­‐   http://bit.ly/Kewford_CardApplication

Your  membership  Card  currently  enables  you  to  get   Discounts  at  the  following  places  –     • Harvester  Summerhill,  10%  off  food  bill   • Alam  Tandoori  Wall  Heath,  10%  off  at  moment   • Footgolf  at  Kingswinford  Golf  Centre  –  members   get  10%  off  and  20%  off  for  10  or  more  team   bookings.     • The  Sportshop  Kingswinford  –  on  all  sports  gear   boots  balls  etc.       Charter  Standard  Community  Club  |    www.kewfordeagles.co.uk  

Do you  know  anyone  who  wants  to   join  our  club?  Our  new  waiting  list  is   here:     http://bit.ly/FootballForAll_KewfordSessions      


NEW -­‐  Groundsman  Notes  

Another  NEW  monthly  feature  that  will  get  the  low  down  on   the   latest   from   Mart   and   Asa   on   how   Eagle   Park   is   holding   up.     From  Mart/Asa  -­‐       ‘We  have  put  a  barrier  on  pitch  1.       Can  everyone  please  walk  around  it!           The   red/white   chain   is   hooked   on   as   a   gate   for   players/managers/coaches   and   officials   to   use   who   are   playing  or  training  on  the  pitch.                                     “Pitch   1   is   suffering   from   people   continually   walking   across   it.  Its  a  trial,  if  it  works  then  we  can  put  it  on  other  pitches,   we  can  also  try  to  improve  the  pitches  and  maybe  try  to  get   sponsorship  boards  hung  off  them  (they  will  act  as  a  bit  of  a   ball   stop)   in   the   future.   We   have   nothing   to   lose.     So  if  you’re  playing  on  pitch  1,  please  leave  them  up.       We  have  also  put  9v9  nets  out  in  Blue  Bins  –  which  has  been   well  received.    Thanks  all!       We   had   the   new   drainage   trenches   finished   off   and   then   filled   in   (along   the   A449)   courtesy   of   Severn   Trent   water   assisting  us    -­‐  so  a  big  thanks  to  them’       We   have   cleaned   out   all   four   changing   rooms   now   so   they   are   open   for   use.   This   has   also   allowed   us   to   sell   off   some   old   scarves   and   hat   stock   to   help   generate   some   funds   for   the  club.’       Pitch   7   has   had   a   new   drain   put   right   across   the   pitch   and   the   turf   is   taking   well.   The   pitch   is   draining   more   now   so   huge  thanks  to  Andre  and  Andy  for  arranging  that.       Lots  of  Fertiliser  and  top  soil  has  been  rolled  out  in  August!    

There are  only  four  disabled  car  parking  spaces  next   to  the  building  at  Eagle  Park  –  please  be  considerate   and  only  use  these  spaces  if  you  are  disabled  and   please  always  display  your  blue  disabled  badge.         We  have  a  very  large  disability  section  at  the  Club   and  these  spaces  are  required  for  those  people  with   disabilities.    Many  thanks  

  Nice  chaps  from  www.AlphaSignSystems.com  donated  new   Eagles  Park  signage  for  Free  –  thanks  to  Steve  Jones  for  the   kind  donation.    New  signage  looks  great!        

          Severn  Trent  spent  two  weeks  filling  in  trenches  on  A449  for   us  and  also  donated  £2K  cash  to  help  Kewford  Eagles  FC.  Big   Thanks  to  SevernTrent!    


Charter  Standard  Community  Club  |    www.kewfordeagles.co.uk  

Disabled Car  Parking     Spaces  –  Please  display     your  blue  badge  


MORE ‘Leagues’  Gossip:  

        Girls  Section  Report   Girl’s  Football  and  Ladies  League  

Midland  Junior  Premier  League    

‘The   mini   girls   has   started   early   this   year   to   try   to   have   a   new   under   10’s   team   ready   for   the   new   18/19   season.   The   training   is   free   of   charge   and   takes   place   every   Saturday   afternoon  13.30  -­‐  14.30  over  Eagle  Park.  The  training  is  open   to   all   ages   to   try   to   include   as   many   girls   as   possible.   Although   a   slow   start,   we   hope   to   gather   momentum,   so   please   pass   the   word   about   to   invite   any   girls   from   aged   7   and   above   to   come   along.   Contact   for   the   mini   soccer   training  is  Rich  Shelley,  details  below.     The  Ladies  have  got  off  to  a  great  start  considering  they  are   such   a   young   team   playing   their   first   Ladies   Birmingham   League.   The   first   few   games   were   maybe   a   bit   nervous   considering   the   average   age   of   the   Kewford   Team   is   18,   compared   to   most   teams   around   25.   The   girls   have   really   turned   things   around   in   the   last   month   with   some   brilliant   results  and  Ian  and  the  team  are  doing  an  amazing  job.     The   under   16   team   narrowly   lost   to   Leicester,   Derby   and   Burton   Albion   recently,   but   considering   some   of   these   girls   play   at   a   high   level,   the   Kewford   team   have   battled   well   and   at   no   time   look   out   of   place   in   this   difficult   girls   Premier   league.  Really  pleased  with  the  commitment  of  the  girls  who   never  give  in  and  hoping  for  their  luck  to  change  in  the  next   few  games.     The  under  14  team  really  enjoy  their  football  which  is  thanks   to   the   great   work   from  Joanne.  Having  a  difficult  start  to  the   season,   the   results   are   improving   every   week   and   we   are   hoping  for  even  better  results  soon.  They  are  training  hard,   and   could   do   with   some   additional   players   so   if   anyone   knows  any  12  or  13  year  old  girls  (Current  school  year  8  and   9)   who   want   to   get   into   football,   please   contact   Rich   Shelley   or  Joanne  Hallbrook.     Our   youngest   girls   team   at   Under   12’s   is   managed   by   Rhys   Edwards   who   is   one   of   the   youngest   managers/   coaches   in   the   club.   Rhys’   team   has   been   so   over   subscribed   this   season,   we   are   hoping   to   create   a   new   U13   team   next   season,   so   again   if   anyone   knows   any   girls   interested   in   playing   football,   please   get   in   touch.   Rhys’   team   won   the   Mercian  fair  play  team  of  the  year  last  year,  which  is  brilliant   and  reflects  the  great  team  ethos  that  Rhys  has  built.       Anyone   need   any   info   on   the   girls   section,   please   contact   Rich  Shelley  -­‐  richshelley@btconnect.com  -­‐  07809  256251’     Well  done  Rich  and  all  involved  in  the  girls  leagues  

Kewford are  trialing  the  MJPL  Saturday  football  for  the  first   time  with  U11S.  Here’s  a  note  from  them:  

‘Kewford Eagles   U11s   South   are   proud   to   be   the   first   ever   team   to   represent   Kewford   Eagles   FC   on   a   Saturday   format   since  its  inception  in  1978.  Trials  were  held  over  two  weeks   which  saw  over  60  children  attend  from  within  Kewford  and   also   externally   to   the   club   from   the   surrounding   areas.     Two   teams   were   created   a   Saturday   MJPL   team   and   a   Sunday   U11s   side   run   by   Ashley   Gibson.     The   thought   process   behind   MJPL   was   to   create   a   progression  plan  for  the  children  who  were  within  Kewford,   and  provide  them  with  a  platform  to  develop  and  challenge   themselves   within   a   what   is   perceived   to   be   a   more   competitive  standard  of  football,  better  facilities  and  also  a   step   change   in   match   preparation   and   midweek   training.     The   children   have   thoroughly   enjoyed   their   first   two   months   playing   away   and   at   home   with   some   of   the   best   facilities   being   those   at   Eagle   Park   in   both   the   playing   surface   and   changing   rooms.   Opposition   manager   players   and   parents   have   all   commented   highly   on   the   quality   of   the   venue,   which   speaks   volumes   for   the   people   behind   the   scenes   at   Kewford   Eagles   FC   who   make   this   happen.     They  have  already  experienced  playing  against  a  WBA  U12s   Girls  team,  Coventry  City  DC,  Wolverhampton  DC  and  other   teams   such   as   Tividale,   Mercia   and   Allscott   all   new   teams,   which   the   boys   hadn't   faced   before   when   playing   in   the   SDYFL.     The  standard  has  been  high  and  even  though  the  boys  have   found   it   challenging,   they   have   also   developed   in   the   two   months   they   have   been   playing   together,   progressed,   and   enjoyed   the   Saturday   MJPL   competition.       We  are  often  at  home  on  Pitch  11  on  Saturdays  -­‐  it  would  be   great   to   see   you   there   and   please   come   and   show   your   support.     Cheers  Andy  Male  and  Andre  Seniore  “     Andy  and  Andre  have  taken  on  a  real  challenge  entering  the   MJPL   and   we   wish   them   well   and   hope   to   see   how   it   pans   out  over  the  rest  of  the  season.  This  is  a  trial  and  we  will  be   reviewing   it   with   Andy   and   Andre   in   the   fullness   of   time   –   give  them  some  support  down  on  the  pitch  by  the  island  on   Saturdays!  


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Sponsors and  Partnership  Page      

    Kit  Sponsors  of  individual  Teams:       8. U8E  -­‐  Mace  construction  (Kit)     9. U9W  -­‐  WeAreWorkForce  -­‐Recruitment  (Kit)     10. U9S  U10C  -­‐  Kingswinford  Snooker  Centre  (Kit)     11. U7N  -­‐  Sainsbury’s  Local  (Kit)     12. U7N  -­‐  Chapman’s  Electrical  (Training  Kit)     13. U10S  -­‐  Black  Country  Housing  (Kit)     14. U7E  –  Weatherite  Aluminium  Solutions  Ltd  (Kit)     15. U7E  –  C&N  Sealants  Ltd  (Kit)     16. U11S  -­‐  Andy  Male  -­‐  CMS  group       17. U14G  -­‐  Jo  Cooper  –  Trusthygiene.co.uk    

These pages   are   for   us   to   shout   out   to   all   our   corporate   helpers   who   have   contributed   over   recent   months   and   for   the  season  ahead.       Here   is   the   list   of   sponsors,   as   current   –   please   let   Phil   Hulme  know  if  we  have  missed  any  off!       Main  Club  Sponsor:     1. ColmoreTang  Construction  (See  their  video  of  the   tournament  on  their  blog  at   http://www.colmoretang.com/colmoretang-­‐ construction-­‐sponsor-­‐local-­‐community-­‐football-­‐ tournament/ and  also  on  YouTube  here:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2t0IZIcOlc     They  bought  5  new  goals,  60  printed  bibs  for  U7,  3  x   hoardings  and  paid  for  the  video  for  us  –  thanks  to   ColmoreTang.com!     They   are   an   award   winning   Construction  Company  based  in  Birmingham.       Club  Sponsors:       2. Wondrous  Marketing  (Rebranded  Kewford  Eagles   FOC!)  see  www.thisiswondrous.co.uk.  Ben  is  a  big   fan  of  Kewford  and  has  helped  tremendously.   01384  590  099  for  a  free  marketing  review  of  your   company.     3. Severn  Trent  Water  –  (gave  cash  donation  and   filled  in  the  trenches  along  the  A449)  !     4. AlphaSignSystems  –  (donating  free  signage  at  Eagle   Park).  Big  thanks  to  Steve  Jones!   http://alphasignsystems.com/     5. Dudley  MB  Council  –  A449  Signage!  Thanks   Anthea! www.dudley.gov.uk/     Friends  and  Family  Scheme  Sponsors:     6. Tax  Assist  Accountants  Kingswinford  (Hoarding   and  Kewford  Friends  and  Family  Scheme) – 01384  -­‐   913888   https://www.taxassist.co.uk/accountants/kingswinf ord/     7. A-­‐plan  insurance  Kidderminster  (Hoarding  and   Kewford  Friends  and  Family  Scheme)    -­‐  01562   756580  https://www.aplan.co.uk/kidderminster               Charter  Standard  Community  Club  |    www.kewfordeagles.co.uk  


Friends and  Family  Scheme  Page    

Both  of  the  companies  below  offer  £50  to  Kewford   Eagles  FC  Teams  when  a  parent  completes  a  new  policy,  as  per  the  following   information  –  terms  and  conditions  apply  but  it’s  really  simple.    A  few  teams  have  done  this  and  it  shows  there  are  great  ways  of   boosting  your  team’s  funds  and  getting  a  great  service  too.  Please  forward  to  Kewford  friends  and  family!    


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Fancy Breakfast  with  SANTA?     Then  get  yours-­‐elf  down  to  Harvester  this  Christmas……    

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Albion Foundation  &  Mini   Eagles.      

discretion of   teams   and   shirt   sponsorship   has   gone   really   well  in  2017.     Kewford   continues   to   promote   individual   team’s   to   raise   their  own  monies  but  also  needs  to  raise  central  funds  for   investment  into  ground  infrastructure      

As   many   of   you   know   we   have   a   successful   relationship   with   West   Bromwich   Albion   FC   Foundation   and   between   us   this   continues   to   grow   and   grow   with   our   mini   eagles   U6   coaching   being   delivered   by   West   Brom   Level   1   coaches   and   apprentices.   To   apply   for   mini   eagles   simply   message   the  Facebook  page  www.Facebook.com/Kewford     Last  summer  many  Kewford  teams,  of  all  ages,  took  up  the   opportunity   to   play   at   the   Hawthornes   at   the   end   of   the   Premier   League   season   and   also   in   the   dome   opposite   the   ground.   This   was   a   terrific   experience   for   Players   /   Managers  and  Parents  alike.    U9W  also  were  invited  to  be   flag-­‐bearers  on  the  pitch  at  a  live  match  (see  our  Facebook   for  more)!       So  a  VERY  BIG  Green  and  White  THANKYOU  to  all  involved   with  the  Albion  Foundation  and  long  may  it  continue!  

Green Stars  –  big  thank  you’s     A  Big  Thank  you  to  all  our  Volunteers  -­‐  New  and  Old  -­‐  you   continue  to  make  Kewford  what  it  is.       A   special   thanks   to   the   following   over   the   summer   and   recently  at  Eagle  Park:     To  the  SAS  for  being  there  week  in  week  out  working  with   our  SAS  teams  –  please  see  a  link  here  for  more  about  the   great   work   they   do   for   Kewford   Eagles   FC;-­‐   http://kewfordeagles.co.uk/news/sas-­‐disability-­‐football-­‐ for-­‐all/  Thanks  to  Jane  and  her  parents  and  helpers!     To  our  new  U7  coaches  –  a  huge  thanks.  We  had  40  players’   applications  in  2017  and  managed  to  create  four  teams  for   all   40   players   and   we   wouldn’t   have   been   able   to   do   it   with   the   parents   stepping   in   to   coach.   Well   done!   The   new   coaches  (all  recently  qualified  with  L1)  are:     • Matt  Pace  and  Iain  Hughes    (U7E)   • James  Smith  and  Mark  Jones  (U7N)   • Haps  Riat  (U7W)  with  help  from  Naomi  &  Dan   Bagley   • Paul  Rowley  and  Chris  Davis  (U7S)     Also  please  may  we  all  offer  a  Green  Star  big  thanks  to  four   new  Parent  volunteers:   • Jane  Smith  –  Pitch  Planner.   • Paul  Bradley  –  Helping  with  Hoardings  and   Strimming  plus  new  handle  for  container!   • Julian  Smith  –  Newsletter  Editor.     • Naomi  Bagley  –  Membership  Card  Manager.     (If  we  have  forgotten  anyone  please  let  us  know!)  

                Mini  Eagles  -­‐  Wolves  Day.    

The Wolves  are  also  working  with  Kewford  and  have  invited   U6   mini   eagles   for   a   morning   out   to   play   in   their   dome   in   Compton.   Mini   Eagles   will   get   an   email   from   the   club   shortly  for  more  details  as  a  date  is  yet  to  be  fixed.       As   a   thank   you   for   our   support,   Wolves   have   also   given   Kewford   Eagles   FC   a   free   “box”   in   January   2018   and   we   are   giving   this   to   those   8   x   volunteers   who   deserve   it   most!   They   will   be   getting   an   email   off   the   club   in   due   course!    

  DOGS  ALLOWED!    at  Eagle  PNO   ark  (except  Guide  Dogs)       Just   a   reminder   that,   due   to   health   and   safety   reasons,    no  dogs  are  allowed  at  Eagle  Park.        Please   advise   Managers   of   your   away   teams,   referees,   and   family   and   friends   if   they   are   visiting   Eagle   Park.        your   This   is   especially   important   when   the   warmer   weather   as   we   do   not   want   to   see   any   dogs   left   in   hot    approaches   cars.    Many  thanks.        

NEW Kewford  Website  

Keep you   eyes   peeled   for   a   brand   new   Kewford   Eagles   Website   coming   soon…………Rhys   Edwards   (U12   Girls)   is   working  on  this  as  part  of  his  degree  so  well  done  Rhys!  The   prototype  looks  great.      


Anyone who   has   any   new   /   old   /   different   fundraising   ideas   please  forward  to  us  at  Kewford.  Bag  Packs  are  at  the       Charter  Standard  Community  Club  |    www.kewfordeagles.co.uk  


The Future  is  Bright  –  the  Future  is  Green  and  White! Club  Marketing  &  Sponsorship   Manager  

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Julian  Smith   Mobile  07530  621929   E-­‐Mail:  smith-­‐j61@sky.com     And     Do  you  want  to  sponsor  Kewford  in  some  way?      If  so  please  message  Phil  below.      

Eagle Park  Facilities  Manager   Martin  Robins   E-­‐Mail:  MartinRobins@blueyonder.co.uk      

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More Volunteer  Helpers  Required!  

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Kewford Eagles FC - Newlsetter november 2017  

Kewford Eagles FC newsletter - November 2017

Kewford Eagles FC - Newlsetter november 2017  

Kewford Eagles FC newsletter - November 2017