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Phil Murphy

Step One Introduction

It can all go wrong Right Here

Reason for Meeting You want to make a sale You want the prospect to be able to make a decision You want to know that if your prospect believes your product is 100% right for their business and they can 100% afford it there is no reason why you can’t do business It’s called visualising your destination so you both know where you’re going

Fact Find This an easy one it’s like any journey you need to know…… Where is the prospect today? Where would they like to be? What ways could they get there? Why is you way the best right now?

Agreement This step is short and sweet but so important There is no point going any further until the prospect agrees that subject to being able to afford your product they would like one working for them or their company or themselves Subject to having that agreement you can………

Negotiate This where you have to prove the value of what Your product or service will provide as opposed to what it will cost At the beginning perceived cost was uppermost Now perceived value must be uppermost It’s the ultimate test of your presentation If you’ve done your job well you can…..

Close This is no time for being clever or trick shooting You’ve done a good job, the prospect wants what you’ve got and you’ve shown the value over the cost Forget all the silly closes Just ask for the business You’ve come this far so do what you came to do

Consolidation This doesn’t mean what so many sales people seem to think it means It doesn’t mean asking the new customer if they have any more questions, they’ve done the deal, they’re quite happy It means something that we discovered quite by chance and which took the attrition rates and cancellations at a business we took over from 28.4% pa to under 4%pa I’ll tell you about it on a course sometime but this isn’t the place believe me.

Thank You We’re confident that we can help improve the close rates and the attrition rates of any sales team Our track record tells us we have a training programme second to none It’s simple, it’s effective and it puts sales people firmly in control of the sales meeting It shows them in a professional light on a par with their prospective clients It makes better figures more achievable

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Seven Steps Sales Training Overview  

Simple overview for course delegates

Seven Steps Sales Training Overview  

Simple overview for course delegates