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Philip Simpson Monograph 1

My Monograph demonstrates my artistic expression which i have chosen to base around music. Music to me is a big part of my life and im always listening to different kinds of stuff, usually Rock and Heavier kinds of music whether im walking around town with my iPod or at home blasting my stereo. These images you are about to see on the next few pages are creative expressions of my thoughts, ideas and feelings on my kind of music.

Rocking Roadsign I love this piece of work and totally enjoyed creating it. Without trying to being offensive. IT TAKES THE PISS! I was totally inspired by Banksy when i was creating this. Just thinking outside the box ideas no - one has thought about and making a piece that someone would just stop, stare and be puzzled and enlighten their day aswell. I borrowed this roadsign from a street in Hull and returned it with my idea which is a rocksinger holding his microphone at a certain angle. The singers stance which i originally drew before spraypainting onto the roadsign was inspired by the vocalist from Punk Rock band “Billy Talent” who are one of my favourite bands. After i had made the design and the sign was complete i returned it to the street it came from. People stopped to look at it, one person even took a photo of it on his cameraphone.People also looked confused as i stood watching in disguise from a window as other people were smiling in suprise. The sign eventually got stolen i think which actually makes me very happy if people are choosing to steal my work. It would make me very happy to see it it on someone’s Facebook page or a students bedroom wall.





Rock A Typographic piece of imagery spelling out the word “Rock” using a guitar amplifier cable.



Sex, Drugs rock n’ Roll This is a phrase well known in the rock music scene and a song made famous by “Ian Dury”. I have given the three words each a typographic personality which visually describes the style of that theme.



punk This is a design i made based on researching the theme of Punk. The main word “Punk� has been made up of other words which are factors of Punk and what makes Punk. On top of this, i gave it the Punk colours a classic Mohican Punk style Mohican haircut and also the famous safety pin.





delegezielen gig poster As part as my self initiated project i have been working on creating a virtual band. The band i decided would be called Delegezielen (Dutch for “The Empty Souls�). The band i decided would be a loud heavier rock band. I have created a mixed media design and made posters from silkscreen prints to promote a Gig that they will play. The photo in the design is a tidal barrier, but the impact of the bright light on the barrier clashing against the darkness represents the bands live performance and ther style and tone of attitude within the music.







Inspired Photography On these pages you will see some photographs i have taken who have been inspired two other Photographers. I have used their style and some photo’s are in my style aswell. David Levinthal is the first photographer i was inspired by who takes photo’s of very small and tiny object figures and gives his photo’s depth of focus. Keith Arnatt is my second choice of photographer who again chooses to be very technical and experimental with his camera and gives his photos depth of field in apetures and other levels of focus aswell in which i ave tried experimenting myself aswell as trying and making my own style of photo’s.







Photgraphic textures Here i have a collection of photographs i have taken of textures. I have really thout about the compositions of the photographs before taking them and how i would like them to stand them out. All the textures show decaying and subjects of eroding walls and things similiar. The reason for this is because i though some of them look quite dark and grungy which is maybe a positive way of describing the music and i think some photo’s in particular i could use and edit to make designs with. had this thought in my mind when i was taking the photos.







colour palette This is a psychedelic design i have made. I was inspired by Milton Glaser and 60’s design’s which represented the cultural movement of Hippies, Music and pyschedelic trips which are visually represented in this way to show the effect of taking drugs. Jimi Hendrix is one of my favourite musicians and i was particulary thinking of him when making this design as a lot of posters show him with lots of wavy and blurry colours. My colour pallette uses the seven colours of the rainbow in the design.






This is my monograph. Similiar and same format to the ones that appear in Creative Review magazines. It consists of small projects from acro...

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