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RIVA STARR From Riva’s remixes of The Gossip and Reboot to his own productions and releases on his label Snatch!, there’s no doubt this man is a Starr. Opening with a string of exclusives and also featuring a sneak peek at his collaboration with Beardyman and – yep – Norman Cook himself, it brings the summer season to a close with a real bang. “This CD reflects my DJ sets in the clubs right now,” says Starr. “I’m quite proud that it’s been made entirely with Snatch! tracks. You’re going to have fun listening to this mix!”

1 John Made Play (DJ tool) “Is there a better intro than a looped voice screaming PLAY THAT VIBE?”

5 Pirupa Money “Snatch! regular Pirupa, a big talent from Italy, delivers a banging disco-funk groover.”

2 Riva Starr & Major Lazer Jump (Martin Brothers remix) / Riva Starr & fatboy slim feat beardyman Get Naked (Acappella) “Mad duo Major Lazer are remixed by even crazier Dirtybird duo The Martin Brothers (Justin & Christian). With exclusive accapella!”

6 Fabian Argomedo Tabique “Straight outta Chile. I love his style.”

3 Cajmere feat Dajae Brighter Days (John Made remix) “John’s a new producer from my home city, Naples, and this has been played by everyone and their cats. A super-groovy take on that classic Cajmere tune.” 4 DJ Sneak My Love “When DJ Sneak agreed to release on Snatch! I jumped around like a kangaroo!”

7 John Made Play “A simple and effective groove and fat kick-drum.” 8 Riva Starr Vuoi Fumar? “My ‘Latin American Trip’ EP came out this summer to a huge response.” 9 Thieve Tears For Fools “Peak-time shizzle!” 10 Dualton Housekeeping (Pirupa remix) “Funky house with a catchy vocal and rolling percussion.” 11 Riva Starr & Ramon Tapia Freedom “Another track from my

new album, a collab with Chilean-turned-Belgian producer Ramon Tapia.” 12 Steve Mac It’s OK “Steve has been making waves of late with his album and EPs.”

Last Man Standing expr. 1. Gunslinger-for-hire film starring Bruce Willis (1996) 2. The last person to hit the floor when a crowd crouch down during a breakdown Wet Behind The Ears expr. Someone who wears headphones all day, particularly in humid conditions

Serial killer n. A DJ who often kills it A Fritzel club sl. A venue that from the outside seems normal enough but in its basement has scenes of dark and depraved devastation, ie The Queen of Hoxton He’s gone third person exp. The sad point in a DJ’s career when his ego

Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn Blistering barnacles! It’s a movie tie-in… But scabbard your swords m’hearties – this be a decent adventure into the world of everyone’s favourite Belgian, offering action, puzzles and combat while staying true to Hergé’s comic brilliance. As Tintin, Snowy, Captain Haddock and other classic characters, you must battle greedy art collectors, crooks and arms dealers to reveal the secret of the Unicorn ship, with sword fighting, aerial combat and driving in solo and coop mode, challenges and multiplayer maps from drunk Haddock’s dreams.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Slap on the dog tags and request permission to fly, as the new, bad-ass Ace Combat takes you to the skies. It’s next-gen shizzle too, with dogfight ‘close range assault’ auto-pilot gameplay that lets you concentrate on the ageold ‘single missile, multimissile or chain gun’ dilemma before yelling “FOX TWO ENGAGED!” This is Call Of Duty meets Top Gun, with multiple modes from door gunner to bomber to gunship, a cheese-flavoured plot, 30 licensed aircraft, Michael Bay graphics, mad environment destruction and 8 vs 8 online multiplayer. Oh, and there’s helicopters!

phil dudman

phil dudman

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13 Jet Project Alright “First single from their forthcoming LP on Snatch!” 14 Riva Starr Pres Starr Traxx More (Kink remix) “A fat, old-skool remix from one of the hottest producers of the moment.” 15 Homework Idlewild “They smashed it on Snatch! early this year with The Streets’ tune” 16 Adam Port Symphony “This fantastic remix has been in my bag for months.” 17 Pablo Rez Reclaim “A deep number from my brother Pablo to end the CD.”

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yourtrack -bytrackuide to g tarr’s riva sore tune!’ ‘one m mix

gets so big he starts referring to himself in the third person. IBF (Ingrained Bouncer Fear) acronym The irrational fear of bouncers you still retain from your late teens, despite now being nearly twice their age and the bouncers in question being the security at an M&S

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WRC FIA World Rally Championship 2 WRC is back, with all the teams, circuits and manufacturers of the 2011 season in one very tidy package. With graphics so real you’ll be shielding your eyes from the dust, everything you’d expect from a top-notch rally racer is here: the WRC driving school, four online game styles, head-to-head super special stages and full championship and career modes. Improvements to the weather, cockpit, vegetation and impacts, plus a useful new ability to rewind as you crash to counter your mid-race mistakes takes WRC2 to the next, challenging level. p dudman 

Dark Souls This spiritual successor to ‘Demon Souls’ sends you into a fantasy world, battling massive bosses and negotiating Lord Of The Rings-esque landscapes. Boasting serious replayability, it offers 60+ hours of nonlinear gameplay where death is part of the core experience and the only way to learn. Customise your warrior’s skill base as you progress and cast spells that equip you with a nifty lightning javelin and the ability to turn yourself into pots, statues and surroundings to escape your enemies, while in online multiplayer you can even set traps or offer clues by writing ‘soul messages’ on the floor! pd 

Watch this space New charity Somewhereto helps young people find venues to put on events n Ever wanted to put on a club night but couldn’t find the right space? Maybe you want to host a DJ contest but can’t afford to hire a bar? Somewhereto is a project aiming to encourage venue owners to donate their spaces for 16- to 25-year-olds to use for free. The Olympic legacy project backed by Channel 4 and Mixmag encourages offices, bars, festivals and well, anywhere that has a space that can be donated, to offer it up to be utilised. At the Somewhereto website you can browse through spaces in your area. Everywhere in the UK is covered. Once you’ve found the ideal space you can pitch your idea of what do with it to a regional coordinator who will try and hook it up for you. Even if they haven’t got the right space for you, they can start looking for one that might suit. A flick through the spaces shows there’s a vast range of places available: studios for band practice, museums for exhibitions, parks, screening rooms, warehouses and even digital spaces on big websites. Get involved! Need some space to do something creative? Head to

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