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TUNES drum ’n’ bass Andy C: decked out

vocals, all put together with the skill you’d expect from this trio, mean this is very effective. Far more exciting, however, is ‘Cylon’, on the flip. Acid house, dubstep and d’n’b all rolled into one, it’s breathtaking – and makes the vinyl version of this release a very tidy package indeed.


Survival feat Christina Nicola

Hand It Over Audio Tactics One for the bassline heads This is a real hulking ogre of a tune. The intro teases you initially, with Christina Nicola providing some wistful vocals over simple organ phrases. But things soon switch, as you’d expect, and the lead-weight beats and fizzing, groaning bass create a truly heavy atmosphere. The vinyl must weigh about a tonne.

compilation of the month

Andy C: Nightlife 5

Ram Records

The king of compilations doubles up

Andrew Clarke is such an insatiable and unstoppable force behind the decks, it was only a matter of time before one CD was not enough. So it is that ‘Nightlife 5’ comes to us on a double CD featuring more than 60 tracks in the mix. It’s the usual blend of dancefloor fun, interspersed with liquid downtime segues and flashes of classics (the well documented mix between Konflict ‘Messiah’ and Splash ‘Babylon’ is a monster). Whether we really needed to hear ‘Rock It’ again is a moot point, but once again it’s a super-tight selection which confirms Andy C as the king of the dancefloor. Even more impressive is the fact that many of the tunes are available to download separately, so you can do your best Andy C impression at home, too.

Highlights Octane & DLR ‘Seven’ S.P.Y. ‘Go With The Flow’ DJ Fresh ‘Cylon’ Hamilton ‘Soundboy’

Focused Locust Mainframe Electro jungle and house switcheroo New talent from Austria’s flourishing label. The intro laps at your brain like the edge of an analogue sea. Waves of electronic surges build the atmosphere before it breaks out into a bumping, housethen-d’n’b switch-up type of tune. It’s intricately constructed and for those that love the kitchen-clean sound of electro d’n’b it will tick many boxes.


cheekies What’s happening this month in d’n’b

[[1L]] DECEMBER 2010

Last Night Breakbeat Kaos A bit electro, a bit pop The Brookes Brothers’ debut album which drops sometime next year promises to be quite special, as, like Sub Focus, Culture Shock and Netsky, the London duo have the streamlined, super-slick sound of 21st century d’n’b locked down. ‘Last Night’ is without doubt the most accessible and radio-friendly thing they’ve done, the vocodered vocal in the intro giving way to a nearelectropop-style bouncer, full of rubber-band synth bass and thick chord sequences. It’s the kind of track that makes John B mess up his make-up. The hulking, syncopated hybrid ‘War Cry’ on the flipside of the vinyl brings a certain equilibrium to proceedings.




Black Sun Empire ft D-Kay

Smoky, jazzy smasher Digital’s Function label is a reliable conduit for heavyweight rollers, and this beast from American producer Kjell is no exception. It’s all thudding live drums, swirling cymbals and muted Rhodes keys, and when the upright bass licks

Bullet In The Head (Gridlok mix) Black Sun Empire Disgusting behaviour from one of the best Urghh, this is really horrible. In the best possible way, you understand. At the other end of the spectrum from Fresh & Sigma’s happy, clappy single is this dirty, dishevelled track from BSE, D-Kay and Gridlok. Things open with the sound of the safety catch being let off, and from there it’s all distorted drums, a synth riff like an industrial saw cutting through sheet metal and a vocal that repeats “Fired point blank, right into his skull’. Grizzly.

Dynamic Function

join the party, a real neo-jazz atmosphere ensues. Make no mistake, though: this is no lounge and bass number. The crunching production means it sits alongside Function’s moodier offerings with ease.



Go With The Flow Ram Brazilian scales the heights There aren’t many artists who can claim to have had singles out on Metalheadz, Hospital and Ram. S.P.Y is without question in the big league these days, and this debut for Andy C’s empire is another cracker. Like Break before him, S.P.Y. understands what the dancefloor wants, and has now utterly mastered the production process, meaning almost every track he makes does the business. ‘Go With The Flow’ rolls out into a minimal head-nodder initially, but it’s the switch 16 bars later into tasteful wobble that really does the damage.

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Break: violent sonic assault


Tantrum Desire


Task Horizon feat Milk 67

Brookes Brothers

Runaway Bass Technique


bongos keeps the whole thing moving forward. Useful.

New superduo come correct One half of Vicious Circle and one half of Universal Project have formed a new duo called Siren; they’re already getting lots of interest, appearing on Andy C’s new ‘Nightlife’ comp and generally getting love from all angles. ‘Throwlight’ is from an EP full of nasty, naughty tech-funk, and if you’re into the rugged, DJ-friendly vibes of Break it’s definitely one to check. The switches between the two types of shakers are nicely done and a tight line in


Throwlight Siren

Sigma & DJ Fresh Lassitude Breakbeat Kaos

Two contrasting cuts that hit the spot ‘Lassitude’ is one of the bigroom moments from Fresh’s idiosyncratic recent album. Hooking up with hot duo Sigma, it’s a well-constructed party missile, with crosshairs locked on commercial, peaktime floors. Big, booming beats, a chunky electro-rock riff and some wailing female

There’s a huge EP incoming from Metrik on Viper Recordings next month … DJ Vapour releases his debut LP ‘Legacy’ in December on his own label, 36 Hertz. He’s also working on a live show with the Jungle Drummer … Want to see Camo

Big pack of ravey Napalm London crew Tantrum Desire fit nicely on Technique, as their big and bashy sound recalls label bosses Drumsound & Simon ‘Bassline’ Smith. ‘Runaway Bass’ is from an EP of four tunes, and it’s a heady mix of sprawling, atmospheric soundscapes which give way to buzzing, whirring dancefloor jump-up. Such is the skill with which they create their tense introductions, I’d love to hear them try their hand at something a bit more introspective – but there’s no doubting they’ve got this ravey style down pat.

tune of the month Total Science feat Riya

Redlines (Break remix) Critical Monster tune alert The original of ‘Redlines’ was a sumptuous romp through liquid funk heaven that featured vocals from singer du jour Riya. Break’s remix takes this blueprint, journeys deeper into musical nirvana, and then violently assaults you with no warning whatsoever. The intro is full of acoustic guitar licks and warm keyboard throbs, and just when you think Break has gone lounge, the multi-pitched Amens rain down and a trapdoor drops you straight into sub-bass hell.


 & Krooked perform with a Bavarian accordion troupe? Go to and watch the magic unfurl … Subtle Audio’s

Metrik: in the Viper nest

‘Volume II’ is out next month on double CD ... Riya has been back in the studio with Dutch wizard Lenzman, working on the follow-up to ‘Open Page’ ... Prolix & Nocturnal’s huge ‘Consequence’ drops on Metalheadz at the end of November...

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