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Affiliate Elite is the latest breakthrough in affiliate marketing software, courtesy of online marketing guru Brad Callen. Having used Brad's previous products (SEO Elite and Keyword Elite) I thought that Affiliate Elite was going to blow the competition out of the water. For those new to affiliate marketing there is a bit of a learning curve in terms of understanding how to use the software. This article will give you some tips, so that you can make the most out of Affiliate Elite sooner. Tip 1) Use Clickbank Clickbank could be considered the most successful affiliate marketing network currently operating. The beauty of clickbank is that it only sells product which can be downloaded instantly. This is fantastic as it means you will be credited with the commission instantly. Affiliate Elite works best with Clickbank as it has access to Clickbank's vast statistical database. Expressing this information in a graphical form opens un-ending opportunities in selecting profitable affiliate products to promote. Tip 2) Choose Your Affiliate Products Wisely Before you let Affiliate Elite discover the most profitable affiliate marketing products, you need to understand something about why people buy online. People use the internet everyday looking for hope. Quite often they will purchase a product as it promises to fix some inadequacy or insecurity. For this reason, generally you will find it more profitable to promote products that have something to do with: making money, health and fitness, and relationships. The product you choose should have an element of 'desperation' about it. Tip 3) Gravity, Referred and Earned Per Sale Are Key To Choosing Successful Affiliate Products These 3 statistics are the key to choosing the most successful clickbank products to promote within Affiliate Elite. 'Gravity' is a numerical representation of the average units being sold of the product. This statistic is vital as it indicates if the product is selling well or not. Further to this you are looking for consistency in this area- often their will be a steep increase when a product is sold, due to the hype and advertising. What you should be interested in, is what happens after this initial period. 'Referred' is a numerical representation of who is selling and profiting from the product. The higher the number the more affiliate's are profiting, the lower the number means the merchant (the owner of the product) is profiting. 'Earned Per Sale' is a numerical representation of the average amount earned per product sold.

This information is crucial as it will indicate whether there are any refunds, which is not what you want. Conclusion Affiliate Marketing is extremely competitive, and the competition will only increase. Whatever methods you choose to use, you will always benefit from having access to as much statistical data as possible. Interpreting this data and identifying trends and acting upon them at the right time is key to success in affiliate marketing. With affiliate elite you will have all these tools at your disposal.

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==== ==== ffiliate elite-new marketing automated software ==== ====

Affiliate Elite new automated marketing software  

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