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Banwy Sporting

New Head Keeper begins. We are pleased to welcome Brian Gibbs as our new Head Keeper. Brian has long been established in the area, having worked for Bettws Hall and Brithdir Hall after moving from Herefordshire. Brian began his career as an underkeeper on the famous Blenheim Palace estate, which proved a great grounding for his future career. Brian is a true professional and the shoot will benefit from his experience. It is further indication of the vision that the shoot has on quality and professionalism. Brian is joined at the shoot by his Son, Stephen, who will work alongside his Father as a Keeper. We wish them both the very best and we look forward to working with them.

A new season awaits at Castle Caereinion The new season has already begun for us; No sooner has the old season finished, but the new one begins. The 2014/15 season is going to be a very exciting season for us; We have taken on a new Head Keeper on a long term basis to help us build the shoot, and Phil Coley has joined the team to partner with John Henry and will take on the role of Shoot Captain. The shoot will continue with a syndicate, although we have now created a two-syndicate option to include a weekday and a Saturday. Taking feedback from previous years we know that people wish to have the mix of weekday and weekend choices. We will be offering Full and Half Guns within the Syndicate. In addition to the syndicate dates we are offering Full and Individual Team days too. This way we can develop a regular syndicate and, for those who only want the occasional day with us, then the Individual gun or Full Team day are available. To round off our shooting repertoire we will be offering a number of Young Shot and Ladies days to the calendar. In the Summer months why not come on a Simulated day with us? Whether to see the shoot for the first time or to get your eye in for the new season, our Simulated days offer plenty for all. We will be running the day in the same vein as a game day, but it will be clays not feathers to test you. These days are guaranteed great fun and will be available for eight to sixteen guns. We wish you a great Spring and Summer, and don’t forget to book your place with us this year‌.. it promises to be a memorable one.

John Henry & Phil Coley

Behind the scenes This time of year is a time to catch up the birds, to look at the Cocks and the Hens on the shoot and perhaps look at producing some eggs from the existing stock. This year the new Head Keeper will look to make his own mark on the shoot and, with that, make some changes. Brian, our Head Keeper, is working with Phil and John on ideas for the shoot including; New cover crops, new drives, and the development of existing drives and constructing new Duck pools. The other area we are looking at is the Shoot Day Hospitality. This year we are going to have full Elevenses in the field, and then lunch for the Guns will be part of the day, being served at a local farmhouse. The Beating team will take advantage of the shoot barn, where they will also be fed, watered and looked after.

There has been a shoot on the Castle estate for many years, but now the shoot is to enter a new dawn with a permanent Shoot Captain, a new Head Keeper and Under Keeper, as well as new arrangements for the morning gathering and shoot lunches. The aim of the shoot is to give Guns a quality day in the field; one that is run professionally without being overly commercialised, and one that gives challenging birds as well as being an estate you will want to return to time and again. We will be offering Full Team days too, with bags up to 300 birds if required, however the majority of our days will be around the 150 bird mark. There will be new drives added to the shoot as we are taking on extra ground and adding two more Duck pools. Many people have asked about Walked Up days so we have added some of these to the calendar too, including some Duck Flighting in the early partand Woodcock shooting later in the season. Brian Gibbs, our new Head Keeper, will be rearing birds at an earlier stage this year, although our season for the pheasants will not start until late October, so our birds will be strong from day one. Brian is focused on quality birds and this begins in the rearing season. This means the majority of our birds will be day-olds when they come to the estate and, as such, will be given the best environment to grow and develop.

Young Shots Young Shot days are a great way to introducing youngsters to the sport. We are offering two Young Shot days this year and we will be running a format where by we show the Young

How to Pay.

Shots how a shoot runs; What Beaters do, What Pickers Up do

This year we have partnered up with the website GunsOnPegs,com and the unique payment scheme that they offer called ShootPay. This gives you the ability to spread the payment of your shooting expense through the year.

and, more importantly, we let the Young Shots shoot too. These great days are a must for any Young Shot. All Young Shots

GunsOnPegs is a very innovative company with a number of special products including insurance and shooting payment schemes. If you are looking at covering your shooting through this scheme make sure you contact GunsOnPegs for more details.

will get to shoot and beat in the field.

Ladies Days More and more Ladies are shooting in the field now which is fantastic to see. We have our

Quick Tip - Gun Cleaning

very own Lady guns who were in our syndicate and we will be welcoming ladies again this

Now is the time to get your gun serviced and cleaned ready for next sea-

season. In addition, we

son. Even if you shoot clays in the Sum-

will also be running our

mer, you should still get your gun looked at

own Ladies days.

and serviced. The key things to look at are the pins of the gun; They can be easily

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worn and even the best of cleaning can`t

day confirmed with the

stop grime accumulating in the action.

Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club for the sea-

When cleaning your gun, make sure you

son so, Ladies, make

take your gun apart fully, clean as many individual areas as you can and

sure you get booked in

use gun oil and gun grease on the working areas. A gun breakdown in the


field is guaranteed to ruin your day.

Dates for 2014/2015 • Saturday Syndicate 100 birds November 1st, 15th & 29th December 6th, 13th & 27th January 10th & 24th

• Wednesday Syndicate 100 birds October 22nd November 5th & 19th December 3rd, 17th & 31st January 7th & 14th

• Full Team Days 100 to 300 birds October to January - Dates on Discussion

• Individual Gun Days 100 to 300 birds October 30th November 8th & 25th December 22nd January 2nd, 20th & 21st

• Young Shot Days 50 to 100 birds October 28th December 20th

• Ladies Days 100 to 150 birds November 22nd January 17th

• Boundary Days 30 to 50 birds October to January - Dates on Discussion Tel: 01242 870360 Email:

Banwy Sporting Castle Shoot Mid Wales  
Banwy Sporting Castle Shoot Mid Wales  

The Castle Shoot is situated in the Banwy Valley near Welshpool and is run by Phil Coley & John Henry, offering Driven Pheasant Days.