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Vol. 2 No. 4 • Wednesday, February 7, 2018

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Missouri Sliced Bread bill in front of legislators A number of Chillicotheans were in Jefferson City this week to attend Great Northwest Days and to meet with area/regional legislators to share information and to ask questions about some of the priorities this year. Chillicothe joined some other communities in having a booth at the two-day event on Feb. 6-7. The Missouri Sliced Bread bill introduced recently by State Representative Rusty Black to have July 7 declared as Missouri Sliced Bread Day advanced after receiving support in a second round of committee hearings last week. Several Chillicotheans attended a recent committee hearing and testified on behalf of the Sliced Bread bill. That group included Cathy Stortz Ripley, news editor of the ConstitutionTribune. Cultural Corner Art Guild & Gallery is set to welcome watercolor artist Lana Cease. Lana a lifelong artist was born and raised in Iowa. She was taught to paint in oils at a young age by her mother and later took many art classes throughout high school. A photographer by trade, she let painting mainly go to the wayside until 2012 when her husband Gene bought her a watercolor class through AKMA as a Christmas gift. The Lana Cease Watercolor exhibit will be featured in the Cultural Corner Gallery opening on Tuesday, Feb 6 through March 1 when there will be a closing reception from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The reception is open to the public. For more information regarding the event or other events at the Cultural Corner Art Guild & Gallery visit or call 660240-5022. To learn more about Lana Cease and her work visit www.lanacease. com. A reminder to check out the first of two features for The Post in the month of February. The Slice of Life features are presented by Investors Community Bank and are written by Steve Shoot and Julia Ash-

Chuck Haney

Public Relations

brook. I think you will really enjoy the one in this week’s issue by Steve Shoot. Had a great time last week at Bishop Hogan

School where we joined other city and county officials at lunch. It was part of the week-long program and school activities connected with National Catholic Schools Week. The invitation received by the city and county guests was the following message: “We feel it is important for our students to get to know the people who make a difference in our community. Please be our guest for lunch on Thursday, Feb. 1, at Bishop Hogan cafeteria.” It was another great lunch provided by Miss Belinda and staff and we want to thank Principal Pam Brobst and staff for the special event. The price of gas continued its regular climb on Feb. 1 as stations in Chillicothe increased the pump price of unleaded regular

to $2.39 or 40 cents more than a year ago. The price of fuel has continued to rise from $2.17 on Oct. 17, including three times in January and once in February. Get ready for more daylight and hopefully warmer temperatures and less wind as we will gain 68 more minutes of daylight in February. Last week the Chillicothe Lady Hornets pulled off a shocker as they came from behind to clip the state-ranked St. Joseph Benton Lady Cardinals at Benton. It marked only the second loss of the season for Benton who now owns a 19-2 mark and is in a race with Smithville, Chillicothe, Lafayette and Savannah for the regular See CHUCK Page 7

Page 4 - The Post Wednesday, February 7, 2018

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Shoot couple cruises the Caribbean

By STEVE SHOOT Judith, my bride of 41 years, and I are finally getting re-acclimated to north Missouri weather. We made the decision last May, just before our anniversary, to go on a holiday cruise over Christmas and New Year’s. The weather all fall and most of December was quite mild and I remember joking with some friends before we left that we probably weren’t going to be that much warmer in the Caribbean. Obviously, I was very, very wrong. We left the Chillicothe area the afternoon of Dec. 20, staying the night in a hotel close to the Kansas City airport. Our flight left at 7

a.m. the next day and we knew we should be at the airport by 5 a.m. Our flight left KCI on time and we headed southeast, arriving at the Atlanta airport a little ahead of schedule. The Atlanta airport is quite large and fortunately they have a very efficient subway shuttle service that allows you to move quickly across the vast expanse of the facility. We then hopped on another flight and headed south to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We spent that night in another hotel that offered shuttle service from the airport, as well as, shuttle service to the cruise ship, plus a free dinner that night and a free breakfast the next morning.

On the 22nd, we arrived at the facility where we went through the usual security checks and also finished, or so we thought at the time, the paperwork to obtain our travel visas. We began the boarding process and checked into our room just a few minutes before noon. Our luggage hadn’t arrived in the room, yet, so we decided to check out the boat before heading to our favorite spot to watch our departure. Up in the Crow’s Nest we nestled into some very comfortable chairs to await the launching of the ship from its tethered berth. Our ship, the Veendam, is part of the Holland America line and one of the reasons we chose this cruise was the size of the ship. The Veendam is a small cruise ship, when compared to many other ships that are built for this purpose. At full capacity, the ship will hold 1,350 passengers and 580 officers and members of the crew. A little after 4 p.m. Captain Noel O’Driscoll gave the orders and we slowly moved out of the

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Fort Lauderdale port to begin our 12-day journey. Our cruise began with the ship headed south along the eastern coast of Florida, rounding the southern tip of the state, before heading in a southwesterly direction for the next 24 hours. The seas were very calm for the first nine days of the trip and it was nice to finally begin the process of winding down from the hassles involved in flying from Kansas City to Fort Lauderdale. December 23 was a “sea day,” and the ship was scheduled to travel 541

miles before arriving at our first destination. We wouldn’t be arriving at our first port of call until the morning of Christmas Eve, so Judith and I used the time to explore the ship, which, of course, included sampling the many food and beverage opportunities available to us. We arrived in Cozumel, Mexico, around 7 a.m. on Christmas Eve. Our stay in Cozumel was only nine hours, so once the first rush of travelers heading out on pre-purchased tours was over, Judith and I headed to

shore. We walked around for several hours and, of course, I had to buy a t-shirt from one of the many vendors available to tourists around the harbor area. We departed Cozumel around 5 p.m. and Captain O’Driscoll headed the ship in a straight southerly direction. Our overnight cruise of 186 miles had us arriving at Costa Maya, our second and last port in Mexico, just before noon on Christmas. To go ashore at Costa Maya required the use of a boat tender. With it being Christmas, you could tell there wasn’t a lot going on and we didn’t have a tour booked, so we opted to stay on board and just take it easy. There was one unique sight that was easily visible from the ship. With all of the hurricane activity in the Caribbean in 2017, there was a good-sized sailboat lying on its side well beyond the beach Tuesday, Dec. 26, was another sea day and we both participated in some of the activities on board the ship. There is always a featured movie during the afternoon hours and at night there are different forms of live entertainment. After 489 sea miles, the Veendam arrived at Key West, Florida. Judith and I did have a tour booked there. The tour included travelling around the port community, but it featured the home of author Ernest Hemingway. One of the reasons this home is still popular with tourists is that is the home of some special cats. Hemingway’s polydactyl cats are all over the place. Our guide said there were currently 54 cats with the polydactyl genetic sequence that reside at the estate. The term “polydactyl” refers to the number of toes these furry critters have. One of the cats we saw had 24 toes. And, they all have funny names. For example, one was named “Billie Holliday.” The 24-toed cat was named “Josephine Baker.” The original polydactyl cat was presented as a gift to

The Post Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - Page 7 Hemingway’s children. And the number has obviously grown. At one point in the tour, our shuttle driver stopped at a 4-way intersection and said we were “currently at 15 feet above sea level and this is the highest point on the island.” Makes you wonder how they survive the hurricanes with the accompanying surges from large ocean waves. That evening we set sail for a short overnight cruise of 83 miles. When the sun arose the next day we were just outside the harbor of Havana, Cuba. This specific cruise marked the first time in 37 years a Holland America ship had entered a Cuban port. We were a bit apprehensive before we walked down the gangway from the ship and into the customs area. Since the current American president decided to make changes in America’s policy toward Cuba, we were just hoping we had filled out our visas correctly. Due to the changes, we thought we should check with officials on board the Veendam to determine if we had filled out the forms correctly. It turned out we now had to fill out new forms. Oh, well. We were able to “cruise” right through customs and I exchanged some cash for Cuban currency. We had booked another tour in Havana and we continued our literary theme. We climbed on board a bus and we headed to Ernest Hemingway’s home in Havana. We weren’t allowed to tour inside of the house, but

all of the doors and windows were open and we could easily see inside the home. In this residence, Hemingway wrote one of my all-time favorite books, “The Old Man and The Sea.” We did get to see fishing boat, the “Pilar”, which he had built in Key West, and later motored those 80-plus miles to Havana. One of the coolest things about Cuba was the number of vintage American cars still in use. It seemed like every time you turned around there would be another old car. Ninety percent of these old autos were in pristine condition. They looked like they just rolled off the line at some manufacturing plant. The new rules allowing us to be in Cuba, required us to be part of an eight-hour tour. Originally, the tour consist-

ed of us being involved in a people-to-people tour. Our guide still took us to a facility which would be similar to our art guild in Chillicothe. It was a building where aspiring Cuban artists could create and receive guidance from established artists. While we were aboard the bus and headed back into downtown Havana, the guide made a statement that was very telling. She said, “The American people and the Cuban people get along wonderfully. It’s the government’s that don’t get along.” There were a variety of tours available to the “cruisers”, including an adventure where a busload of travelers was taken to a Cuban nightclub. I guess they had a pretty good time. I base this on a casual observation from one of the couples that we had become friends

Chuck Haney’s On the Street Continued from Page 3 season title. There are four MEC games remaining on the schedule. The Chillicothe girls play their final home league game and Senior Night against Cameron on Feb. 20. Jim Bligh of U-clicktv. com made a short trip to Tina-Avalon last week and interviewed coaches and personnel who are heading

up the 65th annual CLAA Conference tournament. The play-in games following the pairings made at Norborne for the annual conference tournament started on Saturday, Feb. 3 because of the league’s nine teams. Championship finals are set for this Saturday, Feb. 10 at the school with the girls title game at 6:30 and boys championship at 8 p.m.

Tina-Avalon will also be host to the district tournament featuring eight schools the week following their tournament. We are heading down the stretch for the 201718 winter sports season as district events will be taking over as teams qualify for the state tournaments in basketball and wrestling season. I have already told you more than I know.

with. They appeared to be in some kind of pain the next morning. Must have been those mojitos. The Veendam left Havana at 2 a.m. and began another sea day, travelling around the west end of the island nation and eventually arriving at 8 a.m. at Cienfuegos, located on the southern coast of Cuba. We decided to stay on board the ship at this port. We had originally thought we would go ashore in Cienfuegos, but with the change in some of the rules of travel in the country, we decided to just enjoy the activities aboard the ship. Following an early evening departure from our last Cuban stop, the Veendam headed southeast for an overnight cruise of 257 miles, arriving at 9 a.m. on New Year’s Eve in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We took our last tour in Jamaica, travelling by bus to an old sugar plantation, located in the interior of the island. The Good Hope Plantation featured absolutely gorgeous views. The home, built in 1774, was located atop a high ridge and wherever you turned the view featured sugar fields

below and high ridgetops that ran parallel to our location filled with many, many large beautiful trees. One of the things we did notice in Cuba and Jamaica, there was music everywhere. Wherever you went there would be small acoustic bands performing island music. The easiest way to describe the music would simply be “Joyous!” The songs were filled with beautiful three-part harmonies and the performers had huge smiles on their faces as they performed. We left Jamaica a little after 4 o’clock that afternoon and we headed to our last stop, George Town, Grand Cayman Islands. This was only a seven-hour stop, so we decided to stay on board and just take it easy. The Veendam left the Grand Cayman Islands before 5 p.m. and headed back out to sea, travelling in a somewhat northerly direction. Jan. 2, 2018, was a sea day and this was really the first time we noticed a big difference in the waves. It turns out, a massive winter frontal system had been stirring up the whole east coast of the United States. We arrived in Fort

Lauderdale the morning of Jan. 3. While on board the ship we had booked an airboat trip in the Everglades to blow some time instead of sitting all day in the airport. When we arrived at the Everglade launching facility, a heavy rain, accompanied by 40-mile-per-hour sustained winds, was causing havoc. The temperature had also dropped from the low 80s to the low 40s. Some of the other folks on the tour went ahead and went out on the airboat. They all arrived back at the dock soaked, despite their rain gear and we were glad we had decided not to hop on the boat. It would have been a miserable flight home in wet clothes. We flew from Fort Lauderdale back to Atlanta and then back to Kansas City. We arrived late and stayed the night in a hotel near KCI. When I woke up the next morning it was below zero. The car, which had been in below zero temperatures for nearly two weeks, barely started … but it did. So … here we are … safely home. I hope we have an early spring.

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