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2013 was surely The Year That Was “That Was the Year That Was.” For those who might not remember, that is the title of an album recorded at San Francisco’s hungry i featuring satirical songs written by Tom Lehrer for the popular television show, That Was the Week That Was, which aired on NBC in 1964-65. It included parodies on censorship, obscenity and environmental pollution; ditties entitled “Whatever Became of Hubert?” about Lyndon Johnson’s vice president, and “The Vatican Rag,” dealing with the Second Vatican Council. There was even a poke at teaching “New Math.” Well, in many ways, 2013 was a year that was for Maryville. We will not attempt to relate the events that will be long-remembered from the past 12 months. Not even so far as to pretend to identify The Top 10 Maryville Stories — 2013. Each reader has special moments, defining events which will forever mark this past year. The closing of the Energizer plant, our solid partner for 42 years since opening in 1971, was something like a sucker punch to the city. Much more invasive to its approximately 300 employees. It did not, however, generate near the uproar caused by the Kansas City Star’s “Nightmare in Maryville” story that purportedly told of a 14-year-old girl’s alleged rape by a high school senior — and the supposed after effects and “coverup” by city and county officials. (For the record, the case was handled entirely by county authorities at one level or another — and is now in the hands of a Special Prosecutor from Jackson County.) That debacle attracted international media attention, most of which cast Maryville in an undeserved, unjustified light. But social media had a feeding frenzy with it, as did the major networks, cable news people, traditional media types and bloggers. Adding to the suspect of the scandalizers who would categorize Maryville as “another football crazed Steubenville, Ohio,” was the local success enjoyed by every level of Maryville’s teams, including a second consecutive undefeated, state championship high school team — and a fourth NCAA D-II National Championship. Besides all that, we have developed a regional destination park soon to have an exemplary youth course; we’re redefining the entrance to the Northwest Missouri State University campus; we’re building a $13-million wastewater treatment plant, and removing dilapidated housing at an unprecedented rate. What made 2013 your Year That Was? Take your pick.

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Legends of the Fall

Sympathy is hard to find when fighting Border Wars

It all began last Thursday, on my trip back to Maryville after a remarkable Christmas with Daughter Susie and her family in Kansas City. Now, those of you who know me know that Susie actually lives in Prairie Village, on the west side of State Line, but I am more comfortable just saying she lives “in Kansas City” and letting it go at that. It all started when her mother and I cautiously agreed to letting her “visit” other (as in “than Missouri”) universities upon her being graduated from high school. We had officially toured the MU campus, and I will be the first to admit that our reception was something less than I had hoped for. I mean, after all, I published a weekly newspaper right here in Northwest Missouri, and I thought that should have counted for something. To our campus visit guide, anyway — it didn’t. I had a J-School classmate on the faculty in Lawrence and what was intended to be no more than a courtesy visit quickly went south. Before we knew what was happening, almost, she was hooked. What were we to do, besides write the checks and read the Daily Kansan? Obviously, it all turned out just fine for Sus. She got a great education and the stage was set for our longrunning, but always friendly, family feud. She gives me static about Mizzou, and I return the favors about ku. Getting back to my trip home. I had detected a slight sore throat upon retiring Christmas night, but felt fine enough the next morning and headed north, ready to get back to work. By the time I hit Five-Mile Corner, my fortunes had taken a turn for the worse. So much so, I sent Mr. Cobb a message to advise that I might see him in a few hours, but I was kinda under the weather. I checked in again Friday morning — after one of the longest nights I can ever remember — barely able to convey through my gravely voice that

I was, indeed, not any better. I was so much less better, in fact, I had agreed to taking advantage of the walk-in, no appointment needed, services at St. Francis. It was there I begin to suspicion I am being teamed up against. I know they are both good, competent men, but Gray Cox is, after all, Oklahoma Sooner. I mean, through and through. And his right-hand man, Ty Griffith,

Jim Fall

Executive Editor

is an Okie, too, Okie State. Die-hard. (See: University of Missouri Cotton Bowl opponent, 2014.) I think I can be certain there was no direct malice on their part, but my luck of the draw in Walk-In Clinic physicians was — you guessed it, a jayhawk. And me in no condition to defend myself, much less fight back. For the record, I had never before been professionally involved with Dr. Brian Golightly, so there were no preformed opinions, except …. I think we met once, a year or so ago, at the St. Francis Auxiliary Ball, but only casually. I suppose his first clue was that I was wearing the new MIZZOU hoodie I had gotten for Christmas. And

when he sensed that I was practically defenseless, he pounced. Not maliciously, to be sure, but with enough assurance to let me know he was, in this case, the dominant male. He didn’t come on like I, personally, had been involved in that initial raid on Lawrence, but his crimson and blue leanings were as readily apparent as was my Black and Gold. Turns out, he sends a daughter, along with a bunch of his money, to ku, just like we did, so we immediately had something in common. That, and that oath he took about healing folks. Cunningly, he left the dirty work to his nurse. He rather quickly identified the cause of my discomfort, explained the prescription he was calling in to Hy-Vee, and was off to see what seemed to me like it must have been at least a third of the under-3 population of Nodaway County which was gathered in the waiting room. The nurse’s assignment was to flush my ears, something I don’t think anyone since my mother had ever done for (to) me. It was also my sweet mother’s advice that I have always heeded about putting nothing smaller than my elbow in my ear. Maybe I have fudged a time of two with an index or a pinky finger, or perhaps a paperclip on the rarest of occasions, but I never, ever considered using an instrument the likes of which she casually put on the countertop when she entered the room. It looked more akin to a lance to be used by a jousting knight than by a nurse tending a delicate — and cowardly — patient. She seemed mildly befuddled when the water she pumped into my right ear did not gush from the left side of my head, and vice versa, but she was quite delicate with those tweezers and we got through the process without incident. Now, I gotta be feelin’ better before Wednesday when I’m supposed to be outta here for the Cotton Bowl. M-I-Z —!

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Editor’s note: Social Media Stew is a regular Daily Forum feature appearing on Tuesday and Thursday. Compiled by reporter Kevin Birdsell, the column consists of locally relevant comments harvested from a variety of social media sites.

Burlington Shooting I’m sickened by this article. It suggests that the VICTIM was a criminal transient. He was not. He was living with aunt and step-uncle and was murdered by said uncle. The article states Mickey left the house and Lewis followed him with a gun. Hear that? That’s not self defense. Mickey was leaving the altercation and Lewis followed him. THEN Lewis shot him in the chest point blank. That’s not self defense, like others said he could have stopped him by shooting him in the leg. The article is written with a skewed point of view. Mickey was a great guy and this article makes him sound like a monster. You should be ashamed Tony Brown!! Angel, Facebook I’m disabled! I walk w/ a walker. I dont care if someone was gonna hit ME…It wouldnt mean they deserve to be shot & loose their life ... Ive known Mickey more then half my life. If someone (took an action described by an expletive) for being drunk & disrespectful then I would understand. I dont care if I dont know the whole story...he DID NOT deserve death!! Mickey wasn’t the smartest guy, didn’t make the best decisions by any means!..& he drank too much. But he had a heart of gold & was genuinely good! Adam N Rayne, Facebook

Body of BJ resident found I have lived a lot of places... numerous cities, towns and does not matter where you go there will always be people who say the cops do not do their jobs....its not just Nodaway county. Police can only do what the law says whether they agree with it or not. People have got to stop bashing the police all the time....the world would be a horrible place (even more so than it already is) if we didn’t have law enforcement. This mans horrible death is being overshadowed by other horrible things that people refuse to let go. Franki, Facebook

Kansas City Chiefs Get missed field goals out of the system now. Too much of #Chiefs postseason history marred by FG chokes Blair, Twitter The 2013 #Chiefs are the sixth team in franchise history to record 50 or more touchdowns in a season Rachel, Twitter #NFL admits #Chargers should have been penalized on FG attempt by #Chiefs which would have given them another chance to win Bronco Brandon, Twitter

Title Town Maryville, Mo knows football. 7th, 8th, Frosh, JV, Varsity (state champs), College - @NWMOSTATE (D2 champs). All undefeated in 2013. 60-0. Jacki, Twitter

12-31-13 Maryville Daily Forum  
12-31-13 Maryville Daily Forum  

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