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Calthorpe residents clean up In the September issue of HEM Life, Peter Arnold, Chair of the Calthorpe Resident’s Society (CRS) gave an overview of an organisation that has been campaigning for over 40 years to preserve and improve the quality of life for residents of the elegant ‘garden suburb’ that is the Calthorpe Estate.

This month, we look at how seemingly small activities make a big difference and contribute to an enriched sense of community. Peter mentioned the superb set of blue plaque walks, there have also been art classes, gardening clubs and regular coffee mornings. Another one of CRS’s well-supported community-spirited activities is humble litter picking. Motivated by the success of previous events in support of National Litter Picking Day, last month two CRS teams from the Calthorpe Estate took to the streets on a mission to pick litter and tidy up their neighbourhood pavements, gutters and verges. Equipped with litter pickers, hi-vis jackets, gloves and refuse sacks provided by Birmingham City Council through Edgbaston Ward Councillor Deirdre Alden. In just a couple of hours the teams filled around 20 sacks of litter which was kindly stored overnight courtesy of Josh at the Co-op, Templefield Square and collected the next day by the Council’s waste department. The litter pickers were asked not to pick up any sharp

objects like needles, but to make a note of their location for the Council to dispose of safely later. Litter-picking team leader Pauline Lugent Owen said, “We appreciate that the Council can only do so much and that we citizens have a role to play as well if we want to keep our neighbourhood looking clean and beautiful.” Resident Jacqui Lowe added, “It’s also a very sociable way to get some exercise while getting to know your neighbours”. Despite there being plenty of litter bins across the ward of Edgbaston, many people thoughtlessly drop their litter as they go, or standing right next to a bin they drop their litter on the ground. Schools play a valuable role in teaching children from an early age to respect their environment, but adults need a reminder every now and again too. Following the success of the litter picking CRS has now put together sets of litter-pickers and associated equipment that can be borrowed for free by members any time they wish to organise their own local litter pick.

L-R Councillor Matt Bennett, Anna Mathews, Madeline Sandilands, Colin Greabes, Victoria Linehan, Councillor Deirdre Alden, Carol Grouse

There are community clean-up events taking place throughout the city. If you, your school or local community group would like to work alongside your local communities to carry out a cleanup, Birmingham City Council can help, simply register your clean-up event and complete the online form. CRS’s history, aims and current activities: www.calthorperesidents.org Calthorpe Estate residents with Edgbaston Councillors Deirdre Alden and Matt Bennett

Moving Home? Rubric Lois King Solicitors has a team of property experts to offer advice and oversee your sale or purchase. We are based on your doorstep and cover all aspects of conveyancing. Please call Amrit Bhogal, Head of Property and Conveyancing , or one of his team, on 0121 450 7800. Or pop into 26 Calthorpe Road, Edgbaston B15 1RP.


Litter Pick equipment: www.birmingham.gov.uk

How to organise a litter pick: www.keepbritaintidy.org


Connected communities achieve the incredible Hello and Welcome to October

As we head into Autumn, we reminisce on our glorious summer - what a great summer it has been. Children and adults spending more time outdoors, exploring places further afield and the feel good factor the warmer weather brings – sadly the summer has gone so quickly. We can now look forward to the Autumn with events to keep us busy and celebrations going on throughout the community to keep us smiling. In this issue we share stories of achievements within our communities of the people who go that extra mile to make things happen, including the presentation of British Empire Medals (pg 8) Clocks go back on Sunday, October 27, mobile phones and electronic devices will automatically update but, don’t forget watches, clocks at home, at work and in your car. We have great tips to share with you on how to make the most of National Sleep In Day (pg 4) We are kicking off the ‘Season of Goodwill ‘early by offering our readers an opportunity to WIN a Festive Prosecco Afternoon Tea for Two to get you in the spirit (pg 4) – Good Luck Happy Halloween.

Until next time...

Angela, and the HEM Life Team Next issue published Friday 1st November 2019

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Life Stories


Excelling in Education


Following the appointment of a senior lawyer in Education Law at Nicholls Brimble Bhol Solicitors (NBB), Hem Life saw an opportunity to find out more about a topic that is on many of our readers minds and discovered how more and more parents are facing huge challenges when seeking to exercise the rights of their children within the education system! Anita Chopra is a specialist in Education Law and heads up the Education Law Department at NBB. Anita has spent her legal career thus far, (spanning 20 years) helping parents and children with issues against state, independent schools and local authorities. Anita’s specialisms include special educational needs and disability, admissions to school, exclusions from school and fitness to practise for teachers. Her passion, hard work, empathy and expert legal knowledge of the area is what clients warm to and we could see why. Anita is an ambitious individual who will go to great lengths to help individuals in need. Anita strongly believes in helping

clients find the right solution to their legal issues. With this at the forefront of her mind when advising clients, she has successfully avoided court proceedings, on many occasions and reached amicable settlements in the best interest of the individual.

Top 10 tips 1. Do not panic 2. It is important to consider accepting the school you have been offered (even if this is not your first choice) so that your child is not without a school place. 3. Familiarise yourself with the oversubscription criteria of the school of choice as this will be relevant on appeal. 4. Place your child’s name on the waiting list of your first choice. 5. When considering whether to appeal, you must consider your reasons for doing so. Always emphasise your strongest point first. 6. Collate all evidence to support your appeal.

October 31 - Deadline for Choice of Secondary School

A topical subject that will be at the forefront of the mind of parents this month is school admissions. By 31 October, all parents of children going to secondary school, must decide on their choices of school and submit their online application. This can be a particularly stressful time

for parents. In the event that you do not obtain the school of your choice (decisions are made in March). Do not despair, Admissions appeal can be tricky and statistically only around 1 in 5 succeed. Anita has helped many parents get their child into their school of choice and HEM Life have some top tips courtesy of Anita to help you prepare


We are your Local Law Firm We are a modern and progressive law firm with a history of supporting clients and providing legal services of the highest standard for more than 60 years And we’re right on your doorstep!

7. If you are relying on social or medical reasons for an appeal; obtain supporting evidence. 8. Know the law as much as you can. There is a lot of information about appeals and the more knowledge you have, the better prepared you will be. If this feels daunting, seek advice! 9. Know that you are entitled to legal representation at the appeal hearing should you require it. 10. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. This is key. It’s important to know what you will say to the panel, manage your time and prepare your paperwork to the best of your abilities.


Get in touch


• • • • • •

Conveyancing Wills, Trusts & Probate Commercial Property Family Law Litigation Education Law


0333 016 1100 nbblaw.co.uk


Life Stories


Enjoy National Sleep-In Day The Sleep Council is urging people to make the most of their extra hour in bed this National Sleep-In Day (Sunday, October 27) the day the clocks go back) by resetting their whole bedtime routine. More than a third of all Brits survive on less than six hours sleep*, and although sleep needs differ, the recommended amount for adults is between seven and nine.

Said The Sleep Council’s Lisa Artis, “Most of us love a lie in

and the extra hour in bed is a good reason to doze a little longer than normal. But if you’ve been having difficulties at night or feel sleepy all the time, it’s also a good time to review your sleeping habits. “A regular routine and a good night’s sleep can make a huge difference to your general health and wellbeing, so use National Sleep-In Day to reassess your sleeping habits and look at what could be causing any sleep problems.” The Sleep Council has created ‘The 30 Day Better Sleep Plan’ to help people get a better night’s kip, and to prevent more serious and prolonged issues. The 18 point question and answer format, which is available for free on the website (www.sleepcouncil.org.uk/30-day-better-sleep-plan/) builds a downloadable tailored plan which people are encouraged to follow for 30 days using The Sleep Council’s sleep diary to track improvements. It covers everything from bedtimes and sleep environments to diet and alcohol consumption. The Sleep Council has also produced some tips for making the most of having a lie-in: • It may sound obvious, but one of the most important things is to remember to switch the alarm off before you go to sleep! • Unplug any phones in the room and ensure that radios or televisions are not set to come on at any time in the morning. Also, exposure to even the weakest glow at night - even your TV’s standby button - can subconsciously play havoc with your body’s circadian rhythms.

• Make sure you close the curtains - preferably good heavy ones to block out the daylight and not to disturb your mid-morning slumber. • Make sure you are sleeping on a good bed - you can do everything else right but if your bed is old and uncomfortable, you may struggle to nod off or stay asleep. • The bigger your bed, the less the chance your sleep will be disturbed by your partner. • A room that’s too hot, too cold, too stuffy or too draughty can disturb sleep. Aim for a room temperature of around 16-18°C (60-65°F). • Make sure you have adequate bed clothes and pillows. Use the right tog duvet for the time of year, layer with sheets or blankets which can be easily removed and wear bed socks if you’ve got cold feet. • If you have young children, take turns with your partner for lie-ins, with the ‘on duty’ partner responsible for keeping noise levels down. • Double glazing will cut down on a lot of external noise, but a cheaper option would be a pair of earmuffs or foam ear plugs. • Avoid alcohol the night before. It’s not a sleep aid and will play havoc with sleep patterns. It may help you fall asleep initially but will interrupt your sleep later in the night and early morning - you will wake dehydrated and needing the loo!

Biggest boiling point in relationships revealed

The experienced and highly qualified team at Specsavers audiologists in Harborne is urging us to have our hearing checked, to transform our lives and possibly even our relationships!

Research commissioned by Specsavers Audiology revealed that a simple breakdown of communication is what causes the most tension in relationships. Audiology director at the opticians and hearing centre on the Harborne High Street, Sandeep K Khatkar says: ‘We’ve been talking about this research a lot in store and we want to share it with everyone, in the hope it’s enough to encourage someone to begin their journey to better hearing by getting in touch.’ Almost half of UK adults (42%) said that ‘my partner is not listening to me’ or ‘having to repeat myself ’ is what really gets them seeing red. The research of 2,002 UK adults also showed that ‘being a good listener’ is the quality most valued in a partner (42%). The findings show that good communication is key to a happy relationship. However, many people may be jumping to the conclusion that their partner is choosing not to listen to them, when actually, they have hearing loss. The team at Specsavers is working to remove the stigma associated with hearing loss and hearing aids, to help couples communicate better. Of those asked, 82% said they would not be put off their partner if they started wearing a hearing aid. “Many people have hearing loss but are not aware, or not ready to admit, they have a problem. Hearing aids these days can be very discreet and can make a huge difference to day-to-day communication and social situations.” says Sandeep.

Specsavers recommends that those over the age of 55 should have their hearing checked every two years, and if you are concerned about your hearing you can make an appointment to see one of the team at the Harborne store. To find out more, or to book a hearing check visit Specsavers hearing centre at 136 High Street, Harborne t: 0121 426 0810

The Priory & Edgbaston Hospitals

WHY WAIT? WHY WORRY? Why suffer with joint pain when you can self pay for treatment and get back to doing the things you love. „ Knee replacement from as little as £244 per month at 9.9% APR over 60 months*

„ ACL Repair from as little as £140 per month at 9.9% APR over 60 months*

„ Hip replacement from as little as £223 per month at 9.9% APR over 60 months*

„ Hip resurfacing from as little as £277 per month at 9.9% APR over 60 months*

„ Carpal Tunnel from as little as £36 per month at 9.9% APR over 60 months*

„ Keyhole Rotator Cuff Repair from as little as £140 per month at 9.9% APR over 60 months*

To book an appointment call

0800 404 6786


17995 1527 MKT ADV / 09.2019

Flexible finance packages making healthcare more affordable

*Chrysalis Finance working in partnership with BMI Healthcare. Loans are subject to status, terms and conditions apply. Loans are arranged for BMI Healthcare Limited by Chrysalis Finance Limited of PO Box 404, Alderley Edge, Cheshire SK9 0EA. Both BMI Healthcare Limited and Chrysalis Finance Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to carry out the regulated activity of credit broking.

17995_1527 MKT ADV_Advertorial Press Ad 280x335mm.indd 1

17/09/2019 15:51

6 Life Stories 10th Anniversary Celebrations

The newly renovated Norfolk House Nursery located at No.3 Norfolk Road, Edgbaston, marked it’s 10th anniversary with a special celebratory party for children, parents and staff. The event was a great success, with both young and old enjoying lots of different activities, along with refreshments and a special cake.





Hayley Fox, senior manager of the nursery, said, “It was a lovely occasion – all the children and staff were really excited! “It has been wonderful to see the nursery grow from strength to strength over the past 10 years, I hope the next 10 years are as enjoyable.” The nursery recently extended their opening times from 7am to 7pm to support local working families. Earlier this year, they made the bold move of ensuring no refined sugar was on any of their menus. Instead focusing on nutrient dense / wholesome meals for the children.

WIN A Festive Prosecco Afternoon Tea for Two worth £45

Jonathans in the Park, Lightwoods House, Bearwood are giving a lucky HEM Life reader the chance to enjoy a fabulous Festive Prosecco Afternoon Tea for Two. To be in with a chance of winning, just answer the following question: Which style of cooking best describes Jonathans in the Park Saturday evening restaurant? a) Modern French Dining b) Victorian Country House Dining c) Spanish Tapas Dining

A winner will be selected at random on Sunday 27th October and notified by e-mail. The winner will receive one of our delightful Afternoon Tea for two Vouchers *Terms and conditions apply. The prize is as stated and no cash or other alternatives will be offered.

Sort your will for FREE and show your support for a local hospice


Big-hearted solicitors and will writers from across the West Midlands are supporting a local hospice’s ‘Make a Will’ month this autumn, by offering people a cheaper way to sort out their will. From Monday 7 to Thursday 31 October, a number of generous firms will be waiving their usual will writing fees and instead asking people to make a charitable donation to Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice.

7th - 31st October 2019 Write or update your will for a suggested donation and help local people live well with life-limiting illness

Suggested donations are £100 for a single will, which typically cost £185, or £125 for a joint will, which normally costs £225. For wills requiring more specialist advice, the solicitors will agree a fee in advance. All donations will go towards the Hospice, which supports local people to live well with life-limiting illness. Katy O’Sullivan, senior individual giving and legacy manager at Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice, said, “Writing a will is essential in making sure that your last wishes are respected and that the people you love will be provided for.

For further information please visit www.birminghamhospice.org.uk/make-a-will or call 0121 752 8779

503390 Make a Will Hem Life Magazine Advert 131 x 170mm v2.indd 1

Email your answer along with your mobile phone number to: paul.havelin@sky.com

02/08/2019 10:48

Taking part in Make a Will month is a really simple and inexpensive way for people to get this vital document sorted, whilst also allowing them to show their support for crucial hospice care.” It currently costs £9 million to run Birmingham St Mary’s vital services every year, over 60 per cent of which must come from generous voluntary donations. To take part in Birmingham St Mary’s ‘Make a Will Month’, visit: www.birminghamhospice.org.uk/ make-a-will Or call: 0121 752 8779

OPEN EVENT Saturday 12th October 2019

10am-12noon 3 Norfolk Road and 28 Harborne Road A leading provider of early education to children aged 3 months-4 years

3 Norfolk Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 3PS

28 Harborne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 3AA

T: 0121 452 1485

T: 0121 454 8714

E: enquiries@norfolkhouseschool.co.uk

E: enquiries@norfolkhouseschool.co.uk



Life Stories


Heart-warming stories of selfless Community Service On Thursday 12 September at Birmingham City Council House 15 recipients of this year’s British Empire Medals in the West Midlands received their awards from the West Midlands Lord-Lieutenant, John Crabtree OBE. These people have all actively contributed to help others and make their communities richer. Some have gone to extraordinary lengths and given countess years of volunteering, others have travelled emotional journeys that has driven them to greater achievements including three amazing people within our communities. James Whiskens, 70, Bournville

Recognised for his contribution to student pastoral care. Over the last 23 years, Jim (James) has devoted his life to Fircroft College, which is a residential college for students with a range of personal issues from dependency, mental and general health issues. As a full-time evening and overnight carer, he has stayed up all night with students experiencing panic attacks, mediated in stressful situations and has given over well and above his role as carer. His empathy, patience and understanding of difficult personal circumstances makes him valued and many students have felt safe confiding in him and have recognised him as an important factor in them overcoming difficulties. Now he has retired, he volunteers to maintain the 6 acre grounds and helps the college with evening cover, open days and tours.

Norma Ann Boyd, Northfield

Birmingham Sadly Norma passed away before she could receive her BEM but her sister, Sylvia Boyd received the award on Norma’s behalf. Norma is recognised for her services in the community in Northfield, where she set up the Rea Valley Residents Association Flood Action Group in 2002. As well as leading the Group, she brought her experience and local contacts with stakeholders to highlight technical issues. Norma worked tirelessly with the Environment Agency and Council and lobbied successfully to gain funds and implement a local flood defence scheme that would protect homes and businesses from flooding. Before Norma passed away the ambitious project that was overseen with the Environment Agency and funded in part be Calthorpe Estates was completed.

Bishop Stanford Fairin, Smethwick

Creating a Caring Community Centre. Bishop Stanford Fairin had a vision to create a care centre to support the Afro-Caribbean elderly in Sandwell. His vision was realised with support from Sandwell Council and the Cape Community Care Centre was born. Today the centre serves 52 people, mainly from Afro- Caribbean descent with activities, outings, meals and a place many call home. He works closely with medical consultants to help spot illnesses and he helps drive people to the home, organises meals on wheels for those unable to attend and acts as caretaker for the centre at 78 years of age. People that know him, say he is humble and well deserving of this honour.

Seymour Luke, the residential property experts, is proud to confirm the launch of it’s Private Client and Wills Department

We offer advice and assistance in the following areas: • • • •

Wills and codicils Lasting powers of attorney General powers of attorney Court of protection applications

• Elderly client matters • Residential conveyancing • New build / Off plan purchases

For further information call us on: 0121 456 3696 or visit our website www.seymourluke.com

Seymour Luke Limited

Seymour House, 15a Frederick Road, Edgbaston, B15 1JD

Above: James Whiskens, 70, from Bournville Below: Bishop Stanford Fairin, from Smethwick

Wishes that WILL be carried out

Whilst no one likes to think about their mortality, it is important to face the inevitable, and also the possibility of a loss of mental capacity. In order to ensure that your specific wishes are carried out it is important that you consider making a Will and consider the need for a power of attorney to ensure that your loved ones are protected. We are based in Edgbaston, were formed in 2008 and until recently dealt solely with private residential matters. In June 2019 Eve Gold joined the company, as a Director and Head of Department, and established our Wills and Private Client Department. Eve qualified as a solicitor in 2010 and specialised in family law and private client matters providing her with a substantial amount of experience dealing with sensitive matters, elderly and vulnerable clients in a friendly and professional, manner. Options, Freedom and Simplicity If you die without a Will (intestate) or your Will is inappropriately drafted or becomes outdated, then your wishes might not be carried out. A properly drafted Will ensures that your wishes are adhered to, whether those wishes are to benefit someone who would not benefit under the intestacy rules or to ensure that someone who would benefit under the intestacy rules does not. Making a Will gives you more options and freedom to meet your specific needs and wants and it makes

things simpler for your loved ones. It also allows you to formally appoint a Legal Guardian for your children until they reach the age of eighteen. We cannot ignore the fact that whilst people are living longer, their mental capacity is suffering as a result. In order to prepare for such an eventuality and to protect relationships, you can prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) which allows you to choose who will be in charge of your affairs, whether that be your property and financial affairs or your health and welfare, or both, and how your chosen attorneys can handle your affairs. All matters are dealt with in a relaxed, friendly, courteous and professional manner where the time is taken to discuss the particular wishes that you knew you wanted in your Will, or LPA, and some that you may not have even thought about. Eve will ensure that you receive a truly personal, bespoke and professional service. t: 0121 456 3696 e: eve@seymourluke.com



Affordable choice. Naturally.

www.solidwoodkitchencabinets.co.uk Unit 1 Redwood Trade Park, Oldbury Rd, Smethwick, West Midlands B66 INJ

Untitled-1 1

*excludes appliances and accessories

- Solid Oak kitchens from ÂŁ4,399* - Choose from the complete range of Farrow & Ball paint colours, to ďŹ nish the look of your kitchen - The largest range of solid timber worktops in the UK

01215 584583

02/04/2019 12:53:21

10 Life Stories


Search is on for Mental Health Stars The search is on for unsung heroes across the region, as nominations open for the Thrive West Midlands Mental Health Star 2020 awards. Organised by the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA), the Thrive awards celebrate the people, teams or organisations who have made a significant contribution to improving mental health in their area. Nominations are invited from across the WMCA region – anyone can suggest an individual or organisation they feel has had a positive impact on their own or someone else’s mental wellbeing. It could be a friend, family, work colleague, carer or health professional, an individual or someone representing a group or company – and could be in either a personal or professional context. Shuranjeet Singh, aged 23 won an award in the Young Person category for his work to raise awareness of mental health issues and signpost people to support. He set up a not-for-profit organisation called Taraki – a Punjabi word for moving forward positively following his own experience of mental

illness while studying for his undergraduate degree. Shuranjeet said, “Winning a Thrive Award in 2019 was a fantastic opportunity to not only showcase the work Taraki has done with Punjabi communities but also to learn about the inspirational acts of other people to better their own, others’ and their wider community’s mental wellbeing. “For me, it was a great boost of motivation to continue driving Taraki’s work forward across the country. I would encourage anyone to nominate a friend or organisation who has helped to improve people’s mental health. No matter how small, we can all contribute to a collective change in our society if we work, support and encourage one another.” Closing date for nominations is Sunday 3 November. Shortlisted nominees will be invited to an awards ceremony on Wednesday 29 January 2020 at The Hawthorns, West Bromwich Albion Football Club. For more information or to nominate someone visit: www.wmca.org.uk/thriveawards

Deborah Cadman, CEO of the WMCA, Shuranjeet SinghTMental Health Star 2019 Award

Ditching single-use plastics Pictured: Young people from Birmingham Youth Climate

Mayor Andy Street announced on September 23 that the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) will be completely cutting out single-use plastics as part of the fight to tackle climate change. The WMCA, which includes Transport for West Midlands (TfWM), has set a target of cutting out all single-use plastics by the end of 2020. Single-use plastics are defined as plastics that are used once before being discarded, and include plastic packaging, bags, and water bottles. These are a huge issue for the environment as the majority of the plastic is not biodegradable like food or paper. The ambitious pledge to ditch single-use plastic forms part of the WMCA’s wider commitment to become carbon neutral no later than 2041, as the organisation looks to help in the global fight against climate change. Andy Street, the mayor of the West Midlands and chair of the WMCA, said, “The West Midlands has a moral responsibility to tackle climate change and we have made a firm commitment to become carbon neutral by 2041, if not sooner. “As part of that commitment we are drawing up our action plan to meet our targets, which will be presented

to the WMCA board in November. That report will detail how we can help everyone across the region to play their part in the battle against Climate Change, and I am determined that the WMCA leads the way alongside local authorities in the West Midlands. “We already have a zero-waste contract in place and have been given one of the highest certifications for our environmental management. Now, I am committing the WMCA to stopping the use of single-use plastics, with the harmful products cut out of our organisation entirely by the end of next year.” The announcement came as a week-long strike action took place across the globe to raise awareness of climate change. Councillor Ian Courts, the WMCA portfolio holder for environment, said, “We recognise the importance of climate change as an issue and we will do everything we can to tackle it and make our region carbon neutral. “The WMCA has been working with some of the young climate change protestors across the West Midlands and I hope they will see today’s announcement as another positive step in the right direction. Addressing the climate challenge will take investment and large-scale system change – but we can all make a difference with changes in our behaviour and choices. I am pleased that the WMCA has signalled this commitment to playing its part, and to working with colleagues across the region to help others to build the movement for change that we need.”

Finance for nonFinancial Managers Workshop AAT Essentials, Thursday, October 24

Bookkeeping Payroll Vat Management Accounts Cashflows/Budgets/Forecasts Tax Returns / Accounts Production Sole Traders/Partnerships/Limited Companies Business Start-Ups Sage Training - Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced Excel courses AAT Essential Courses Accounting Study Support Bespoke accounting systems | Latest technology | GDPR and MTD compliant Tel: 0121 684 7618 www.acc-uniquesolutions.co.uk 4 Albany Road, Harborne, Birmingham, B17 9JX

Management accounting | Tax | Bookkeeping | Payroll |Training

Acc-Unique Solutions Ltd are busy preparing for the first of their AAT Essentials Accounting workshops – Finances for non-financial managers, which takes place on Thursday 24th October at Lightwoods Park and House, Bearwood, B67 5DP. Ralph Savage FCA of DRS Business Solutions LTD will be delivering the training. Following the workshop everyone who attends will receive an AAT Certificate of Attendance and a free 1 hour remote Sage training session. They will be shown how to use Sage for budgeting and how to configure the software to suit their exact requirements. The course is ideal for anyone who is responsible for company finances, preparing and maintaining budgets or requires an understanding of statutory and management accounts.

Fiona Wilson Director

We will now be able to offer even more support to our clients during the start-up, development and growth stages when they require back office support, training and advice.

Job Opportunities At Acc-Unique Solutions we are always looking for qualified accountancy and teaching staff to For more information or to book a place call: join our team. We run excellent apprenticeship Fiona Wilson on 0121 684 7618 programmes for students of all ages who Or email: fionawilson@acc-uniquesolutions.co.uk have good GCSE and A level grades and are both highly motivated and hardworking. If you You can also book onto the event via Eventbrite: www.eventbrite.com/e/aat-essentials-finance-for-non- are interested in joining us then please get in touch. Don’t worry if you have limited availability financial-managers-tickets-73353160277 because of young children or a disability. Our environmentally friendly, paperless, GDPRAccountancy Services compliant systems enable us to offer flexible Acc-Unique Solutions has provided a range working conditions that help our staff to of management accounting, bookkeeping and overcome challenging barriers.. training services to clients for more than 20 years now. We are pleased to announce that a new For more information on what we have to offer you as tax accountant has joined our team and will be a client, a student or a member of staff please visit: taking care of our client’s tax returns, corporation www.acc-uniquesolutions.co.uk tax and company secretarial work from October. or call Fiona on 0121 684 7618

Family Atmosphere • Bespoke Education • Small Class Sizes • Competitive Fees

OPEN MORNING Friday 8th November 9:30am - 11:30am “Pupils achieve excellent results in competitive entry examinations for senior schools” • “The social development of pupils is excellent” • “In the EYFS, caring, sensitive teaching ensures that individual needs are catered for, enabling children to make significant progress” Independent Schools Inspectorate 2018

An independent school for children aged 3 to 11 4 Norfolk Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 3PS | Tel: 0121 454 7021 Email: info@norfolkhouseschool.co.uk| www.norfolkhouseschool.co.uk


Rubric Lois King Solicitors

Dementia friendly businesses


Bouled over with support

More than 180 people from the West Midlands commercial property and construction sectors have raised more than £9,000 for charity after taking part in a boules tournament.

Rubric Lois King Solicitors t: 0121 450 7800 www.rlksolicitors.com

How to register a death

One of the unavoidable duties following the death of a person is the Registration of their death

A little while ago I underwent dementia friend training. I felt it would help me in my daily work if I had a better understanding of the needs of our clients who are living with dementia. I found it fascinating as I had not previously understood that dementia affects people’s physical perception of the world alongside the well-known effects on memory and understanding. For example, black rubber mats can look like gaping holes in the floor to someone with dementia. I was therefore interested to read about some research undertaken by Dr Adelina Broadbridge at the University of Stirling concerning cafés and restaurants. Do you visit a café regularly or do you own one? Look around and consider how it would appear to a person with dementia. Is it noisy? Are the signs confusing? Do the staff become impatient if people struggle to cope with ordering or paying? Dementia cafés are becoming more common across the country but there is no reason why other restaurants and cafés can’t be equally welcoming. There’s a business case for making a few changes so that products and services are dementia-friendly. Cases of dementia are on the increase and providing a welcoming environment for those affected and their carers makes sense. Introducing contrasting colours for floors and chairs is a simple step to take. Signs are easier to read if written in lower case instead of capitals and, apparently the optimum height from the floor is four feet six inches. Serving drinks in coloured glasses is another simple step to take. Staff can make all the difference to a customer’s experience. Leading the way to a vacant table is much better than pointing one out. Finally, not getting noticeably impatient , however busy and time pressed they feel, is vital

with DEREK CASE Company Chairman Mortons Funeral Directors

Faithful + Gould




In the event of an expected death occurring in England or Wales (Scotland has a different procedure) you will need to ask for a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death from the Doctor treating the person who has died, then make an appointment at the Registrar of Deaths, normally in the district where the death occurred. It will be helpful if you go to the Registrar’s armed with the following information:

The event, which took place at Harborne Cricket Club, boosted the coffers of Property For Kids, which raises money for disadvantaged children across the region. Participants turned up in fancy dress for the afternoon boules tournament, which saw 46 teams players vie for a winner trophy and a plate. Rupert Young, committee member of Property for Kids, said, “We love to organise fundraisers that are a little different from the norm. Our summer event was brilliantly supported, not just by the teams who entered, but also by those who came to support their colleagues and friends. We’re so pleased to have raised such a substantial amount of money, which will go to make a real difference to children’s lives in our region. We’re grateful to our main sponsors CoStar and Sylter, as well as Greek Outdoors who supplied catering. Their contributions were invaluable.” Knight Frank won the whole event with Cundall coming second. Weightmans beat RPS in the plate final

• Date and place of death • Full name of the person who has died and any other names they may have been known by • Date and place of their birth • Their occupation and whether they were retired • Their usual home address • If the person who died was a married person, in a civil partnership, or widowed. You will also need to know: a) In the case of a woman, her surname before she first married or registered her civil partnership b) The full name and occupation of the deceased’s wife, husband or civil partner • You will need to give your full name and address • You will also be asked to give your relationship to the person who died

During the registration process you will be able to obtain official copies of the Death Certificate at a cost of £11.00 each – you will need copies for the administration of the estate so it’s worth thinking about how many you’ll need before you get there as the cost of each copy goes up after that meeting. You will also receive, free of charge, a form for the DWP which serves to conclude things like the payment of benefits and a ‘Green Form’ which should be handed to your Funeral Director to allow the funeral to go ahead. Further information can be found on our website. t: 0121 476 9111 e: info@mortonsfunerals.co.uk www.mortonsfunerals.co.uk

Why do we wait for something bad to happen before we act?

Maybe it’s just human nature. The reason I say this is because in the last couple of month’s I have spoken to five people who have told me that one of their parents have fallen and hurt themselves with three of them having a long stay in hospital. I asked if their parents have adapted their home or have, they had a conversation about adapting their homes or age and health.  Generally, the answer is No and the reason “Parents are only 70 or 75 years old and they do not want a clinical looking home or there still fairly active.”   Unfortunately for senior people a bad fall will mean a long stay in a very clinical environment called a hospital and the long road back home then begins. They also then deal with the physical and mental health ( depression)  side  of the fall, rebuilding strength, fitness and most of all confidence and independence.   I do not aim to scare monger a bad fall at any age is dangerous but the older we get the more prevalent it becomes.  Over 60,000 people had hip fractures in the UK due to falls and in 2017 to 2018 there were 220,000 emergency hospital admissions related to people aged 65 and over, with around 150,000

being 80yrs and above. The cost to the NHS over 2 Billion. (Public Health Outcomes Framework). At Senior Homes Solutions we are looking at  ways  to adapt homes quickly and within keeping of the property, sourcing innovation, sleeker products.   WHY? -  Because  we care  and by researching and knowledge, we know that we can deliver a safer environment for your grandparents and parents.  Falls can happen to anyone of any age and an injury from a fall can have a big impact on daily life, so it’s definitely worth thinking about and having the discussions with loved ones. After all we know that prevention is  better than cure.

Contact Steve on: t: 0121 427 5216 m: 07889 134 711 e: steve@seniorhomesolutions.co.uk www.seniorhomesolutions.co.uk

The Green Machine Rolls On

It’s an undeniable fact that the flourishing CBD market shows no signs of slowing down; the momentum which has gathered in the UK over the past few years is a clear sign that people are becoming far more aware of the fact that cannabis has the potential to do much more than get you high!

Our History

Lead by 33 year old owner of Green Machine, Paul Moore who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, his doctors offered 2 options, take copious amounts of steroids with their multitude of side effects, or undertake a treatment known as DMARDs (DiseaseModifying Antirheumatic Drugs). The side effects of which are lengthy but not nearly as inconvenient and life changing as the treatment itself. Learning that he would not be able to have children throughout this treatment and that he would constantly be visiting the hospital for the administration of the treatment, Green Machines owner decided to seek an alternative route. Learning that CBD oil was an effective and potential way to tackle the rheumatism he undertook a journey lasting year’s to source and develop the best CBD products using only the ingredients that actually registered a beneficial effect on him and his condition. Nearly 2 years later and CBD is providing pain relief, movement and a massive reduction in inflammation in the 33 year old owner and for this reason, Paul and his team decided to take their products to the public to offer the same experience and are fighting the good fight in the name of quality above all else.

Quality Counts

Our Green Machines desire for quality meant that the team had to scour the globe to find the highest quality CBD they could import and while they initially thought that they would get much of their product from the EU, they now import the majority of their products from the USA products which they now sell through their retail outlets. Alongside producing and selling e-liquids and vaporizers, they found that there was a growing market for CBD flowers and CBD-based teas, topicals and tinctures (among other things). Seeing that there was the potential to expand to the desire of the blossoming market, their decision to move with the times gained them a reputation for being forward-thinking, knowledgeable and innovative. Green Machine is poised to become recognised as an industry leader for customer focused CBD treatment in the retail space and cannabis consultancy for those looking to get involved in the exciting potential of a cannabis-infused future online and instore.

The store everyone is talking about

Having already opened 4 stores in the last 6 months, Birmingham’s new store has opened in Quinton where you can pop in for a browse, or chat and learn much more about the range of products available. If you’d like to find out more then head over to:

www.greenmachinecbd.co.uk and check it out for yourself.

Green Machine 385 Hagley Rd West Quinton B32 2AL

14 Business Life Meeting future needs


Partnership renewed during ruby anniversary year

Often referred to as the “giving generation”, millennials are attracted to companies that demonstrate shared values.

HR with

Omar Rashid HR Dept.

Encouraging and facilitating volunteering in the community will be hugely attractive. As will flexible working and the promise of a good work life balance. This can benefit both parties when planned properly. Although they can be accustomed to job hopping whilst seeking their perfect match, this generation is also mindful of a rising retirement age. Living and working longer is, in their own words, standard.

Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice has scored a second-year partnership with Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club, with an aim to raise vital awareness and funds for the charity. Birmingham’s largest independent hospice – which is celebrating 40 years of care this year – has been named the club’s ‘Charity of the Year’, following a successful year of fundraising in 2018/19. Over the last 12 months, generous supporters of the rugby union club have raised £4,525 for the Hospice, enabling its expert doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, counsellors and more to continue to care for local people living with life-limiting illnesses. Big-hearted fans raised the impressive funds through bucket collections at home games and the club also hosted some of the charity’s events, including its festive fun run, ‘Jingle Bell Jog’, and its popular 10k walking challenge, ‘Rugby Ramble’.

Robin Johnson, commercial director at Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club, said, “As a local sports club, we wanted to partner with a charity that supports local people, which is why we’re delighted to be teaming up with Birmingham St Mary’s for a second year. It’s always heartening to know that the money our brilliant fans and club members raise will help people across our city to receive the care and support they need at a time when they need it most. “I’m really proud that our supporters raised over £4,500 for the Hospice last year so thank you to everyone who made a donation or got involved with an event. As a true competitive sportsman though, I’m hoping that we can beat that amount this year – especially as it’s the charity’s 40th anniversary – and raise even more funds for them.”

Pensions Awareness Day on the 15th September struck a chord with many employees who are already thinking about, and planning for, their future. It also raised important questions for employers. Does your approach to retirement planning and auto-enrolment strengthen your remuneration package? With millennials making up a third of your future workforce, it could be helpful to make positive pension planning a key benefit of your retention strategy. The shortage of occupations list details which professions have a skills shortage. It has recently been expanded so now is a better time than ever to revisit your strategy for attracting and retaining skilled workers. A good range of benefits, which need not cost a fortune, can make all the difference when advertising a role. Finally, millennials often have a preference for a career path that includes plenty of mentoring alongside planned professional development. Both of which can be achieved through scheduled 121’s and flexible learning.

e: Omar.Rashid@hrdept.co.uk www.hrdept.co.uk

Good supplier relations matter No matter which sector you’re operating in, with quality supplier Ralph Savage FCA relationships are DRS Business Solutions LTD key to almost every company’s profitability. Poor Communication Could Be Very Expensive If your suppliers misunderstand your order description, or make more of a product than you need, then you could be facing a dispute, with huge unforeseen bill. Likewise, if they make too little, you could fail to meet orders and lose customers. This variety of expensive disasters is easily avoided by communicating clearly with your suppliers on the phone and in writing before work on your order commences. That way, all parties will know what has been ordered, exactly what it costs, and the date on which the work will be completed. Suppliers Hate Being Paid Late Late payment is a leading cause of suppliers’ businesses failing. Paying their bills on time builds trust and will make you a very popular client. If you are hit by a cash flow crisis, this relationship could grant you a crucial extension which keeps you in business. Referrals Work Both Ways If you and your suppliers can refer each other business, then you can ensure that you both always have a pipeline of quality work that boosts your profitability, no matter what economic situation you find yourselves in. If your business ever enters a difficult patch, the relationships that you’ve built with your suppliers could make the difference between pulling through with a profit and plunging into debt or worse

L-R: Robin Johnson, Peter Austin and Charlotte Dowling from St Marys Hospice

Volunteers needed with recurrent neck pain following a whiplash injury What will it involve?

Who can participate?

• You will be invited to visit our research facility at the University of Birmingham on one occasion which will lasts about 2 hours.

• Have had a prior whiplash injury • Are aged between 18-65

• We will use special sensors to analyse your movement and muscular activity during neck movements and muscle contractions.

• Have had 2 or more neck pain episodes over the last year

• We will ask you to fill out an additional electronic questionnaire once a month over the course of 12 months.

• Your pain is not linked to fractures, and you have not had neck surgery.

• Pain-free over the last 10 days

What is the purpose? We would like to investigate neck movement and muscle activity in people who have had a whiplash injury. Please read on for more detailed information.

If you are interested or have any further questions, please contact Ahmed Alalawi: ama439@student.bham.ac.uk or Professor Deborah Falla: d.falla@bham.ac.uk You will be reimbursed for your time up to £95.

m: 07774 548822 www.drs-business-solutions.co.uk

Have you had a whiplash injury? We are looking for volunteers to take part in a research study focused on neck pain related to a whiplash injury which will be conducted at the Centre of Precision Rehabilitation for Spinal Pain (CPR Spine) located at the University of Birmingham. CPR Spine is the first centre in the United Kingdom dedicated specifically to spinal pain research and consists of a multi-disciplinary team with a common aim of identifying patientspecific interventions for people with spinal pain. What is the study about? Research has shown that movement and muscle activity are altered in people with neck pain following a whiplash injury. What is not known, is whether changes in neck muscle activity persist when people have pain relief, and whether these persistent changes in muscle activity can contribute to future episodes of neck pain. Therefore, the main purpose of the study is to investigate neck muscle activity in people who have had a whiplash injury but currently are not experiencing neck pain. This data will be compared with pain-free volunteers and people with neck pain following a whiplash injury with current symptoms. Am I eligible to participate? We are seeking to recruit people who are aged between 18 and 65 years and have had a prior whiplash injury but have been free of neck pain over the last 10 days. How will my participation help? Your participation in this research is important as it could help us to understand and identify features which cause repeated episodes of neck pain. This will then help us to develop new examination and management approaches for people suffering with pain following a whiplash injury.

What will I need to do if I participate? If you participate, you will obtain a thorough examination of your neck movement and muscle activity. The measurements will be conducted in a laboratory at the University of Birmingham during a single session of approximately 2 hours duration. You will then be asked to complete an electronic questionnaire to describe your neck pain, once a month for up to 12 months. Are there any costs or reimbursements for my time? There is no cost for you to participate in this study. You will be compensated £15 for attending the full laboratory session. Moreover, you will receive an additional £5 per monthly questionnaire completed for an additional £60 if all 12 questionnaires are completed. Finally, if you are able to complete the entire set of 12 questionnaires you will receive a further £20 to acknowledge your involvement in the entire study. Thus, a maximum of £95 will be provided upon full completion of the study. For further information please contact Ahmed Alalawi at: e:Ama439@student.bham.ac.uk t:07307367119

Property Life

15 OCTOBER 2019

A place we love

PLUS the support we need

NEW FOR 2019

Now there are even more ways to make your dream move to the retirement you deserve Contact us to find out which option suits you best

NEW FOR 2019



Buy Outright We’ve got over 40 years experience in making your purchase straightforward and hassle-free. Take advantage of our complimentary “Smooth Move” service or discuss the option to part exchange your existing property. On-site restaurant

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Providing you with a flexible way to enjoy the McCarthy & Stone lifestyle without any longer-term commitment.

An ideal option if you love the idea of owning your own home, without committing to the full purchase outright.

With no deposit or Stamp Duty to pay, you could be settled into your new home with the minimum of fuss.

You can also take advantage of our moving services, so you’ll feel at home in no time.



Welcome to Retirement Living PLUS at Ryland Place

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On-site 24hr care

Ryland Place, 27 Norfolk Road, Edgbaston, B15 3AY Open Tues - Sat, 10:30am - 5pm One & two bedroom retirement apartments for sale | Prices from £169,950#

Pop in on our Open Day, 23rd October, 12-3pm, to find out more. Or call us on 0800 201 4195 or visit mccarthyandstone.co.uk/rylandplace

At an extra charge. #Subject to availability. *T&Cs apply. Offer valid for new visitors aged 70 years and over. # Subject to availability. One giftcard per household. Offer may be withdrawn at any time. ^


16 Property Life Uncertainty triggers first September Fall


What does it mean to an Artist? with

Plan your Autumn Planting

Stone worktops at a fraction of the price with




Okk Arts

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

House prices have fallen in September for the first time since 2010 as Brexit uncertainty continues to cast a long shadow over the UK housing market. The UK’s biggest property website said the traditional ‘autumn bounce’ in the market was simply not happening this year.

So, far we have spoken about what it means for you to have artwork on the walls at your home. Where to get them, where to install and what to look out for. Which colours to choose and which artwork to put to which room. We also looked at site-specific installations and wall murals which are fixed on one specific wall and are not standalone works.

September is usually the start of an upturn in housing market activity, with price rises recorded every year for the past eight years. However, this year there is growing evidence that sellers are waiting to see how Brexit plays out before deciding whether to move.

But, have you thought what it means to the artist? The knowledge that someone has liked their work enough to want to see it every day at their home? This, of course, applies when you have bought the artwork directly from the artist or gallery, which has a close relationship with their artists. This means that the artist has the knowledge that their work is with you. Having somebody believing in your art and like your art that they are willing to pay for it is very high acknowledgement. No matter how big or small the artwork is or how much you have paid for it.

Marble is a timeless material to include in a kitchen, but it is often very expensive and difficult to install. Here at Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets, we offer marble laminate worktops and solid laminate worktops, that perfectly imitate real marble at a fraction of the price. White marble is the perfect worktop for a kitchen with a pale colour scheme. It helps to create a light and airy feel and lends itself to producing a sophisticated and elegant kitchen. But Marble is a versatile material and also works just as well in darker kitchens. Grey units can complement the darker swirls and streaks found in marble worktops. This colouration is also often picked up in the floor and wall colour, while the high gloss finish of marble can really help to pick out and reflect features in the kitchen. Pairing a marble worktop with a matching splashback is an excellent way to add continuity to your kitchen. A marble effect splashback is easy to install and in fact, only takes one person a few minutes to do. Compared to tiling, which takes a lot longer and can be more costly, splashbacks are more hygienic and give instant results. Like splashbacks, upstands are a great way to add finishing touches to a marble effect kitchen. They’re a great alternative to tiling right down to the surface of a worktop and are perfect for hiding any gaps along the wall.


Love Your Postcode

While Brexit uncertainty is holding the market back now, it has been predicted that prices could crash if the UK departs Europe without a deal. KPMG warned that UK house prices could fall by as much as 20% if Boris Johnson pursues a no-deal Brexit. A no-deal exit could trigger a nationwide decline of about 6% in 2020, and a drop of between 10% and 20% was “not out of the question” if the market reacted more strongly than expected, KPMG predicted. This makes it doubly important to have a unique marketing strategy, correct launch price and a proactive estate agent with a strong brand on the sell side.

When you buy original artwork, keep that in mind. You create a creative bond with the artist. This, of course, doesn’t apply to the artworks which are mass-produced, and you don’t know the artist in person. Yes, it implies to very consumption-led approach, as at this stage it doesn’t matter whether the buyer bought the artwork because they valued the work or because it looked good with their existing décor. But this is an entirely different conversation.

Bobby Singh t: 0800 862 0870 www.loveyourpostcode.com

Jaanika Okk t: 07795 871 205 www.okk-arts.com

Darren Brodie - Smethwick Showroom t: 01215 584583 www.solidwoodkitchencabinets.co.uk

with We are in the season for planting bulbs from ADRIAN BADHAM daffodils, tulips to Ashcroft Gardening Services many other spring and early summer flowering bulbs.

Patio Area • A good way of introducing colour to a patio is with an array of bulbs • Use a nice pot, put some gravel or broken pots into the pot • For drainage, insure there are holes in the bottom of the pot • Put the deepest bulb on some multipurpose compost with some fish blood and bone • Add more bulbs until the pot is full • Water Borders • Choose an area where bulbs are required and will give a splash of cover • Dig a hole and plant bulbs (I like to put 5 or 7 bulbs in the hole) • Cover with compost, horticultural sand, fish blood and bone. • (The sand tells you where you have planted the bulbs) • Bulbs can also just be scattered into the borders and covered with multipurpose compost and horticultural sand - the bulbs will bed themselves in A quick way to introduce bulbs into the garden is to purchase some pots of Tate-a-tete (dwarf daffodils), cyclamen, hyacinth or dwarf tulip plant then into pots with pansies polyanthus viola. Adrian Badham t: 0121 559 5375 m: 07721 502 985

Grand Designs Live Birmingham NEC 9th to 13th October

Award winning estate agents Love Your Postcode have extended their national property partnership as headline sponsor with Grand Designs Live, giving you the chance to claim one of 100 free pairs of weekday tickets to the UK’s leading contemporary home show. Usually worth up to £40 on the door, this must-visit event for anyone looking to learn about the world of design, interiors, and how to self-build. “This exclusive property partnership, with a leading international brand, nicely helps us celebrate our tenth year anniversary. I’m excited for my clients, teams across all our offices, friends and family to join in toasting and exploring everything property, from design, interiors, gardens, eco to project management under one roof. I will be providing personal 30-minute appointment slots across four days slots and will also be interviewed by Kevin McCloud on stage in the Grand Theatre on, ‘What makes a world class property brand’.” says Bobby Singh, co-founder of Love Your Postcode. It’s an exciting partnership for the Birmingham brand which has rapidly built a reputation as strong as it’s address book and specialises in off market property sales under the mantle Performance&™. Bobby continued, “We have an extensive private client list due to our out of home reach. Our award winning model works

both on the sell and buy side without any conflict of interest. It firstly works with a fully vetted client list and as a last resort property portals. So, brand loyalty certainly reaps rewards. The performance aspect is measured on time, from instruction to completion, with required price being achieved 99% of the time. We find that exclusivity and correct brand partnerships create premium outcomes that other agencies will find difficult to match. A 28 day asking price guarantee, strongly differentiates our proposition.” Based on the Channel 4 TV series, GDL is presented by design specialist Kevin McCloud and packed with over 400 exhibitors. With a range of informative talks and features running throughout the week visitors are welcome to take part - the first of which is popular service Ask an Expert returning to GDL this year, giving visitors the opportunity to consult

specialists across a range of home improvement areas. GDL will also feature product previews and talks on current trends. Visitors from all backgrounds – whether renovating, building a new home, redecorating or looking for inspiration are guaranteed to find something for them with GDL’s six different sections: Build, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Gardens, Interiors, and a special Technology Trail. In the Grand Theatre, host Kevin McCloud will be joined by a range of industry experts and recent ‘Grand Designers’ from the latest Grand Design series, to provide a series of informational seminars on various topics. Kevin will also be showcasing the most revolutionary, eco-friendly gadgets and products in Kevin’s Green Heroes. Meanwhile, The Salvage Yard will be showcasing one off, high-end pieces of architectural salvage, which will be for sale. GDL features five different visitor halls. The

first, the Grand Build hall, will showcase products that can help with any design, the Grand Interiors hall offers different unique and sophisticated ways to furnish and complete a project. Meanwhile, the Grand Kitchens and Grand Bathrooms halls will highlight some of the most cuttingedge products and designs for these two important parts of the home. Finally, the Grand Gardens section will be particularly interesting for those with an interest in the outdoors. Don’t miss out on what is sure to be an exciting, inspiring week at this awardwinning event. For more information, personal appointment slots and to claim your free pair of weekday tickets simply head to the website before the 9th October and use the code: bemorelion www.loveyourpostcode.com/grand-designs-live/

www.cottons.co.uk Property Auctions

Tel 0121 247 2233

Tuesday 22nd October 2019


•End Terrace Home with Side Garage •EPC Rating: D(56) •Three Bedrooms •Living Room •Requiring Updating and Some Modernisation

Offers in the region of £194,900


•Detached Dormer Bungalow in Highly Desirable Location •EPC Rating: E(46) •Four Bedrooms •Integral Garage •Front Driveway and Rear Garden

Offers in the region of £410,000

Tel 0121 247 4747


•Two Double Bedrooms •Duplex Flat •Potential for En-suite in Bedroom One •No Upward Chain •EPC E(51)


•Modern Three Storey Semi Detached Family Home on Plot Circa. 0.12 Acres (circa. 470sq m) •EPC Rating: B(82) •Four Double Bedrooms •Kitchen Diner

Offers in the region of £199,900

Offers in the region of £294,900



•Well Presented Mid Terrace Home •EPC Rating: D(56) •Two Double Bedrooms •Recently Installed Block Paved Driveway •No Upward Chain

Offers in the region of £139,900

•Traditional Semi Detached Dormer Bungalow •EPC Rating: D(57) •Double Garage (With Lapsed Permission to Convert into Two Bedroom Ancillary Accommodation) •Three Double Bedrooms

Offers in the region of £450,000




•Freehold Investment Opportunity •Semi Detached Home Historically Converted into Five Self Contained Flats •EPC Ratings: Flat 1 - D(55), Flat 2 - E(52), Flat 3 D(66), Flat 4 - D(60), Flat 5 - D(62)

•Freehold Investment Opportunity Four Self Contained Flats •EPC Ratings: 'Flat A'- E, 'Flat B'- D, 'Flat C'- E, 'Flat D'- F. •Located on Plot Circa. 0.11 Acres (Circa. 450sq m) •1 x Two Bedroom, 2x One Bedroom, 1x Studio •Rear Flat Generating £4,800 per annum (£400pcm)

•Refurished and Extended Detached Home •EPC Rating: D(63) •Three Bedrooms •Re-Fitted First Floor Bathroom with Separate Shower Cubicle •Potential to Further Extend (Subject to Planning Consents)

Offers in the region of £430,000

Offers in the region of £239,900

Offers in the region of £339,900


•Victorian Detached Dwelling •9 Bedroom HMO with 3 Self Contained Flats •Two Storey Detached Coach House •EPC: G(211)

•Spacious Furnished Apartment •Open Plan Living, Double Glazed •Generous Bedroom •Fitted Bathroom Suite •EPC Rating: D


•Three Bed Traditional Terrace Home •Hallway, Two Reception Rooms •Downstairs Bathroom with W.C. and First Floor Shower Room with W.C. •Double Glazing, Combi Gas Central Heating •EPC Rating: D(60)

£750 PCM



•Parcel of Woodland Circa. 8.6 ACRES (3.48 Hectares) •highly desirable location on the borders of the Lickey Hills •Located on Corner of High House Drive & Old Birmingham Road

Offers in the region of £224,900

Tel 0121 247 2299


•Two Bedrooms •Lounge & Fitted Kitchen •Fitted Shower Room •Double Glazing, Gas Central Heating •EPC Rating: D

£550 PCM

•Luxury First Floor Apartment within Extra Care Longbridge Retirement Village •EPC Rating: B(83) •Boasting Wealth of Services & Facilities •Two Bedroom Apartment with Patio

Offers in the region of £995,000




•Immaculate modernised flat •Furnished •Three Double Bedrooms •Excellent Fitted Kitchen with appliances •EPC Rating: D

£675 PCM


•Spacious Terraced Property •Two Reception Rooms •Three Bedrooms, Extended Fitted Kitchen •Double Glazed, Recently Refurbished •EPC Rating: E

£750 PCM

£575 PCM


•Superb refurbished apartment •Two Bedrooms •Fitted kitchen & Bathroom Suite •Double Glazing & Central Heating •EPC Rating D


ed c u d Re

•Spacious Second Floor Apartment •Central Village Location •Brand New Fitted Kitchen •Bathroom with Separate Shower •EPC Rating: D

•Three Bedroom House •Two Reception Rooms •Double Glazed •Central Heating •EPC Rating: E

£675 PCM


•Modernised, refurbished Traditional Home •Two Reception Rooms •NEW Fitted Ground Floor Bathroom with Shower •Two Double Bedrooms •EPC Rating: D

£795 PCM


£875 PCM

£675 PCM


•Spacious Family Home •Three Bedrooms •Through Lounge •Double Glazing & Central Heating •EPC Rating: D


•Well Presented Terraced Cottage •Fitted Kitchen •Contemporary Bathroom Suite •Excellent Location •EPC Rating: D

£725 PCM


•Three Bedrooms •Fully Furnished •Double Glazed & Gas Central Heating •EPC Rating: D •Master Bedroom with En-Suite

£850 PCM

£1,500 PCM

Cavendish House, 359-361 Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B17 8DL

18 City Life Young Combined Authority members meet for the first time


More than 30 young people will be making their voices heard as members of the new Young Combined Authority (YCA) for the West Midlands came together for the first time. They will represent the views of 16 to 25-year-olds across the region, which has one of the youngest populations in the country. The YCA will independently challenge and inform the West Midlands Combined Authority’s (WMCA) priorities, policies and decisionmaking, and will have observer status on the WMCA Board. After 128 young people applied to join the YCA, 33 members were selected and came together for the first time at a launch event on Saturday, 14th September. Topics for discussion included barriers that can prevent young people from achieving their ambitions, and the group’s priorities for the coming year. Andy Street, the Mayor of the West Midlands, said, “I am delighted that we have established the Young Combined Authority and would like to congratulate all the members on their appointment.

“We need the YCA to work alongside our main board to tackle the issues facing young people across the West Midlands. I am very much looking forward to working with the members to hear their ideas and contributions and to see how we can put them into action.” Cllr Brigid Jones, deputy leader of Birmingham City Council and WMCA portfolio holder for inclusive communities, said, “It’s fantastic that young people from across the area have come together to form the YCA, and I’m really excited about working with them. “With 21% of people living in our area aged under 25, the voices of young people must be heard because the way policy decisions affect them is different to how older groups are affected. “We want to hear from the YCA about

what matters to them, what would make the biggest difference to improve their lives and what we can do to make sure young people are getting the best start in their adult lives. I’m looking forward to meeting the YCA this week to find out what they want to focus on over the coming months.” The creation of the YCA follows the Leadership Commission’s Leaders Like You report, published in June 2018, which said it was ‘critical’ to see

2.5k & 5k with Festive Market Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club










Photo: Deborah Cadman, CEO of the WMCA (second right) welcomes the Young Combined Authority with (left) Paul Clarke from the WMCA and (front) Amerah Saleh from Beatfreeks

Santa’s needed for charity’s festive fun run

JINGLE BELL JOG Sunday 1st December 2019

the world through the eyes of young people. The WMCA is working in partnership with Young Giant, part of the Birmingham-based Beatfreeks Collective which works to empower young people, to help the YCA set out their programme of work for the year.The YCA will meet between four and six times a year, with informal meetings taking place in between.

Sign up today at: www.birminghamhospice.org.uk/christmas or call 0121 752 8779

Calling all budding Santa’s – a local charity is on the lookout for willing Father Christmases to take on its festive fun run this December. The Jingle Bell Jog – which is organised by Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice – will see hundreds of big-hearted Santa’s run 2.5k and 5k to help raise vital funds for the charity. Over 700 participants are expected to run, jog or walk the festive route, which takes place at Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club on Sunday 1st December. To help runners get into the festive spirit, the Hospice will be giving everyone who signs up a free Mr or Mrs Claus suit, and will reward them with a medal and tasty mince pie once they cross the finish line. There will also be a festive market for both runners and spectators, which will be selling gifts, crafts and one-of-a-kind stocking fillers, and a chance to say hello to the ‘real’ Santa in his grotto. Last year, the Jingle Bell Jog raised over £20k for the Hospice, enabling it to continue to care for local people who are living with lifelimiting illness. Laura Nash, events manager at Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice, said, “The Jingle Bell Jog is a fun and lively event that the whole family can get involved in – but we need big-hearted Santa’s to get involved and support us. “It will cost £24,658 to run our vital services this

Christmas Day, so we really do rely on people generously fundraising for us. All sponsorship money raised from this event will allow us to continue to provide free care to patients, their families, carers and loved ones, supporting them to live well with life-limiting illness.” The Jingle Bell Jog kicks-off the Hospice’s ‘Care at Christmas’ campaign, which is a festive appeal that aims to boost support for the charity leading up to and over the Christmas period. This year, ‘Care at Christmas’ will be extra special as it will help raise much-needed funds during the charity’s 40th anniversary year. Tickets for the Jingle Bell Jog are on sale now and cost £16 for adults, £12 for children and £2 for children under five-years-old. Family tickets cost £45. To find out more or to book your place, visit: www. careatchristmas.org/jingle-bell-jog

Life Style Exclusive by JIM SIMPSON www.bigbearmusic.com

Benny Green was a most respected raconteur, broadcaster, jazz musician and authority on the music. Officiating, along with fellow jazz legend, Humphrey Lyttelton, at the 1987 British Jazz Awards in the Grosvenor Suite of Birmingham’s Grand Hotel he made a speech that has resounded in the jazz world ever since.

19 OCTOBER 2019

Life as a musician

It started thus, “There is no more deserving a sub-section in the world of art than the jazz musician. He is passed by when the goodies of what is laughingly called our civilised world are passed out; he doesn’t get his picture in the paper and doesn’t become famous. Jazz musicians are celebrities only to each other.” What Benny said 32 years ago is equally true today, probably even more so. To the onlooker, the life of a musician might seem to be enviable: staying in bed until noon, swanning off to exotic places, tootling away in some chintzy niterie to an audience of swooning admirers and their handsome beaus, quaffing a never-ending supply of free drinks. This is a life that no musician I know would recognise as remotely familiar. Their experience is of a seemingly endless run of one nighters, the monotony of tedious hours driving on motorways while struggling to stay awake, a condition known to most musicians as White Line Fever. Musicians say that whatever their physical state or mood, Doctor Gig will have the cure. Then it’s back on the road - unless they’re fortunate enough to have been given a B&B, getting home in the early hours when wife and family are long asleep. It really does take a special kind of

courage to avoid despair and give up the musician’s life, which would leave the world just that little bit poorer. And then, something comes along that makes those sacrifices seem less important, as happened in this year’s Birmingham, Sandwell & Westside Jazz Festival. The festival always attracts a legion of foreign bands, this year they included The Potato Head Jazz Band, a swaggering, swashbuckling gang of Dixielanders from Granada, in Andalucia, Spain who were considered by many to be the band of the festival. Not only great musicians, onstage they were clearly having too much fun. The man who drives the band, is drummer Luis Landa. In his middle thirties, living in Sevilla, commuting to Granada for the band’s rehearsals, Luis doubles as an inspirational lecturer, the theme of his talks is, roughly translated, ‘if you want, you can’, which is spot on. Luis only has one leg; his left was amputated in his mid-teens when he was struck down with cancer. There’s more. As a complication after 15 operations and the side effects of the medication, he lost 75% of the hearing in both ears. During the Potato Head Jazz Band’s sojourn in Birmingham, Luis was indefatigable. When the band went walkabout through the audience, he was always in the thick of it, cheerfully,

O’Neils finale Slug and Lettuce

The Brasshouse

Potato Head give a bow

hopping around with the rest of the band. He is the first to suggest going out on the town; where a festival volunteer spotted him dancing in a nightclub. This band share a very special camaraderie, there is a particularly touching moment at the end

of their performance, when they line up front of stage, arms around the next man’s shoulder, and take a collective bow - Each of them standing on one leg. Jim Simpson

Create an entrance Oak Lodge Doors

Composite Door Specialists High Performance, Quality Entrance Doors Approved Supplier of the Solidor Collections Family run business with over 30 years experience Leading the way in secure composite doors

0121 550 1444 Showroom at: Oak Lodge Buildings, Furnace Hill, Halesowen, B63 3LZ www.oaklodgedoors.co.uk

Stylish. Secure Stylish. Secure. www.solidor.co.uk

20 Life Style Health


Protect your eyes with MATT ROSE Brittain Opticians

with JANET EASTWOOD Janet Eastwood Acupuncture

with JOHN HILL Fit Brummie Bootcamp

with PHILLIP MORRIS Confidents Denture Clinic

Matt Rose Brittain Opticians 0121 427 1007

Janet Eastwood BA (Hons) LicAc MBAcC janetacupuncture@hotmail.co.uk 07707 878 549

John Hill, S.A.C Dip Diet & Nutrition 07540 368060

Phillip Morris RDT CDT RCS (England) GDC146046 0121 426 3500

Acupuncture tips for Autumn

TLC for Eyes I hope you are all back in your routine, with schools back and summer drawing to a close. For those of you interested in sport I think it has been a fascinating time with the rise of team sports like the Solheim Cup and Women’s World Cup plus, the bonus of some ludicrous cricket. At this time of year there is an increase in some eye problems - as central heating goes on ‘Dry Eye’ can be a problem, there’s also an increase in eye strain. These two things can often go hand in hand. So, if your eyes feel dry, irritated and uncomfortable, have a warm or gritty sensation or, you have difficulty focusing on the screen on the computer or TV screen then, these are the most common signs of eye strain. ‘Dry Eye’ can also occur with: • Ageing • Menopause • Diabetes • Rheumatoid arthritis, • Lupus, Scleroderma • Sjogren’s syndrome • Thyroid disorders • Vitamin A deficiency In most cases, dry eyes can be managed successfully, usually resulting in noticeably greater eye comfort, fewer dry eye symptoms, and sometimes sharper vision. So, now your back into that post summer routine, it can be a good time to treat your eyes to a bit of TLC with your local optician. www.brittainopticians.co.uk

There is a chill in the air now and the nights are starting to draw in. This is the season for ’letting go’ and ‘clearing out’ physically and emotionally. If you are prone to breathing problems or Seasonal Affective Disorder follow some simple steps now: • Make a plan to de-clutter so you can go into the winter with less burden. • Hat and scarf at the ready to protect you from the external cold. • Eat warm foods to feel heat from the inside too. • Stay hydrated. • Have acupuncture to prepare and support your system.

In Acupuncture theory ‘Autumn’ is associated with the metal element; the Lung and Large Intestine organ systems. It’s all about ‘taking in and letting go’. If we do not take care now, the lungs can become dry and vulnerable to the increasing cold and wind. Acupuncture and ‘moxa’ can help support the immune system and build our natural defences. ‘Moxa’ is produced from a plant called ‘Artemisia Vulgaris’ commonly known as ‘Mugwort’. The wool from the leaves is dried and burnt, either in stick form, or small cones used to heat acupuncture points and needles. It is very useful for warming the meridians; promoting the smooth flow of blood and strengthening reserves. It has been used for hundreds of years in Asia to help prevent disease and maintain health. Research is ongoing by a local acupuncturist Merlin Young in Africa, to assess the use of moxa for patients with drug resistant TB. Please see www.moxafrica.org for more details. Now is the time to prepare for a healthy autumn. Book a course of acupuncture to support your wellbeing and help prevent those seasonal problems. www.acupuncturejanet.com

Bonfire Spiced What?

Why replace your dentures?

Do you remember around 25 years ago when coffee was black sludge sold in polystyrene cups? Well, nowadays coffee is a ‘thing’. If you walk down Harborne High Street alone, there are SIX OR MORE different coffee shops. The new shopping centre at Selly Oak has TWO Costa’s within a few hundred yards of each other. This is coffee in 2019!

Over time your denture teeth wear away, as you chew your food. Not only do your denture teeth wear but also your mouth is altering little by little, hard tissues or bone that make up the upper and lower jaws shrink. Areas of bone where the natural teeth have been extracted shrink back as it fills in the hole left behind. This results in the mouth altering shape, which is why some patients experience their dentures getting looser after time. In the case of complete dentures, patients have no natural teeth of their own, it can prove more difficult to function during eating as there are no natural teeth to stabilise a denture as there are in the case of partial dentures.

Now I do enjoy a nice cup of coffee and I do frequent numerous places on a weekly basis. I did notice something odd the other day though. There was a coffee in one of the shops that was a ‘Bonfire Spiced’ latte – Now while this didn’t sound too appealing, part of me was weirdly intrigued. Now I am a black coffee person myself, so I didn’t bother but this piece of seasonal food marketing acts as a warning. Over the next few months, you will be bombarded with advertising that is going to make you want to eat and drink more – everything from Halloween to Christmas. This starts now with these gimmick drinks in coffee shops. This advertising and temptation coupled with increased sedentary behaviour over the winter months could mean serious weight gain. No one needs to be perfect here, but we do need to be careful. Remember, it’s all good fun until... Your Jeans Don’t Fit Anymore! www.fitbrummiebootcamp.com

If a patient is a complete denture wearer they almost, always find the lower denture the most difficult to cope with, due to the fact it is rare to get any kind of suction on a lower denture due to the amount of muscles in the floor of the mouth and under the tongue which move the denture when swallowing and chewing. That said this should not be a reason not to replace dentures, although the stability of dentures cannot always be improved greatly, if left over longer periods this can lead to more serious problems like a protrusive lower jaw, creases developing in the corners of the mouth which can only be improved by having new dentures, but made slightly increased in height to compensate for the wear that has taken place. Patients should realise the more wear, the bigger the dentures, and the more difficult it is to get used to the new dentures. www.confidentsdentureclinic.co.uk

Flying but not High! It’s an undeniable fact that the flourishing CBD (Cannabidiol market) shows no signs of slowing down, the momentum which has gathered in the UK over the past few years is a clear sign that people are becoming far more aware of the fact that cannabis has the potential to do much more than get you high!


Â? Â?Â?Â?          Â?      




When the 33 year old owner of Green Machine was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis his doctors offered 2 options, take copious amounts of steroids with their multitude of side effects, or undertake a treatment known as DMARDs (Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs). The side effects of which are lengthy but not nearly as inconvenient and life changing as the treatment itself. Learning that he would not be able to have children throughout this treatment and that he would constantly be visiting the hospital for the administration of the treatment, Green Machines owner decided to seek an alternative route. Learning that CBD oil was an effective and potential way to tackle the rheumatism, he undertook a journey to source and develop the best CBD products using only the ingredients that registered a beneficial effect on him and his condition. Nearly 2 years later CBD is providing pain relief, movement and a massive reduction in inflammation, for this reason, Paul and his team decided to take their products to the public to offer the same experience, a passionate group who have worked tirelessly to become the biggest importer of CBD products into the UK. Alongside

producing and selling e-liquids and vaporizers, they found that there was a growing market for CBD flowers and CBD-based teas, topicals and tinctures (among other things). Products which they now sell not only online but also through their retail outlets, having already opened 4 stores in the last 6 months, in Birmingham and London, and with a new store prepped to launch at the time of writing. Paul explained, “The ethos of their company is to source products of the highest quality to ensure that everything is of the highest standard – if it doesn’t have an effect on me, we don’t sell it. I’ve got an incredible sensitivity to cannabinoids after years of using them, I can take a product and within 30 minutes tell you if it’s good or bad.� Paul’s top advice for people looking to begin using CBD products is simple, “CBD comes primarily from Hemp; Hemp is essentially a low THC version of cannabis. If your CBD product doesn’t smell, look like, taste like cannabis, it’s probably no good. Black or Brown liquids that taste like pond water are to be avoided at all costs, equally so are heavily flavoured ones or totally clear oils too.� If you’d like to find out more then head over to: www.greenmachinecbd.co.uk

T EVEN e h

of t H ONT



Mammy’s Boys Comedy Dinner Show Come and join us in “Foleys” Saturday 19 October 2019!

Jonathans in the Park Authentic Victorian Country House Restaurant Tearoom by Day and Restaurant by Night Breakfast • Lunch or Brunch • Afternoon Tea • Evening Meals Experience this classic establishment’s revival ambience and the taste of yesteryear nestled amidst the acres of natural beauty in and around Lightwoods Park.

Simply Great British Cuisine - Saturday Evenings from 7pm

Mammy’s Boys Comedy Dinner Show is a tribute to Mrs Brown’s Boys Mrs Brown will entertain you with the help of Rory, Buster, Dermot, Mark, Cathy, Winnie and many more! Expect the unexpected and you won’t be disappointed! Who could be back from the dead? An evening of chaos and mayhem with an EXTRA LARGE portion of comedy is the order of the night. Expect a BIG FUN NIGHT OUT in a friendly party atmosphere with some of the finest comedy actors in the land, professionally produced to the highest standards with your enjoyment at the top of the menu! Tickets includes a 3 course meal Only: £39.95 (plus £3.71 booking fee) This event is selling fast so book now to secure your place www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/mammys-boys-comedy-dinner-showtickets-70243547341 Christmas is coming early to Jonathans From Monday October 28 – Only £14.95 Brighten up the dark days with a festive meal Available every day until December 23rd

Jonathans in the Park

Lightwoods House, Adkins Lane, Bearwood, Smethwick B67 5DP Telephone: 0121 420 1888 www.jonathansinthepark.com

Victorian Country House Dining - Our home style traditional British recipes are very closely related to the original Jonathans Restaurants unique food style and the ambience of the Victorian era. We buy locally, always using high quality ingredients and produce. The inspiration for the menus comes from many directions and from chatting to our guests. Herbs and plants from our Victorian kitchen garden grown expertly by co owner John are used in many of our dishes, and we eagerly await the harvest of our William pears, Victoria plums and Cox’s apples which we will use in our Christmas menus (coming soon!).

World Class Live Music - Wednesday & Friday Evenings (7pm – 11pm) Irish music performed whilst enjoying authentic traditional Irish dining washed down with some of the finest Guinness, finished with the BEST IRISH COFFEE EVER! (selection of spirts & soft drinks available too). Wednesday: The world famous Two Pats (Irish Folk and Ballads) Friday: Madra Trad (Irish Traditional Music).

Rooms with an ambience of the past - for up to 100 people Wedding, Birthday, Conference, Business Meeting or a Gathering of any kind available

Tearoom Opening Times

Restaurant Opening Times

Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm Saturday 10am to 5pm Sunday 10am to 5pm

Wednesday Irish Dining 7pm Friday Irish Dining 7pm Saturday Victorian Country House Dining 7pm Sunday 3 Course Lunch from 12 noon – 4pm

Please book in advance to ensure you are not disappointed

Jonathans in the Park

Lightwoods House, Adkins Lane, Bearwood, Smethwick B67 5DP Telephone: 0121 420 1888 www.jonathansinthepark.com FREE PARKING

*Vegan, vegetarian and allergen awareness are important factors to us, we strive to maintain a very high degree of mindfulness when dealing with these areas of concern.

22 Life Style


Burnout at Work

The Heartbeat of your Home

The parents are moving in?

Understand a company’s culture

with Dr Meetu Singh SonsatI Consultant Psychiatrist The Oaktree Clinic

Talking Doors with Paul Wilding Oak Lodge Doors Ltd

Live well in your own home with Steve Michael Senior Home Solutions

Career & Life with Clara Wilcox The Balance Collective

You may be experiencing burnout if you have:

What do we all look for when choosing a new door? Security, Instant Kerb Appeal, Minimal Maintenance, Thermal Efficiency?

• Decrease in motivation at work • Reduction in energy levels, fatigue • Feelings of cynicism or reduced professionalism

Your front door is the heartbeat of your home – it gets the most use, protects you from the elements and keeps you safe. Whether you are planning whole house renovation or simple lick of paint, the impact of a new door can transform any property.

• Burnout can be managed and prevented using techniques like: • Establishing boundaries between your work, personal and social life: Setting specific • times for you to be engaged with work and stop it from spilling into your personal and social life is the cardinal rule to prevent burnout. • Taking regular short breaks and more importantly moving is vital! This improves your focus on the important tasks and prevents mental fatigue. • Practicing Mindfulness: Self-awareness and being present here and now is a key • component of understanding your emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

Create a stylish entrance and protect what you love An authentic woodgrain gives all the aesthetics of traditional timber, but without the timeconsuming maintenance, no more painting or varnishing and a wide range of colours will give instant kerb appeal. A composite door with a 48mm timber core not only makes them extremely secure but thermally efficient too. High security 3-star Ultion barrels will provide a £1000 guarantee, should an intruder burgle your home from lock snapping. See (video link): https://www.ultion-lock.co.uk/customerpage/?company=Oak-Lodge-Doors

• Try some breathing exercises such as breathing in for 4 seconds, holding for 7 seconds and then releasing for 8. This will help you especially when you feel overwhelmed. However, sometimes no matter what you do the work-related stress or a mental disorder like depression and anxiety disorders that you have no control over may occur. In this case seeking professional help maybe the best step forward

Whether your style is Traditional, Cottage Charm or Contemporary there are many options and ranges to spark your imagination. With my partner Sarah we are looking forward to keeping you up to date and offer any advice in choosing a new composite door or even improving security on an existing door with peace of mind at the forefront.

0121 455 8042 Submit your images through our website or give us a call for us to come and visit you for a free valuation.


VALUATIONS Realised Prices £1,600




An extensive QV collection mainly used with values to l


t: 0121 4275216 www.seniorhomesolutions.co.uk

Tel: 0121 550 1444 www.oaklodgedoors.co.uk

t: 0121 314 0330 www.oaktreeclinicmidlands.co.uk

A part suite of jewellery to include necklet and earrings

Multi-generational living is on the rise! We have grown up in an age when you reached 18 years old, parents told you to go out and fend for yourself! Or you left home for University and moved to another City. The prospect of work and careers took you off and away. People settled in new cities and started families . We became independent and We found our own way. We flew the nest and settled, we yearned for freedom and parents where happy to let us go. Is this  one reason why we struggle to even consider multi –generational living ? Both parties enjoyed their freedom to much? In other cultures, families live together with three generation in one house and the elderly family members are looked after, but this isn’t always without problem. With people living longer, increasing costs of living, care, care homes and property, is it time for us to look at how other people and cultures make families work. We could take a leaf out of their books and embrace mum and dad moving in and save a few quid? Multi-Generational Living is on the rise in 2001 approximately 325,000 households had at three generational families living together in 2019 it’s more like 450,000. The saying is - pride comes before a fall. With an ageing parent there is more chance of the fall... food for thought! I would like to hear your thoughts on this subject: info@seniorhomesolutions.co.uk.

A white 2017 Suzuki Baleno

A full size Richard Duke violin in walnut case

When you are job searching you will prep for the interview to make sure that you can answer every weird and wonderful question. But, how much time do you spend considering if they are the right organisation for you; after all, an interview is a two-way street. During my recruitment days, there were four questions that I would routinely use to help me suss out what the organisation was like to work for. This would then help me inform the people I was representing, about the culture of the company. These four questions are my gift to you today; use them wisely and they will help you understand a company’s culture. 1. Why are you recruiting this role? 2. How is the work-life balance of staff supported in the team and the company? 3. What do YOU enjoy most about your role? 4. How is success measured in this role? And how does the role fit into the overall mission of the company? By asking these, you will get a feel for realities of the working culture. A job is never performed in isolation; you always have colleagues and clients to interact with, even if that is virtually! So, make sure you pay attention to WHO you will be working with and for. That is the key to understanding the culture of a company. e: hello@thebalancecollective.co.uk www.thebalancecollective.co.uk

Selling your property at auction! Jeremy Thornton We are proud to be Birmingham’s auctioneers; it was the Biddle & Webb name that introduced me to the vendor of our most recent property lot. The auction sale of a property on Talbot Road came to Biddle & Webb as the client initially needed help with the contents of the house. With 60 years helping executors and solicitors across the city with estates we are known as the auctioneers that will advise, value and clear any house contents never cherry picking, just supplying solutions to the client’s needs. Our valuer visited the house to advise the owner about the contents and suggested they might want to chat to me. So, a couple of days later I was at Talbot Road, from that meeting the instruction followed. So how does an auction sale differ from the better known estate agent sale? The primary difference is the shorter time scale from instruction to completion. An auction is often just 2 months, this compares favourably to the typical 4 to 6 months associated with an estate agent sale. When a property sells at auction the fall of the gavel is the contract exchange, this is confirmed by the signing of documents and a 10% non-refundable deposit at the auction, ensuring the buyer completes within 20 working days. This is the key benefit for our vendor clients – guaranteed money, in good time. No long drawn out completion as sale chains are established, surveyors questioning the property condition, or the “buyer” just walks away from the sale.

There are of course similarities - We sign business terms with the client, erect a for sale sign, photograph, video, and promote the property on Zoopla and Rightmove to potential buyers. We are a digital auctioneer, more sophisticated and sales focused. We conduct timeslots for open viewing days, weekends and evenings by talking to potential buyers to understand their circumstances. This gives useful information to the seller and gives the buyers confidence in the auction process and has attracted new bidders to the property auction world. When Biddle & Webb auction a property, we take the stress out of the process with a simple cost structure, a single point of contact, regular feedback about level of enquiries and the certainty that everything we do is to maximise the value of the property. The buyers get a level playing field, where everyone is treated like they might be the buyer, experience has taught me that only when the gavel falls do we finally discover who has the deepest pockets or wants the property the most - One property lot this year saw over 115 viewers. That is how best price is achieved.

t: 0121 455 8042 e: info@biddleandwebb.com www.biddleandwebb.com

tasked with the job of arranging an amazing life, remembered with clarity and (mostly) accuracy, into an orderly and factually correct format. I’m still getting over it, but we think the 300-plus pages of Don’t Worry ‘bout the Bear make sense. I would claim with confidence that the book is an almost unique blend of the regional and the international. It covers doing deals at Cannes, hoping crooks won’t close down the Marbella Jazz Festival, recording albums in Chicago and Kansas City, nearly losing King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys’ pianist in Nikel, Russia – but at the heart of it all is Edgbaston. Where was the blues/rock band Earth meeting when Geezer Butler came in to announce the new name, Black Sabbath? On a typical suburban street north of the Hagley Road, of course! And, if you want to see hitherto unseen images of Black Sabbath in their relatively innocent early days posed beside the porches and grassy banks of Edgbaston, this is the place to look...

So what’s in there? Jim began with jazz, but first flirted with national fame as manager of Black Sabbath – Brummies will not be surprised that he lost the band to a border-raid by London sharp-suits – then moved on to managing/promoting/ recording many talented Midlands groups some of which nearly made the big time (Muscles, the Quads), some of which definitely didn’t. Then in the 1970s it was a remarkable series of tours by some 40 American bluesmen before jazz again became the main focus, with the Birmingham Jazz Festival, Ronnie Scott’s in Broad Street, festivals as far afield as Marbella on the Costa del Sol – and much else! Too much else, so far as I was concerned,







S I have two reasons to be particularly interested in this book: firstly, I’m his brother (and appear occasionally in the book, once photographed in close proximity to jazz legend Louis Armstrong) and secondly, I helped him write it. What do you do when you spend Christmas with your older brother (the year was 2017) and he looks forward to the coming year as the occasion of his 80th birthday and the 50th anniversary of his recording and management company, Big Bear Music? Well, you listen to all those people who are telling him, ‘You should write a book’, and, with a courage bordering on the foolhardy, you say, ‘I’ll help you with that.’ 16 months and over 100,000 words later, we delivered the manuscript to Brewin’s. We thought it was pretty good – there was certainly a lot of it – and waited with trepidation to see the reaction. It was with as much relief as joy that we found one reviewer claiming it was the best music book he had read in years and two insisting it should be top of any jazz lover’s Christmas list.


Regular HEM Life readers will know Jim Simpson as a columnist reflecting on aspects of life in the area, with a decided bias towards things musical. From his writings most of you will have deduced certain facts about his life in music, most of all his 35-year stint as Director of the Birmingham, Sandwell and Westside Jazz Festival. What you may not know is that three months ago Brewin Books published his memoirs of near-enough-60 years in the music business, Don’t Worry ‘bout the Bear.



Th e Au d l ey C l u b at St G e o rg e ’s P l ace Fully equipped gym - Pool Spa therapies - Personal training available Weekly fitness and strength training classes included Restaurant and Bistro with 10% discount for members Visit our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/audleystgeorgesclub/ Memberships from £45 For m ore i n form ati on cal l

01 21 23 8 0244 or e m ai l stg e orgesclub@audleyvillages.co.uk www.audleyvillages.co.uk

For more information about DON’T WORRY ‘BOUT THE BEAR go to:


Ron Simpson

72399MT_AudStG_128x319_ClubAd_v1.indd 1

29/08/2019 07:55

Shop Window

24 OCTOBER 2019


PAINTER & DECORATOR • Over 30 Years Experience • Cleanliness Assured • Written Quotes on Request • O.A.P s • Interior and Exterior

Call Allan Silvers

07730 477564

Part Time Chef Required • Love of great food essential • E xcellent conditions • Rate of pay negotiable • E xperienced, hardworking and enthusiastic • Mature person preferred Please email a covering letter including previous employers and positions held to: paul.havelin@sky.com

Jonathans in the Park Restaurant & Tearoom Lightwoods House, Smethwick, B67 5DP

Anyone for Archery? Prearrange Your Funeral Reassure your loved ones that your funeral is the one you wanted - not the one they hoped you wanted. We offer two ways of prearranging your funeral: • Prearranged funerals without prepayment • Prearranged funerals with prepayment For more details simply ask for our brochure.

0121 476 9111 www.mortonsfunerals.co.uk Offices in Northfield, Cotteridge and Rubery Professionally Qualified Independent Funeral Directors

Sunday mornings 9.30am - 12.30pm Everyone welcome including children age 12yrs and over.

For more information contact: 0121 426 4783 or 07753 208 916


07966 291730 or


Thank you Harborne

Once again Harborne’s home grown Arts Festival Artsmile, brought the creative fun to the High Street again this September.

So much enthusiasm from all ages to visit as many venues as they could on such a sunny afternoon. So many returning to the event again to enjoy Artsmile’s seventh year opened and supported by councillor Jayne  Francis. A most rousing beginning to Artsmile from Midland Opera with songs from “La Traviata”- an amazing performance. Artscoop Central of course wants to thank all the businesses who have once again supported this event, Harborne Business Improvement District for their funding support this year and continued support from HEM Life newspaper. A huge thanks to those venue artists who bought their skills, fun and never stopped - well done. On a personal note, I’ve received so much good humoured support from everyone. Harborne has a great community spirit, thank you. We look forward to Artsmile 2020 Shirley Speight, Artsmile project manager, Artscoop Central

Photos by Ayesha Jones

Life Style 25


Making the most of it

In these troubled and, to say the least, uncertain political times, it is little wonder that many restaurants are reporting a reduced footfall compared to previous months and years. Consumers are rightly cautious around how and where to spend their hard earned money.

Recommendations reap award


An Edgbaston based care company has received so many glowing recommendations from clients and their families that it has been honoured with a top regional award. Home Instead Senior Care specialises in providing at-home care to older people, and has been named as one of the 20 most recommended providers in the Home Care Awards 2019.

with CLIVE WITCOMB Berkmann Wine Cellars clive.witcomb@berkmann.co.uk

The interesting thing is that there appears to be an emerging trend whereby people aren’t eating out as often, but when they do go out, they are prepared to push the boat out a little more and get the most from their dining experience. This has reflected in wine purchases, where there seems to be a slight shift upwards, with the majority of choices being away from the least expensive wines on the list (entry level) in favour of the next tier up. In response to this, it is now more common to see a restaurant’s more expensive wines being offered by the glass as well as by the bottle. Pricing, however, is inevitably structured to make it more profitable for the restaurant to sell by the glass, which in fairness to them is largely to make allowance for waste should a bottle not be fully used. For example, a bottle of wine priced at £17.95 on a wine list may typically be offered at £6.50 for a large (250ml) glass. Bear in mind that a 250ml glass is the equivalent of one third of a standard (750ml) bottle, so buying three glasses would cost £19.50 instead of £17.95. So if two people are dining and decide to have a large glass of wine each, and further into the meal ask for the same again, they have bought the equivalent of one and a third bottles and paid £26. So the advice would be to think about how much you are likely to want to

drink during the course of the meal before you order, and not be rushed into making your choice. But what about wine at home? Again, there seems to be an upward trend in what people are choosing from the supermarket shelves, with an increased focus on quality. In the UK, the cost of a bottle of still wine includes £2.32 worth of duty (£2.86 for sparkling wine). When you factor in other costs (the bottle itself, shipping etc.) the value of the actual wine in a bottle costing, for example, £6 is very limited. If you spend £8 on a bottle, however, the hidden costs remain the same, and the quality of the wine can be several levels higher for just a little extra spent. There is, of course, the question of Brexit and what might happen to the levels of duty if and when we know the outcome of the sorry situation we find ourselves in. Quite simply, if duty goes up less of the cost will be about the actual wine, and we will either have to pay more for the same quality of wine from Europe, or pay the same and accept lower quality. There is, however, a third option. Look beyond Europe, and embrace some of the outstanding wines from the likes of South Africa, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand. There is exceptional quality to be found in the New World, and usually at lower price points than the European equivalents.

Terry Cheung, owner of Home Instead Senior Care, said, “It is fantastic knowing that our clients and their families are giving us a vote of confidence and are saying such great things about what we do. Our caregivers provide outstanding care to our clients every single day to help them to continue living in their own homes and this award is a tribute to their dedication and hard work. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to recommend us.” Exceptional reviews covered multiple areas, including staff, care/support, management, ‘treated with dignity’, value for money and overall standard. Across the board, reviewers displayed high levels of confidence in the company and it achieved an enviable overall rating of 9.9 out of 10.

Society and the local community with

PETER ARNOLD Chairman Calthorpe Residents Society

Three Community Notice Boards have recently been erected in Edgbaston on the Westfield Chad Hill development, at the entrance to Chad Vale Primary School and at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. In liaison with Calthorpe Estates, CRS has used part of the Edgbaston Local Innovation Fund awarded to them by Birmingham City Council, to improve communication between residents and organisations. Nikki Gibberson, Calthorpe Estates, organised the project and CE contributed to the fund as part of their 300 years celebrations in 2017. The notice boards are an ideal place for Westfield Chad Hill residents and the wider local community to share information and organise events. The Chad Vale School and Community board has been erected at the entrance to the school. They have also received support for a gardening project from the fund. Paul Sansom, Headmaster is keen for it to be used as a community walking base in conjunction with Friends of Harborne Walkway. Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens is actively seeking closer involvement with the local community and the CRS Local Innovation Fund is supporting the development of a Centre of Excellence in Urban Gardening at the Gardens. Their board, facilitating communication with visitors, will be erected in the car park.

Ken Brown, Birmingham City Council, congratulated all involved in the project. www.calthorperesidents.org

Get your garden ready for autumn and winter

The beauty of gardening is that you see stunning colour all year round. The bright and breezy summer colours are now turning to deep red, golds and burnished bronzes, signalling the arrival of autumn – a season we at the Gardens love.

Friday 18th October Doors Open 7pm Dust off your best 70s bellbottoms and knee-high platform boots for an unforgettable evening with Abba tribute band, Swede Dreamz! Dancing Queens will be encouraged to sing along as the look-alike band perform a long list of classic hits, such as Mamma Mia, Waterloo and Super Trouper. No need to Take a Chance on the weather – Swede Dreamz will be performing indoors.




For more information please contact reception birminghambotanicalgardens.org.uk Find us on:

Your support keeps the Gardens growing AN EDUCATIONAL CHARITY

The Gardens are a joy, whatever the season, of course, but there’s something particularly magical about the grounds in autumn. Like you, we’ll be admiring the golden leaves on the trees and then bracing ourselves when they all fall on the lawn, knowing that there’s a big job ahead: raking them all up! It might be a big task, but it’s a great work out – no need to go to the gym! If you can, bag up the leaves because they will eventually turn into leaf mould, which will be a nutritious conditioner for the soil. We’ll be checking the lawns to see if they need any TLC. In your own garden, we recommend using a fine tine rake to lift moss, grass clippings and other debris. If the lawn is compacted, get a garden fork and push it deeply into the grass and give it a good wiggle – do this every 10-15cm or so – and then brush in some ready-mixed sand. Finish

off by giving the grass an autumn fertiliser. Your lawn will thank you. It’s also a good idea to give the greenhouse a thorough clean, to prevent pests from hibernating and rearing their ugly heads next spring. Hose down the glass, too, to allow for maximum light to be let in throughout autumn and winter.

There are plenty of other tasks to do in October: • Collect seeds to ensure a crop of flowers next year – pick the ripe ones from your plants, make sure they are dry and store them in an envelope that is clearly marked up and dated. • Prune rambling and climbing roses. • Take hardwood cuttings from deciduous shrubs. • Lift and divide perennials to get a bigger display next year. • There’s still time to sow bulbs such as daffodils, tulips and alliums, and you can also sow seeds, including sweet peas, hollyhocks and aquilegia, in the greenhouse. • Prepare hanging baskets and pots for a beautiful colourful display over winter – ivy, primula, winter pansies, cyclamen and heathers all look stunning! The Birmingham Botanical Gardens www.birminghambotanicalgardens.org.uk t: 0121 454 1860

26 Life Sport & Motors


Tumbling to British Championship Success Hockey

Round Up

Proud coaches Josh Hunter and Rob Owen with 4 of the team

Revolution Gymnastic Club qualified 9 elite level tumbling gymnasts to the British Championships this year. The event took place at Arena Birmingham on 28th, 29th September 2019. The Championships sees the country’s best of the best battle it out to receive a national ranking for their age group, which can lead to national squad selection and for some; World Championships selection! Day 1 is a preliminary round; each tumbler performs 2 tumbling runs in hope of advancing to the finals by placing in the top 8. Revolution qualified all tumblers to the finals on Day 2. This is a first for the club! On day 2, the final 8 battle it out to gain the highest ranked position possible. All 9 of the Revolution tumblers finished in the top 5 for their relevant age groups, with 6 winning medals, and 2 newly crowned British Championships! Huge congratulations to coaches; Rob Owen and Josh Hunter. British Champions Bailey Forbes (11yrs) retained his British Champion title, winning the gold medal in the 11/12yrs boys category leading the field by 3.6pts! Bailey gained a new personal best for his execution

Photo credits - Iain Scott/Alamy

By Paul Raymer

The Fabulous Nine!

score (neatness). Bailey is the first Revolution tumbler to win 2 British titles, let alone consecutively. Bailey will represent Great Britain in the World Age Group Championships later this year in Tokyo, Japan. Amy Campbell (16yrs) competed brilliantly, receiving 2 new personal best scores and taking the 17-21yrs Girls British title! Amy started Revolution’s tumbling debut back in 2012 when she was just 10yrs, she very much deserves to be crowned British Champion! Silver Medallists Otis Mason (10yrs) took the silver medal in the 9/10yrs boys category, completely nailing his final tumbling run to a stuck landing … known in the tumbling community as a “stoi”. Otis gained a new personal best difficulty score for this run. Jaeda-Lei Jeffers (12yrs) took the silver medal in the 11/12yrs girls category, an amazing result off the back of a fantastic English Championships earlier this month where she took the title. Jaeda will represent Great Britain in the World Age Group Championships later this year in Tokyo, Japan. Ashleigh Owen (16yrs) won the silver medal in the 15/16yrs girls

category, Ashleigh was the club’s first ever tumbler to win a British Championships medal back in 2013 when she was 10yrs! Ashleigh will represent Great Britain in the World Age Group Championships later this year in Tokyo, Japan. Bronze Medallist Macy Ross (10yrs) competed very well and won her first ever British medal in the 9/10yrs girls category. A first medal win for starter coach Josh Hunter too! Macy smashed 3 new personal best scores at the championships too! Finalists 4th Place – Ruby Reid (12yrs) had a great competition, showcasing a new tumbling run and gaining a new personal best score! 5th Place – Alicia Field (11yrs) qualified into the finals in 3rd place but unfortunately had a fall in her final tumbling run. Alicia will represent Great Britain in the World Age Group Championships later this year in Tokyo, Japan. 5th Place – Jude Morais-Trigg (9yrs) who competed in his first ever British Championships. He gained 2 new personal best scores too!

Midland men’s hockey league champions Harborne who won promotion to the national league last season, made their debut at the end of September with a home match against Richmond. They are joined in the restructured 60-strong national league by four other promoted Midland clubs. Khalsa joins with Harborne in Conference West and Barford Tigers and Lichfield enter Conference North. Harborne and Khalsa have second teams in Midlands 1 and Lichfield in Midlands 3 of the Warwick Printing League. Bournville, who finished fifth in Midlands Premier behind the four promoted, open their campaign this month with a home game against Stourport along with University of Birmingham 2nds promoted from Midlands 1 after finishing runnersup. Edgbaston, who finished bottom in Midlands 1 with three wins, remain in the division. University of Birmingham’s women’s team which had a disappointing season in the Investec Women’s League Premier division, began in September with a 2-2 draw at home against Bowdon. They twice led with goals from Delyth Thomas and Millie Giglo. Their next two matches in September were away to division newcomers Hampstead & Westminster and Buckingham. The students’ second team is also performing at national level. They are in Conference West and began the new season at the end of September away to Bristol University. They are next at home to Oxford University. University of Birmingham’s men’s national Division 1 (North) squad got underway with a home game against City of Peterborough. This month they have two away fixtures, against Durham University and Olton & West Warwick.

150 players and still growing September has been a busy month as different age group teams have started the new season. We are fielding teams from under 9s through to under 18s and have over 150 players registered with the club. Under 9s teams have both started well - the U9s team had a very exciting cup match which went to penalties (which they won!) and the Under 9 Colts team also had a great match against Northfield Town. Under 10s team has also played two games including one against Coldlands ColtUnder 11s team have had tough matches so far this season, but they have done the club proud with their efforts. Under 12s and Under 12s Colts teams have already played four fixtures between them, including a great 4-2 win for the U12 Colts and an exciting 2-2 draw for the Under12s. Under 13s have had a couple of tough games so far, as have their under 14s, under 16s and under 18s.

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It’s early days but HYFC is all about being a football club that puts an emphasis on enjoying playing football and having fun in a safe environment. Off the field, it’s equally as busy, the club are due to launch an Under 7s and Under 8s team in coming weeks and are also looking for under 16s players for their Colts team. In addition to this, HYFC are ready to renew their FA charter status, showing that they are running their grassroots football club in the correct way. Visit us for more information at: www.pitchero.com/clubs/harborneyouthfc/ or contact Club Chairman Phil Court on 07907 781581

Harborne Hornets’ Awards Night

Trophies, prosecco and wooden spoons weren’t the only thing worth waiting for at the annual Hornets’ awards night this week. On Friday 6th Sept, Harborne Hornets Netball Club swapped their renowned black and gold netball dresses for their best frocks for an evening of awards and celebrations. The netballers all came together to celebrate some of the fantastic achievements that have taken place over the last 12 months. Social Secretaries, Melissa and Emily, were excited to dress up the room with black and gold balloons and welcome the club in with a celebratory glass of prosecco. The girls had been asked to nominate their fellow team members throughout the Summer for several awards which included prizes for ‘Players’ player, Most Improved and Outstanding Performance’. Wooden spoons were also awarded for ‘Most committed’ and the ‘clumsiest players’, just for a laugh. The committee then surprised the club with a new award for ‘Team of the Year’. The award went to Harborne Hornet’s 3s who had improved greatly over the course of the year and went on to win Birmingham Summer League Division 6, well done to the 3s!

Impressed by the turn out this year, Melissa said, “It was an honour to present the awards. The audience were fantastic, they really enjoyed hearing all the comments from their fellow team members and I enjoyed watching everyone collect their well-deserved awards. I even managed to collect one myself which was a fantastic surprise! It is a pleasure to be part of such a supporting club who encourage you to be the best you can be within your sport, as well as encouraging enjoyment and wellbeing.” The evening was a fantastic success, thanks to the social team for all their hard work in organising the event and to the committee for allowing it to happen. We are now starting our new Winter seasons and we will be back this time next year with new winners!



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Mercedes with a ‘Sense of Humour!’ The premise that Germans have no sense of humour has been turned on its head by engineers at Mercedes-Benz with an amusing touch of self-deprecation on its A-Class model Checking out the voice control system on one of the new cars I said, “Hey Mercedes tell me a joke” and received the rebuff, “Sorry my engineers were German.” It made me smile, but also showed very clearly just how sophisticated the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) on the latest A-Class is. The idea is that you can tell the car what function you want to operate rather than having to take your eyes off the road to do it manually. A question, preceded by “Hey Mercedes...” about the temperature in New York gave me an instant reply but, I could just as easily have asked the MBUX to open the panoramic sunshine roof, navigate to a destination or simply change the radio station. - Clever people these Germans, and quite witty too. Packed with impressive new hi-tech advances the new, fourth generation A-Class retains its familiar styling but is now wider and longer. That means passengers have more headroom and more shoulder room while the boot area can now cope with an extra 29 litres of luggage. There’s a generous 370 litres available with all the seats in use and a hefty 1,2101 litres with the rear seat backs folded down. The model driven here, the A180d AMG Line at £28,280, is powered by a 1.5-litre, diesel engine jointly developed with Renault to give responsive performance while still averaging a whisker under 70 miles per gallon, and it doesn’t get much better than that. The best thing about this model is

the refined way in which it delivers the power, ensuring that the well soundproofed cabin is stress free. The 116 bhp engine is mated to a seamless seven-speed automatic gearbox which can also be used manually via paddles behind the steering wheel. It boasts a top speed of 125 miles per hour and will hit 62mph in a very respectable 10.5 seconds. And you have a choice of three driving modes, eco, comfort and sport - or you can even key in your own individual settings. The A180d is available with a choice of three trim levels, SE, Sport and AMG Line, with the latter being the most eye catching thanks to its AMG body kit which includes a deep front apron, side skirts and 18-inch AMG alloy wheels, not to mention LED high performance headlights. Get behind the wheel and the car has a nice solid feel to it while at the same time it’s light and easy to handle with superb road holding. Reversing is child’s play thanks to a rear-view camera with a boot-mounted lens which is always crystal clear because its protected by a retractable cover which only opens as you select reverse, so it doesn’t get blurred by rain or dirt. And if you sometimes get muddled by the instructions from a satellite navigation system you can fork out an extra £495 for an idiot proof one on this car. As you approached a junction or roundabout the forward-facing camera shows it on the navigation screen with a large blue arrow superimposed over the turning

you need to take so you can’t get it wrong. This car not only has a sense of humour, but its super onboard features means it also has the last laugh on most of its competitors.



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9-13 OCTOBER • NEC Limited 20 minute appointment slots available with Bobby Singh. Esq Visit loveyourpostcode.com for your complementary pair of weekday tickets.

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