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The 5 I’s of Organizational Advancement: I N T EGRI T Y – ear ning the public tr ust  Financial transparency  Ethical conduct  Execution

I N VEN T I ON – developing w hat’s next  New programs/procedures to meet organizational and/or community needs

I N N OVAT I ON – all-ar ound, ongoing impr ovement  How do we make existing programs better?  How can we become more efficient?  How can we do things more cost effectively? I N SPI RAT I ON  Be compelling in all that we do, always

I N T EGRAT I ON – cr eating r elevance and accessibility  More than “Midtown’s Museum”  Creating relevance and accessibility for every segment of our audience

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132,428 121,107

135,900 116,575

113,931 98,862

Analysis/ Inputs

Potential Outcomes

Historic Structure Report Space Assessment Garden Master Plan Adkins Center Development

Strategic Planning


Capital Campaign

Environmental Scan Execution Phase Benchmarking

All Staff ppt- test  

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All Staff ppt- test  

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