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Philbrook Museum of Art A Members Magazine April – June 2010

To Live Forever

Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum June 6 – September 12, 2010

from the director

This is a particularly exciting time at

And then, there’s To Live Forever. We are thrilled to present this

Philbrook. With a great winter season

outstanding exhibition of Egyptian art from perhaps the finest

behind us, the Museum is poised to

collection of such work in North America. The exhibition includes

spring forward with an outstanding

120 works from the Brooklyn Museum’s renowned collection and

array of programs and events.

illustrates Egyptian strategies for defeating death and surviving eternity. With an astonishing selection of jewelry, sarcophagi, and

To begin, the 10th Wine Experience

statuary, the exhibition vividly describes the ancient Egyptian rites

takes place the first weekend of May

of mummification, funeral procession and ritual, the contents of the

and it will be spectacular. This, of

tomb, the final judgment, and the idealized afterlife. Bring your family,

course, is Philbrook’s most important

your friends, and your colleagues because this is quite simply a show

fundraising event. The event’s chairs

not to be missed.

John and Julie Nickel, along with a group of incredible volunteers

Finally, I encourage you to peruse the center section on education.

and museum staff, have gone to

You will find programs for every age listed. From hands-on art-making

extraordinary measures to ensure a wonderful evening. The proceeds

to great lectures, films, and camps, Philbrook is ready for Spring.

enable excellence in almost every facet of the organization – from education to capital improvements. In light of the economy’s ongoing

I look forward to seeing you at the Museum soon and often.

instability this event is more important than ever. Please join us. You will also want to mark your calendars for the annual Garden Brunch on May 17. Inspired by the Museum’s success with last season’s Grow

Randall Suffolk

to Give program that contributed nearly 2000 lbs. of fresh produce to the regional food bank, this year’s program will focus on sustainability, growing your own and buying locally. A further highlight will be a presentation by award-winning author Deborah Madison.

COVER: "Ancestral Bust" of a Woman, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18 to early Dynasty 19, ca. 1336-1279 B.C. Limestone, painted. Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund

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Upcoming Programs


To Live Forever



April  through  June

Wine Experience

11 Gardens

14 Membership

It has been said many times that youth is wasted on the young.

Generation Next Meet Our Young Docents

And while that may be the case in many circumstances, it certainly does not describe the passionate young people in our docent program. These four individuals have come together for their love of art and a desire to share that love with others. Here they are in their own words.

Jaimie Gua

Amy Sawyer

Sarfraz Shaikh

Tiffany Cummings

Favorite Work: George Morrison, Ex-Patriot, 1964

Favorite Work: John Marin, The Sea, I, 1932

Favorite Work: Benedetto Gennari II, Noli me Tangere, 1687

Favorite Work: Morris Louis, Silver Discs, 1953

"I have always been fascinated by people who could weave together visual art and storytelling in a way that allows me to see something in a new or different light. That is at the heart of what I’m doing at Philbrook.  Here, I can share my passion about art, and at the same time, allow someone else to think about a piece of art in a whole new way."

"Desire for the buzzword 'community' and pure volunteerism have gained a new appeal for my generation. This can be seen every day in the young volunteers currently enrolled in the docent program at Philbrook. I’ve met people who share similar interests, and subsequently have become part of my community. Aside from the joy and knowledge, I’ve also developed more self-confidence during my docent training. I am so glad I did it."

"The first date I had with my wife was at Philbrook. As we walked the hallways, I was awestruck not only by the art, but also by the stories behind the pieces and the villa, as recounted by the touring docent. Being born and raised in India, I wasn’t exposed much to Western and European art and art history. I saw this as my chance to learn, facilitate and share that rapt moment with others."

"The experience I have received as a docent at Philbrook has been nothing short of life altering. Surrounded by senior docents and tenured educators, I have gained a wealth of knowledge that I will carry on in my further journeys within the art community."

You are Invited

Docent Recruitment Coffee

Monday, June 28 10 am – Noon

Like the four docents above, do you love to learn and share what you have learned with others? If so, then you just might be the perfect future docent. Becoming a volunteer museum docent is a fun and rewarding way to get involved in the community. Don’t be intimidated – an art history or education background is not required. Attend the Docent Recruitment Coffee to find out more or contact Roselle Tyner at 918.748.5309.

April  through  June

April  through  June



Egyptian Treasures from the

Brooklyn Museum June 6 – September 12, 2010 Helmerich Gallery

For ancient Egyptians, the end of life on earth was merely a portal to a new beginning. Death was an enemy that could be overcome through ingenuity and careful preparation. To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum explores the age-old questions of immortality and life after death through the customs and funerary beliefs observed over nearly four thousand years. The exhibition answers questions about the afterlife, mummies, funerals, and tombs, as it illustrates the variety of strategies used to evade death and, ultimately, live forever. All ancient Egyptians desired to live after death but not everyone had access to the elaborate funeral equipment made for a king. Middle-class artisans and some poorer people made use of cheaper materials and secondhand items in providing for their tombs. In place of vast wealth, they substituted their own creativity to reach the afterlife. The Egyptians believed that the body must be preserved in order to ensure eternal life. The Greek historian Herodotus, who visited Egypt in the fifth century b.c., described three different mummification processes available depending on the deceased’s budget. The stories about the Egyptian gods Re and Osiris, plus a series of magic spells that protected the deceased from danger, provided the knowledge an ancient Egyptian would need to enter, and thrive in, the afterlife.

Amulet Representing the Soul as a Human - Head Falcon. Late Period, 664–332 B.C., Gold. Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund


April  through  June

SAVE THE DATE Members Preview Party To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum Saturday, June 5, 2010 6 – 8 pm

The Voyage of the Sun God Re Egyptians believed that the sun god Re traveled in a boat across the sky from east to west in the world of the living. Reaching the west, he entered the afterlife and then traveled across the sky of the underworld going eastward. Each hour that the god traveled in the underworld he was attacked by Apophis, a

Osiris and Rebirth Ancient Egyptian understanding of the afterlife is reflected in the story of the god Osiris. Osiris and his wife Isis were Egypt’s beloved first rulers. Osiris’s jealous brother, Seth, invited the king to a party only to trap him in a special human-form box—like a coffin— exactly in Osiris’s dimensions. Seth and his co-conspirators threw

dragon-like demon. Only during the fifth hour of his journey was Re safe in the realm of Osiris. At the end of the twelfth hour of his underworld journey, Re was reborn into the eastern horizon of our world. Many of the decorations in royal tombs and on papyrus reveal that Egyptians also desired to travel with Re in his boat after death.

the box into the Nile, and Osiris drowned. Seth claimed the throne.

To Live Forever is drawn from the extensive holdings of the

Isis retrieved Osiris’s body and magically revived him long enough

Brooklyn Museum, one of the richest collections of Egyptian

so that they could conceive a child. She also built temples for him

art in the world. More than 120 rare objects—including

where he could receive food offerings after death, establishing the

mummies, coffins, sarcophagi, statuary, jewelry, and funerary

precursor of the tomb.

shrouds—trace the Egyptians’ efforts to outfit their tombs to

Osiris became king of the afterlife while Isis raised their son Horus. Horus later defeated his uncle Seth and became king of Egypt. But

please the gods, subdue death, and allow them to “live forever”. To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum has been organized by the Brooklyn Museum.

all Egyptians wanted to imitate his father, Osiris, at their death by being reborn into the afterlife. The objects in an Egyptian tomb were intended to help the deceased achieve this goal.

Sunk Relief of Queen Neferu, Middle Kingdom, reign of Mentuhotep II, Dynasty 11, ca. 2008 B.C. - 1957 B.C. Limestone, painted. Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund

April  through  June

Anthropoid Coffin of the Servant of the Great Place, Teti. New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, ca. 1339 B.C. - 1307 B.C. Wood, painted. Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund


main Level

helmerich Gallery Hans Hofmann: Circa 1950 through May 9, 2010, Helmerich Gallery Hans Hofmann created an extraordinary body of work for architect Josep Sert’s 1950 Peruvian city plan called the Chimbote Project. The nine painting studies Hofmann produced for a series of murals form a concise and inspired example of the depth of Hofmann’s strengths as an abstract painter and modernist visionary and form the core of this exhibition, along with other major works from this important year in Hofmann’s career. HANS HOFMANN, Untitled (Chimbote Mural), 1950. Oil on paper on board. Courtesy of the Renate, Hans and Maria Hofmann Trust

To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum June 6 – September 12, 2010, Helmerich Gallery The belief in life after death was central to Egyptian civilization over thousands of years, with death seen as an enemy that could be defeated through ritual and proper preparation. Through jewelry, statuary, funerary vessels and other objects, this exhibition explores how the ancient Egyptians sought to conquer death and create a rich afterlife. Mummy Mask of a Man, Roman Period, early 1st century A.D. Stucco, gilded and painted. Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund.

A Look Inside a Mummy In 2007, Dr. Lawrence Boxt, Professor of Clinical Radiology at the Montefiore Medical Center in New York, conducted a CT scan on the mummy of Demetrios featured in To Live Forever. In just two minutes, the CT scan technology took approximately 2,845 images of Demetrios. The scan revealed that he had no broken bones (except for two ribs that were broken during the mummification process), his skull was intact, and he had a full set of teeth. Other than a gall stone found still preserved in the bladder, Demetrios appeared to be a primarily healthy 59-year old man when he died. This led Dr. Boxt to determine that “Either he had an easy life or was carried around a lot. He certainly didn’t do much heavy lifting during his lifetime. He may have died a quiet, natural death.” The Mummy of Demetri[o]s. Roman Period, 50-100 C.E. Painted cloth, gold, human remains, wood, encaustic, gilding. Charles Edwin Wlbour Fund


April  through  June

Upper Level

Works on Paper Gallery Singular Impressions: Prints from the Herbert and Roseline Gussman Collection through April 4, 2010, Works on Paper Gallery This exhibition celebrates the legacy of Herbert and Roseline Gussman with a selection of prints by major European artists including Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Pablo Picasso, Georges Rouault and Joan Miró. Ranging in date from 1890 to 1960, these works illustrate the rapid and dramatic artistic developments that marked the rise of modern art. Georges Rouault, Femme Fiere, Les Fleurs du Mal III, plate 5, 1938. Color Aquatint. Collection of Herbert and Roseline Gussman

Bookworks II: Exploring the Book as Art April 11 – July 4, 2010, Works on Paper Gallery This exhibition explores the broad spectrum of the book as art, beginning with the traditional book format as collaboration between the artist, craftsman and author. But it also presents examples in which the artist manipulates the book format without regard for text or content. The works are drawn primarily from the McFarlin Library Department of Special Collections at The University of Tulsa. Edward Hillel and Jacques Fournier, Le 6 avril, 1944. Montreal: Editions Roselin, 1999. Courtesy Special Collections, McFarlin Library, University of Tulsa


SAPhilbrook Book Sale Beginning Thursday, May 6 at 5 pm through Sunday, May, 8 the Museum Shop will host a book sale of new and used books, exhibition catalogues, periodicals and posters. All proceeds benefit the Philbrook Library.

Face Lifts Richard Brompton’s c. 1775 portrait of John Smart and Sheldon Peck’s 1836 painting Woman with Bible recently made the long journey to Chicago to undergo some conservation and cleaning. They will return, refreshed, in a few months time. The treatment will be carried out by conservator Barry Baumann. Mr. Baumann was formerly the Associate Conservator of Paintings for the Art Institute of Chicago and the founder and owner of the Chicago Conservation Center. In 2003 he left the private sector and now offers complimentary conservation services to museums and non-profit organizations.

April  through  June



ADULT programs

Circle Cinema @ Philbrook Screening: The Art of the Steal

Gallery Talk: Bookworks II: Exploring the Book as Art

Thursday, April 8, 7 pm – 8:45 pm $5/Circle Cinema and Philbrook Members, $8.50/not yet members What happens when political and financial bigwigs covet the celebrated art collection of the Barnes Foundation? In the early twentieth century, Dr. Albert C. Barnes amassed the greatest collection of Impressionist, Postimpressionist, and early Modern artwork in America. His will stipulated that the works could never be loaned or sold – but that didn’t stop powers that be from scheming to take over the cultural institution. Follow the intrigue and struggle for control of the Barnes Foundation in this engrossing documentary.

Book Smart Tulsa @ Philbrook: Laney Salisbury

Tulsa Opera @ Philbrook Performance & Gallery Talk: Arias and Art Sunday, April 11, 12:30 – 1:30 pm Great Hall, Villa Philbrook Immerse yourself in the music, art and culture of the Belle Époque. At Philbrook, Tulsa Opera studio artists will perform the soaring melodies of Jules Massenet's Don Quichotte, Tulsa Opera’s spring production, as well as songs by Maurice Ravel and Jacque Ibert. Philbrook docent Charles Chapman will explore artistic connections of the same era in paintings by Renoir, van Gogh and others.

Gallery Talk: Hans Hofmann – Looking at the Space Between Wednesday, April 14, Noon – 1 pm Meet in Rotunda Hans Hofmann was an abstract painter and modernist visionary who influenced generations of artists through a new way of painting. Chris Owens, abstract painter and mixed-media artist, will explore how Hofmann changed the art world by playing with the relationships of colors, shape, and space.

Lecture: Carolee Schneemann and the Legacy of Hans Hofmann Saturday, April 17, 2 – 3 pm Patti Johnson Wilson Auditorium Legendary painter and teacher Hans Hofmann's impact stretched to such diverse artists as Ray Eames, Frank Stella and Carolee Schneemann, a provocative performance artist dealing with sexuality and gender issues. In conversation with exhibition curator Catherine Morris, Schneemann shares how Hofmann influenced her to become one of the most significant performance artists of our time.


April  through  June

Wednesday, May 12, Noon – 1 pm Meet in Rotunda When does a book become a work of art? With Milissa Burkart, whi is a book artist, printmaker and Library Paraprofessional at the University of Tulsa McFarlin Library Special Collections, discover how artists manipulate the traditional book form to create stunning altered books, book objects and three-dimensional book art constructions.

Thursday, May 27, 6:30 – 8 pm Mabee Lobby In Provenance: How a Con Man and a Forger Rewrote the History of Modern Art, the con man and villain John Drewe draws a struggling artist and single father into a web of forgery and fraud. This fast-paced and fascinating thriller about the darker side of the art world has a twist – the story is completely true! Investigative reporters Laney Salisbury and Aly Sujo uncovered the story of one the 20th century’s most audacious art frauds, which generated hundreds of forgeries – many of which still hang in museums today. Join author Laney Salisbury to talk about cons, forgery, and fraud. Stick around after the talk for our “Real or Fake” trivia contest. RSVP to

Lecture: Living Forever in Ancient Egypt Sunday, June 6, 2 – 3 pm Patti Johnson Wilson Auditorium Ancient Egyptians prepared for their deaths by living a life of justice and assembling specific objects for their tombs. These spiritual and material requirements allowed them to “live forever” in the afterlife. Join Dr. Edward Bleiberg, Curator for Egyptian, Classical, and Ancient Middle Eastern Art at the Brooklyn Museum, for a look at the exhibition To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum and explore how Egyptians of all classes struggled to live forever.

Gallery Talk: Growing Art Wednesday, June 9, Noon – 1 pm Meet in Rotunda Philbrook’s gardens are a living work of art. Explore the gardens with Melinda McMillan, Manager of the Gardens, and cultivate your own sense of designing with color and texture. Join us in this visual exploration of the beauty in Philbrook’s ever-growing and ever-changing landscape.

3RD thu rsD ays

Get an insider’s scoop into the creative process on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

Stephanie Odegard: Sustainable Design and Social Responsibility Thursday, April 15, 5:30 – 7:30 pm An award-winning designer and sustainability activist, Stephanie Odegard has committed herself to the marriage of fine design and social consciousness. Discover her journey from serving in the Peace Corps, to exploring modern design and the support of traditional artisanal craftspeople. In celebration of the fortieth anniversary of Earth Day, learn about the process of Nepal’s hand-knotted rug industry through demonstrations of hand carding and spinning wool. And use your plant knowledge to identify plant dyes and maybe win a prize! Find out more about Stephanie Odegard, her process, products and philosophy at Co-presented by

Black + Blum

Objects and Memory

Thursday, May 20, 5:30 – 7:30 pm Why should toilet paper holders, bookends and reading lights be boring? Thankfully, Dan Black and Martin Blum, co-founders of London-based design firm Black + Blum, believe that functional everyday objects can and should be innovative, while simultaneously charming and fun. Get an insider's look at the partnership and philosophy of these great designers, and learn how Dan and Martin play on their personalities to develop elegant and whimsical products like the Propello fan, currently on display as part of the George R. Kravis II design collection.

Thursday, June 17, 5:30 – 7:30 pm What objects in our museums – and in our lives – do we most value? By examining the things we treasure, we illuminate the human urge to preserve the past and speak to the future. Using excerpts of his PBS documentary film Objects and Memory and interviews with individuals at the Vietnam Memorial, Oklahoma City Bombing and 9/11 sites, filmmaker Jonathan Fein delves into the meaning of objects and explores how the human response to life and loss is often a material one.

Summer Films on the Lawn Fridays in July $5/member, $7/not yet member

Egypt is the theme for this year’s Summer Film Series. Join us for an evening in the gardens and bring your picnic basket, blanket and chairs. The lower garden gate opens at 7:30 pm and the films begin at dusk. This is a great Tulsa tradition to share with your friends and loved ones.

July 2: The Mummy (1999) July 9: Cleopatra (1934) July 16: Stargate (1994) July 23: The Mummy (1932) July 30: The Prince of Egypt (1998) Members Only

April  through  June


ADULT classes

Adult Classes Life Drawing – Open Studio

Exploring Encaustic Painting

Thursdays, year-round 6:30 – 9 pm $10 per session or $55 for six sessions

Saturday, June 19, 1 – 4 pm $32/member, $40/not yet member

Bookarts Unbound

Life Drawing – Open Studio Thursdays, year-round 6:30 – 9 pm $10 per session or $55 for six sessions Facilitator: Richard Rich Practice drawing nude male and female models through gesture sketches in these open studio sessions. Intermediate to advanced skill levels.

Bookarts Unbound Saturday, May 22, 1 – 4 pm $32/member, $40/not yet member Artist: Milissa Burkart Get inspired by Philbrook’s Bookworks II exhibition and gear up for To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum with this hands-on workshop. Join book artist Milissa Burkart to create a pyramidal “book object” that will incorporate found objects, fine papers, text and images. Tap into your inner bookworm and discover sculptural bookart constructions.

Exploring Encaustic Painting Saturday, June 19, 1 – 4 pm $32/member, $40/not yet member Artist: Cathy Deuschle From Egyptian mummy portraits to collages by Jasper Johns, artists through the ages have created with this beautiful and adaptable art form. Encaustic paintings use the ancient technique of combining melted beeswax, resin and pigments to create an amazing surface that can be built up to create translucent yet textured layers. Check out the rare opportunity to see an encaustic mummy portrait in the exhibition To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum, and then explore the medium yourself! Students will learn the basic processes and create their own encaustic painting. All skill levels.

Saturday, May 22, 1 – 4 pm $32/member, $40/not yet member

Summer Art Camp Is this your first Philbrook Art Camp? q Yes q No

SESSION ONE (June 21 - July 2) 5 - 6 years o Morning - Off the Wall o Afternoon - Draw Like an Egyptian o Lunch

9 - 10 years o Morning - Mixed Media o Afternoon - Puppet Power o Lunch

7 - 8 years o Morning - Draw,Paint, Carve o Afternoon - Art Around the World o Lunch

11 - 12 years o Morning - Sculpture o Afternoon - Mixed Media o Lunch

SESSION TWO (July 12 - 23) 5 - 6 years o Morning - Explore the Gardens o Afternoon - Explore Egypt o Lunch

9 - 10 years o Morning - Draw, Paint, Carve o Afternoon - Art Around the World o Lunch

7 - 8 years o Morning - Paint the Gardens o Afternoon - Egyptian Treasures o Lunch

11 - 12 years o Morning - Creative Clay o Afternoon - Mixed Media o Lunch

SESSION THREE (August 2 - 13) 5 - 6 years o Morning - Elements of Art o Afternoon - Stories in Art o Lunch

9 - 10 years o Morning - Mixed Media o Afternoon - Sculpture o Lunch

7 - 8 years o Morning - Mixed Media o Afternoon - Draw,Paint, Carve o Lunch

11 - 12 years o Morning - Creative Clay o Afternoon - Puppet Power o Lunch

Registration also available for download at Free Second Saturday Family Days are made possible through the support of Bank of America, Barbara and Stephen Heyman, Hille Foundation, the Oklahoma Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts,Raymond and Bessie Kravis Foundation and Target. Philbrook is grateful to Barbara and Stephen Heyman for their support of the Heyman Family Adventures in Art which supports the Children’s Workshops and Activity Backpacks.

Geocache Garden Hunt Take advantage of the weather and play an untraditional game of hide and seek on Philbrook grounds called geocaching. Using your GPS, investigate the sculptures in our gardens for clues that will lead you to a geocache where you will find travel bugs and various small treasures, as well as a logbook to record your discovery. Check out to get up to speed on this worldwide phenomenon and bring your GPS with you on your next visit!

April  through  June

MyMuseum is made possible through the generous support of Barbara and Stephen Heyman, the David E. & Cassie L. Temple Foundation, Oklahoma Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, Public Service Company of Oklahoma, Raymond and Bessie Kravis Foundation, Ruth Ann Fate and Martin E. Fate Jr. Foundation and SpiritAero Systems. Philbrook thanks Z-104.5 The Edge, Urban Tulsa Weekly, Ervin Photography, the Oklahoma Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts and the Raymond and Bessie Kravis Foundation for their support of the 3rd Thursday series. We also wish to thank the following generous donors who provide operating support for Philbrook's educational programming: The Judith and Jean Pape Adams Charitable Foundation, The Sherman E. Smith Family Foundation, Williams and Anchor Gasoline.

Membership Status: q  Member q  Not Yet Member Join Today and Save! q  Individual $50 q  Family/ Dual $65 Call for special membership rates for educators and working artists.

SUMMER ART CAMP 2010 Morning classes: 9 – 12 pm $225/member, $265/not yet member Afternoon classes: 1 – 4 pm $225/member, $265/not yet member All day: Two classes plus lunch supervision 9am – 4pm $475/member, $560/not yet member

Child's Name Name Address City


Foster your child’s love of the arts and give them an unforgettable experience this summer. Working with professional teaching artists, children will explore the galleries and gardens and experiment with art-making techniques to create original works of art. Visit for more information or call 918.748.5379.


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Registration is currently open for members, not yet members on April 15.

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June 21 - July 2

July 12 - 23

Aug 2 - 13

AGES 5 - 6 years

9 am – 12 pm

Off the Wall

Explore the Gardens

Elements of Art

5 - 6 years

1 – 4 pm

Draw Like an Egyptian

Explore Egypt

Stories in Art

7 - 8 years

9 am – 12 pm

Draw,Paint, Carve

Paint the Gardens

Mixed Media

7 - 8 years

1 – 4 pm

Art Around the World

Egyptian Treasures

Draw,Paint, Carve

9 - 10 years

9 am – 12 pm

Mixed Media

Draw, Paint, Carve

Mixed Media

9 - 10 years

1 – 4 pm

Puppet Power

Art Around the World Sculpture

11 - 12 years

9 am – 12 pm


Creative Clay

Creative Clay

11 - 12 years

1 – 4 pm

Mixed Media

Mixed Media

Puppet Power

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contact Philbrook Museum of Art Education Department Call: 918.748.5379 P.O. Box 52510 Office Hours: Mon-Fri: 9 am – 5 pm Tulsa, OK 74152-0510

Cancellations Students will be notified and a full refund will be given when a class is cancelled. In order to make participation in our programs a positive experience for all students and staff, we reserve the right to remove students who do not adhere to our Class and Program Policy, available at or by contacting 918.748.5379. Refund Policy Full refund, minus a $10 registration fee, is provided when a withdrawal is made within 10 business days prior to start of class. Tuition and fees are for the entire class regardless of attendance. Scholarships Financial assistance is available. Submit requests for financial assistance at least two weeks prior to the start of classes. Visit, call 918.748.5379, or email for a scholarship application. Partial scholarships are available for educators.

New in 2010! Backpacks All day every day Check out one of our new Backpacks from the admission desk so you can look, learn and talk about the art at Philbrook together as a family. Four separate Backpacks cover different areas in the museum so you can choose your own self-guided adventure.


Children & Families

Special Family Event

An Egyptian Shadow Puppet Show June 26 and 27, 2–4 pm Patti Johnson Wilson Auditorium

2ND saT urD FREE

Gods, goddesses and a magical vision of Ancient Egypt are brought to life through this original, lighthearted shadow-play by Midwestern Theater Troupe and John Cruncleton. Discover the bargain-basement mummies of a stonecutter and his dog as they search the back-alleys of Egypt for precious herbs they need to get into the Afterlife. The streets are hard enough, but when they finally start their journey through the Land of the Dead, they find more troubles than they ever had in life.


Free Family Day April 10, May 8, June 12 Drop in anytime from 10:30 am – 4 pm Enjoy art and spend time together on these days designed especially for families. You’ll participate in hands-on art projects; explore artworks in the Museum collection and special exhibition through family friendly tours; go on adventurous scavenger hunts and much more.

Members Only: After the show, join us for an exclusive members only behind the scenes tour.

MY mu se um

MyMuseum All day every day Free with Admission

MY mu se um

Over 5,000 children have already joined! It is easy – just sign up and receive your art starter supply kit that contains art supplies and an art exploration card. Then each month come in and receive an additional art supply and art card about a new artwork. It’s fun, and it is free.

Workshops for children 1st & 3rd Saturdays, 1–3 pm Ages 6 –12 (Children may attend without accompanying adults) $5/member, $7/not yet member per student or $10/member, $12/not yet member per student with an adult

April 3 Pushing and Pulling Color Guest Artist – Rhonda Davis April 17 Books that Pop Guest Artist – Deborah Kingsbury

Have Your Birthday Party @ Philbrook

May 15 Visual Journals, It’s All About Me Guest Artist – Talitha Gregg

Saturdays, two hours any time between 10 am and 4 pm $300/members only (Extra fees may apply.) Ages 3–12 (Excluding Free 2nd Saturdays) 20 children maximum, with two adult chaperones Register six weeks in advance by calling 918.748.5379 Have your child’s birthday party at the museum. You supply the children and the cake, and we’ll cover everything else including decorations, kid-friendly gallery activities and an art project led by one of our teaching artists.


April  through  June

June 5 Soft Pastel Landscapes Guest Artist – Andrea Wamble

Free June 19

for Members

“It’s Raining Cats & Dogs” Finger Puppets Guest Artist – Mary Jane Porter


Garden Sponsored by Friends of the Garden Talk May 22. 10:30 am –12:30 pm Charles P. Williams Conference Room Free with membership or museum admission. During this session, the garden staff will focus on what you should be doing in your gardens this season. Topics will range from turf care, irrigation pointers, water gardens, vegetable gardens, tropical plants, and much more. There will be time at the end for questions and answers from the Garden Talk participants. Bring your questions, bring your curiosity, and be ready to learn more about gardening in Oklahoma from Philbrook’s knowledgeable Garden Staff.

Garden Guides In each of the three primary gardens; the East Formal, South Formal and Water Gardens, a new informational sign will be placed to help identify the plants that have been used in the seasonal display. It will become a useful tool for visitors to better understand and relate to Philbrook’s gardens and take away a lesson on what they can use at their homes as well. New B


Friends of the Garden The Friends of the Garden is a growing group of passionate individuals dedicated to preserving Philbrook’s glorious, one-of-a-kind gardens. Contributions from members support every aspect of our outdoor galleries. Any Philbrook member can become a Friend of the Garden. Join today for a contribution of $1000, and enjoy a number of new and exciting benefits, including: • One hour consultation at Philbrook with the Garden Manager to discuss any garden related topic of your choosing

• Quarterly email updates on events and activities in the gardens from Philbrook’s Garden Manager

• Opportunity to host a private luncheon in the Summer House for up to six people

• Recognition of Friends of the Garden in Columns (annually) and at garden events

• Membership in the American Horticulture Society’s Reciprocal Admissions Program granting special admission privileges and access to over 240 participating gardens in the US, Canada and the US Virgin Islands

• Invitations to private seasonal tours of Philbrook’s gardens with the garden staff • Two tickets to Philbrook’s Annual Garden Brunch, see page 13

For more information or to join Friends of the Garden contact Frank Mulhern, Assistant Director of Development, at (918) 748-5332 or

April  through  June

Grow to Give 2.0 We are excited to partner for the second year in a row with the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma and grow more delicious, nutritious produce for the hungry. The South Formal Garden will once again be overflowing with eggplant, lettuce, melons and much more. Dedicated volunteers from the Food Bank will harvest the vegetables and fruit while the hardworking garden staff will oversee growing and production. With new varieties and an abundant amount of containers of herbs and other small edibles, you will be amazed at how beautiful a vegetable garden can be. Be sure to visit the gardens often as the plants change, flower and grow. Exciting Opportunity for Philbrook Members You may take the opportunity to help in this garden by assisting with planting seeds and transplants this spring. Interested members can email the Garden Manager at mmcmillan@ with your name and email address. When planting time comes, she will contact you and ask for help on specific days. There will be multiple planting times with much opportunity to pitch in.

A New Bench with a View The garden staff has redesigned a bed in the gardens, but can you find it? To give you some clues, this spot is located in a quiet but not private place, not far off the path, has incredible views of the gardens and is a new place to sit and admire the gardens from above. Do you know where this new garden is? Answer on Philbrook’s Blog in June.



Friday, April 30 & Saturday, May 1, 2010 Fabulous wines and delicious cuisine all in one terrific place. Philbrook will host one of Tulsa’s most impressive events Friday, April 30 and Saturday, May 1. The tenth biennial Philbrook Wine Experience offers wine and food enthusiasts an unforgettable two-day event with a rare opportunity to meet vintners and winemakers from across the globe along with celebrity chefs for an unparalleled educational and epicurean experience. Be sure to make your reservations early for an event like no other in support of one of America’s leading art museums.

Who Wine Experience Helps When the glasses are empty and the party is over the Philbrook Wine Experience lingers on, funding art education in our community. For more than fifty years, Philbrook has been providing quality arts education for children and adults. Appealing to a wide range of interests, education programs at the museum are integrated with special exhibits and the permanent collection. Our quality programming offers a better understanding of the artistic process, along with hands-on creative learning opportunities. Based on a recent survey, 97% of parents who have participated in Free Family Day agreed that it encourages their family to visit the museum 4-5 times a year. Nearly 1,500 children and adults are visiting the museum on Free Family Day each month. The MyMuseum program is also having a positive impact on the local community and creating devoted repeat visitors to the museum. We are now serving an average of just over 600 children per month (new and returning), with an overall program membership of over 5,700. Arts education offers individuals a heightened awareness and appreciation for the diversity of people, places, and other cultures. Quality visual arts education expands perspectives, sparks imagination and empowers people to view the world around them with a new sense of understanding. Just ask our participants. Once you’ve seen the museum through their eyes, it will never look the same.


April  through  June

Wine Experience Events Vintner Dinner and Live Auction Friday, April 30, 5:30 pm Patron level tickets available

Flemming’s Grand Wine Tasting Saturday, May 1, 6:30 -8:30 pm $125/member, $150/not yet member

The trademark event of the Philbrook Wine Experience, the Vintner Dinner and Auction is an extraordinary evening of fine dining, spectacular wines, silent auction and a truly unique live auction. Wine Experience Chairs Julie and John Nickel will welcome guests for a sparkling wine reception and an impressive collection of silent auction items. A walk through the museum will lead guests to dine under a tent on the beautiful Philbrook lawn where most tables will be hosted by the owner or winemaker from a featured winery. Each vintner will pour personal selections from their vineyards and wineries, which have been paired with the menu. A specially designed multi-course dinner created by Chris Shepherd, Chef and Managing Partner of Catalan Food & Wine in Houston, Texas, will be served while celebrity auctioneers, Michael Davis and Karen Sorbo draw the audience into a bidding frenzy during a live auction featuring one-of-a-kind packages secured especially for this wonderful event.

The weekend culminates with its largest and most exciting event as nearly 1,000 guests gather for wine tasting and gourmet food. Forty national and international vintners will pour samples from their wineries and interact with guests as they discuss their latest offerings. Thirty restaurateurs from across the region will serve samples of their finest cuisine as each chef bids for the coveted “Best Chef” award. Every guest will leave with a commemorative Philbrook Wine Experience keepsake.

For reservations, contact Jennifer McCall, Development Specialist at 918-748-5361 or

Garden Brunch Mark Lackey, chair of the 2010 Garden Brunch, invites you to Philbrook’s 4th annual Garden Brunch, “Community Table.” Celebrate spring with new ideas for incorporating vegetable and fruit plantings into your flower garden. Deborah Madison, author

"Community Table"

Monday May 17, 2010 9:45 am

of "What We Eat When We Eat Alone", will share her insights on sustainability and using locally grown foods. Philbrook’s Garden Manager Melinda McMillan is creating a vegetable garden that rivals the floral gardens for its beauty while benefitting the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. For your dining pleasure, the morning will culminate in a luncheon prepared with the amazing foods and wines from local farms and vineyards.

April  through  June

April  through  June


Philbrook’s Masters Society has been an important part of the museum’s life for many years. Membership gifts support the museum’s daily operations and provide valuable resources that keep Philbrook vibrant and inspiring. Masters Society membership is open to anyone who values Philbrook and its role in our community’s life. By joining, you will directly impact the museum and guarantee the continuation of successful programs like Free Second Saturday and MyMuseum. If you’ve ever considered becoming a part of Masters Society, there’s no better time than now. Members just like you have made their commitments already. Please join them in ensuring that Philbrook Museum – your museum – maintains the level of excellence for which it is known. Membership begins at $2,000 ($1,000 for members under 40) and can be paid in installments, if convenient. Masters Society members will enjoy new events and activities in the coming months. Contact Frank Mulhern, Assistant Director of Development, at (918) 748-5332 or with questions or to join.

Philbrook Membership The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day Are you looking for something instead of flowers for Mom or a necktie for Dad? Consider the gift of art. A Philbrook membership lasts an entire year and the memories last a lifetime. You may purchase a gift membership at Philbrook’s front desk or the Museum Shop. A gift-wrapped package containing a copy of Columns, a gift card for you to personalize, plus the historic Villa Philbrook book will be provided for the recipient. Memberships are also available by phone or online at Please allow two weeks for processing and mailing. If Mom and Dad like to travel, remember that memberships at the Associate level and above include the benefit of Philbrook’s membership in the North American Reciprocal Museum Program, an association of over 350 museums in the United States, Canada, Bermuda and El Salvador. For more information or to purchase a gift membership, call (918) 748-5320.

Planned Giving Philbrook is a testament to the power of a legacy. From its inception, planned gifts have defined Philbrook’s ability to grow and thrive, beginning with Waite and Genevieve Phillips’ extraordinary founding gift of Villa Philbrook in 1939. Since that time, thousands of individuals have come to think of Philbrook as their museum, the place to experience an enriching variety of art and activities. The Legacy Society is comprised of individuals who have made financial gifts through wills, trusts and other planned gifts. These Legacy Society members sustain and strengthen all that is unique about your museum’s art collection, gardens and grounds, historic home and educational programs. You too can become a part of Philbrook’s legacy with planned giving. Waite and Genevieve Phillips began Philbrook with their legacy gift. You can make this act of generosity your own. If you would like additional information or have questions, please contact Philbrook at 918.748.5314. Have you already made a provision for Philbrook Museum of Art in your will or estate planning? If so, we would appreciate knowing of your generosity and would be pleased to include you in the Legacy Society. Information will be kept in confidence.


April  through  June

Rita Willis, thank you for loving Philbrook Rita Willis was devoted to the museum she loved, Philbrook. Retired from the travel business, she journeyed the world for both work and pleasure, experiencing the art of many cultures. Her interest in Native American art led her to donate ethnographic materials and to volunteer with the Chapman Library. As a legacy donor, she ensured that her commitment to Philbrook lasted beyond her lifetime.

Masters Society Benefactors

Young Masters Society

Mr. and Mrs. George S. Dotson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. Blake Herndon Mr. Blake Loveless Mr. Rick Torix

Masters Society Patron Dr. and Mrs. S. J. Adelson Mr. and Mrs. Howard G. Barnett Jr. Mr. Bryan B. Close Mrs. Janet Deck Mr. and Mrs. Rik Helmerich Mrs. Rita E. Newman Mrs. Patricia Savage

Masters Society Tom and Julie Adelson Mr. and Mrs. Gene Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. John W. Barnett Jr. Jim and Diana Benien Mr. and Mrs. John Blocha Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Bush Mr. Doug Campbell Pam and Terry Carter Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Deisenroth Jr. Mr. Robert S. Doenges Mr. and Mrs. Lee Eslicker Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Lance Franczyk Mr. and Mrs. Phillip B. Franczyk Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Franden Mr. and Mrs. Ron Fullerton Mr. and Mrs. Terry Doverspike Mr. John W. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. E. Murray Gullatt Mr. William V. Hanks Mrs. Jean Holliman Jim and Barbara Houghton Mr. and Mrs. Oliver S. Howard Mr. and Mrs. David F. James Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Jones Mr. and Mrs. King P. Kirchner Mr. and Mrs. David Kyle Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lambert Dr. Holbrook Lawson and Mr. Rick Holder Mr. and Mrs. G. Scott Lewis Mr. and Mrs. James C. McGill Mrs. Doris R. McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. McGraw Mr. and Mrs. Mike McGraw Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Millspaugh Michael and Leslie Moore Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Norman Mr. and Mrs. Sid W. Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Potts Mr. and Mrs. Royce Reed Dr. and Mrs. John C. Robinson Dr. and Mrs. B. Frank Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Simmons Mrs. Judith Smith Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Stephenson Mr. and Mrs. G. Steven Stidham Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Stone Mr. and Mrs. James M. Sturdivant Ross and Margaret Swimmer Mrs. Francesca Treacy Tandy and Mr. Charles Tandy Mr. Morey J. Villareal Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Vogt Mr. Peter M. Walter Mr. and Mrs. William K. Warren Jr. Mrs. Catherine A. Wilson Robert and Debra Zinke

Contributor Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Atherton Miss Etta May Avery Ms. Phyllis C. Cast Ms. Janice Ingle Mary McMahon and Lon Foster Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Robson Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Sidwell Ms. Jacquelyn E. Vinson

Sponsor Mr. James A. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Brodsky Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Campbell Mr. and Mrs. John Clegg Mr. and Mrs. James Crews Mr. and Mrs. Dick Dickason Mr. and Mrs. Carter Graham Susan and Bob Mase Dr. and Mrs. John D. Mowry Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Redlinger Bob and Marion Richardson Mrs. Marilyn H. Robison Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Sartin Mr. Stephen R. Ward

Supporter Ms. Mary Ann Allbritton and Mr. Thomas LeBlanc Ms. Linda Allen Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Allen Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Baker Jr. Dr. and Mrs. John A. Coates Mr. Kenneth H. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Tom Diehl Mr. and Mrs. Otto F. Duecker III Mrs. Toby Fell Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Flaxbart Dr. and Mrs. Lynn E. Frame Ms. Lynda Frederick Mr. and Mrs. John A. Gaberino Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Walter H. Gary Mr. Dale Gillman and Mrs. Francie Faudree Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Goodall Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Graham Ms. Judy Hall Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Hamilton Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Harlan Jono and Jenny Helmerich Mr. and Mrs. Eddie E. Henson Mr. and Mrs. Rudy J. Herrmann Ms. Kathleen K. Hilti Mr. and Mrs. Curtis J. Holdridge Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Huber Marilyn Inhofe-Tucker and Ralph Tucker Mr. and Mrs. William C. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Jankowsky Mr. and Mrs. Stan Johnson

Mrs. C. H. Johnstone Mr. and Mrs. Joel Kantor Mr. William C. Kellough Mr. and Mrs. Dobie Langenkamp Mr. and Mrs. Louis Larry Mr. and Mrs. George Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Lucy Ms. Stacy Lytle Mr. and Mrs. Cameron MacLeod Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Mandeville Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. McEntee Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. McKinney Mr. and Mrs. Kelly McKoy Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Paul Dr. Stephen M. Paulsen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Payne Mrs. Julianne Flint Pringle Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Robinowitz Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Schell Mr. Charles F. Scott Dr. and Mrs. James S. Seebass Mr. and Mrs. Randy Shorb Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sober Al and Charlene Stamps Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Stanton Dr. William Stringer Dr. and Mrs. Don Stucky Dr. and Mrs. Ross Taylor Dr. and Mrs. Monty M. Thames Dr. and Mrs. Roger E. Wehrs Ms. Margaret A. White Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Wright III Mr. and Mrs. David W. Yaeger

Associate Mr. and Mrs. Billy W. Baldwin Ms. Claudia Barnes Ms. Rachel Blue Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Boyes Judge and Mrs. Thomas R. Brett Mr. and Mrs. Rick Brodsky Dr. and Mrs. William C. Burnett Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cadieux Mr. John B. Camden Mr. and Mrs. David Carter Dr. and Mrs. James D. Cash Chelsea Gallery/Gary Quiggle Mr. and Mrs. Alvin A. Chinn Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Ciriacks Ms. Margie S. Clark Mr. Joel N. Cousins and Mr. Frank Medearis Mr. Scott Crow Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Davis Mrs. L. Virginia Davis Ms. Audrey Dawson Mr. Oakley Deisenroth Mr. and Mrs. Gary Denslow Mr. and Mrs. James W. Dutton Mr. Richard J. Erickson Mr. and Mrs. Irving Fenster Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Ford Ms. Julie Frank Dr. and Mrs. Marc A. Frazier Mrs. Jeanne Riney Froeb

October 1, 2009-December 31, 2009


New & Renewing Donor Members

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gaddis Dr. and Mrs. Steven E. Gaede Dr. Paul Gehring and Dr. Gena Gray Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Gilmore Dr. Andrew Gottehrer Drs. Raj and Harleen Grewal Mr. and Mrs. John Hammer Dr. Mark L. Harman David L. Harper and Julia Harper Mr. and Mrs. Kent J. Harrell Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Hart Ms. Mary Holden Ms. Candis Holloway Mr. and Mrs. Joel D. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Chad Johnson Mrs. Ana Maria Lloyd Jones Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kishner Mr. and Mrs. J. A. LaFortune Jr. Ms. Joy G. Lary Dr. and Mrs. Frank S. Letcher Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Marder Mr. and Mrs. James Mazzei Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. McDonald Ms. Margaret McKee Mr. and Mrs. Norman McNeil Dr. Dwane B. Minor Mr. and Mrs. Philip Moldenhauer Ms. Lisa M. Moore Ms. Kym Morella Dr. and Mrs. Don G. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Mike Norman Mr. and Mrs. Don Philips Ms. Loretta Poindexter Mr. and Mrs. Al Raguse Jr Mr. and Mrs. David Ralston Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rapacki Mr. Bill Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Mel Rippy Mr. and Mrs. James B. Rosenlieb Dr. and Mrs. David N. Scheck Ms. Marty Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Sherwin Mr. Steven Simcoe and Miss Shannon Gourd Dr. and Mrs. Larry E. Sims Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Sipes Ms. Victoria Slabaugh Mr. and Mrs. David L. Sobel Mr. Eugene E. Starr Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Stees Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Stout Mrs. Peggy J. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Craig Thurmond Mr. Ken Tooman Dr. and Mrs. Carey Waters Ms. Karen R. Weidner Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Williams Mr. and Mrs. James A. Willis Mr. Paul J. Woodul Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Zenthoefer

Please contact the membership department at (918) 748-5320 to receive information about added benefits. April  through  June


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Tulsa, OK 74114-4104

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Restaurant Lunch, Tues – Sat, 11 am – 2 pm Sunday Brunch, 11am – 2 pm Reservations 918.748.5367

Columns is published quarterly by Philbrook Museum of Art 2727 South Rockford Road, Tulsa, OK 74114-4104

2010: IsAnn #2

Beetle-Mania In ancient Egypt, amulets in the form of the scarab beetle were placed over the hearts of the mummified dead. Known as “Heart Scarabs”, they were seen as a symbol of new life and resurrection. Actual Egyptian artifacts inspired these hand-formed dichroic glass scarabs, designed by Cesar Palma. These beautiful pieces come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Available exclusively at the Philbrook Museum Shop.

PhilbrooK Museum Shop Members receive a 10% discount in the Museum Shop. All profits support the daily operations for Philbrook. Hours: Tues., Wed., Fri., Sat. 10 am – 5 pm Thurs. 10 am – 8 pm Sun., 11 am – 5 pm Call 918.748.5304 or e-mail

Columns: April - June 2010  

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