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FreeSWITCH Hosted/IP PBX Software Solution Development & Customization Services FreeSWITCH Solution provider division of Ecosmob provides custom Hosted/IP PBX Software solution development and customization services. We also provide setup, installation and support services. The list of features for hosted PBX Solution are listed below:

Multiple Concurrent Sessions

Add/Remove Forward Destination

Auto Attendant

Multiple Auto Attendants

Automatic Route Selection (ARS)

Call Interval Settings

Customizable Route Selection

DTMF Generation

Template Rules for ITSPs and GWs

Failover (Call Route Survivability)

Call Forwarding

Busy/No Answer Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding Schedule

Unconditional Call Forwarding

Call Hold

Call Hunting

Call Log

Call Transfer

Attended Transfer

Blind Transfer

Intercom Transfer

Transfer to Voicemail

Call Monitoring

Automatic Monitoring

Supervising Mode

Silent Monitoring

Tutor Mode

Call Park

Call Pick Up

Call Pick Up Group

Call Queue

Call Recording

Call Schedule

Codec Support

Conference Support

Convene Conference

Invite Attendee

Multiple Conference Rooms

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

Forwarding Patterns

Max Session Setting

Message Waiting Indication (MWI)


System Default Music-on-Hold

Personalized Music-on-Hold

Near-End and Far-End NAT Traversal

Paging (1-way: Unicast & Multicast)

Public Announce (Broadcasting)

Real-time Call Status View

Restore and Backup

Ring Groups (Simultaneous Ringing)

Ringer Time Settings


TCP Support


Default Greetings

Customizable Greetings

Name Recording

Email Notification

Voicemail Forwarding

Voicemail Forwarding to Email

Recording Comments to Messages

Recorded Audio Files Plug-in


IVR Designer/IVR Script


Our FreeSWITCH Experts have rich experience for custom IP & Hosted PBX System development according to client requirements. We also develop IP and Hosted PBX software in Asterisk, WebRTC, Kamailio, etc according to client's needs. To discuss more about your requirements, call 1-303-997-3139 or drop an email at Our executives will be help you to assist you. For more details visit:

Freeswitch hosted⁄ip pbx software solution development & customization services  

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