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men’s cashmere sweaters at $1,000 and Christian Loubouton pumps at $700. — H.K. 3827 E. Sunset Road, 384-7340,

Bookstore Bibliophiles will find a cedarscented haven amid the many

wooden shelves of Plaza Books. A veritable rabbit warren of nooks and crannies, its maze-like layout cossets everything from first editions to manifold play scripts. Mysteries, suspense novels and especially science fiction enjoy robust representation, although no genre is slighted. (My last

visit snagged a vintage, hardto-find paperback edition of a thriller by German author Hans Hellmut Kirst.) Religion, history and contemporary affairs are in bountiful supply, too. While many secondhand stores are catch-as-catch-can, owner Ann DeVere’s selectivity ensures a catholic selection and high quality. If you can’t find it at Plaza Books, she’ll be happy to refer you to the valley bookstore likeliest to have what you seek. Frequent paperback purchasers can take advantage of a trade-in program whereby credits from your last sale are rolled into your next purchase. Thrift, Horatio! — D.M. 7380 S. Eastern Ave. Ste. 102, 263-2692


R E F I N E R Y B O U T I Q U E A N D TAW N Y S C H lesener : C H R I S TO P H E R S M I T H

Dr. Tawny Schlesener cares about pets — and their humans.

Trust a tailor who will tell you no: Joe Milano at Milano’s Fashion will tell you if the sleeves on a French cuff shirt are fine the way they are (they are), or if the massive reconstruction on that jacket you found for cheap on eBay is worth the hassle (it isn’t). I’ve been going to Joe for alterations minor and otherwise for five years, and have never had a problem he couldn’t fix. Joe’s a master tailor, a tailor’s tailor, much like cops in “The Wire” praise each other for being “natural police.” My girlfriend went to Joe to get some pants hemmed and


Veterinarian There are hundreds of vets across this fine, pet-loving valley of ours, but Dr. Tawny Schlesener at Green Valley Animal Hospital has a special touch with the animals — and their humans, too. It’s not unusual for Dr. Tawny to call on weekends or when she’s out of town to follow up on patients in acute situations, checking on changes and answering the same questions a zillion times if it means reassuring worried pet owners. A Kansas State University graduate who opened the Green Valley Animal Hospital, she strives to make the pet owner a part of the decision-making process rather than dictating the outcome. Perhaps the best testimonials come from the furry friends she sees, though: Even after uncomfortable procedures in her office, pets continue to sidle up to her. — Steve Friess 6150 Mountain Vista St., 795-4440 He should know: Steve Friess is a Vegas-based freelance journalist who co-hosts the weekly animalaffairs podcast “The Petcast” and lives with his three dogs, Black, Jack and Aces.

was surprised that sizing was a blur — one look, one chalk stroke, and done: a perfect hem, a perfect break. He’s been at it for more than 30 years, and his prices do run a bit higher than most, but I once took a shirt elsewhere, and it returned a wreck, cuff points twisted up and threads disintegrating. When Joe alters a French cuff sleeve, it’s as though the shirt had always fitted you properly. So yes: Joe is totally “natural tailor,” which is a term you’d use if you were doing a gritty drama about tailors. — Juan Martinez 4155 S. Maryland Parkway, 735-6866

iPhone repair When Steve Jobs has nightmares, do they feature Joe Vandewalle and Wookie Nguyen? The Desert Wireless duo — or one of their tech geeks — will repair your iPhone for around $50, depending on the breakage (compared with around $200 at the seller). Demand has led to the opening of four Desert Wireless locations around the Las Vegas Valley, and Nguyen says they’ve branched out into other phones now, too. — H.K. 292-0029,

Massage on the cheap Rub this in: In order to complete their certification requirements, students at the European Massage Therapy School have to give dozens of massages to the public in the student clinic. Under the guidance of a licensed, experienced massage therapist, a student who has completed her course work will give you a 50-minute massage for $25 or an 80-minute massage for $40. That should feel pret-ty darn good. — H.K. 8751 W. Charleston Blvd. Suite 295, 202-2455,

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Desert Companion - February 2011  

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Desert Companion - February 2011  

Your guide to living in Southern Nevada