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What meals may come The Cosmopolitan will unleash Vegas’ next big culinary blitz — and bring a renewed focus on local palates By AL Mancini

D e s e r t C o m pa n i o n


F o o d F O re c a s t

We got our first taste of the upscale food phenom on the Strip with the opening of the Bellagio in 1998. We got another taste when Steve Wynn tried to up his culinary cred with Wynn Las Vegas in 2005, and again when his rival Sheldon Adelson opened the Palazzo. And just last year, Aria gave local foodies so many brilliant choices, a lot of them are still racing to catch up. They’d better hurry, because The Cosmopolitan, scheduled to open Dec. 15, will be the dining story of the next year. Diners are already buzzing about the resort’s impressive lineup of eateries — and not just because of the talent in the kitchen. Unlike the town’s last few dining blitzkriegs, this one relies almost entirely on chefs who are new to Las Vegas.

Pa e l l a C o u r t e s y O F T h e C o s m o p o l i ta n ; B l u e R i bb o n S u s h i B a r & G r i l l : S t e v e H i l l ; C HE F S : M e l a n i e D u n e a ; Oc to p u s C o u r t e s y O F t h e c o s m o p o l i ta n

Jaleo’s arroz mediterraneo paella, with porcini mushrooms, mixed vegetables, olives and thyme

Desert Companion - November/December 2010  
Desert Companion - November/December 2010  

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