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4 5 [him] 1) In navy, with understated buttons, a blazer is essential men’s wear. And almost practical. The worst of the Vegas heat brings out the worst in artificial temperature correctives: arctic steakhouses, frigid keno lounges, icy cubicles. Consider it in wool. The fabric breathes well (though if poorly executed you’ll look like a lost conventioneer). Go for slim. I love Thomas Pink’s Blue Harrison Jacket, though Zara in the Fashion Show Mall offers a beautifully cut, and much cheaper, alternative. Thomas Pink Blue Harrison jacket, $700, Thomas Pink in the Shoppes at Palazzo, 369-8944 2) Budget-minded Anglophilic design freaks scarfed up Liberty-of-London-licensed products the moment they hit Target’s shelves. You can still find a few items printed with Liberty’s distinctive archival floral patterns at, but the men’s stuff has vanished from display racks, virtual and otherwise. Your best bet is e-Bay, where resellers can supply you with these very Victorian-wallpaperish (ornate, flamboyant), very soft, very summer-appropriate ties for a modest markup: the rosy “Meadow Pink” and the relatively more sober “Glenjade Navy” are particularly nice. Target/ Liberty of London ties, $20 and above, 3) Good rock-and-roll hinges on attitude and execution, and so does fashion— even fashion as seemingly stuffy and un-rock-and-roll-ish as khaki pants. Online outfitter Bonobos makes a terrific pair, but so does the Gap. Get them slim, in the right color (khakis should be khakicolored), make sure they fit well, that they’re flat-front, and roll the cuffs up a little. Khaki pants, $19.99-$59.50, The Gap at Town Square, 361-2447 4) Khakis and jeans are often paired with athletic sneakers, in a misguided nod to youthful insouciance, but it doesn’t quite work. But these cheap, cheerful, colorful flip-flops do. Why? They’re impractical and they’re loud. In other words, fun. Old Navy pumpkin-spice flip flops, $3.50, Old Navy, various locations 5) You own a white shirt. You may own several. You don’t need another one, and you certainly don’t need one that’ll cost you about as much as a Kindle, but the thrill owes much to wildly inconspicuous consumption: No one will know how much you paid for a crisp, beautifully constructed Paul Stuart Sea Island broadcloth shirt. Paul Stuart Sea Island broadcloth shirt, $148.50, — Juan Martinez


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Desert Companion July-August 2010  
Desert Companion July-August 2010  

75 scrumptious, savory, spicy and sweet meal deals that'll fill your belly -- without draining your wallet. ALSO: Wild tales from a rare boo...