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WE GET LIPPY Fixing reality lip color

DS CREATIVE • September 2016 •

Elvira Karisma

• September 2016 • DS CREATIVE


Issue 24

FEATURES 20 • Vendor Spotlight Our featured vendor this month is Fredel, Lover of highfashion and the creator of a wonderful heroine 30 • Artist Spotlight This month’s artist spotlight features DS Creatives very own production designer Phil Thompson.

EDITOR Camilla Drakenborg camilla.dscreative.mag@gmail.com PRODUCTION DESIGNER Phil Thompson phil.dscreative.mag@gmail.com TECHNICAL EDITOR Totte Alm totte.dscreative.mag@gmail.com PROOF READER Jamie Somers

REGULARS 06 & 44 • DAZ Gallery We once again demonstrate that if you want great artwork, then look no further than our DAZ gallery.

THE TEAM Matt Allgood Sanyel Jackson The members of The DSC Writers Guild

25 • Fave Five DS Creative regular Ginger lee McKee returns for a second time, so five more favourite items. 39 • Competition Time For our newest competition we are going back to our childhood to look at the games children play.


16 • The Bowski Report Bowski looks at getting both V4 & G2F over to Genesis 3 Female

26 • Correcting Lip Colour in reality Daniel Wright take us through fixing Iray lip colors in reality. 36 • Is This a Bug? Katherine Briggs helps us tackle bugs, if they really are bugs. 40 • How to Save Poses in Daz Studio 4.x Seliah gives a quick Step-by-Step guide for the Beginning Content Creator

All images are copyright of their respective owner, no images may be reproduced without express permission of either the original artist or DS Creative magazine DS CREATIVE • September 2016 •


Welcome to Issue 24 So finally after several months’ absence DS Creative returns, now things are a little bit different, more so in this issue being the first issue after our break, but things will fill out in the coming issues. So let’s do a quick recap, why did we have a break, it was simply we did not have the written resources we needed to allow us to continue. So what has changed? Well, to allow us return we have gathered together a collection of talented people who will be helping to provide written content for the future. That doesn’t mean that we do not need your help, the more articles we have the better. Now, we used to publish every month, but now and certainly for the foreseeable future we will be publishing issues on a bimonthly basis. This gives several benefits, for example, this means that we will be able to make our stock of articles last longer, it also means we will give you longer to work on your competition entries (and that can’t be a bad thing). So what has changed in the world of DAZ Studio during our absence? It seems like very little, but I think everyone has been enjoying the summer sunshine. Of course, we now have Star 2.0 for Genesis 3, so people who have a love of Toon like characters are going to be very happy. The imminent future is going to bring us Terradome 3, after Terradome and Terradome 2 achieved success in Poser, Colm Jackson, Traveller and others have turned their attention (Finally) to DAZ Studio. So looking at the sneak peek images, it really does look very awesome. So I hope you enjoy this issue, take part in the competition, learn something from the tutorials and become part of the DS Creative family by submitting something.

Philip Thompson Production Designer

Image by Phil Thompson • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

flowerfairy Rian Bergwerff

DS CREATIVE • September 2016 •


Huntress with eagle Ktoya Old Bard Theresa Herlocker Never Fantail451

Huntress with eagle

• September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

Old Bard

Never DS CREATIVE • September 2016 •


Bad Girl 01 Eric Johnson

Winter Wolves Seliah The not so secret meeting Charlie McDonald

Bad Girl 01 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

Winter Wolves

The not so secret meeting DS CREATIVE • September 2016 •


Hathor Jennifer Vander Kooi

2016 bio botbabe 1.0 R.P. Callahan

Hathor 10 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

2016 bio botbabe 1.0

DS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 11


unnamed Daniel Wright

Heroic Age 4 LaMuserie


12 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

Heroic Age 4 DS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 13

We want to f artwork on

DS Cr y


So if you have an image(s) you w Then pop them in an E-mail wit E-mail to: Images.dscreative.ma

14 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

feature your the pages of



would like us to feature th the image details ag@gmail.com

DS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 15

Victoria 4 (& G2F) to Genesis 3 Female Here we are with the first in a new series of Daz Studio related reports about our favourite 3D software. This time around we take a look at the fantastic program created by Darkhound1, which will convert your beloved Victoria 4 Legacy (& G2F) figures to the attractive Genesis 3 Female format. As most of you guys know I manage a FREE website (www.BowskiProductions.com) where I produce & host the Official 3D Comic for “The Queen of Electro Music – Sophie B, aka A Girl & A Gun” which features the Superstar French DJ & Producer Joachim Garraud. I also create original fan-based comics starring New Adventures of Lara Croft, with an exclusive supporting cast - which is very popular with fans of 3D & the Tomb Raider genre alike. Additionally there are my 3D Art Galleries filled to meniscus with renders in four different categories, showcasing just how much fun can be had with Daz Studio. Like many visual “storytellers” my comic girls primarily use the Generation 4 base which is great for the wide variety of pre-made poses & props that were designed with Victoria 4 in mind, but as we all know our old favourite has been surpassed by the gorgeous & anatomically superior Genesis 3 Female. Not only does G3F have immediate improvements over her aged “GreatGrandmother” Victoria 4 (I know, I can’t believe she’s THAT old either) but G3F has an ever-growing array of absolutely fantastic costumes, hair props & character-specific goodies for us consumers to... well, consume. For me the opportunity to convert older characters to the new format means much greater versatility in promotional renders, the ability to use cutting-edge 16 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

clothing & of course a considerably higher resolution in overall quality - especially when using unbiased render engines like Iray, Octane or Lux via Reality. With Darkhound1’s standalone program the conversion process is a simple one. The software comes with easy-to-understand instructions which require you to merely load a Victoria 4 base, add your morphs, then export from Daz Studio as a “Wavefront “ object to the “Input” folder of the application. The click of a single button in the program window will convert the exported file, ready for importing back into Daz Studio.

Simply load a Genesis 3 Female base model & navigate to the “Morph Loader Pro” window, dial in the new morphs & you’re done. It’s as easy as boiling an egg in an electric kettle!

Buy the software direct from Darkhound1 via DA points or PayPal ($25 USD): http://darkhound1.deviantart.com/

Bowski’s Tips:

This recommended software is for converting Victoria 4 morphs to a G3F. If you wish to use your existing legacy (V4) textures on the newly-converted G3F model you will need this map & geocraft kit:

1) Make sure to utilise the Victoria 4 dial & slide it to maximum after adding your brand new G3F morph (See graphic below tips). 2) You might decide to only load the “head” morph when exporting your V4 from Daz. That way you can dial in a custom new body with all the possibilities that the G3F has on offer to improve on your original. 3) Be sure to save your finished character as a scene (.duf) to avoid repeating the process next time you wish to use your lovely new character.

A word of caution:

“LEGACY UV’S for GENESIS 3: V4” by Cayman Studios on Renderosity.com (Again it’s really easy to use). So now you can convert all your cherished Victoria 4 characters to the awesome G3F base... Happy rendering & big luv, Bowski x Do you have something Daz Studio related that you think should be featured in “The Bowski Report?” Head over to: www.BowskiProductions.com & click the BIG RED email icon at the top of the page.


QUICK TIP Customize your DAZ Studio experience Access all the features and add the ones you need diectly to your toolbars, great for hellping to improve and speed up your workflow. Find the customize options at: Window/Workspace/Customize or just press “F3” DS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 17

18 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

I’m coming for you


DS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 19



What made you get into 3D modeling and how long have you been active in the craft? I discovered Poser again in 2013, after leaving it aside for about ten years. Back then I was only doodling with it but, 3 and a half years ago I started to create art more seriously and with that came a deep urge to learn as much about 3D as I could. And I did because the medium has always fascinated me. I’ve followed a lot of tutorials and tried to look under the hood of 3D to understand everything. So, I’ve been working with 3D exclusively for 3 and half years, rather excessively.

Where would say you draw your inspiration from?

That can be pretty much everything and anything. There are a lot of factors that come together but music is very important. I can even steer my inspiration with different genres but besides that, I have found that video games can do that too. There are quite a few very good games with intriguing storylines that are not afraid to question life itself. They leave question marks in your head, which my head automatically tries to answer. So that also starts a process.

Which program(s) do you utilize to create your models in?

I’m creating with Blender, Zbrush and Substance painter. The combination of these 3 gives me full control over every process. 20 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

Typically how long does it take from initial idea to finished model?

Long. I have had a character in the making for almost a year now. I’m switch between products every once in a while, like when I get annoyed by one or when I fail to realize a detail or something like that. Then I’ll hop to a different one, letting the other one rest for a bit to get back to later. It helps me not to get too frustrated when something doesn’t work.

“All of us want to achieve some sort of immortality, and I believe what better way to do it, than through Art?”

What one piece of advice would you give to someone, who is just starting out creating models for Daz Studio?

Be open-minded. Don’t be afraid of learning new techniques or even 3rd party programs to achieve your visions. CG is in constant evolution. Look at new things; see if they can help you. Oh, and dream big! And if you realize that your dreams are bigger than your skills, don’t mind it. You haven’t lost anything. In the contrary, you’ve learned about techniques, the program, structuring a realisation plan, your own limits and tons of other things in the process.

Which 3 are your personal favorites of your own products?

The latest one is always my favourite, because they are IMO and always better than the one before. But I kind of like Odelle, V4 or G3F doesn’t matter there. I’ve just put SO much into this character. Blood, sweat and tears, literally. As well as my latest one: the Retro Heroine. The character itself wasn’t very hard to do, but the companion outfit was really challenging to me. And I like the outcome of both.

Which 3 vendors would you say are your personal favorites?

To be honest, I think I don’t have any. I like OutofTouch, his content always has a great quality and never failed in my expectations. Danae is another one of those exDS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 21

ceptions. Her skins are just to die for! I also like Childe of Fyre, over at Hivewire. She just has an eye for great and exceptional things and we both have very high quality standards in common.

If you could add one new feature to DAZ Studio, what would it be? Does this program need anything...?

What is the biggest challenge for you when creating a new product?

My biggest challenge is to not lose the inspiration and interest for the product. As I said, the creation process can take very long and if I lose interest in the product it gets difficult and the quality suffers automatically. That’s why I never work at something that I’m not at least a little bit in the mood for, because it just makes no sense. I won’t be getting the result I desire. That’s why I have multiple products as WIPs at the same time.

How does it make you feel when you see the final artwork created with your products? It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, seriously. I don’t have any kids but I think that it comes close to

seeing your little one taking its first steps. It amazes me every single time.

Can you give us a hint of what is to come?

G3M, G3F, Bon Voyage, Metal and of course lots of Style!

Anything you would like to add that we haven’t asked or you think the reader would be interested in knowing? I could keep talking for days but I think this got long enough already.

Where can we find your content to buy? I vendor at renderosity.com


22 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE




DSC Shirt

For Genesis 3 Male


DS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 23

Untitled Adrian Schmit

24 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

FAVOURITE FIVE Five runtime must haves 01 Iray Worlds Sky Dome

Ginger Lee McKee


These are great. They work well alone but even better with other environments. I love using these as my backgrounds more the any other backgrounds.

02 Fabric Basics mix and match for


These are great for giving old outfits sets a great new look. I am always changing textures and so the set is a great one for me.

03 IDG Iray FX-props and shaders

My name is Ginger Lee McKee and I have my own website where all my art is posted. The name I post under is Tiger Lee Arts. I am in my 40’s and live in Texas. I love working with art. I enjoy working with digital 3D Because I can see my visions better. 3D allows me to bring my visions to life. I prefer working with Daz studio. I find it easy to work with. I also do my post work with Corel Photoshop; it works very similar to Adobe Photoshop. I am self-taught, and have been working with Daz for a few years now. I prefer fantasy to most other art styles. Here is my website. http://tigerleearts.zohosites.com


These work for magic and other effects. A great Iray set that is similar to the PW effect. I love the way they have the emitting surface.

04 Arki Rune Outfit for genesis 2 female http://www.daz3d.com/rune-outfit-for-genesis-2-female-s

I love this outfit it has many texture zones and many parts. The coat in this set has great bones in the flaps for posing. Very useful for windy scenes.

05 Legendary Wings and fins HD for Daz dragon 3

http://www.daz3d.com/legendary-wings-fins-hd-for-daz-dragon-3 This set allows me to bring a version of my dad’s dragon to life. Love the look it gives dragon 3 make it easy to have the dragon look so different and that way mean more kinds of dragons for us all.




If you would like to submit your favourite five just follow the format above, 5 items with links plus your reasons they are must haves, also include a short bio and a piece of your artwork and send it to:


DS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 25

Correcting Lip Colour in reality Daniel Wright fixes some lip colors

Q. Why is it that when I use an IRay Shader on my char-


A. Even though Reality does a good job of converting

Open Reality and locate the LIPS material and take a look at the Diffuse Texture and you should see something like the example below

acter the lips always come out either Red or Orange.

most materials sometimes a little tweaking is needed to get the desired effect. Over the course of the quick tutorial I am going to show you how to correct this. Believe it or not it’s as simple as changing just one parameter. First up let’s take a look at 3 images, the 1st one will show what we have setup in Daz Studio. The 2nd shows what happens if we just go ahead and render without any changes, and finally the 3rd image shows what we get after we apply the correction.

STEP 2 Click on the little Gear Wheel at the Right Side of the Diffuse Texture and select Edit



STEP 3 Now take a look at the colour that’s in the Texture B slot. This is what we need to alter to correct the problem with the Lips so that they render to the correct colour

26 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

So Click on the colour of Texture B. This will then bring up Reality’s Colour Picker. Now click on the little eyedropper and move over to the Lips in Daz Studio and click to select a Mid Tone. See the example below that shows the corrected colour.

That’s all there is to it. With a single change to one parameter we now have our characters lips rendering to the correct colour. Happy Rendering.


Page 39 DS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 27

28 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

Need a lift DamnedComic

DS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 29

30 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE


Philip Thompson

Some people are just naturally gifted when it comes to art, for me not so, despite my art teachers best efforts I really am limited to creating images of disfigured stick men when you put a pencil or a paint brush in my hand. This lack of talent was really frustrating as I understand composition and colour theory, I just don’t have the ability to convert the 3 dimensional world to a 2D medium. I was going to need some help. That help came in the form of photography. Suddenly I could create images without my lack of hand to eye co-ordination getting in the way. My 15th birthday brought my first SLR camera, a Russian Zenit E, and a Black and white darkroom, now I could create. Less

“For the future how

about being able to use VR for the workspace, imagine setting up a scene with Victoria and Michael using VR.” than 18 months later I started working in a very large commercial studio and I was thrust into the world of advertising photography. So now I was building and lighting sets, visiting prop stores always trying to find the perfect items, I learnt so much. Slowly I got to spend more time behind the camera, getting to grips with focal length and depth of field and understanding exposure, these were fascinating years. I worked on so many different shoots; everything from food to diamonds and kitchens to golf clubs, the work was so varied. But time moves on and I left photography and moved into I.T via the world of electronics, but deep down I missed creating those wonderful sets. DS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 31

Enter computers. So once I moved from the humble home computer (mine was an Atari by the way, one of many) to my first PC (thanks mum) I was desperate to try some of this amazing 3D graphics software I had been reading about. My first real attempts were with Bryce and to say I was blown away would be an understatement, I was stunned suddenly I had a new outlet I could create worlds. Bryce was great but it lacked something major; People. This problem was answered a few months later on a magazine cover disc. Now I had a copy of Poser, what I thought would be an addition to Bryce, but it became a replacement. There was one thing I didn’t like with poser, I found trying to control the lights awkward and with my photographic background I wanted better control, this would mean changing software once again. Welcome DAZ Studio. The move to DAZ Studio was fantastic, the transition to this new program was simple everything was logical and easy, the lighting system was obvious plus I could even look through the spotlights. DAZ Studio rocked! So nowadays I work exclusively in DAZ Studio. Style, do I have a style? I suppose I must, most of my artwork is illustrative; it’s storytelling. Little scenes that have a back story from stick up’s to murder most foul. I have never been a fan of just a pretty face against a nice background, images have to tell me a story or at least suggest one. The biggest development in DAZ Studio for me was Iray, if only for the emissive surfaces, this gives me so much scope to create really realistic lighting. And DAZ if you’re reading, for the future how about being able to use VR for the workspace? Imagine setting up a scene with Victoria and Michael using VR.

32 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

If I have two things to pass on to others starting out in DAZ Studio they would be: Kitbash. Props really make or break a scene and don’t be afraid to mix and match props from multiple sets to get the right look. Postwork. Learn a 2D package to help you make the most out of your renders, postworking isn’t cheating; it’s completing your vision. So Outside of DAZ Studio I co-create this little magazine that you are reading at the moment, which occupies quite a bit of time but it does keep me in touch with a lot of really creative DAZ people. You can see more of my artwork including pre-views and raw renders at my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ArtPGThompson2015/

DS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 33


e at DS Creative would love to your images, tutorials, tips and fave fives and anything else you think may be of interest to the DAZ community.



mages, we always need your images, every issue features between 30-40 images, so to say we have a constant need of your artwork is an understatement. we are happy to feature artists from all skill levels from beginners to advanced, getting your artwork featured in DS Creative is showcasing your skills to the world. So create your art and email it to us, we can’t guarantee when it will be featured, but we will try to give you your moment to shine as soon as it’s possible. For the full image terms and conditions you can find them here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dazcreative/files/ All IMAGE submissions are to be sent to images.dscreative.mag@gmail.com


ave Five, we need one of these each month and the good thing about a fave five is that it is easy, here is all you need to do: 1. Look through your content library 2. Pick the five items you can’t live without 3. Write them down (include the store link if you can find it) 4. For each one tell us why you can’t live with out it 5. Take a break, you deserve it 6. Write a short piece about yourself telling us about your love of DAZ Studio 7. Email it to us 8. Relax your done Please send your Fave Five submissions to articles.dscreative.mag@gmail.com 34 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE



ords, we need words, so our need for tutorials and tips is endless, If you have some knowledge of DAZ Studio that may be of interest to the other readers of DS Creative, jot it down and send it in, If you have your own website and have tutorials on it, consider sharing them with us and in return we will link to your website, generating possible new traffic for your website, it’s a win - win situation. We are happy to feature articles that range from a small tip right up to multi part tutorials that run over several months. For the full article terms and conditions you can find them here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dazcreative/files/ Please send your article submissions to articles.dscreative.mag@gmail.com



f you have something else you think may be of interest to us and our readers, then get in touch you can email us, our email addresses are on the index page near the front of the mag, if an email is a bit of old hat for you then come and join us at our Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/ dazcreative/, you can even send us a personal message. What’s most important is we want to hear your ideas, we love knowing that you have had a hand in shaping the DS Creative community.

DS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 35

Is This a Bug?

Katherine Briggs helps us tackle bugs, if they are bugs

You just bought a product, try to use it, and are presented instead with an error message. First instinct is to immediately assume something is broken. While this may be the case, do a little troubleshooting before running to grab the torch and pitchfork. Here are a few questions to ask yourself, and information you will need to provide if you do submit a support ticket.

What is a bug? “A software bug is an error, flaw, or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result or to behave in unintended ways.”

Do a Little Troubleshooting

When something does not work, it can be frustrating. Before submitting a ticket, there are a few things you can try. Sometimes user error is a factor. Q. Is the content installed to the proper location? A. Make sure you are installing content to a mapped directory. A. If you like to move things and “customize” you may be breaking the content. Use the Categories in Daz Studio to organize rather than moving the actual files. Q. Did it work before? A. What changes were made since it stopped working? For example, any software or hardware upgrades. Q. Do you have the latest version or update installed? A. Always check to make sure you have the latest update to the content, or are on the latest version of the software. Quite often a bug may have already been fixed. If you do not want to update for some reason or another, and the bug was resolved in a newer version, then you are pretty much out of luck. Q. Is it really a bug, or is it a “Feature Request”? A. People often want a piece of content to do a particu36 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

lar thing for their personal situation, or want it to perform in a certain way they envision. If it doesn’t, they claim it is “broken.” Vendors can not foresee every situation in which a customer may use their product. They do their best to make it generally versatile and useful. If an issue is based on your own personal preferences or needs, you can do one of a few things: 1. You can submit a Feature request through the help system on the Daz 3D website. (There is no guarantee the vendor will update an item they consider finished.) 2. You can try messaging the vendor on the Daz 3D forums. Be sure to explain what you are trying to do. (Again, they may not want to revisit a product unless several people are requesting the same thing.) 3. You can learn how to customize the content yourself. While 1 and 2 may not get you results, 3 can be a benefit to you in the future. Once you learn how to do some of the base editing, you can use that in other products and eventually, you won’t be as dependent on the vendors to provide exactly what you want. There are forum discussions on the Daz 3D website, YouTube videos, as well as tutorials on Deviant Art and other websites. If these few things do not resolve the issue, submit a ticket through Daz’s Help Desk system located here: Daz 3D Help Centre

Submitting the Ticket

When you submit your ticket, there are several things to include making sure your issue is resolved with the least amount of back and forth.

Things to include in the ticket:

• What OS (operating system) are you using? • What version number of the software are you using? Open Daz Studio and go to “Help > About Daz Studio” and copy the full version number located in the top left corner. This includes letting Customer service know if you are using the Release version or a Beta version of the software

• What product are you having an issue with? Include

the full product name and SKU number. (Sku is located on the store page)

Give them the exact error messages or symptoms you are getting. Details on what is happening and the ensuing results are very helpful to troubleshooting an issue. “It doesn’t work” is not a good answer.

Give them exact steps to recreate the issue. Include any of the following that are pertinent.

• What process did you use to install? • Where is your content located? Is it in the “Default” location or do you install elsewhere?

Are you loading the item into a full scene or into a new scene? Does it happen under one scenario but not the other?

If it is a rendering issue, what render engine are you using? What lighting etc...

Things to Remember

There are a few things to keep in mind when you submit a ticket. These actually apply to any place you are asking for help, whether it be at Daz 3D, or your local supermarket.

• While your issue is very important to you, there

are often many other tickets open as well. Every customer who submits a ticket is in the same situation. They have something they need help with. Be patient. They will get to you.

Customer Service is dealing with people 8+ hours a day who are frustrated or angry. They are expected to treat each person with courtesy and respect no matter how they are treated in return. Be courteous. You will not get help any faster by being rude or pushy. Customer Service did not “break” your content, but they are the ones responsible for making sure it gets fixed. They are your liaison.

If you find that you resolved the issue or had your question answered before Customer Service gets to your ticket, go ahead and close it and let them know it was resolved. This removes it from the queue and lets someone else get the help they need. If you are feeling generous, tell them what the solution was so they can pass it along to others who may have the same issue.

Say Thank You. It is amazing how those two words can make someone’s day.

• If it takes several steps to get to the issue, give every single step you are taking until it errs.

• If it deals with a character, which one and what morphs or other add-ons are you using?

• Include any logs or error reports. • If it is a full scene giving you an issue, include your saved scene .DUF file.

The more information you can provide, the better the chance they can help you.

DS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 37

38 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

Competition Time

The games children play


hildren have such wonderful imaginations, they can create playful environments out of the most mundane objects, a cardboard box can instantly transform into a castle, garage or a dolls house, a dusty attic can be an ancient tomb, a curtain can become a brides veil. So take us back to this time of innocence and wonder and show us the games children play


competition submissions are to be sent to:


submissions must be new artwork and must not have been dis-

contest.dscreative.mag@gmail.com played online before

Images can be either portrait or landscape Deadline is 23:59 UTC on the 15th of October -16 For full prize Information and for full term’s and conditions visit our Facebook group: DS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 39

How to Save Poses in Daz Studio 4.x A Quick Step-by-Step for the Beginning Content Creator

pose. If need be, you can create a new folder to save the pose to. 3. Once you are looking at the folder that you want the pose saved to, look down to the bottom LEFT hand corner of your content library window. Find the plus sign (+), and click that. A fly-up menu will open. 4. Select “POSE PRESET” from the menu options:

Before we begin, I think a couple of quick notes on building poses are necessary first. I don’t know how others do it, but when I am building my poses in DS, I make sure not to use the, “body” part of the figure to do any translation work. I always select the, “hip” body part when I need to move or rotate the figure around the x/y/z axis. The reason for this is because you don’t want your pose to send the figure flying back to the Zero starting point in the scene when someone applies it. This is important, because if someone has just spent three hours getting their scene arranged and their figure into position, the last thing they want when they go to apply your pose, is to have their figure suddenly pull a Houdini and do a disappearing act on them. So, always use the “hip” body part for any needed translations or rotations. This will allow the end user to apply your pose without having to go play Find Waldo afterwards.

5. This will open a windows dialogue box. Read the folder name in the dialogue box, just to make sure that it’s going to save the pose in the right place. If it’s showing the wrong folder, go ahead and navigate via the windows dialogue to the right folder. Type in a name for your pose, and hit “SAVE.”

The second thing of note about building poses in Studio Don’t save the morphorms/posing control morphs! This would be things like eyes side-to-side, hand grasps, finger spreads, etc. You don’t want these saved, really. I know some folks build their poses using these posing morphs, but ideally, for the human figures at least, I prefer to be posing the fingers and hands by their individual body parts. In the case of Dusk, Dawn, and Baby Luna, this goes for their individual toes as well, if your pose requires it. The reason I don’t use these posing morphs when I build my poses, is because it can complicate things later on for the end user. You should, ideally, not be building your poses with these control morphs at all, because it can negatively affect other poses that your end user might apply to their figure. Now, we’re going to assume that you have your pose built, and your figure is positioned the way you want it ready to save to the library. So, moving forward with the actual save process now... 1. Go to your SCENE tab. Make sure your figure is selected. 2. Now go to your CONTENT LIBRARY tab. Navigate to the place inside of the library that you want to save the 40 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

6. Now, a new box will open in the Studio interface. This is your “Pose Preset Save Options” window:

7. By default, when saving a new pose, everything is always collapsed. You see the little white triangle next to the figure’s name? Click that in order to expand the list.

esis 1, because I’ve saved a zillion poses for this figure, I already know there are additional POSE CONTROLS for the hands. So starting at the collars, I am going to expand all the way down to the hands, and then UN-check the POSE CONTROLS for each hand.

8. Now, you begin de-selecting the things you do NOT want included in the Pose preset. The first thing I do here is UN-check “General,” “Hidden,” and “Pose Controls.” Always. Then I expand the “Hip” body part.

9. Now, because I’m using Genesis 1 for this particular pose preset, I know where all the stuff is that I do NOT want saved as part of the pose. If you’re not familiar with the layout in this part of things, you might want to spend some time just clicking through everything to see what is contained where, until you’re comfortable with, or at least familiar with, how things are laid out. Each figure is a little different... I do not want to save any Posing Morph information with this pose. I also do not want to save any EYE or MOUTH translations, just in case the end user has set up a facial expression that they’re happy with. So I’m going to expand the whole shebang all the way out, clicking on the triangle next to Abdomen, and just continuing on until I have all of the head expanded.

Yes, the list can get quite a bit lengthy on this part, but to save poses correctly, we really should go through and click off all of these things. Otherwise my poses will muck up someone’s hard work on a facial expression or scene positioning. Once you’ve UN-checked the POSE CONTROLS for the hands and head parts, you can go ahead and scroll back up until you see the ABDOMEN body part. Click the triangle again to collapse this part of the list, if it’s easier for your eyes to follow. 11. Now, you want to start EXPANDING the list again, beginning from the PELVIS body part. Go all the way to the feet, because like with the hands, in my case, Genesis 1 also has POSE CONTROLS on its feet. So expand all the way down to the feet, and UN-check the POSE CONTROLS for each foot.

Then, I’m going to UNcheck the Right Eye, Left Eye, and the POSE CONTROLS sections for the head : 10. Now, you see where the RIGHT COLLAR and LEFT COLLAR are listed? In the case of GenDS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 41

Your pose is now saved for distribution, and the new icon should appear in the folder in your Content Library, coloured in blue and with a big “NEW” marker printed on it.

12. Now, for a “full body pose,” I am actually done with the preset save options. Make sure that “Compress File” at the bottom of the options window is UNCHECKED when you save! If for whatever reason you ever need to go in and edit the text of the file, you will NOT be able to do this if the file was saved with compression ON, and Daz Studio does by default, save with compression ON, until you turn that off. So, you’ll notice that “Compress File” in my screenshot above is NOT selected. I’ve already chosen all the body parts and UN-checked the posing controls and full-body translations. I’m good to go, this is ready to save. So... at this point, you can go ahead and click on the ACCEPT button on the bottom right of the options window.

42 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

If you click the icon, the blue colour and the “NEW” marker will go away. That’s the basics of saving a new pose to the DS content library. To distribute the pose, you just navigate to the folder in your Windows Explorer, and make sure you collect both the “Pose.duf” and the “Pose.duf.png” files for packaging and distribution.

Would you like to win some content money, every month we have two prizes up for grabs 1st place $30 of content money 2nd place $20 of content money All you have to do is to submit a tutorial or a tip and get it published and we always need tutorials and tips, then in the days after publication we will let the readers vote in our facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/dazcreative/ for the 2 most popular tutorials/tips winners announced in the following issue. As this is judged by the readership it is open to all tutorial/tip writers. Send your tutorials and tips to: articles.dscreative.mag@gmail.com

Last Months Winners 1st Phil Thompson $30 2nd Mithoron $20

DS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 43


Black/white dress Gran22 Office Defender Mithoron spartan rider Markus Ba

Black/white dress 44 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

Office Defender

spartan rider

DS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 45


Domina Sandra Bauser

Princess Mononoke Bellatryx Diesel Powered Airship Extraction Lyam L


46 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

Princess Mononoke

Diesel Powered Airship Extraction DS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 47


Madd Vicky Ginger Price

Guardians of the Sun Gate SkyDaddyD

The Green Room Bowski

Madd Vicky

Guardians of the Sun Gate 48 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

The Green Room DS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 49

DS Creative Competition Terms & Conditions Just recently I recieved a competition email from someone who doesn’t use facebook and they asked if we have the T&C’s posted anywhere else, well sadly at the moment no, so I have included them here All IMAGE submissions are to be sent to contest.dscreative.mag@gmail.com Submitted images should have the dimensions of 150dpi with a maximum of 2480 x 1754 + include one or two lines describing your image! Make sure you include name (aka) & link to webpage if wanted. Images must be created with Daz Studio & new original artworks are accepted. They should not have appeared online before! We are looking forward to see what you ALL have to share, so please create away & have fun! 1. BACKGROUND: At specified times as determined by DS Creative Magazine, DS Creative Magazine will select images for inclusion in the DS Creative Magazine. The following rules, regulations, terms and conditions (collectively the �Terms and Conditions�) shall apply. 2. ELIGIBILITY: Entrants are ineligible where the legal requirements or restrictions of any jurisdiction prohibit eligibility of an individual. DS Creative Magazine, in its sole discretion, shall determine the eligibility of Entrants. Entrants that do not comply with the Terms and Conditions are not eligible. Staff of DS Creative magazine are ineligible to enter. 3. HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR IMAGE: In addition to other conditions which may be specified by DS Creative Magazine, to submit your image entry (�Image Entry�), please email contest.dscreative.mag@gmail.com with your image attached and with the title of the contest the image is being submitted for. The Image Entry MUST NOT: (i) contain any copyrighted works (other than as owned by you, the Entrant); (ii) contain vulgar, pornographic, obscene or indecent behavior or images; (iii) defame or libel any third party; (iv) been licensed or (v) contain any watermarks or other notices, whether digital or otherwise, obstructing the image Entry. image Entries that do not comply with these Terms & Conditions or that otherwise contain prohibited or inappropriate content as determined by DS Creative Magazine, in its sole discretion, will not be shared. Automated entries (including but not limited to entries submitted using any robot, script, macro, or other automated service) are not permitted and will be disqualified. DS Creative Magazine is not responsible for technical failures of any kind, including without limitation, any failure of Instagram or any other website, any internet connection problems, technical malfunction of any computer on-line systems, servers, access providers, computer equipment, software, failure of any e-mail or entry to be received on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the internet or at any website, or any combination thereof including any injury or damage to an Entrant�s computer or electronic device or any other person’s computer or electronic device (collectively, �Technical Failures�), all of which may affect the Entrant�s ability to participate. DS Creative Magazine reserves the right to disqualify any Entrant and to seek any remedy at law or equity in the event you, in DS Creative Magazine� reasonable opinion: tamper with any website, the entry process; violate the Terms and Conditions herein; or act in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner. Once a image is submitted it cannot be changed, altered or modified. DS Creative Magazine has no obligation to post any images submitted; all sharing or posting of images is done in DS Creative Magazine�s sole discretion. Image submissions close for all issues on the 22nd on the month before the 1st. 4. IMAGE SELECTION. The images to be featured in the DS Creative Magazine will be selected by DS Creative Magazine based on perceived quality, creativity, artistic merit, and other criteria, which may be identified by DS Creative Magazine. All decisions of DS Creative Magazine regarding submissions are final and binding. If your image Entry is selected, you may be asked to sign a confirmation of eligibility and compliance with these Terms and Conditions, a publicity/liability release (unless prohibited by law), and/or any other documents which you must return within the time period stipulated in such documents. If your image Entry is selected, you may also be asked to provide confirmation of identification either by passport, driver�s license or other documentation that may be required to provide DS Creative Magazine with proof that you are the authorized account holder of the Instagram account associated with the selected image Entry. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in disqualification. DS Creative Magazine reserves the right, in its absolute discretion to remove any image Entry, at any time, from the DS Creative 50 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

Magazine Instagram Page, or any other website, for any reason whatsoever. 5. RIGHT TO USE: By submitting your image Entry, you grant DS Creative Magazine the right and permission (except where prohibited by law) to copy, reproduce, encode, store, transmit, publish, post, broadcast, display, adapt, exhibit and/or otherwise use or reuse (without limitation as to when, duration, or the number of times), the image Entry and your: name; image; voice; persona; sobriquet; likeness; statements; and biographical material in the DS Creative Magazine, the DS Creative Magazine Facebook group located at https://www.facebook.com/groups/dazcreative/, the DS Creative Magazine Facebook page located at https:// www.facebook.com/DSCreativeMagazine, the DS Creative Magazine Tumblr page located at http://dscreativemagazine.tumblr. com/ and the DSCreative Magazine twitter account located at https://twitter.com/DSCreative_Mag for purposes of administering and advertising, DS Creative Magazine; all of the foregoing without additional review, compensation, notice to, or approval from you or any other party, unless prohibited by law. By entering the Spotlight, you consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of the information described herein. 6. REPRESENTATIONS & WARRANTIES: By submitting an image, you represent and warrant that: (i) you have all rights and necessary consents or permission to submit the image for use set forth herein, including consent and permission for DS Creative Magazine�s use from any individual featured in the image; (ii) your image does not infringe any third party intellectual property, privacy or publicity rights or any other legal or moral rights to any party, (iii) each image Entry was created by you; (iv) you will use the image Entry for personal use purposes only and will not be used for any commercial purpose or conduct that is of commercial character, whether or not it is used in the expectation of profit; and (v) you are complying with these Terms & Conditions. 7. RELEASE: BY SUBMITTING AN IMAGE ENTRY, YOU AND EACH OF YOUR HEIRS, SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS RELEASES AND AGREES TO HOLD HARMLESS DS Creative Magazine AND ITS PARENT, SUBSIDIARIES, AND AFFILIATES, AND THEIR RESPECTIVE DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, INSPECTORS AND AGENTS FROM ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER (WHETHER ARISING IN CONTRACT, TORT OR ANY OTHER LEGAL THEORY) FOR ANY CLAIMS, COSTS, LOSSES, OR DAMAGES OF ANY KIND (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, THOSE RELATED TO PERSONAL INJURY, DEATH, DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, INFRINGEMENT OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS, RIGHTS OF PUBLICITY OR PRIVACY OR DEFAMATION) ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH: (I) SUBMITTING; OR (II) OTHERWISE ARISING OUT OF OR RELATING TO SUBMITTING. 8. INDEMNIFICATION: You agree to indemnify and hold harmless DS Creative Magazine and its parent, subsidiaries and affiliates and their respective officers, directors and employees (�Indemnified Parties�) from any and all claims, damages, expenses, costs (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) and liabilities (including settlements), brought or asserted by any third party against the Indemnified Parties due to or arising out of his or her entry or conduct during and in connection with submitting, including but not limited to any claims for trademark, copyright, or other intellectual property right infringements, right of publicity, right of privacy or defamation whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence) or any other legal theory. 9. DISCLAIMER AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: DS Creative Magazine MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, REGARDING ENTRANT’S PARTICIPATION. DS Creative Magazine SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS, DAMAGE, COST, OR INJURY THAT ARISES FROM OR RELATES TO PARTICIPATION, OR BEING SELECTED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: (I) LATE, LOST, DELAYED, DAMAGED, MISDIRECTED, INCOMPLETE, OR UNINTELLIGIBLE image ENTRIES; (II) TECHNICAL FAILURES (AS DEFINED ABOVE); (III) FAILED, INCOMPLETE, GARBLED, OR DELAYED COMPUTER TRANSMISSIONS; (IV) THE DOWNLOADING OF ANY MATERIAL IN CONNECTION WITH THE SPOTLIGHT; AND (V) ANY OTHER CONDITION THAT MAY CAUSE THE SPOTLIGHT TO BE DISRUPTED OR CORRUPTED. DS Creative Magazine RESERVES THE RIGHT, SUBJECT TO APPLICABLE LAW, IN ITS SOLE DISCRETION AND WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE, TO SUSPEND OR CANCEL OR ALTER THE RULES FOR ANY REASON, IN WHOLE OR IN PART, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, IF AT ANY TIME A COMPUTER VIRUS, TECHNICAL PROBLEM, OR OTHER UNFORESEEABLE EVENT ALTERS OR CORRUPTS THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE SPOTLIGHT.

DS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 51


DS Creative needs a small army of people help make it happen, so to those people who helped make issue 24, A very big Thank You. month

The DS Creative Team

Comic Strip Brent Bowers

52 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE


Bowski Daniel Wright Katherine Briggs Seliah

Free GiftS Fredel

THE TEAM Camilla Drakenborg Phil Thompson Totte Alm Matt Allgood Sanyel Jackson Jamie Somers Bobbie Brundon Jeffrey


Adrian Schmit Bellatryx Bowski Camilla Drakenborg Charlie McDonald Damned Comic Daniel Wright Eric Johnson EsaPesa Fantail451 Ginger Lee McKee Ginger Price Gran22 Jennifer Vander Kooi Karisma Ktoya LaMuserie Lyam L Markus Ba Mithoron R.P. Callahan Rian Bergwerff Sandra Bauser Seliah SkyDaddyD Theresa Herlocker

DS CREATIVE • September 2016 • 53

I’m Just waiting for my copy of DS Creative Only available at Issuu.com

DS Creative Issue 25 • 1st November 2016

54 • September 2016 • DS CREATIVE

Artwork by Camilla Drakenborg