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A mimicry artist, a stand up comedian, an actor as

12 years back with Vaishali Samant in a remix song

well as a singer is how Navin Prabahkar described

called “Dhagala Lagli Kala� but nobody remembers

himself when he met Youth Eye on the eve of his

him then, though the song became very popular. It is

Bollywood Dhamaka program in Pune on 29th May.

only after he took up comedy that his presence was

Having shot to fame after his mimicry in Paichan Kon

felt strongly in this industry and he even travelled

about a bar dancer girl named Julie he has never had

across the globe to countries like Holland, USA,

to look back as he made a mark in stand up comedy.

Canada and London etc. for his shows. Youth Eye

Surprisingly, he had appeared on the silver screen

finds out more about this versatile personality.

Youth Eye | July 2010 | 38

YE: Are you interested in continuing as a stand up comedian or plan to make a mark in films? Navin: As a stand up comedian I have done enough, now I want to prove myself as an actor. I have already done a number of Marathi and Hindi films such as ‘No Problem’, ‘Love Sometimes’, ‘Mujhe Ramuji Se Milna Hai’ etc. There is a lot of scope and talent in this industry but if one is not talented you can get thrown out of the industry. I am getting film offers because of Paichan Kon. YE: So do you like comedy or not? Navin: Of course, I do, it is because of comedy that I made a mark. There are all kinds of comedy such as Slapstick comedy, Satires, Parody etc. If get a well conceptualized script I would like to do another comedy. I know my capacity and capability. YE: Is making people laugh a tough job? Navin: Yes, if you do not get the right timing. YE: Who are the comedians you like and what is the scope in this field? Navin: Mr Jonny lever has been my inspiration and I feel is a perfect comedian who can enact any role with ease. Then, I have met many artists who have been excellent comedians such as Kishore Kumarji, Ashok Kumarji and among the new lot is Cyrus who is popular for his one liners, Javed Jaffery for his serious comedy, Sajid Khan for his in house jokes, Sumeet Raghavan who is a versatile TV actor and made his mark in Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai, a role I would love to play. Then there are comedians with negative shades such as Shakti Kapoor, Jagdish and Asrani etc. so comedy also has a lot of variety and scope. YE: Favorite Actors… Navin: Akshay Khanna, Abhay Deol, Rahul Bose. YE: Five all time favorite Bollywood films…… Navin: • Mother India • Partner • Kunwara Baap • Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai • Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge YE: Favorite Hollywood Actor….. Navin: Al Pachino YE: Favorite Hollywood Movie…… Navin: High School Musical. YE: How do like Pune? Navin: The atmosphere in Pune is blessed I feel for artists. There have been renowned artists from here such as Pu La Deshpande, Dilip Prabhawalkar, Ram Nagarkar, Atre etc. If one can get the appreciation of the audience here then you can do well in any part of the world. I have performed in S.P. College and Camp and people have enjoyed my performance, especially the Marathi audience they love my comedy. (He then enacted a few funny mimicries making us break into peals of laughter) YE: If not a comedian, then what? Navin: I cannot imagine what I would be without this, maybe giving a motivational lecture to youngsters or students.

Youth Eye | July 2010 | 39

YE: Is there a real ‘Julie’ that exists? Navin: No, it is just a character. However, it is a real life character who I once observed in my struggling period when I was, waiting outside a telephone booth, for a lady to finish her call. She was a very crude lady who spoke very rudely when I enquired about how long she would be taking to finish the call and the next moment turned to her lover and continued the sweet talk. I wondered what an actress this lady was and this is how I was motivated to create ‘Julie’. YE: Which areas do you like in Pune? Navin: I like Parvati, Camp, Sadashiv Peth, Balgandharva and its surrounding areas. Now Wakad is also getting quite popular. In fact I just happened to buy my own 2 bedroom flat at Hinjewadi which I got at a fairly reasonable rate. Irfan Khan has a bungalow and was convincing me to buy one but at that time I did not have sufficient money. When I do I too plan to buy one. YE: When you do shows abroad such as in Holland how do you mould your act to suit the audience there? Navin: In Holland for example, Bhojpuri is quite popular. Those who know just Hindi or English face difficulties while enacting in front of such an audience. I performed in Bhojpuri for 25 minutes and the people there appreciated my performance. I also found that radio performances were popular there and I gave several radio shows. The people who heard me on radio thought I was much older than I actually am due to my matured voice quality. YE: What is your dream? Navin: Naturally every actor will say an Oscar. I would want to be known as a good actor and a versatile one. I have taken an acting course from Shri Kishore Namit Kapoorji and am still waiting for my dream role to happen. We wish that for you too! As told to Youth Eye Pooja Bolinjkar & Karishma Karnik

Youth Eye - Navin Prabhakar  
Youth Eye - Navin Prabhakar  

Youth Eye interviews renowned comedian Navin Prabhakar