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From Page 31 investigator Cassandra Slick, a former Newark cop, and her white partner, philanthropist Laura Charles. 9. “Consequences,” by Skyy (King’s Crossing, 304 pp., $15.95 pb). School’s back in and there’s a lot of unfinished business to handle.

As Lena prepares for her wedding day, she can’t help but think about Denise, her sexy b-ball roommate, who almost stole her away. GAY 1. “The Passing Game: Queering Jewish American Culture,” by Warren Hoffman (Syracuse University Press, 206 pp., $24.95 hb). “His probing readings not only

bring fresh insights to these works, but also invite readers to rethink how gender and sexuality are engaged, even as they are disguised or obscured, in modern Jewish culture generally,” said Jeffrey Shandler, Jewish studies professor at Rutgers University. 2. “False Colors,” by Alex Beecroft (Running Press, 333 pp., $12.95 pb). With the arrival of his

former captain — and lover — on the scene of the disastrous mission, Alfie is torn between the security of his past and the uncertain promise of a future with the straight-laced John. 3. “Straight Lies,” by Rob Byrnes (Kensington, 288 pp., $15 pb). Chase LaMarca and Grant Lambert get information that gay icon Romeo Romero is actually straight, but their incompetent associate loses the incriminating videotape in a cab. Before LaMarca and Lambert can retrieve the tape, it falls into the hands of tabloid reporter Ian Hadley, who has blackmail on his mind, too. 4. “Transgressions,” by Erastes (Running Press, 381 pp., $12.95 pb). The fair David is drawn to his father’s new apprentice. And though his father treats them both as if they

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were brothers, David’s feelings toward the shy Jonathan develop as they hide their growing physical relationship. That is, until the fateful moment when local gossips force David’s father to banish him to protect the family name. 5. “Blind Fall,” by Christopher Rice (Pocket Books, 302 pp., $15 pb). Rice delivers the gripping story of an Iraq War vet seeking redemption and revenge when one of his fellow Marines is brutally murdered. 6. “Between Men 2: Original Fiction by Today’s Best Gay Writers,” edited by Richard Canning (Alyson Books, 288 pp., $15.95 pb). There’s something for everyone. Moving beyond tales of coming-out stories, “Between Men 2” is filled with the stories of men with something revelatory to say about the gay experience and, moreover, the human experience. 7. “Fool for Love: New Gay Fiction,” edited by Timothy Lambert (Cleis Press, 268 pp., $14.95 pb). For all those who think love has gone the way of the eighttrack tape comes a collection of new gay fiction designed to reignite their belief in love and romance. 8. “Best Gay Love Stories 2010,” edited by Brad Nichols (Alyson Press, 288 pp., $15.95 pb). Everybody needs a little love in his or her life, so whether you’re missing your special someone or just want a reminder of why you fell in love in the first place, this collection is filled with stories that reflect the many faces of love, and what makes it worthwhile. 9. “The Unfinished Poems,” by C.P. Cavafy (Knopf, 121 pp., $30 hb). Powerfully moving, searching and wise, Cavafy’s poetry and the brilliant stories he tells make the historical personal. ■

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JUNE 5 - 11, 2009


PGN June 5 - 11, 2009 edition  
PGN June 5 - 11, 2009 edition  

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