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Impact Report

2019-2020: IMPACT REPORT • 1

Investing in Today’s Youth, Training Tomorrow’s Leaders

TABLE OF CONTENTS Reflection: A Remarkable Season. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Transformation: A New Name Reflecting Historic Growth and Impact. . . . 2 Possibilities: Providing Musical Pathways for all Students. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Impact: 2019-2020 Season at a Glance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Access: Addressing the City’s Resource Gaps in Music Education. . . . . . . . 8 Innovation: Responding to a Changing World. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Celebration: Focusing on Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging . . . . . 12 Collaboration: Impacting the Music Ecosystem. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Gratitude: Thank You to our Supporters. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

Our Mission

The PYO Music Institute uses extraordinary music education through the pursuit of music excellence to inspire a strong sense of character, discipline, commitment, and community for our diverse student population.


Dear Friends, The 2019-2020 season was a remarkable one in many

Thank you for being part of this remarkable season. Your

ways. We were thrilled to celebrate our 80th anniversary

support and commitment have ensured that we continue

of serving youth with transformative music education.

to train the next generation of leaders with the best in

We marvel at the growth of our organization and know

orchestral music education.

that it is because of you—our community of patrons, partners, music educators, and supporters—that we

As we enter the next phase of our organization, we hope

continue to offer our students the best in orchestral

you will continue to support us as we provide life-changing

music education.

music education to our talented and dedicated students.

Our organization has dramatically grown and expanded

With all best regards,

over the past 15 years, and so our 80th Anniversary milestone presented an ideal occasion to implement changes that reflect this growth. Our new organizational banner, PYO Music Institute, conveys the breadth and depth of our programs and the impact we are having on more students in more ways than ever. The timing of this change could not be more appropriate. Music is a great unifier of people and a vehicle for social

Louis Scaglione President and Music Director

change. Being a member of an orchestra is a model for community as it brings people together as peers from all segments of our society to play in harmony. Now is the time when we must listen to each other, learn from one another, and grow together.

Dear Friends

This season was also remarkable in that our society

was greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this report, we outline many of the innovations and

opportunities that have come from this challenging time. The work of our students and faculty this season is a

testament to their resiliency and continued pursuit of excellence.

2019-2020: IMPACT REPORT • 1

Transformation: A New Name Reflecting Historic Growth and Impact Founded in 1939, the organization has had a solid trajectory of growth over its 80-year history. Through the support of many donors and patrons, we now provide a musical learning pathway for nearly 600 students annually ages six to 21. It is an understatement to say we outgrew our name! So to better convey the breadth, depth, and impact of our programs, we have adopted a new organizational banner: PYO Music Institute. Under this new name and appearance, we will continue to provide our students with excellent music education while growing in offerings to train the next generation of leaders. Thank you for journeying with us into this new season of our organization.

Š 1939 Germantown Youth Orchestra is established

Germantown Youth Orchestra becomes incorporated


2 • 2019-2020: IMPACT REPORT

1951 Organization is renamed to Youth Orchestra of Greater Philadelphia

Organization is renamed to Philadelphia Youth Orchestra


1995 Philadelphia Young Artists Orchestra is established








Bravo Brass is invited into the PYO Organization


2007 Prysm Strings is established

Tune Up Philly – Orchestral Pathways Program is established



PYO Organization is renamed to PYO Music Institute

Young Musicians Debut Orchestra is established


2019-2020: IMPACT REPORT • 3

Possibilities: Providing Musical Pathways for All Students In addition to a new name for our parent organization, several PYO Music Institute ensembles also have new names to more clearly reflect their role and purpose. Your support sustains PYO Music Institute’s expansive musical continuum, so every student finds a home within an ensemble with a clear trajectory for their future endeavors.

4 • 2019-2020: IMPACT REPORT


Next Phase of Musical and Personal Development


Philadelphia Youth Orchestra

Advanced Beginner




Philadelphia Young Artists Orchestra

Non-PYO Music Institute Programs (i.e., arts high school, Musicopia, etc.)



Young Musicians Debut Orchestra


TUNE UP PHILLY Orchestral Pathways Program


Non-PYO Music Institute instruction (i.e., private lessons, Suzuki, school music program)

The City School - Poplar Studios

The City School – Fairmount Studios

The City School – Spruce Hill Studios

People for People Charter School Studio

St. Helena-Incarnation Catholic School Studios

St. Barnabas Catholic School Studios

Marianna Bracetti Academy Charter School Studios

St. James School Studios

Salvation Army Kroc Center Studios

2019-2020: IMPACT REPORT • 5

Impact: 2019-2020 Season at a Glance

Students come from a Over 500 Students

70-mile radius

$110,000 provided in Financial Aid 47% of. Students Receive Free or Reduced Tuition

62 Faculty Members 16% are Alumni of the PYO Music Institute 29% are Philadelphia Orchestra musicians

6 • 2019-2020: IMPACT REPORT

Programming 7 Days a Week 7 PYO Concerts Broadcast on Radio Station WRTI-90.1 FM to Over 300,000 Listeners

8 College and Conservatory Audition Preparation Classes Offered

12 Live and Virtual Concerts

87 Graduates are currently attending 45 Colleges, university and conservatories in 18 states and 2 countries 17% are attending Ivy League schools 46% plan to major in music


305 Donors Gave $703,745 in contributed revenue


2019-2020: IMPACT REPORT • 7

Access: Addressing the City’s Resource Gaps in Music Education We believe every child should have access to joy and beauty through the life-affirming and character-building pursuit of the arts. Committed to equitable access to music, Tune Up Philly

Within 10 years, Tune Up Philly has proven that its model

provides music education in Philadelphia’s most under-

creates happy musicians who take pride in their artform

served areas of Philadelphia where resources and access

and abilities. These students take with them the values

to music instruction are limited. In addressing these gaps

learned in Tune Up Philly—dedication, goal-setting,

in arts access through school partnerships, Tune Up

creativity and teamwork—beyond their time in the

Philly makes participation in music a reality for hundreds

program, and many go on to become critical members

of students and families.

of every audition-based ensemble and magnet and arts high school in the city.


A The City School (Fairmount Campus) 860 N 24th St, Philadelphia, PA 19130

B People for People Charter 800 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19130

C The City School (Poplar Campus) 910 N 6th St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

D The City School (Spruce Hill Campus) 4115 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104

E St. Barnabas Catholic School 6334 Buist Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19142

F St. James School 3217 W Clearfield St, Philadelphia, PA 19132

G Salvation Army Kroc Center 4200 Wissahickon Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129

H St. Helena-Incarnation Catholic School 6101 N 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19120

I Marianna Bracetti Academy 1840 Torresdale Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19124

MAP: With nine program sites ranging from Southwest Philly to Fairmount and throughout North Philadelphia, Tune Up Philly works to remove barriers and ensure that the performing arts represent our city’s demographics.

8 • 2019-2020: IMPACT REPORT










“Tune Up Philly affected me in a very positive, very motivating, very elevating way. It helped me grow as a person and influenced me in my life as a musician. They taught me to be confident in who I am and don’t let anybody limit your abilities.” — Christopher Michael Wise III, flute

THEN AND NOW: Christopher Michael Wise, III, flute Chris joined Tune Up Philly at the Salvation Army Kroc Center in 2014. He advanced in his skills and matriculated to and advanced to CAPA, Philadelphia’s High School for the Creative and Performing Arts. Within the PYO Music Institute, Chris advanced through the Young Musicians Debut Orchestra and now plays in the Philadelphia Young Artists Orchestra.

2019-2020: IMPACT REPORT • 9

10 • 2019-2020: IMPACT REPORT

Relevance: Responding to a Changing World Educational Innovation During the Pandemic Often, the times of greatest challenge lead to the greatest innovation. When faced with not being able to meet in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we quickly shifted our programming online to continue serving our students. Digital Learning:

Audition Support Videos:

Each program division pivoted to offer virtual group

Musicians of The Philadelphia Orchestra recorded 18

sectionals, conversations, and instruction. For students

videos for auditioning students. Each video shared helpful

with limited access to bandwidth, teaching artists

pointers on scales and excerpts required for auditions.

provided asynchronous learning content accessible on YouTube and the PYO Music Institute website.

Virtual Orchestra Projects: As year-end capstone projects, each program division

Online Auditions:

produced virtual concerts made from individual student

For the first time ever, PYO Music Institute offered online

performances. The whole is truly greater than sum of its

auditions via Acceptd. Thanks to investment from our

parts! Alumni were also invited to participate, and over

dedicated donors, we were able to cover fees assessed

80 joined in. You can watch these performances at www.

by the platform and continue to offer auditions free of


charge. In this and many other ways, supporters help us remain committed to removing barriers to accessing

Celebrating Virtually:

excellent music education.

We were proud to present our first-ever virtual celebration, An Evening of Harmony, to conclude our 80th anniversary season. The live-streamed event featured performances by PYO Music Institute students, recognition of Helen T. Carp, Distinguished Service

When faced with not being able to

Award, and Ovation Award recipients, and virtual

meet in person due to the COVID-19

4,000 views! We are grateful for the opportunity to share

pandemic, we quickly shifted

significant individuals and organizations that

orchestra performances. The video has attracted over our students’ accomplishments and to recognize those have supported their work. 

our programming online to continue serving our students.

Members of the Young Musicians Debut Orchestra created a virtual performance of Finlandia by Jean Sibelius.

2019-2020: IMPACT REPORT • 11

“I enjoyed my time in the PMAY program. Overall, I’m thankful that they helped introduce me to my teacher because she helped me grow my confidence and always brought something new to the table.” — Gevon Goddard, cello, PYO ‘20

12 • 2019-2020: IMPACT REPORT

Celebration: Focusing on Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging PYO Music Institute has long served a diverse student and family population. Our commitment to and support for diversity and inclusion has been implicit throughout our history. As we progress the organization, we recognize that this implicit commitment needs to be made more explicit. We also aim to further foster equity and a strong sense of welcome and belonging. We are taking many concrete steps toward these ends.

Impact of PMAY Artist’s Initiative

New Board of Trustees Committee on Diversity,

Through the Philadelphia Music Alliance for Youth (PMAY)

Inclusion, Equity and Belonging (DIEB)

Artist’s Initiative, funded in part by the Andrew W. Mellon

The PYO Music Institute Board of Trustees has established

Foundation, PYO Music Institute supports students from

a new committee to examine and improve the Institute’s

under-represented and low-income communities. We

current policies, practices, and programs related to DIEB.

provide students with financial resources and mentorship in their journey towards college or conservatory. In the

Commitment to Diverse Repertoire

2019-2020 season, 35 PMAY Artists participated in our

As part of our ongoing commitment to diversity and

ensembles, and eight matriculated to schools such as

inclusion and our work to use music as a vehicle for social

Temple University, Peabody Conservatory, Cleveland

change, beginning in the 2020-21 season, we will program

Institute of Music, and Colburn Conservatory.

repertoire by diverse composers for every ensemble and program division.

PYO Music Institute Joins ACCESS Philly In the 2019-2020 season, tickets to all concerts offered by the PYO Music Institute became available to Pennsylvania ACCESS card holders for $2. ACCESS Philly, a city-wide initiative led by Art-Reach, empowers individuals and families who come from a low-income household, or

“PMAY was a great help to me and my musical future. I liked having a lot

those with disabilities, to engage with arts and culture in

of opportunities to perform, and the

the Greater Philadelphia region at a rate they can afford.

masterclasses offered were insightful

Thank you for sustaining us in our mission to expand access, both for our students and audiences.

experiences. — Gabriel Gaw, bass, PYO ‘19

2019-2020: IMPACT REPORT • 13

Collaboration: Impacting the Music Ecosystem While our students are the heart and soul of the PYO Music Institute, we are also proud to support an entire network of musicians and individuals.

Radio Audience

Guest Artists

The Philadelphia Youth Orchestra

In November 2019, PYO musicians partnered with guest

maintains a close relationship with

conductor Josephine Lee and vocalist Lisa Fischer and

radio station WRTI 90.1-FM, which

her band, Grand Baton, for a concert in Verizon Hall as

broadcasts PYO concert recordings

part of Kimmel Center Presents!

weekly in November and May to an audience of approximately 300,000 listeners. PYO was featured seven times in the 2019-20 season.

Community Partners Tune Up Philly partnered with the Barnes Foundation to plan a Friday evening outing for TUP cellists (Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra performed a Haydn Cello Concerto).

Music Majors We support our students who desire to pursue a post-secondary education in music through our College and Conservatory Audition Preparation program (CCAP). This series of information sessions and mock auditions (presented by faculty from The Philadelphia Orchestra) for juniors and seniors offers insight into choosing a school, performing trial lessons, and taking auditions.

14 • 2019-2020: IMPACT REPORT

Music Educators The Ovation Award honors an outstanding music teacher who, while imparting musical knowledge, builds character, self-confidence and capabilities that position students for success in every aspect of their lives. This year’s Ovation Award recipient, Susan Ohrt, received the most nominations—37!—in the award’s history.

Composers The PYO Music Institute strengthens the next generation of composers by performing the winning composition of our Young Composers Competition. This season, we took a hiatus on the competition to commission alumnus Sheridan Seyfried to write a piece, entitled “Flourishes and Dreams,” for PYO’s 80th Anniversary Festival Concert.

Alumni We launched an Alumni Network for our more than 5,000 alumni in 20192020. During the holiday season, the Alumni Network joined PYO for a Holiday Side-by-Side. The combined 160-piece orchestra read through Aaron Copland’s Third Symphony and played fun holiday tunes including Anderson’s “Sleigh Ride” and excerpts from Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker.

2019-2020: IMPACT REPORT • 15

Gratitude: Thank You to our Supporters Foundations Abele Family Foundation, Inc Betty and D. Walter Cohen Foundation, in honor of Louis Scaglione Charities Aid Foundation of America Charitable Foundation Dominion Energy Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation Citizens Charitable Foundation Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation Foundation for Individual Liberty GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Bruce A. Hauptfuhrer Charitable Fund The Allen Hilles Fund Leroy Kean Family Foundation McGinley Family Foundation The McLean Contributionship Morelli Family Charitable Fund Neubauer Family Foundation The Carter A. Pottash Family Charitable Fund Presser Foundation Psalm 103 Foundation Rosenlund Family Foundation Caroline J. Sanders Trust #2 The Huston Foundation The Maguire Foundation The Seattle Foundation Howell Lockhart Seiple Trust William Penn Foundation

Music @ Menlo National Philanthropic Trust Paul E. Stevens Violins Philadelphia Insurance Companies Philadelphia International Music Festival Philadelphia Music and Arts Festival PIDC Community Capital Group PNC Bank Point CounterPoint Republic Bank SAP SE Settlement Music School Sewanee Summer Music Festival Shenandoah Conservatory  St. Mary’s Episcopal Church The Haverford Trust Company U-Now Associates, LLC UHS of Delaware/Pennsylvania United Way of Midland County University of Rochester WRTI-FM WSFS Bank

Corporations/Organizations/Advertisers 4 Storage Group, LLC Amazon Smile Arts Aid PHL COVID-19 Relief Fund Bachrach Photography Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University Catholic University Citizens Bank Cleveland Institute of Music Colburn School Comcast Corporation Citizens Bank David Michie Violins Eastern US Music Camp Mount Airy Violins and Bows FIS Group, Inc. Global Indemnity Group Services, LLC Hartt School of Music at University of Hartford Holman Automotive Group, Inc. Jacobs Music Company Johnson and Johnson Kozloff Charitable Fund J.W. Pepper and Son, Inc. Liberty Mutual Insurance Meridian Bank Microsoft Morgan Stanley Gift Fund

Benefactor ($5,000 and Up) Lois and Julian Brodsky Joseph and Marie Field James and Susan Matour David R. McShane Denise Houghton and David Michie Sandra Muller, in memory of Pina Templeton Mr. Mark Nicoletti Susan E.T. Petrone Mr. Robert Pick Alice and Walter Strine, Esq.

16 • 2019-2020: IMPACT REPORT

Government Citizens for the Arts in Pennsylvania National Endowment for the Arts-Council on the Arts COVID Grants Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Philadelphia Cultural Fund

Guarantor ($2,500 to $4,999) Dr. Kenneth Blank Robert T. Foley  Kathy and Frank Dilenschneider Dr. and Mrs. Joseph DiMauro Penelope P. Harris Sarah and Zachary Johns, Esq. Terrence and Elizabeth McCabe Heather Moore Devine Drs. James W. Buehler and Lydia Ogden Carl and Christina Primavera Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Smith Ms. Denise Valmé-Lundy, Esq.

Patron ($1,000 to $2,499) Joan and Wilbert Abele Doris E. Abelson Willo Carey and Peter A. Benoliel Ryan Daniel Billings Robert and Darlene Cavalier Larry Chou Elizabeth Cisar Gloria DePasquale Dorothy and Frank Giordano Kevin Greenwald and Sunny Woodward Drs. Robert Day and Trude Haecker Jennifer Hsieh Jane Koh Maureen and William Quinn Suzanne Root Judith Reich and DG Sarsfield Charlotte Sibley Leslie and Frank Skilton Kelly and Don Suh Michele Markel Tornetta Michael and Kathy Warhol Lawrence McMichael and Patricia Wellenbach Pamela Patton and Eric White Donor ($500 to $999) Howard Aaronson Max Ahn and Ellen Kim Arnaldo and Sandra Cavazos Anne Callahan and Charles Croce Stephen Crane Dr. Dennis W. Creedon Linda and Geoffrey Donoho Gary and Deborah Dorshimer Rosalind Erwin and David Schneider Linda Fisher Helen Gerhold Elizabeth Gillman Joanne and Walter Jenkins, Esqs. John Nicholas Jones Jennifer Li Denise Mann John and Nathalie May Michael Precopio, in honor of Anna Devine Hong Yu and Zhigang Qi Diane J. Sigmund, in honor of Trevor Russin Jennifer and Scott Simpson David and Peggy Stedman David Steiner Martin B. Wilensky Contributor ($250 to $499) Joohyun Lee and Vaughn Adams, in honor of Hannah Adams Mr. Elie and Dr. Joni Antar Dan Berkowitz Sandra and Steven Bernasek Benita and Anthony Checchia

Design: Eastern Standard

Maria and Chris Christou Joseph Conyers Lisa and Joseph Dallas Helen Eaton Sing-Yi Feng Mandi Jo and David Hanneke Hiroshi Iizuka Christine and Phil Johnson Danielle and Brian Johnson Carole Weintraub Kauffman Michael and Terez Kearney Marlena Robinson Kleit Amy McCole James and Pamela Murray Maromi Nei Barbara Noseworthy Dr. Ruth Rappaport Bettye C. Ricks Dr. Eric and Catherine Rosenberg Dr. Harry Rosenthal Zhenwen Fu and Feng Sang, in honor of Matthew Fu Selma and Samuel Savitz Barry M. Slaff Rheta R. Smith James M. Stevenson D.D.S, in honor of Annika Stevenson Suzanne and Robert Wertz Henry Wu Friends (Up to $249) A. W. McMichael Daniel Ankeles Claire M. Arnold Leslie Bahler Julie Bailey Dagny Moll Barone Nathaniel Ovid Barrett Robin and Nancy Becker David and Cynthia Beekley David and Barbara Benglian Dara Berger Frances Berkman David V. and Kathryn Bianculli Brandon Bock Linda Bowker Kathleen Breslin Laura A. Buckwald Katherine and Thomas Burke Robert Busser, in honor of Grace Busser Donald J. and Janice H. Butterworth Catherine Cary Pamela Chapman, in honor of Margaret W. Palmer Kai-Zu Chi Charlene Clarke Elizabeth Cochran, in memory of Ruth Rappaport Mr. Peter S. Cressman Joseph, Veronica and Olivia Cwynar, in honor of Louis Scaglione Peter and Dore Dabback Yona Dansky

Eileen T. DeMarco Jonathan and Lara Dick, in honor of Nat White William and Valorie Dick, in honor of Nat White Dave and Kathy Dinella Jay Donner Cristin Dziekonski Linda Ecker Kathleen Einspanier Michael Foster Evan and Carol Frey Sonal Gambhir Stephen Geraci Kris and Jeff Grabell Carol Gray Roy Winnick and Catherine Harper William and Jane Heintzelman Daphne Hill Lisa and William Hoffman William and Karen Hoffman Joseph H. Jacovini Ms. Eleanor Diane James Mr. Roger M. Janssen Richard and Sandy Josephs Rita Karmiol, in honor of Lily Pollock Jianna Jia Kim Kenneth and Mary Louise Kubacki Eric and Eunjoo Lancaster John Lane James and Crystal Langdon, in honor of Nat White Susan Lanza-Jacoby Nikki LaVoe D. William Layton Judge Samuel Lehrer Carol and David Levin Joseph Liebel Matthew Ligman William Lober, in memory of Ruth Rappaport William and Lynne MacKnight Jerome and Andrea Mahoney David and Sandra Marshall Dr. Robert and Margarete Marvin Margaret Matlack Cynthia and John McDonald, in memory of Michael Maleno Elizabeth Ray McLean Irene A. Monoyios Luis Montaner Margaret and Robert Morris Hiroshi and Asaki Nakagawa Saman and Susanna Nazarian Hirono Oka Anthony C. Orlando, in memory of Michael Bookspan Dr. and Mrs. Theodore and Irene Oslick William Pacello Eli Pearlman-Storch Christopher Perron Michael and Kelly Perron Glenn and Angela Phillips

Veronica Plousis Pace and Mary Lou Reich, in honor of Thomas and Peter Sarsfield Fei Han and Xiyan Ren Min Zhong and Dejian Ren Albert Rodstein Caroline Walsh and Gregory Rosenberg Ralph Sauer Robert and Judith Schachner Henry and Yumi Scott Dianne Semingson Barbara and Paul Shelton Susan G. Shor, in memory of Robert Grodinsky Shelley Showers Dorothy Spak Skwara David S. Smith Richard Donald Smith Douglas and Michelle Smithman, in memory of Ruth Rappaport Mark and Ann Steinberger Henry Stevens Junping Li and Qiaogong Su Sara Tabby Kay and Arthur Tuch Dr. and Mrs. Richard K. Veleta David and Kathleen Vito Dr. Deborah R. Volker Iles and Dorothy Wauhop Mark and Lesley Weber John and Anne Weller George and Chantal Westby Gwyneth and Benjamin White, in honor of Nat White Jacob and Aubrey White, in honor of Nat White Kathleen and Joel White, in honor of Nat White Rod and Gwen White, in honor of Nat White Ivan and Michele Wolfson Brian Wormley Edward Yarwood Ye Zhang Sidney and Harriet Zilber George Zolot

Thank You 2019-2020: IMPACT REPORT • 17

THANK YOU! For helping inspire a strong sense of character, discipline, commitment, and community for our diverse group of talented young musicians. Donate Today at PYOMusic.org

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