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Space a restorative by Christina Henck


Appearance is not everything when it comes to how an interior feels. The look of a space does not define its energy. Have you ever entered someone’s formal living room that they never use? It’s static, sleepy and feels unwelcoming. Sometimes, you have to liven things up! Home is where the heart is. It’s also where your energy lies. Here are 4 ways ­to enliven a space and support your day-to-day energy.




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et’s face it. Having a beautifully decorated home is the way to make a style statement. Fine furniture, lavish draperies and imported rugs are great ways to impress your guests and make your home sophisticated and elegant.

Burn incense. If you have an argument or a bad day, that energy can be captured in your space. Vanquish negative energies with Nag Champa incense (originating in India & Nepal). Display flowers. Bring fresh flowers in and place somewhere that you’ll see daily. If you’re limited on time or funds, keep green plants in the house. Healthy plants will improve your quality of life and the energy in your space.

Remove electronics. Keep electronics out of the bedroom. Shut down computers and put phones on airplane mode while you sleep, for the quality downtime you deserve. Disconnecting from your devices at night will greatly enhance your energy levels. Embrace art. Take a tip from Alice Dommert, Prasada CEO and Wholebeing Architect: Images, whether they are pictures at your desk or framed on your walls, have a positive impact on energy. Natural places that resonate on a personal level are most powerful. A sunset or a plateau from a familiar location you’ve visited will inspire you daily. These images trigger feel-good hormones that boost energy and reduce stress. Make yourself a simple list of items to do weekly to reinforce new habits and keep positive vibrations in your home! See Prasadawholebeing .com for more of Alice’s exp prh

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