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ways to warm your home when the weather cools down by Christina Henck

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here is more than one way to create a warm space. In the Interior Design World, we consider two types of warmth. The first is aesthetic warmth achieved with accessories, lighting and finishes to enhance a room. The second is functional, physical warmth accomplished with fireplaces and mechanical systems. Consider these solutions for a different approach in revamping your home this season for an inviting living space.

1. Install window boxes – Window boxes are easy to install and are great for city life. Fall flowers can speak to the time of year and add charm. Mums are affordable, and paired with a couple potato vines, they make the perfect fall arrangement. 2. Address interior lighting Every bulb you buy has a scale on the back of the package that tells you the color temperature. The Kelvin Scale ranges from 2700-6500 (warmest to coolest). Choose 3000 – 3500 for year-round use to add a soft, friendly glow. In colder months, add visual warmth with a range of 2700-3000.

3. Texturize - For physical warmth, consider more than weather stripping to warm your home. Hang curtains over windows to block drafts and add insulation. Curtains can change seasonally and will give multiple looks when you need a fresh change. Choose colors like yellows, oranges and reds during cooler months. Velvet and chenille are fabulous fabrics for colder seasons. Think outside the box this year. Cityfriendly ideas that are tasteful and more subtle than fake maple leaves and scarecrows will set your home apart. The goal is to make your house aglow in a modern, fashionable way. prh

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