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PHI TAU HOSTS LEADERSHIP ACADEMY 2012 This summer, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity held its two annual Leadership Academy sessions—the first at Camp Rock Eagle in Eatonton, Ga., and the second at Pilgrim Pines in Yucaipa, Calif. Nearly 100 undergraduates participated in this year’s program. Leadership Academy is Phi Tau’s premier, individualized leadershipdevelopment event. The curriculum guides students to think critically about important issues facing individuals, chapters and the Fraternity, while preparing them to be ethical leaders on their campuses and in their chosen fields. “Leadership Academy is designed to help Phi Tau leaders focus on their strengths,” said Leadership Academy Dean Don Stansberry, Ohio ’87. “For many participants, Leadership Academy was their first Phi Tau event beyond their chapters. The curriculum allows the men to meet brothers from around the country and to learn from each other.” Participants uncovered their strengths and learned how to use them in leadership roles and created personal visions for their chapters. The men participated in a brother-to-brother session, challenge course and Phi Kappa Tau’s traditional Candlelight Ceremony. There was also free time scheduled into each day, allowing participants the time to play basketball, swim, play football or just relax with new friends. “Leadership Academy, to me, is a chance for brothers from all across the nation to come together and build bonds with one another, and also to develop our leadership skills and then take them back to our chapters to help the group develop and grow,” said William Erskine, Shepherd ’12. One Leadership Academy tradition is to recognize a brother at each session with the Cosgrove Spirit and Leadership Award. The award recognizes participants who most clearly demonstrate the spirit of Leadership Academy. Ryan Johnson, Purdue ’12, and Brandon Peterson, Nebraska


Wesleyan ’12, were each honored with the award. Overall, participants had the opportunity to develop themselves as Phi Taus, as men and as leaders. Stansberry said he is excited to continue to help Academy develop as a national program and to aid in the development of Phi Tau’s future legacy through the men that attend Academy. “Academy,” he said, “continues to be a great opportunity for Phi Taus to come together to become better leaders and better men.”

PHI KAPPA TAU UPDATES BRAND Since the beginning of 2011, Phi Kappa Tau has worked with Power Creative, an advertising and design firm in Louisville, Ky. (owned and managed by Phi Kappa Tau alumnus David Power, Louisville ’90), to refresh all aspects of its current brand. At the 60th National Convention in Nashville, Tenn., the official Phi Kappa Tau Style Guide and phase one of the branding process was unveiled. Notable updates include a modernized coat of arms; new “informal brand,” which includes the greek letters; new Foundation lockup, or logo; and the style guide, which specifies font and color use, among other things. “Consistency is key for good brand management,” said Communication Coordinator Lane S. Baldwin. “With so many constituents in and around Phi Kappa Tau, consistency will always be a challenge, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t equip members with the best possible resources to help them succeed. The Fraternity’s updated brand and style guide, which outlines how the new branded resources should be used, will give Phi Kappa Tau better brand recognition, increased success at every level, and an overall cohesive look and feel.”



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The style guide is intended to ensure that members, associate members, volunteers, and Executive Offices staff are able to appropriately and accurately represent the Fraternity through internal and external communications, both printed and electronic. A digital version of the style guide and downloadable brand elements can be found at under “About PKT,” “The Phi Kappa Tau Brand.” If you have questions about Phi Kappa Tau’s brand, please contact


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Fall 2012 Laurel  

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