The Phi Gamma Delta Magazine - Fall 2020

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For the 2020-22 Biennium



Archon President

Nic Loiacono (Illinois 1974) Brother Loiacono was elected Archon President by the 172nd Ekklesia in August 2020. He was first elected to the Archonate as Treasurer at the 168th Ekklesia in 2016, and he served for four years in that role. As an undergraduate, Nic served as President and Treasurer of the Chi Iota Chapter. As a graduate brother, he served on the house corporation of his chapter at Illinois as well as the chapter at Kentucky. Additionally, he was a member of the BCA in the early days of the California State Northridge Chapter. Prior to his election to the Archonate, Nic served the Fraternity on the Financial Advisory Board. Nic has had a successful lifelong career in corporate finance.

Archon Vice President Bill Hunnicutt (Texas Arlington 1981)

Brother Hunnicutt was elected Archon Vice President by the 172nd Ekklesia in August 2020, after 38



being elected Archon Councilor by the 170th Ekklesia in Dallas in July 2018. Bill served the Fraternity as a Section Chief for eight years, and in 2015, he received the Haynes Award as Phi Gamma Delta’s most outstanding Section Chief. He was appointed to the Section Chief Executive Committee in 2014 and was chairman of the SCEC from 2016-18. Bill now works in corporate logistics, having worked in sales and marketing within the polymers/plastics industry for more than 30 years. He has also been involved as a Scouting volunteer for over 20 years.

Archon Treasurer

Don Herman (Calgary 1984) Brother Herman was elected Archon Treasurer by the 172nd Ekklesia in 2020. Prior to his election to the board, Don served on the Board of Directors of the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation of Canada since 2009 and as President from 2016-18. He has also served on the U.S. Foundation Board since 2012 and



as a member of its Investment Committee. Professionally, Don is a portfolio manager at a leading investment firm. Don is involved in the Calgary community as a board member for the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Society and with the Centre for Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise at the University of Alberta.

Archon Secretary

Ed Gabe (Hanover 1990) Brother Gabe was elected Archon Secretary by the 172nd Ekklesia in August 2020 after first being elected Archon Councilor by the 170th Ekklesia in 2018. Ed also served the Fraternity as Ritualist from 2004-17. His other volunteer roles for the Fraternity have included Purple Legionnaire, Section Chief and BCA. Upon his graduation in 1990, he served on the headquarters staff as a Field Secretary and subsequently as Director of Redevelopment, Director of Chapter Services and Director of Communications & Editor.