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queer "On any person who desires such of gift the prizes, New York will bestow ." loneliness and the gift of privacy So begins E.B. White's classic public meditation on that noisiest, most the of American cities. Written during hor and summer of 1948, well after the aut e in denc resi t anen editor had taken up perm ce glan d fon a Maine, Here Is New York is ite Wh n back at the city of his youth, whe beginwas one of the "young worshipful ate sion pas its k ners" who give New Yor n, the e sinc character. Much has changed ngcha yet in a city "both changeless and doubtwill t tha e her gs ing" there are thin now. m fro s year less ring equally true 100 do y tall men To wit, "New Yorkers temper y the if e-not crave comfort and convenienc s lovely did they would live elsewhere." Thi ary of vers anni h new edition marks the 100t E.B. White's birth.

ISBN 1-880559-15-X

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E.B. White


With a new introduction by

Thomas wolfe


"On any person who desires such queer prizes, New York will bestow the gift of loneline ss and the gift of privacy ."

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