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Brand Guidelines V1

Brand Guidelines Version 1, March 2014


Brand Guidelines V1



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Welcome to the ASA limited company brand guidelines. These brand guidelines exist to make our brand look perfect all the time! Follow these guidelines as you create marketing materials, internal and external communications.

Our Design Foundation


All our communications have the same look and feel to them - an over all 'style'. we have several principles to describe this style:

ENERGETIC Our designs are lively and spirited. They show that ASA has the drive and energy to improves lives.

BOLD We want to stand out from All the companies in the same feild. We want to make a statment and, most of all, an impact. Thats becuase we really beilive in what we do! improving the lives of people. We want people to notice us, use our services and inspire millions to get involved.

CLEAR Our designs are always simple, easy to read and understand. we keep the number of elements [ colours, fonts, etc] to a minimum. Every element is there for a reason, this makes sure that our imortant messages always stand out.

Brand Guidelines V1

What ASA is About? We're a company that is focused on children and young adolescents care and the criminal justice system. We offer a placements to young people leaving care between the ages of 16 to 25 years, that are living in the UK.

What is the purpose of our company? We provides a unique approach to supported living, offending behaviour programms and community interventions.

What are our values? We are practical experts We are recognised for our expertise in everything we do. Our reputation is based on constantly improving our skills and involving people in all areas of our work. We’re actionfocused, so we use our expertise to deliver tangible improvements to peoples’ lives.

We inspire others Our shared commitment to what we do inspires us to do our best. Our positive energy inspires people cope with their experience. And our passion will inspire millions of people to get involved.

We are personal We treat everyone we come into contact with as an individual and with care. We listen to their experiences and needs and provide them with the personal support that’s right for them.





Brand Guidelines V1

Our Logo


We use the same version in print, on screen, and on the side of our building. It’s simple, no drop shadows, glossy reflections, or flashy graphic effects.


The symbol Actually consists of a simplified heart from organic to geometric by combining a hexagon shape which represents a behive in its unity and support, and the heart shape which represents love, trust and care. Those all are parts of company traits.


Our logo is the most visible element of our identity, It’s a guarantee of quality that unites our services. It is bold, simple and graphic statement. It signifies love, care, trust, support and unity. It is made up of two elements: The Symbol and logotype.


Logo Clear Space To ensure that our Logo is clearly visible in all applications, surround them with sufficient clear space —free of type, graphics, and other elements that might cause visual clutter—to maximize the recognition and impact of our identity. To ensure the integrity and legibility of the logo lock-ups, the area directly surrounding them should be protected. When the logotype or full name is used, a clear space of 25% the symbol’s height and width should be maintained. 9

LOGO PLACEMENT Corner position

Upper Corner position



Lower Corner position

On any given format -landscape or verticalthe preferred logo placement is in any corner position. 4.2 mm/ 16 px

LOGO MINIMUM SIZE There are no predetermined sizes for ASA logo. Scale and proportion should be determined by the available space, aesthetics, function and visibility. In print the minimum size is 4.2mm.


Brand Guidelines V1

LOGO MISUSES It’s very important to use the ASA logo as described in this guideline, to keep it perfect all the time. Here are some possible misuses of the logo. Please avoid:

DON'T use a color that is not in the given palette.

DON'T rearrange the elements of the logo.

DON'T add a shadow.

DON'T change the proportion between the elements.

DON'T stretch the logo and make it distorted.

DON'T make a graidiant logo.

ASA DON'T rotate the logo.

DON'T change the logotype.

DON'T change the background color.

DON'T change the color of the text.




Brand Guidelines V1

PRINT AND WEB TYPEFACE Use Adobe Hebrew for all communications where possible. It's flexible, easy to read abd accessible. It's uniquely suited for wide range of visual communications. Multiple levels of typographic hierarchy are defined bath for impact and clarity of our communications. 1-Adobe hebrew regular is used for all body texts.


ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789 — &*#@?!/+(.,:;)

ASA's primary typeface is copperplate‭( I‬ t's adjusted by removing some serifs to make it suitable to the company's identity‭)‬ When to use‭: ‬Only in the logo‭. ‬

2-Adobe hebrew blod italic is used for all headlines ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789 — &*#@?!/+(.,:;) 3-Adobe hebrew blod is used for all titles ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789 — &*#@?!/+(.,:;)

TYPESETTING GUIDE The text should always be aligned to the left. It makes it easier to keep reading. The leading in the headlines should be 9% larger than the body text size. To calculate, multiply the type size by 0.9 and add the result to the type size.




Brand Guidelines V1

COLOR PALETTE Our colour palette has only one hue which is green but it has 5 different tints and shades. Why Green? Because it’s associated with: reliability, honesty, optimism, durability, growth, peace, support, good energy, nature, balance and generosity.

R: 63 G:117 B:43 Hex: 3f752b

Pantone: 363 C

R:109 G:156 B:41 Hex: 6d9c29

Pantone: 369 C

R:140 G:181 B:69 Hex: 8cb545

Pantone: 367 C

R:183 G:208 B:95 Hex: b7d05f

Pantone: 374 C

R:206 G:221 B:122 Hex: cedd7a

Pantone: 372 C



Brand Guidelines V1

White logo and black background.

80% black logo with white background.


Black logo and white background.





Brand Guidelines V1

If you have any doubt regarding the use of the brand or any other identity element‭, ‬or you need some brand-related files to work with‭, ‬please don’t hesitate to contact the designer at‭: ‬‭ ‬ Thank you.


ASA Ltd. 2014

ASA Brand Guidelines  
ASA Brand Guidelines