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Please Note: The inclusion of material in, or distributed with, this magazine does not imply the endorsement or recommendation of that material. Members are advised to evaluate for themselves the suitability of material for their own purposes. Please mention the Beauford Club Magazine when replying to adverts.

FROM YOUR EDITOR Welcome to the spring edition of your magazine. As you can see it has rather a different look to it this time, because I haven’t put in all the usual jokes and funny stories. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, to encourage members to submit their own articles for inclusion, secondly, and more importantly to me, I am very short of time at the moment. As you will know, I have been building my Beauford over a period of many years now, but I finally got round to booking it in for its IVA this week. I am one of the builders who was affected by the change from BS approval to European markings on glass which Tony wrote about in issue 84. However, I assumed that once the car had been seen with BS markings if it went back for a retest they wouldn’t look at the glass again, but apparently a re-test is just as thorough as the first one, so if I don’t get it sorted before 28th April I’m going to have to change the windscreen at least. It failed on quite a few points which I could divide up into three groups: 1st - things that weren’t really my fault, 2nd - things I should have noticed if I’d thought about it and 3rd - things that I didn’t realise were wrong! In the first group, the welded on chassis number had blank spaces between the groups of letters and the numbers “which meant an extra character could be inserted”. The examiner found metal to metal contact between the chassis and a suspension arm. He was not happy with the position of the front seat belt upper mounting point as it was too far forward with the seat in its rearmost position. The belt has to come across the shoulder. First of all he was talking about extra metalwork to move the anchorage point rearwards which would have included a bracing piece running across the car. He spoke to someone later and said he would be happy to accept the car for re-test with a stop on the seat runner (or re-fit the seats closer to the front) as this is a known problem with Beaufords. Second group. The statutory plate must be as per the IVA manual and include axle weights. Rear shock absorbers were leaking. Front tyres rubbing on auxiliary light wiring. I hadn’t fitted the front wing valances so there wasn’t the required cover behind the front wheels. Several instances of loose wiring, and a couple of missing grommets where conduit passes through a panel. I had used an ‘emergency’ plastic fuel cap on the flared filler pipe supplied by

Beauford Cars, but will have to replace it with something more permanent. Things I didn’t realise were wrong include the speedo, which was reading too slow, so that’s gone off for re-calibration. The brake performance was 58%, it should be at least 60%.(?) The exhaust is a tight fit between the rear axle, chassis and handbrake cable. The inspector recommended re-routing it so that it finishes in front of the O/S rear wheel and gave me the number of someone who could do the work for me, so that at least was helpful. No covers on the battery terminals. There was a problem with the brake master cylinder cap. The one from the Cortina has a test button facility in the centre, but the rubber is tired and doesn’t spring back out after it is pressed down, and the float isn’t sufficient to push it back up, so the warning light stays on. I’ve got a test switch on the dash board but he was insistent that the button in the cap should work as well. So a new filler cap it is! Also I need to fit a heat shield between the exhaust manifold and the brake pipes. Right at the beginning of the test he asked me for evidence of the age of the engine so as to know which emissions test to conduct. I showed him the V5 document and the VIN plate from the donor car. This wasn’t good enough and he wanted a letter from the engine manufacturer confirming the age of the engine and said he would have to carry out a CAT test. After a bit of discussion and a call to someone he came back and said that as it looked alright he was prepared to accept it as an original. On the plus side, the rear wing spacers that I’d fitted went through without comment and the home made door handles passed as well. Apparently mine was the first Beauford he’d seen with a properly working rear fog light. One thing he didn’t notice was the fuel gauge reading half when the tank was full. It turns out that the sender was catching on one of the pipes inside the tank. It took a long time to siphon out all that petrol to drop the tank. Anyway, the wing valances are on order, I’ve made a start on clipping the wiring into place and got the heat shield made up. Nearly there.


OVENDEN’S OFFERING How lucky are we (which reminds me, must check my Euro Millions numbers – done – oh well, perhaps next week). As mentioned briefly in the last edition we were due to fly to New Zealand for seven weeks. Because we could not get a flight when we wanted to go in December we had to depart on the 30th November which was the very last day before Heathrow seized up through snow! I am sorry that some of you could not get hold of us but the plan was that we would pick up our e-mails in New Zealand from our server. However, as we do not turn our PC off (because of CCTV recordings) we forgot to close down Outlook before departure, which meant when we tuned in to our server to pick up messages there were none there! However, there were 600 waiting for us on our return! We did have a good time and thought about you all back in England in the dreadful weather you had in December. Our Christmas Day dinner was eaten in the garden in a slightly overcast 26 degrees. We took some lovely photos whilst there including some of Christchurch and how very sad it is that those the buildings in those photos now no longer exist. That earthquake was bad enough but then to be followed not long after by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami – so much devastation in such a short space of time. I do hope that none of you have lost any friends or relatives in these disasters. I know several people who have relatives in Japan but fortunately they are OK. On a slightly happier note, our Beauford is currently being sprayed. It has now been away for about three weeks, and although we have visiting rights (have been twice) it does seem strange without it. Tony is at a bit of a loss and does not really know what to do with himself. He is supposed to be tidying out the garage, but his heart is not in it and he is easily distracted. Once the car comes back it will be a great rush to get it put back together for its IVA test. Every time we think we have everything under control and sorted, something else crops up. We had a bit of a scare last week about daylight running lights as one of our members had read that all new cars had to have these. Fortunately, we discovered that it only related to new cars going in for type approval. I am so glad because all the ones I have seen so

far look like an advert for the circus coming to town. (Apologies to anyone who may have a car with them on). We have decided, I think, to just go for the IVA and anything which does not pass will have to be fixed for a re-test. Talking about the car going in for spraying, when we got to the paint shop we were asked what name we had given the car. I had never realised before that so many people name their cars as it is not something we have ever done before – apart from when a car goes wrong then it is called all manner of names. Having had an exchange of e-mails with Paul Hicks on this subject we thought it might be a nice idea for those of you who have named your car to let me know what it is so we can print the names in the magazine. Just to start things off, Paul has two cars, one is called ‘Elliot’ and the other is called ‘Alfonso’ - Elliot Ness and Al Capone of course), so let me have your names… Facebook – just thought I would mention that I keep getting invites from people to become a friend on Facebook, and a few other similar sites, but I would like to just mention that I am not on any of these sites, not even on Twitter, so if you do invite me and don’t get a reply, it’s nothing personal, it’s just not something I want to get involved with.

Subscriptions Subscriptions are due on the 1st March every year and a renewal form was sent out with the last magazine. As you know (or may have forgotten) membership still remains at £10 but for all those members who have a listing on the wedding site, we are charging an extra £10. However I believe this is tax deductible for wedding businesses. This is something which I wish we did not have to do, but unfortunately because of the rising cost of running the club, especially postage which is going up again in April, we do not have enough money coming in without this extra income. Neither can we allow people to have a listing who are not members of the club. Please check to see if your membership card is current – if it is not then it is possible that you have forgotten to renew. A renewal form can be downloaded from the web site if the one sent out with the magazine has been lost.

I will be sending out e-mails very shortly to members who have listings on the wedding page, as strictly speaking the club rules say that any member who has one of these listings and has not renewed his membership by the end of March should have the listing deleted. However, I am a bit flexible on this and will not delete any listing until after I have sent out reminders. Once I have sent these out I will then send out reminders to all the other members who have not yet renewed. Unfortunately, all this is very time consuming. As mentioned last year, it is my one ambition (with regard to the club) to hear from all members either to renew or to explain why they do not wish to do so – I will not scream and shout should you wish not to renew - but I really would like to know if you do not intend to remain a member for whatever reason, just so I can keep my records up to date.

Mangels wheel trims As you probably know Mangels no longer make the wire basket wheel trims and trying to get them is getting harder and harder. There are probably a few Beauford owners who have one or two spares but unless they have stopped using them they are not willing to part with them. However, I have been told that there are comparable wire basket wheel trims available from eBay. They are made of plastic, so won’t go rusty, and are quite long lasting. Just search on ‘chrome wire wheel trims’ and you should find them.

Radiator cowling On the subject of chroming we have just had our radiator cowling back from a company called Chrome Effects in Burton on Trent who do spray-on chrome effects. I must admit it was worth the cost because they have done a really good job on it and we are very pleased. It did take a while for them to do it but it was the first Beauford radiator cowling they had done and getting the base coat sorted out took them two or three attempts before they were happy with it. However, now that they know what to use, any future ones should be done a lot quicker.

Car Insurance We all know that VAT increased from 17.5% to 20% on the 4th of January this year, and is unlikely to go back down. The media have already drawn our attention to the likes of Vodafone who have increased the cost of texting by 20% and Fitness First that have increased their gym subscriptions by a whopping 30%. Many people seem to have missed the fact that Insurance Premium Tax also increased from 5% to 6% on the 4th of January. Heritage Classic Car Insurance have announced that they will not be passing on this increase on any of their additional cover products, such as their Rescueline breakdown service, Legal Cover, or Key Care. Heritage Classic Car Insurance call this their ‘New Year’s Resolution’ for 2011.

GPS Security Trackers I have recently received details from a company which sells GPS security trackers and RFID microchips and wonder whether it will be of interest to any club members. Apparently they will be at both Stoneleigh and Detling kit car shows. They have sent me full details of how this system works but these are the main features: Movement Alert: if the vehicle moves from a static position, about 10 metres tolerance is permitted, the tracker will monitor its position (ie its GPS latitude and longitude) and if this alters it will send an SMS text message to any authorised phone numbers (up to five). Once this message has been received, any of these numbers can ask the tracker for its current position and speed. These can be used with Google Maps or other mapping software that utilises GPS co-ordinates to display the location. Geo Fencing: allows the vehicle to move anywhere within a defined box. You can send the tracker top and bottom co-ordinates (latitude and longitude) to define an area that the tracker is to keep within. If it moves outside it sends a text message to the authorised mobile numbers. Again any of the contacted numbers can ask the tracker for its current position and speed and be shown on a map. Auto Track: keeps authorised numbers informed by SMS text messaging of the vehicle’s position at regular intervals.

There is a help button on the tracker which will send an SOS text message to the authorised numbers displaying the vehicle position (latitude and longitude) and the time at which the message was sent. Messages: Instructions sent to the tracker will be confirmed back to the phone sending the command. All messages from the car include the date and time sent and the car’s speed. Technical Specification: GPS – SiRF 3 chip set sensitivity – 159dBm, SMS – 900/1800/1900 mHz. The tracker has a simple two-wire connection to the vehicle’s electrical system. Power must be permanent or, with the vehicle’s ignition off, the tracker will also be turned off. Back up power is from a rechargeable battery which lasts for up to eight days (depending upon mode of operation) if the main power supply from the vehicle is disconnected or fails. Once this back-up battery reduces to 10%, a warning message (with the position, speed, date and time) will be sent to the authorised numbers. Each tracker requires an SMS SIM card. This must be activated and have the necessary credit to be able to send the messages. It is recommend that the SIM is purchased from the same service provider of at least one of the authorised numbers. The tracker communicates by SMS messaging, so you will need a phone capable of communicating by SMS with the tracker. Up to five phones can be logged against each tracker. If you sell the vehicle you can clear the logged numbers ready for the new owner. This GPS security tracker with RFID microchips normally costs £129 (inc vat and p&p) but club members can buy for just £99 and there are no annual subscriptions. To buy at this special rate, please visit the web site and click on Classic Car Club Members on the Home page and enter the password: gertie1972. The above is just the basics of what was sent to me and I must confess that most of this goes over my head, but then again this is a person who does not do Facebook, Twitter or texting. If you would like the full specification sheet then please e-mail me and I’ll send it on to you.


GOOGLE GROUP I think its been a while since we mentioned Google Group so, for those of you who would be interested in this forum, this is the way it works. If anyone has a problem or has information regarding their cars which he or she thinks may be of interest to others then they can post a message on the Beauford Club forum group. To do this you have to be a member of the group and this is open to anyone. The easiest way to join is to go onto the club’s web site. At the bottom of the front page is a link to the Google Group. If you click on that it will take you through to the Beauford group forum. You can then join by putting in your e-mail address and a password and following the instructions (Tony tells me it is easy but I’m not so sure). If you have any problems then just drop us an e-mail and I’ll get Tony to sort it out for you!

MOT or not to MOT There seems to be some confusion about whether or not your car should be MOT’d when it is first built. The law states that any car when it reaches three years of age should have an MOT. However, when you now register your Beauford following its IVA it is classed as being built in the current year, and therefore does not need an MOT for three years. However, when registered it will be given age related plates (in our case a ‘B’ reg) which means that this ‘B’ relates to 1984 and all 1984 cars being over three years old need an MOT. Does the IVA act as an MOT for the first year or not? We are just so confused as different areas around the country seem to have different ideas on it. If anyone has a definitive answer to this could you let me know please. Meanwhile, as ours will probably undergo its IVA within the next month we may well find out for ourselves, in which case I’ll let you all know.

BEAUFORD CARS LIMITED I am sorry, but there is still not any news regarding the future of Beauford Cars. As far as we know they are still up and running and open for business.

National Kit Car Show, Stoneleigh Sunday/Monday 1st and 2nd May The usual spot has been booked at the Showground for the club which will have all its facilities there for any members who come to the show. You are welcome on the club stand and to lunch and refreshments (no charge) on both days. All that we ask is that you help yourself to tea and coffee and if the boiler should be low on water, just to top it up. Also we do appreciate a bit of help from anyone who is around on the Monday when the show closes with packing up and putting everything back in the trailer which can be a bit of a work of art at times.

AGM – 2011 The AGM is booked for 12 noon on Sunday 1st May 2011 in the Conference Centre in the Warwick Rooms (usual place) which is on the right hand side towards the end of Avenue M. This time is a bit earlier than usual but as I was away when the papers came through it was the only available time. Still it gives us an incentive to finish the meeting on time so we can get back to the gazebo for lunch! If you are a member attending the show then please, please, just make an hour of your time available to attend the AGM. If anyone has anything they would like to be discussed at the AGM, then please let me know, regardless of whether you will be able to attend or not. As we are only allowed 55 minutes for our AGM then it is useful to have notice of anything which a member would like to be discussed.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Notice is hereby given that the 2011 Annual General Meeting of the Beauford Club will be held at 12 noon on Sunday 1st May in the Warwick Hall Conference Centre, NAC Stoneleigh. AGENDA 1. 2. 3.

Minutes of the 2010 Annual General Meeting to be approved Chairman’s Report Treasurer’s Report

4. 5. 6. 7.

Secretary/Membership Secretary’s Report Editor’s Report Webmaster’s Report Election/Resignation of Committee a. Chairman b. Treasurer c. Secretary/Membership Secretary d. Editor e. Web Master f. Committee Members Club Activities Club Facilities (improvements/changes) Any Other Business

8. 9. 10.

Kit and Car Builder Show, Detling, 21st and 22nd May 2011 The date of this show has now been changed from Easter week-end to the 21st and 22nd May which should mean really lovely going-out-in-your-Beauford weather. I have booked an outdoor area for the club and this year we will also have a club stand in one of the halls. As Beauford Cars themselves will be unable to attend we will be there to represent the car and hope to see as many of you ‘southerners’ as possible.

Kit Car Show, Newark 18th and 19th June I have once again booked our usual spot for this show. It’s a pity, but again due to poor club turnout, there will probably be only a basic club presence at this Show on the Sunday.

Kit and Car Builder Show, Exeter 22nd and 23rd October The Club usually gets offered an indoor club stand for this show but I do not expect to hear anything for a while yet. However, do mark this date in your diaries as it is a really enjoyable show.


CHAIRMANS REPORT Well we are fast approaching another AGM and Kit Car Show and hopefully the weather will kind and we will have a good attendance. It is hoped that we will have a few new members with their Beaufords with us this year. I live in hope that we will have a full stand of Beaufords as we used to have in years gone by. Just a reminder that the AGM is at an earlier time this year, at midday on Sunday. I hope to see you all there. I am trying to put together a number of items relating to weddings, specifically relating to Beaufords. if you have any items to contribute perhaps you could e-mail them to me. I started to put together a list of problem areas, but I found that the difficulties tend to vary depending upon the area, because local bye laws relating to wedding car usage are different in each part of the country. However I shall persist, hopefully with help from you. I look forward to seeing you all at the AGM.

Bill Buckley

Car badges and old style key ring

New style key ring

Club regalia available at the shows or by contacting Liz Also available are badges, mugs and umbrellas.

ONE LAST TIME The arrival of our Club magazine considerably enlightens my day for which our Editor must be commended. I know how much effort is required producing and publishing any work of importance: at the same time, our Club Secretary’s diligence equally has our commendations. Inevitably, I read the epistle in the bath, at one ‘sitting’, accompanied by a mellow whiskey, emerging soothed and relaxed following much laughter at the jokes, which I endeavour to remember for future merriment. Because these good people serve our Club so efficiently is the reason why I suggested, at the A.G.M., a ‘token’ emolument showing our gratitude. The tax law is that anybody can give and receive an amount not more than £250, p.a., without jeopardy, to as many different people as they wish; one amount of £3.000 p.a. to each son and daughter and both parents can each give £5.000 to a son or daughter on their wedding day. Because tax laws are changing continually, it is imperative to check current authenticity. Time and again our magazine repetitively discusses subjects like health, insurance, taxation, DVLA, ATF, SORN, V5C, COD and any other new, fishing technology, giving us pleasure, and soon to be banned. Remember, living in Britain today is not meant to be pleasurable! Reflecting a moment, dictatorships never have been happy places! If a person is advised that the U.K has lost its democracy, at the sword of Europe, they laugh! This is guaranteed! The problem is, it is a tragic subject, NOT humorous. Because health is the most important subject for everybody the solution is:- regular exercise, every week, and open your mouth less times at the table! A black, refuse bag is as thin as a piece of paper when purchased. Only does it become bulky and heavy when it is filled with rubbish. Back troubles are an ideal scam for avoiding work. Never do

self employed people suffer this malady, it is not affordable. The solution:- lie full length on the bedroom carpet; arms outstretched as far as possible behind the head. Relax. Gently push one foot at a time away from your head and hold for ten seconds, with the toes pointing to the ceiling. Repeat several times. Relaxing between alternations. Next. Draw the knees up to the waist and push the abdomen to the carpet, holding for twelve seconds. Repeat several times, maintaining abdomen pressure on the floor. Next, rotate the bent knees to the left and right, alternately, holding the outside knee against the carpet each for ten seconds. Next, raise one foot off the floor so that the raised knee is not supported. Place the other ankle on the un-supported knee and gently rotate the knee/ankle in the air for thirty seconds. Repeat with the other leg. This exercise also is ideal for each hip. Next. Grip both knees with both hands and gently pull the knees towards the chest. Gently rotating the hips against the floor, feeling the soothing pressure on the base of the spine. Complete rotations both ways until the body is feeling soothed and relaxed. Next, extend the legs vertically towards the ceiling, hold for a moment, now lower both feet to the floor, gradually, interspersed by, alternately, raising and lowering the feet, finally holding the raised feet off the ground, by approximately, six inches, and then return the feet to the floor. Next. Rotate each foot either side of the body, leg straight, until the foot is on the opposite side of the body on the floor, with the shoulders flat on the floor throughout the rotations. Alternate approximately six times each side. If a person is serious about their health, eight ‘press-ups’ will complete the mornings endeavours or, on hands and knees, move the back up and down, stretching the spine. If this routine is completed five times every week, not weekends, regularly, it is guaranteed that back troubles will be either eliminated or much improved.

Please, never again, complain about back problems if a person is not prepared to look after their well-being. No gain without pain!! INSURANCE. Most insurance policies are a scam. Too many people abuse their insurance cover without any remorse. The result is that club members are wasting money supporting negligent people, which is tantamount to theft. The solution is to hand! Where? Wait a moment, please. TAXATION. Far too many people are keen spending other people’s money and they take a delight in so doing. The top people running the country are they who are the least capable of carrying out this function. They can be described as ‘over promoted social workers’. The previous government plunged the public into £70.000 debt, each person, because of gross neglect, incompetence, stupidity and stupidity: and some people continue supporting these buffoons! The return to genuine democracy will scrap councils, abolish politicians who are continually beating us with iron rods, squandering our money and fraudulently thieving via fictitious expenses claims. The abolition of all and every expenses activities will remove fifty per cent of business administration and, immeasurably improve profitability. Environmentally, vehicle engines must be switched off the moment a vehicle is stopped and parked. Bureaucracy, some 27,000, separate organisations, are routinely monitoring staff, race, disability, gender, age and where our Grand-parents are buried, creating a sixteen page tax return, sixty-six pages ‘planning’ applicable, et cetera, all at a vast cost, which has to be stopped. Solution - one, only, tax; the result, for example, petrol will drop to £1.50 a gallon! Also, imagine life without ‘Inheritance Tax’? There are approximately thirty-eight DVLA offices around the country just shuffling wasted paper, offices which will close when our one tax systems removes wasting our time taxing our cars. In 1897 foot-and-mouth disease was found to be viral disease and years earlier Britain tried leading world opinion by an animal slaughter regime. In 1967 we slaughtered 442,000 animals at a

cost of £370 million: many knowledgeable farmers are convinced that the disease was deliberately introduced into Britain following a secret meeting of European Ministers who decreed that Britain will not, any longer, be an animal producing country. Similarly, another ‘secret’ meeting in the dictatorship of Europe decreed that Britain must not any longer be a motor vehicle producing country. Remembering that, in 1947, Britain was the world’s biggest producer of motor vehicles without any interference from overseas and, especially, the dictatorship of Europe. This fact is complete because, now, we do NOT make vehicles, so giving all the business to overseas companies. We have become slaves in our own back yard: we can only purchase a vehicle if a European manufacturer condescends to ration us as and when it suits them!! The narrative brings us up to date: the endless tortures inflicted upon Beauford members by the draconian, insulting I.V.A. Test which is dictated upon us. Probably it is true to say that Britain is the best country in the world at producing racing cars and unique, limited edition vehicles and cars for the enthusiast like our beloved Beaufords. However, remember that this activity is illegal in European eyes and, remember, we give £1.8 million to the Europeans EVERY HOUR. This is why we have the I.V.A. Test! We are paying these horrible bureaucrats who will try every trick denying our pleasure - why? Because of the Dictatorship called ‘Europe’. We either ‘put-up’ or ‘shut-up!’ Fortunately, there is a solution which allows me better sleeping time. Either we combine our beliefs if, in fact, a person agrees with these deliberations: earlier in this soliloquy, there are the word - ‘please wait’ and, thanking you for your patience, the Notice Board, on the ‘contents’ page 6, at states - When people hear that Britain is NOT a democratic Nation, what do they do? They laugh. !!! There are two saying - ‘History repeats itself’. 1947, above.)


Secondly, ‘Never become too serious, always find time for laughter and relaxation’.

These cogitations have been on my mind for a while but time has not allowed their fruition: why? Because, I have been at my desk absorbed in many 100s, nay 1.000s of hours writing the trilogy ‘10 YEARS OF ENDEAVOUR’, reminding me that when practising a speech, the time taken must be one hour for every minute of the speech! Never become foolish without proper preparation! Nevertheless, the absorption of my time has brought tremendous satisfaction because ‘the worst ink outlasts the best memory’. History does repeat itself, and memories should be chronicled not only today but for future generations. ‘10 YEARS OF ENDEAVOUR’ is as pure as the best malt whiskey, endeavouring to compare motor racing both for the emerging youth and the pundit’s enjoyment. It compares seventyfive years of exciting motor racing, and there are many thousands of people who enjoy Formula 1 racing, in particular. The cars, drivers, circuits, legislation and the inside story of the ‘behind the racing scenes’ activities to which most people are never privy. The three editions are nicely presented, thoughtfully written, in the correct tense, I hope, and, hopefully, they might become a credit to any person’s library. The inventory includes - 1045 pages; 136 chapters; 26 circuit maps; 78 lap charts and 321 photographs. Indeed a mammoth undertaking for the benefit of all motor racing fans. Finally, when tasks are pending, worries are persisting, the child is crying, the cat has eaten the turkey, you are hungry, tired and fed up, the I.V.A. Test is driving you to distraction and your back is aching, there is a solution relax in the comfort of your favourite arm chair and enjoy a copy of one of the Volumes of ‘10 YEARS OF ENDEAVOUR’ which is as close as a


Forthcoming events Sun 1st May – 12 noon.

The Beauford Club AGM at Warwick Complex, Stoneleigh Showground

Sun & Mon 1st & 2nd May

National Kit Car Motor Show, Stoneleigh Park Showground

Sun 1st May

Spring Car & Motorbike Show, Imperial War Museum Duxford

Sat & Sun 21st/22nd May

Kit and Car Builder Show, Detling

Sun 5th June

London-Brighton Kit & Sports Car Run Greenwood Exhibitions 01527 871150

Sat/Sun 18th/19th June

National Kit Car Festival, Newark & Notts County Showground

Sunday 26th June

Shaw & Crompton Parish Council Vehicle Rally

Sun 7th August

Classic Car & Motorbike Show, Imperial War Museum, Duxford

Sat/Sun 22nd/23rd October Kit Car & Builder Show, Westpoint Exhibition Centre, Exeter Also see the web site for any additional events