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The Beauford Club

‘Winter’ 2013 Issue 93 1


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Dennis Murphy

27 Mote Avenue, Maidstone, Kent ME15 7SU



Neal Huitson

14 The Meadows, Sedgefield TS21 2DH

01740 620147

Secretary & Membership Secretary

Liz Ovenden

17 Brooklime Drive, Boughton Vale, Rugby, Warwickshire CV23 0SF



Keith Woolfenden

Oak Tree House, Green Lane, Pamber Green, Hampshire RG26 6AD



Chris Rudge

11 Honeybourne Road, Alveley, Nr. Bridgenorth, Shropshire WV15 6PR



Michael Crozier

63 Laurel Grove, Tunstall, Sunderland SR2 9EE



Bill Buckley

18 Kelsey Lane Balsall Common, Coventry CV7 7GL



Paul Hicks

Rosehill, Kellow, Looe, Cornwall PL13 1LE

01503 262069

Tony Ovenden 17 Brooklime Drive, Boughton Vale, Rugby, Warwickshire CV23 0SF



Beauford Cars Ltd.

David Young

07794 452034

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The Chairman’s Page Dennis

I’m afraid I don’t have anything chairmanish to write about at this time of year. The club rather goes into hibernation over the winter months, before the start of the kit car show season in the spring. We’ve been away during September and October in Australia (yes, again!) for our youngest son’s wedding and a host of family birthdays, so the Beauford has been on a SORN since the end of August. There have been a few days since we got back when we’ve had some bright weather and would have enjoyed a run out in the car, but it’ll probably stay off the road now until Easter. I’m pleased to say that it started up OK after being left for eight weeks, and I’ve had the battery on charge from time to time since we’ve been home. Can I just ask if anyone has used a battery conditioner or trickle charger? As I understand it they can be left on for as long as needed when the car isn’t being used, but my man in the local accessory shop tells me that it’s better to either run the engine occasionally or use a regular 4 amp charger every three or four weeks. Have you got any views or experiences? We’ve got lots of people and places we want to visit next spring and summer, plus some of the family will be visiting from Australia, so we will be putting a few miles on the clock soon. Don’t forget, we want to hear from you if you can recommend a show or an event in your area (or anywhere else for that matter) that you think other owners might like to attend. Goodwood is often mentioned but is quite expensive and is long way to go for a lot of members as it is right down on the south coast, so more suggestions please. Best wishes to you all for coming the year, and I hope you have some memorable moments driving and showing off your Beaufords in 2013. FORTHCOMING EVENTS Kit Car Show, Stoneleigh

Sunday and Monday 5th and 6th May

Beauford Club AGM

3.00 pm Sunday 5th May at Stoneleigh

Kit Car Show, Detling

Saturday and Sunday 13th and 14th April

Kit Car Show, Newark

Saturday and Sunday 15th and 16th June

Powderham ‘Crash Box’ Show

Saturday and Sunday 13th and 14th July

Kit Car Show, Donington

Saturday and Sunday 24th and 25th August

Kit Car Show, Exeter

Saturday and Sunday 26th and 27th October



From the Editor Well who’d have thought it - as the pub sign says. Here we are another year and we are back to the Winter edition again - this is where I started as your editor just a year ago. Thanks you all for your support and I look forward to the next 12 months. I suppose that it is not news, but here in Cornwall things are pretty soggy. So much so that our local road subsided and is undergoing serious repair until the spring. As you can imagine, it hasn’t been the weather for open topped touring so my Beaufords have stayed tucked away in a warm garage waiting for the harbinger of Spring. I did however, drive up to the Exeter Kit Car show in November. I have to report that it was huge disappointment. The number of exhibitors was well down on previous years. In fact, the largest stand by far was ‘tea and sticky bun’ area right in the middle of the display area. Although the big kit car component sellers were there, there were very few of the ‘auto jumble’ type stalls that we all enjoy looking around. In fact, by lunchtime we had been around it 3 times - and made use of the cafe where at least there were plenty of seats. I’ll give it a miss next year. I feel that the time has come to ask ourselves if we really want to attend Kit Car Shows or should we concentrate on the ‘main stream’ events - like Powderham or even Goodwood perhaps. As Dennis said, this magazine would welcome your ideas. I must thank all of those members who provided me with some lovely winter scene pictures and also the winter stories that we have included. Of course, I can’t miss the opportunity to remind you all that I am now on the lookout for the Spring edition pictures and articles. So if you have that little gem of a picture in your album or story in your memory, then please consider sending them to me for the cover or as an article for the magazine. I must also thank the National Association of Wedding Car Providers (NAWCP) for their letter informing us of the EU proposal that will affect our cars; it is included in the magazine. Those members who use their Beaufords for weddings might like to consider joining the NAWCP; there is always strength in numbers. As I mentioned, my Beaufords are wrapped up warm in the garage for the winter. Nonetheless, I have started their annual servicing. Elliot has had his oil and filter changed; the brakes have been bled; valve clearances checked; raring to go. Alfonso will undergo the same preparation next week. But first, he’s off to the upholsterer to have a new hood bag made. The the existing one looks pretty tatty and its’ difficult to fit. The new one can be fitted without removing the fasteners for the hood - essential during a sudden shower when the hood is down. So here we are, back to the subject of rain yet again. Now what I haven’t mentioned is that Pat and I are off on a cruise in February to celebrate our 65th birthdays. We are cruising around New Zealand and some of the Pacific islands. Fear not, I will be back in time for the Spring edition so ..... get writing folks. 6

OVENDEN’S OFFERING Liz A Happy New Year to you all. I do hope you all had a good Christmas, although from talking to various friends it seems that the cold/flu virus which is currently doing the rounds has mucked up a lot of people’s plans over the holiday period. We too were effected by this as we were due to go to Tony’s sister in Wales for Christmas but a few days before we had to cancel as her husband had gone down with flu and she had a cold. A bit of last minute turkey shopping and we were set up for the first Christmas in many years that we would be staying at home, alone, and we actually both enjoyed it. Remembered to tell our neighbours that we would be there otherwise our driveway would have been full with cars and also to save them the embarrassment of coming in and borrowing chairs when we were there! However, we did manage to get to Wales for the New Year and apart from our great nephew coming down with chickenpox all was well. Our Beaufod has not been out much lately but we did take it up to Mark at M&M in Spalding (the upholstery supply people) to have our hood tweaked. Last summer Ken Price had taken his Beauford up to Mark to have his hood fitted correctly and this involved new back side windows and also the centre posts between the front and back window being upholstered with an extension piece on the hood above the post. This in effect has made the car totally draught proof by blocking up the small gaps on the top and bottom corners of the windows. We were very impressed with the job he did on Ken’s car that we arranged to take ours up there for the same work to be done. At the same time we also asked him to design a back tonneau cover for the car which would not only give the car a bit of security whilst parked with the top down but would also stop things blowing out from the back whilst travelling. Mark has designed a three sided frame which slots into the holes where the windows fit in on the sides and a piece which goes behind the seats and slots into the holes where the centre pillars go. The actual tonneau cover incorporates a hood bag thus

securing it on all four sides without having to put studs on the doors. SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions are due on 1ST MARCH and enclosed with this magazine is the renewal form. If you have already renewed or are a new member then please ignore the form – it has been sent to everyone. The renewal form can also be downloaded from the web site. If you send your forms back before 1st March, please be patient with me as I have to prepare all the new cards and this is time consuming but the membership cards will be sent out as soon as possible. There is no need to complete the address section if you are renewing. However, I would appreciate your membership number (this appears not only on your old card but also next to your name on the envelope you receive your magazine in). If you have moved within the last year then please let me have your address. Could you also let me have your current phone number and email address as some of the ones I have are out of date. I know one or two of you have sold your cars and do not wish to continue with membership, although you do not need to own a car to be a member, so if you wish to continue as a member you are welcome to do so. I know one or two members have told me that they will not be renewing next year, but my memory


THE BEAUFORD CLUB MAGAZINE is not as good as it used to be so if you are not renewing, then I would be very grateful if you would please let me know. Wedding Page listing: Please also remember any member who has a listing on the wedding page will be charged £10 for their inclusion so if you wish to continue with this service or would like to be included on it then I require a cheque for £20 (£10 subs plus £10 for the listing) or see below please. Please remember that anyone who does not renew by the end of March risks having their listing removed. If it is easier for anyone who uses internet banking to pay their subscription directly into the Club’s bank account then the club’s bank details are as follows: HSBC Sort Code 40-39-11 Account No. 82095203 If you use this method of payment please ensure that in the payment details you put your name and membership number. This is very important as we do have several sets of members with the same name! If your details, i.e. address etc, have changed then please either send me the form (marked that payment has been made by internet) or email me your new details. For overseas and European members only (as there are charges involved) who have difficulty in sending sterling I would remind you that we do have the internet Paypal facility whereby you can pay your subscriptions. Anyone who wants to do this please send me an email first so that I know to expect them. Payments can be made via Paypal to . As usual, I will after a while send out reminder letters (or emails) to those who have not renewed. Last year I found that I had sent out several emails to members who for one reason or another did not receive them, so please ensure that I do have your correct email address and also mark on your

computer that emails from the Beauford Club are not junk mail. If for one reason or another you are deciding to let your membership lapse then I would be grateful if you could let me know so I won’t keep pestering you. Remember, you don’t actually have to own a Beauford to be a member of the Club, just be an enthusiast. WEB PAGE Tony has spent a lot of his “indoor/winter” months teaching himself Javascript/HTM with a view to rewriting and updating the web site. The new site looks completely different from the old one, although it will still contain all its current useful items. I hope that we will find it as user friendly as the current one. The purpose of telling you all this is that the new site will have running along the top of the pages a picture gallery of Beaufords. Tony has so far used various pictures of Beaufords which we may have had from the current site but if you would like to have your Beauford included in this picture gallery then please send us, by email a photo of your car and provided we do not get too many it should be included especially if it is different from any others we may get. HEADLAMP RIMS Having sold all of my first batch of headlamp rims I have now restocked and if anyone wishes to buy any they are £30 a pair plus £4.30 postage and packing. The rims are chromed on steel and are of a very good quality. BEAUFORD CARS Beauford Cars are now at their new address which is Unit 7 Brindley Court Victoria Business Park Knypersley, Stoke on Trent, ST8 7PP Tel 07794 452034



KIT CAR MOTOR SHOW, DETLING 13th and 14th APRIL This year’s Detling kit car show is not being held at Easter but a fortnight later and is being held in conjunction with a Quilting Exhibition being held at the same time. I believe the kit car show will be in the same hall as last year (slightly crowded) but the quilting show will be in the two larger halls where the kit car show used to be. I don’t wish to sound sexist but I suspect that the idea behind this is to try and get more families into the showground – the men to look at the cars and the women to look at the quilting. I have not heard from them yet but will hopefully book a club site for any member who wishes to attend. NATIONAL KIT CAR SHOW, STONELEIGH 5th and 6th May (Bank Holiday) As this may be the only kit car show that the club attends this year it would be nice if as many of you as possible were able to attend. I do love to catch up with members and to view the cars and to see all the different build interpretations. This is also the time when you can discuss any problems you may have with your car and hopefully get them sorted. I have booked our usual spot and the club’s full facilities will be available. Following the success of last year’s auto jumble we will be holding this again, so if you have any spares or left over bits please bring them along and hopefully they will prove to be invaluable to someone else. AGM – 3.00 p.m. on Sunday 5th May 2013 I have booked our AGM for 3.00 pm on the Sunday in the usual small downstairs room at the Warwick Suite in Avenue M.

If you are attending the show on Sunday then please come to the AGM as we do value your opinions. If there is anything you would like to have discussed at the AGM then please let me know before the next magazine comes out and I will have it put on the Agenda. KIT CAR SHOW NEWARK 15th and 16th June 2013 The Newark show will this year be on the 15th and 16th June. I will book our usual spot for the week-end. Once again, due to poor membership turn out, the club will only have the bare minimum of facilities at this show on the Sunday PERFORMANCE AND KIT CAR SHOW DONINGTON – 24th and 25th August 2013 This was a lovely show last year and I really would recommend attending it as the organisers put a lot of effort into it. We will probably book a club site nearer the time. Incidentally, if anyone is interested there is a big auto jumble at Donington on the 24th February – details are available from Donington’s web site. KIT CAR SHOW Exeter – 26th and 27th October 2013 According to Grosvenor Exhibitions’ web site the Exeter show will be on the 26th and 27th October. There are no club stand facilities at Exeter but anyone wishing to attend can park their kit car in a general area and entry is free for drivers. FORTHCOMING EVENTS If anyone knows of any other shows which members may be interested, then please let Liz know and she will put the details on the web site as well as including them in this list.



Retired public servant becomes Wedding Car business proprietor

The story so far Tony Champion

September 10 2010, after 30 years selling porridge to an endless stream of clients I retired without plans. Other than a few DIY projects I was clueless about what to do next. At 56 I felt too young to sit back and relax. Then my daughter asked me to book her a wedding car. By April 2011 I had bought my own beautiful Beauford and persuaded an active ‘porridge seller’ to drive my daughter bride and me to church.

concluded that people get married in all manner of weird and wonderful vehicles. Choosing a Beauford turned out to be a process of elimination; classic cars were too pricey/unreliable, double-deckers too big, tandems too small, modern limos too wide, horses too smelly and VW campers too idiosyncratic.

Vehicle acquisition

vigorously for a Beauford, clueless about good or bad examples. Autotrader and Ebay provided clues and this led to the Beauford Club website. I went to see a few up north and offered a good price for an ivory/black 4 door model. It was rejected. En route to Wales to view an Ebay ‘special‘.

I booked a Badsworth for my daughter’s wedding from a local business and the notion spawned ‘I could do this’. The first step was to research what type of car; I spent hours on the internet and

By October 2010 I was searching


THE BEAUFORD CLUB MAGAZINE I dropped in to see David at Beauford Cars. My spirits lifted at the Dartford Tunnel – the Hot tea, sound advice and words of female teller shouted « ‘Ere whats that yer encouragement were greatly appreciated. drivin’ its bloody beautiful! Stay there I’m Continuing on to Wales David called me on getting out for a good look. Astounded, I the mobile (isn’t technology great) to tell me replied, ‘What about the queue?’ (Eighteen about a fine example for sale down South. lanes tailing back 2 miles). Her reply, ‘Sod Unfortunately it was blue – nobody goes to them they can wait I’m not missing this fer weddings in a blue car I thought. I thought nobody’. My first of countless – ‘Beauford wrong. Wales proved to be a fruitless meets the public’ stories. journey, as did two more trips up north. So I Marketing headed south to see David’s ‘blue’ recommendation. When Les (the owner) A good website is mandatory for a small opened the garage door I was mightily business. It’s my shop window. After the car impressed, when he opened the Beauford’s it was my biggest start-up cost but worth

bonnet I was even more impressed, once he opened the throttle I opened my chequebook. Driving home I enjoyed the first glow of Beauford ownership, unfortunately the snowstorm and sub zero temperatures on the M25 cooled my initial enthusiasm. Its Mini heater was no contest for the Beauford’s natural aircon!

the expense. affordable

On-going costs are How does a new business publish an internet portfolio of wedding car pictures before start up? I confess to a little guile. I bought a £35 Ebay wedding dress, persuaded a ‘couple’ of good friends to do a photo shoot, chose a great location, got


THE BEAUFORD CLUB MAGAZINE lucky with the weather and hey presto! Photos fit for a fledgling website. In January 2010 I exhibited my Beauford at its first wedding fair. Within an hour I had 4 bookings – easy peasie I thought. Not so. Nowadays I only do charity wedding fairs and those organised by local wedding venues. I am happy with the bookings my business attracts and its the Beauford itself that brings the business in. Maintenance My first trip in the Beauford was to have an upgraded stereo fitted. Les’ 8 Track had passed its sell-by date! Having had the foresight to take Breakdown insurance I needed it almost immediately. The clutch cable snapped. A get me home roadside repair was done. The man from the RAC was a kit car aficionado himself of the AC Cobra variety ! Serendipity was surely at play that day the clutch failed. Rob from the RAC is now the mechanic for Champion Wedding Cars and a family friend. This year my Beauford went for its 13th MOT; everything was going swimmingly until the VOSA man turned up. The car failed instantly when the bureaucrat declared, “This car needs rear seat belts “. He was right of course and the previous 12 testers had all got it wrong! My inspector ‘apologised ‘ for having to do the most thorough of tests and complained in a whisper, “I wish he had come when I was testing a Focus!”. However fortune was on Beauford’s side again. The re-test was a breeze thanks to some sound advice from our editor Paul Hicks who proved to be a mine of information. Thanks to Paul also for sending me a replacement carburettor for my 2.8 Nissan engine. Back seat stories In 2012 I have carried more brides to church than I could have wished for. It’s a great job. Strangely the most popular topic

of conversation when the happy couple make their first married journey is about what they had for breakfast. However the best stories usually come from the bridesmaids on their way to church. It would appear that chauffeurs, for some bizarre reason are invisible and deaf! Bridesmaid 1. “What did you think about the invitations printed on tea towels.” Sister of the bride, “Thought they’d last a damn sight longer than the marriage will!” My favourite bridesmaid conversation involved four ‘ladies’, 3 in the back and one up front. The one up front was in fact a very respectable and prim young lady from a market town in the north. By all accounts she had not fitted in very well during the seemingly raunchy hen party/ weekend in Amsterdam. No wonder she sat apart for the trip to church. Anyway the 3 back seat revellers had clearly had a few early morning snifters and regaled us with stories of sexual conquests, gullible young men (including the best man and groom) felatio and associated etiquette. One of the bridesmaids was particularly blessed with a generous bosom. (I happened to be checking my rear-view mirror) when she proudly, with both hands heaved them together and exclaimed, “These are my 44 double FFs, guess what I tell the boys that stands for?” Bewildered, market town girl asked and the reply came, “Forty Four F****ing Fantastics get in there my beauty”! Mind boggling alliteration! I suppose every business needs an appropriate (bra)-strapline Summary If you own a Beauford and have time to spare I can thoroughly recommend doing some wedding business. Its great fun. The clients are generally in great form. The testimonials you receive are heart warming.



After the bride the star of the show is The Beauford, what else? That’s why when I drive a bride to church I always cross my fingers when the Father of the Bride remarks “Everybody is looking at us!” and I reply “No they’re not they’re looking at your beautiful daughter”. What a job!

Here I am captured by GATSO concentrating on the road ahead! Good luck and best wishes to all the Beauford owners out there and those thinking about becoming one.



To restore. Any condition considered - running or not MUST be registered as a Beauford on the V50/logbook Michael Crozier


The EU proposed European wide Road Worthiness Test SERVICES The EU proposed European wide Road Worthiness Test The draft European wide MOT proposals have come under serious scrutiny in recent times. One of the most onerous suggestions was to outlaw the modification of classic and vintage cars. This would mean that replacing an engine with a later one or modifying the existing one would mean failure. The same would apply to all the major mechanical parts such as gearbox, axles and the body itself. We have several members who have had to make serious changes and many others contemplating a major change. One member who has several vintage Rolls Royce Phantoms with the V12 engine - one of the most expensive engines to have to rebuild, anything up to £50,000 - has replaced them with later Rolls Royce V8 engines together with their gearboxes. This would mean an instant failure despite the fact that the change would keep some really beautiful cars safely on the road. One really stupid proposed rule is that if the car was originally fitted with cross ply tyres then you can’t fit radials. So many sizes of cross plys are no longer available meaning you have to fit radials. There is also the proposal that more modern cars must have European type approval to be able to pass the test. Again possible huge problems for the replica and kit car industry. Many of our members are running Beauford’s, Bramwith’s, Imperials and other similar makes which almost certainly do not have the correct European Type Approval. So what happens to them, will they just become so much scrap?

will not apply to UK registered Historic Vehicles. MOT testers will be still able to use their own judgement as to the fitting of non standard parts such as radial tyres and flashing indicators etc etc, provided these modifications are safe and working correctly. At a meeting of EU representatives with the UK’s Minister of State for Transport Stephen Hammond MP it was agreed in principle that the proposal may well be downgraded from a Regulation to a Directive which means the UK will be able to cherry pick parts of the directive that suits our automotive environment. So far there is no word as to any changes to the non historic vehicles rules. Consequently we are not at this point able to give such good news to our kit and replica owners. We believe the UK is one of the largest manufacturers of these types of vehicles in the world outside of the USA so we suspect the government will also be fighting on your behalf. Having said that if the Regulation is downgraded to a directive the current status quo should be maintained. The changes to the proposals are not as yet ratified so we can’t be 100% certain that the EU will accept them but common sense says that they should. So it seems sensible to lobby our MEPs on this specific issue. If the European wide Roadworthiness Test does come in as originally proposed (very doubtful) it is hardly likely to happen before 2020. The NAWCP will keep you posted.

GOOD NEWS The government have been fighting Europe on behalf of all classic and vintage car owners, have an assurance that these rules 14


The Mummy Returns or at least

Brendan Fraser’s Car Does by Graham

Well its finally finished thank heavens! I had been looking for a longbodied Beauford to add to my wedding fleet for quite a while. I’d searched the ‘for sale’ adds, the internet and finally Ebay. It was Ebay that came up trumps one evening. The car was

local to me and i knew the gentleman selling it. What was really fascinating was that this Beauford had originally been ordered by the Universal Studios Production Company for the film The Mummy Returns.


THE BEAUFORD CLUB MAGAZINE So I thought i would pop over and have a look as it was just within my budget. We soon struck a deal and I picked the car up along with a ‘big box’ of spares.

Actually, this was the second of three cars that was made for the film - the third being a push-about car. If ever you watched the film, it was finally crashed at the end of the

One really great point on the car was that the radiator cover and grille had been specially made for the film at a cost of close to £2000.00. Expensive now but this was back in 2001 - wow! To my way of thinking, it makes it look like a ‘proper’ vintage car and when matched with the with period side wheel covers, it looks stunning.

chase scene. Nonetheless, this one survived to fight another day. After the film the car was put up for auction and sold to the wedding car industry in its silver/blue livery. In actual fact, I understand that it wasn’t that popular. Due, no doubt, to its colour scheme which was not exactly ‘bride friendly’. Hence, high on


my priority list was that I needed to change its colour to match my other Beauford. The previous owner had changed the original sierra engine to the larger 2.9 efi

unit. It was quite a tight fit but well worth the effort as it sounds and pulls lovely. Now I don’t want tho go into great detail but I ‘slightly’ underestimated the cost of refurbishing the car.

It did rather need a lot more than the original budget to the tune of about £1500. My own fault really. I hadn’t inspected the car in great detail. It had been through

SVA just the year before and had done very little milage since so it ‘must’ be okay, mustn’t it? We all know the answer - not so I’m afraid!



It required an immense amount of work over several months. The one thing that sticks in my mind and and which nearly caused a disaster was that the headlight

relay had been bypassed and bodged so that when the headlights were switched on the wiring loom overheated and went up in smoke! Boy, did I learn a lesson from that.



I know that it sounds a bit geeky but to any film buff,and I’m one of them, the fact that Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz have sat in the car is a huge selling point. And I guess that there are more like minded brides out there because it has definitely attracted more bookings. So, would I have bought the car had it not had its film history? Well, yes I would but

the history is the icing on the cake I’m sure that you will agree. It’s certainly been a steep learning curve but it made me aware that perhaps there is ‘life in the old dog yet’. I can still hack 4 months of work in a cold garage - but perhaps not again for a while. Now doesn’t she look lovely?



WINTER WEDDING in HOWARTH, WEST YORKSHIRE Cliff Jackson Helen and Christian Brydon chose a cold day in January and my Beauford Tourer was their chosen transport. As luck would have it, the wedding day that Helen and Christian chose was during the bad winter of January 2010 when we had 8” – 10” of snow. Mind you, when I set off to Howarth the weather wasn’t too bad, just a sprinkling of snow. I left Altrincham,

Greater Manchester, travelling to Howarth on the M62 when it started to snow. By the time I reached Junction 21 for Milnrow there was about 4”-5” of snow making driving a ‘little’ hazardous. To say that the journey was interesting was an understatement.

I was travelling down the hill on approaching a set of traffic lights in Littleborough, where I wanted to turn to right onto the A58. The lights were on green and I was travelling about 5mph signalling to turn right. I turned the steering wheel to go right but the car decided to go straight on but luckily there was nothing turning right in front of me. So I gingerly turned the car around and successfully

negotiated the lights at the second attempt. Slow down my beating heart! I drove very slowly to Howarth around 15/20mph which took me around 1.15hr from Littleborough to Howarth but still managed to get there on time.



I picked up the Bridesmaids, Bride and Father from The Old Registry Hotel (appropriately named) Main Street, Howarth. For those of you who know Howarth’s Main Street, this is a cobbled street that goes up the hill to the church at the top. Not so good in the Beauford in bad weather! The ceremony took place at St.Michaels & All Angels, Church Street, Howarth. This is the church where the

village in the Bolton Abbey Estate in the Yorkshire Dales, it is situated on the River Wharfe - a nice neck of the woods. On the way to the reception the snow started falling again and by the time we got to the hotel there was about 1”- 2”. I think the snow was following us. When we arrived at the venue the Bride suggested taking some photographs as it was still snowing and it would be a nice scene. I am glad

Bronte sisters are buried. As half the guests hadn’t arrived the service was put back 1hr. Once everybody was there safely and while the ceremony was going on, it was time to relax for a short while and have some lunch. After the ceremony and the usual photographs, I set off again to the take the Bride & Groom to their reception venue,

she suggested it as you can see the pictures have made a stunning winter wedding scene.

The reception took place at The Devonshire Fell Hotel, Burnsall. A small

Well that was my bit done for the day and my journey back to Altrincham took around 3hrs. The Bride and Groom had said they were very thankful for our service and they had a great day to remember especially the photographs at the reception. I must say it was a day to remember for everyone, including myself 21


and the Beauford Tourer. After all it does say on our website we cater for all

weathers, this certainly was a test for that statement.



Tony’s New Top Coat Here are a few photos of our new tonneau cover that we had designed and made by M&M Trimmers in

post top sections. To fit the tonneau, we wanted to avoid putting fixing studs along the rear door-top. This was done

Spalding. While they had the car they also modified the covering on the “B”

by simply making a rigid top cap trim piece that would slot into the mounting



holes from the rear window glass. The fixing studs for the tonneau are fitted to this cap, leaving the doors themselves un-touched. A removable shaped bar is fitted behind the front seats to support the front of the cover. This was made to slot into the mounting holes left by taking out the “B” post top sections. The “B” post tops have been recovered. Foam rubber strips are fitted before covering so that the windows close against the

vinyl supported by the foam underneath. This makes a much better draught-proof seal that the usual bead type seal which tends to get in the way of the door closing especially effecting the rear doors. If any-one would like to have something similar done, give Mark or Mary (M&M) a quick call on 01406 422993 or via They will be pleased to help.



A Datsun Oil Pump Change The saga continues Ed Littlefield

My car is not a Beauford, but a 1983 Datsun Bluebird. It does, however, have a 4 cylinder “L” series engine (in my case an L18) that is virtually 2/3rds of the 6 cylinder L series engine (L24, L28 etc) as fitted in many Beaufords. Whilst my engine is original, runs well and has done just 44,000 miles, the oil lamp would take a few seconds to go out after a cold start, accompanied by (bearing?) rumbles. After a warm start there was a pronounced clatter from the top of the engine for a few minutes (sounding like a

am an amateur, only moderately skilled but enthusiastic mechanic – and whilst happy to do work on my car when the need arises, would much rather use it.

cam follower etc). I had repeatedly tried fresh oil (I use 10-40 or 15-40 semi synthetic) different oil filters, and indeed a new petrol pump (as that is driven from its own cam lobe) all to little or no effect.

I contacted Excellence in Taiwan to ask about their pump – and got a prompt and courteous response in English confirming that theirs was indeed a high capacity pump as a direct replacement for my own. Still suspicious of such non genuine parts, via Ebay, I contacted the only British person I could see who had left Ebay feedback about the pump – which is how I reached Paul in the Beauford Club. After his reassurance, and with his article about fitting the pump, I ordered my own.

So I reckoned that I would have to face up to stripping the engine and at least new shells or regrinding the crank. And if I went to those lengths I would of course fit a new oil pump so as not to waste all of that hard work and money. So I also reckoned it would be a good idea to fit a new oil pump sooner rather than later. I

I have heard talk of some turbo charged L28 engines having high capacity oil pumps, and I was delving into those, finding sources etc (I heard that they sought after). So when I saw the Ebay listing by Excellence I was intrigued – especially as their high capacity pump would be £50 which was about ½ of the cost of a new standard pump from Nissan.


For those of you who don’t already know (I recall such things from my old Ford engine days), a high capacity oil pump should pump more oil than standard – I believe in this case about 15-20%. However this should still be at the standard pressure (I think about 60psi in this case) that is governed by the relief valve. I would beware of high pressure pumps as they likely have only modified relief valves, and the increased pressure might have a detrimental effect on old seals. I received my pump about 1 week later. Reassuringly it looks the part, is well finished and almost indistinguishable from the old one. To fit it I followed a combination of the instructions from both Haynes and the Paul’s Beauford Club magazine article. I think that the key to swapping the oil pump “the easy way” is to stop the drive shaft (that is shared with the distributor) from dropping at all. This drive shaft is at the front of the engine, and runs between the distributor (at the top) and the oil pump (at the bottom), driven by the cam shaft. So if it drops out after the oil pump is removed, then the ignition timing as well as the distributor shaft position is rather lost. I decided against using Paul’s method of Blu Tack to stick the distributor shaft to this drive shaft, as it is oily (and so doesn’t stick well) and I did not want to risk dropping foreign material inside the crank case. Instead, I timed the engine up to the TDC marks, with the rotor arm pointing at the HT lead for No 1 cylinder etc. I marked the distributor position on its backing plate with a hacksaw notch to aid speedy reassembly. So with the distributor removed, I used a crocodile clip from my

battery charger on the top end of the drive shaft in an attempt (successfully) to stop it dropping when the oil pump was removed. Then the car was lifted up, the splash shield removed, and with some trepidation, the oil pump was unbolted and lowered, allowing it also to twist ant-clockwise as it came off. Part of my caution was that I was unsure how much oil would escape – it was minimal despite not draining the oil (but a tray is needed just the same). I then matched the driveshaft position of the new pump with the old unit and primed the pump with some oil. I did use the Blu Tack to retain two of the mounting bolts in the new pump that – on my car – are constricted by the anti-roll bar. A new gasket was lined up and the pump eased into place allowing it to rotate clockwise as it was fitted, & then secured. The distributor was then refitted, marks lined up, and the engine cranked until the oil lamp went out. Then the moment of truth – with the ignition reconnected the engine started and ran quietly. As soon as the engine was warm I checked the timing with the strobe (it was back where it had started off at 10 degrees), checked for oil leaks and refitted the splash guard. Result – after several months of use the engine runs very much quieter, both cold and hot. It doesn’t rattle nearly as much when started up now from cold, although the oil lamp still takes up to 4 or 5 seconds to go out. Sadly my car has no oil pressure gauge so I am unable to report any before and after figures. However - best of all - I think my engine rebuild is now off the menu - thanks to the Beauford magazine.


Do You Need Extra Storage by Dennis Luggage space always seems to be at a premium when we use the car for longer trips so I have made a storage box to fit under the bonnet between the radiator and the grille. I used aluminium angle, some sheet steel and plywood to make one up. As is my usual fashion, I made up a cardboard version first as I wanted to check for fit and to get it as large as possible to take some of the stuff that now lives behind the rear seat. From this mock up I found I needed to shorten

the moulded-in bolts that secure the top of the grille. I was also able to make sure the unit door would drop down past the radiator to open fully. The angle at the back fits across and is bolted to the chassis rails while the front corners rest on aluminium tubes, with a notch cut in the flattened ends. In a previous life these were part of a lawnraker collection box so they already had the ‘S’ shape. The bottom ends are fixed to the cross member and they widen out at the top



to support the front of the box. I put a longer bolt with a couple of washers and an extra nut in the front corners to clamp onto the tops of these tubes. I had removed the grille to shorten the bolts and fit the uprights, and have a trial fit, but it was a bit of a tight squeeze getting a spanner onto the front corner nuts working from inside the engine bay when the grille was back in.

All in all I’m quite pleased with the result as it means more room in the car, and it’s easier to get to than reaching behind the back seat. There’s room for a small toolbox, spare bulbs, wheel changing kit and a tyre inflator, all things (hopefully) I’m not going to need too often, but good to have handy just in case!

LATEST NEWS FROM LEEDS and BRADFORD BUILDING SOCIETY ‫ﻥنﻭوﺭر ﺍاﮒگﺭر ﺭرﻑفﺕت ﺱسﺍاﻱيﻩه ﭖپﻱيﺩدﺍا ﻥنﻱيﺱسﺕت ﻥنﻕقﺵش ﺩدﻱيﻭوﺍاﺭر ﻭو ﭺچﺵشﻡم ﺥخﻱيﺭرﻩه ﻡمﺍا ﻥنﻕقﺵش ﺱسﺍاﻱيﻩه ﺩدﮒگﺭر ﻥنﻡمﻱي ﺩدﺍاﻥن ﻥنﻭوﺭر ﺍاﮒگﺭر ﺭرﻑفﺕت‬ ‫ ﺭر ﺭرﻑفﺕت ﺱسﺍاﻱيﻩه ﭖپﻱيﺩدﺍا ﻥنﻱيﺱسﺕت ﻥنﻕقﺵش ﺩدﻱيﻭوﺍاﺭر ﻭو ﭺچﺵشﻡم ﺥخﻱيﺭرﻩه ﻡمﺍا ﻥنﻕقﺵش ﺱسﺍاﻱيﻩه ﺩدﮒگﺭر ﻥنﻡمﻱي ﺩدﺍاﻥن ﻥنﻭوﺭر ﺍاﮒگﺭر ﺭرﻑفﺕت‬.‫ﺱسﺍاﻱيﻩه‬ ‫ﺱسﺍاﻱيﻩه ﭖپﻱيﺩدﺍا ﻥنﻱيﺱسﺕت ﻥنﻕقﺵش ﺩدﻱيﻭوﺍاﺭر ﻭو ﭺچﺵشﻡم ﺥخﻱيﺭرﻩه ﻡمﺍا‬

If we hear anything else, we'll let you know.



And Finally So, there's this yellow toad wandering around in the forest. He’s down because he doesn't want to be yellow. Life would be easier if he were brown like the other toads. He'd sure be less visible to predators for one thing. Anyway, this yellow toad bumps into a fairy godmother. "Fairy godmother, please make me brown like the other toads" he begs her. "I'm hacked off being so visible to predators. The stress is like, killing me, you know?" "Okay" says the fairy godmother, who whips out her magic wand and goes: "Abracadabra, you're brown!" The toad looks down and sees that he is brown except for his weenie, which was still yellow. "Hang about lady," he says to the fairy godmother, "my peckers still yellow" "Yeah, well I don't do weenies," she says, "you'll have to go see the Wizard of Oz for that." So the toad thanks her and hops off on his way. Now it just so happens that a purple bear is wandering about the very same woods. As luck would have it, he encounters the very same fairy godmother. "Fairy Godmother! You're just the person I need" says the purple bear, "I can't pull any bearesses because they don't want to be seen with a purple bear on account of the hunters. They can spot me from a mile off." Being a fairly nice fairy godmother, she takes out her magic wand. "Oh for goodness sake, what is the matter with you lot round here" she says and with that, she yells: "Abracadabra, you're brown!" The bear looks down and sees that he is, in fact, brown, except for his goolies which remain purple. "Hold up sweetheart!", he says to the fairy Godmother, "My goolies are still purple!" "Yeah, well I don't do those goolie things," she replies. "You'll have to go see the Wizard of Oz for that." "Well that's just dandy, innit?" the bear replies. "How the hell do I find the Wizard of Oz?" "Easy," says the fairy godmother as she flew off "Just follow the yellow-prick toad!"













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