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Biology Trip to Bristol Zoo

‘The Empress’

Geography Field Trip

Trip to AuschwitzBirkenau

Biology Trip to Bristol Zoo On April 17th, a group of Year 12 and 13 students went on a trip to Bristol Zoo in order to further our knowledge of biology. Organised by the Biology department, it included lectures specifically tailored to our summer exams and of course a chance to wander round the zoo! We arrived early enough to see the baby lion cubs playing in the sunshine, and many of the other animals enjoying a rare spell of sunshine. After a couple of hours of looking at all the animals, it was time for the lectures. The Year 12 lecture was about conservation, and the Year 13, about animal behaviour - both of which are studied during the A level course. We would like to thank Mrs Raven and Mrs Fisher for organising and taking us, we all had a lovely time. By Alice Morrey, Year 13

‘The Empress’ In April, a group of English Literature students saw an excellent production of the 'Empress' at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. This new play explores Queen Victoria’s surprisingly close relationship with her Indian servant or ‘Munshi’, Abdul Karim, as counterpointed by the experiences of young Ayar, Rani Das, in less prosperous regions of society. Vibrant, engaging and honest, the play was enjoyed by all. Particular highlights included the interplay of comedy and emotional subtlety in Beatie Edney’s performance as Queen Victoria, the dexterous treatment of Rani Das’ changing circumstances and the involving, atmospheric staging, which included live Sitar playing. The trip was particularly useful to enrich and inform Year 12’s exploration of Imperialism and Class as part of their studies of Victorian Literature. Many thanks to the English department for offering such a stimulating programme of theatre visits. By Shanti Daffern, Year 13 Page 30

The Henrician (2013)  

The Henrician (2013)