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IVAP UPDATE: 25 APRIL 2011 To date, the IVAP has surveyed over 67,000 conflict IDP families. The survey is ongoing with an expected completion date of June 30, 2011.

Locations: IVAP teams are now focusing their attention on Kohat and DI Khan, while Tank and Hungu will follow shortly afterwards.

Progress by Location (in the largest hosting districts): Location Peshawar Mardan Swabi Charssada Nowshera Kohat Lower Dir DI Khan

# of families surveyed 23,048 1,537 2,050 4,695 18,446 11,816 969 4,513


Percent of total IDP families 95% 95% 95% 95% 95% 50% 95% 20%

Data Analysis: One of the key findings of the IVAP so far is that 71% of all conflict IDP families earn an income below the standard of poverty for Pakistan (5000 Rs per month). This is to say, that on the whole, IDP families can be expected to be more vulnerable in terms of income than families who have not been displaced by the conflict. It should be noted that while IDP families living off camp have higher incomes than those living in Jalozai (on average), 84% of all families living off camp are also paying rent at an average 2300 Rs per month- going a long way towards balancing incomes with those of families living in Jalozai.

Monthly Family Income # Of Families

25000 20000 15000 10000 5000

Off Camp

0 Less than 1000 Rs

1000-2500 Rs

Jalozai 2500-5000 Rs

More than 5000 Rs

Reporting: The IVAP website ( is now operational, and reports and data analysis will be available on the site. Interested parties may view the live Data Analysis Snapshot or request a log-in to view more tailored information. In addition, the IVAP team has developed several tailored presentations to explain results and how to access IVAP data. Any interested party is encouraged to contact the IVAP coordinator and request a copy at

IVAP Updates 25-4-11  
IVAP Updates 25-4-11  

IVAP Updates 25-4-11