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Especially, when gyms can be stressful for people like us who have PTSD or CPTSD. When I think of joining a gym it brings back memories of the last time I went to one. Call it paranoia if you like, but it felt like people were looking to see how many weights was I lifting? Was I doing the dance move wrong in aerobics? Did I look too fat? Too skinny? Were people laughing at what I was wearing? No, sorry, gyms are not for me. When I go for a walk it really is as simple as pulling on my shoes and coat and walking through the door to the outside world. There is nothing cheaper or stress less as that. Did you also know that it can also help alleviate mild depression? When we walk briskly, we create endorphins, just like going to a gym, so it boosts our self-esteem, self-awareness, our memory, attention span, energy levels and best of all our mood. If you are feeling tired and fatigued, a walk will wake you up. Depression and anxiety are exhausting, right? If you go for a simple walk, over time it will lift, leaving you feeling more awake, alert and full of energy for the rest of the day. Walking with friends has been shown that it lowers blood pressure and hormone cortisol levels which in turn, enables us to become more “Stress Resistant”, along creating stronger social bonds with our friends. It has been proven scientifically that walking is good for us. You can now join the Walking Movement” and when someone asks where you are going just simply say the old adage “I’m going to go clear my head!” because that’s exactly what you are doing! Walk on, my friend, walk on…

PHF Magazine October 2017


Phf magazine oct 2017  
Phf magazine oct 2017