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We would like especially to thank: Arjan, Michiel, Per, Dragan, Gizela and her family: Zlatko, Nenad, Deniza and all other employees in our company; Dajana Mandzo - for her great support with finalizing the text of the catalog; Zeljko Skrbic – for waiting patiently in our field to make pictures every morning the whole summer; eMMY van Lamoen - for her wonderful ideas and great support to develop our company design.

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Pheno Geno Roses in Serbia is a daughter of Roath company in the Netherlands. This Dutch company started with the cultivation of garden roses in 1956. Nowadays, the 3th generation of Cox’s family has recently become active in the company, that has become one of the leading companies involved in the production, sales and hybridizing of garden roses in Europe.

In Pheno Geno Roses, three young girls started breeding of new varieties of roses 5 years ago, with highly professional horticulture skills , as well with an admirable passion for the esthetical and commercial value of roses. 3 02




Biljana Bozanic Tanjga (M.Sc. Horticulture) specialized in rose breeding, and got experience in the breeding research at the ILVO Institute in Melle in Belgium and Roath in the Netherlands. She is a General Director and a breeder of Pheno Geno Roses from the beginning. Branislava Popov (B.Sc. Horticulture) - studying a master in Genetics and Plant Breeding and worked as a breeder at Roath and a researcher at WUR in the Netherlands for a few years. She has been a breeder for 2 years and recently also a Marketing and Sales Manager. Mirjana Vukosavljev (M.Sc. of Genetics and Plant Breeding) - responsable for 4-year project research to develop Markers Assistant Breeding for winter hardy roses at WUR Plant Breeding Department and will graduate this Ph.D. research soon. She is a Head of the Research Department in Pheno Geno Roses. Biljana Obradovic (M.Sc. of Graphic engineering and design) - Web and Graphic Designer responsible for the house style and visual marketing. 05 6


Rose breeding has developed very fast as a new scientific area with lots of interesting challenges in the last years. Without these modern techniques such as applied statistics and bio-informatics, it will be very difficult to develop modern healthy roses in collections as we are aiming for. On the other hand rose breeding will always remain an art! What can you imagine as a nicer job then working in roses field in the spring and find the most fragrant roses in all kinds of different colours. We make 40.000 crosses and aim to sow about 300.000 rose seeds every year.

Selecting roses, that are the most beautiful and healthy out of a field with more than 50.000 trial varieties, is really bringing something special. 7 06




We are bringing our first varieties on the market now. We focus on roses for gardens and in landscaping that really bring fun to the people that look for the roses. As the main breeder in Europe, that is specialized in roses for the continental climate, we bring roses that are stress resistant.

We bring Easy Roses速 on the market that performing what our consumers are looking for. 10 09

WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR We are looking for customers and rose growers in Europe that would like to work with us and are focused on a long-term relationship. This can be rose-producers, landscape companies, cities or other communities, as well whole-sale companies of plants that would like to develop a marketing plan together with one of their customers. You can really use our roses in a marketing concept to change the perception of your customers. Depending on what you are looking for, we can even baptise a rose for a special occasion with your name. We are inviting you to visit our trial fields in Temerin, in Serbia.It is the best way of developing new ideas and a strong cooperation, just by walking a few hours in the roses. We are always very glad with the feedback of professionals in roses, as we really think that women are! So we specially welcome them. 11 10



We have brought together our first Collections of Roses. We are bringing our roses in different colours, flower’s shape and fragrance as a luxury present, such as perfume and jewelry, to indulge every women’s taste.

In this catalogue you will find our first Collections: · Pixie® Collection: Groundcover and Miniature roses · Winterjewel® Collection: Winterhardy Shrub roses · Bordure® Collection: Natural Flowering roses

We also give you in this catalog an idea about what is coming soon.... 14 13


Our Pixie collection is represented by two types of patio roses, with miniature ones ranging from 20 to 35 and the ground covers ranging from 40 to 70 cm. Miniature roses from our “Pixie“ collection have a diverse usage in container cultivation, in large terracotta pots or in small boxes on window-sills. Our ground covers are ideal for parks and borders in the landscape. What makes them special is a vast range of colours, flower shapes, their repeat flowering and a dense and hardy growth. They also make a very cute gift for your loved ones… 15 14


FIERY PIXIE速 bozfipix

17 16

This rose, with its fiery red flowers brings an intense and exciting feeling to any garden. Its readily evident presence makes it perfect for placing in front of the border. Having a quite short growth, makes it ideal for combining with taller perenials. The overall apearance is furtherly intensified by the compactness of the beautiful flowers.



BLUSH PINK PIXIE速 bozblpix 19 18


Blush pink in colour, this rose has a playful and serene sense to it. It will be an excellent border plant, but performs exquisitely as a pot rose as well. Although miniature in size and with miniature flowers and leaves, this rose will establish itself as a big and inevitable part of your garden decoration. Add to this its remarkable disease resistance and that it remains vigorous even under less ideal conditions and you are left with a rose which will definitely become one of your favourites. 20

BLACK PIXIE速 bozblpix

21 20

This dark red, almost claret rose keeps blooming from early spring untill late autumn. Its flowers form clusters at the top of the branches and do not open fully, giving it an impressive bouqet look. Dark green shiny leaves perfectly complement the colour of the flowers, giving this rose an elegant, regal and eminent appearance, which makes it ideally suited for bedding and for the back of the border.



CRIMSON PIXIE速 bozcrpix 23 22


A rich velvet crimson flower is an elusive sort and must have in any upstanding garden. This rose owes its magnificent appearance to its rich dark pink colour, gradually changing to a velvet crimson. Perfectly in contrast with the colour of the flowers are the dark green leaves, giving this rose a strong presence. Its beauty makes it a Jack-of-all-trades, since it is suitable for borders, hedges and as a pot rose. 24

GAUDY PIXIE速 bozgapix

25 24

The definite eye-catcher, this striped rose is sure to stand out in any garden arrangement. Its many petals in the shape of a rosette with two striking, perfectly aligned colours, give this rose a distinctive and astonishing look. In the right light, the flowers present themselves as having an almost pearlescent colour, moving from a gentle pink to a pure white. The bush is a small and dense one, perfectly fitting in borders, but the sheer beauty of this flower will leave it up to your creativity to use it anywhere you like.




PIXIECOLLECTION Mauve Pixie® Power and Beauty®

Power and Beauty is unique for its bright lipstick red colour of the flower, which will continue to be a gem of your garden throughout the year since it repeatly flowers. It is the pride of our Pixie collection. The flowers are in clusters which dominate over the small, healthy tricked leaves. It’s an excellent choice for planting in mixed borders or for growing in pots. The delicate, sensual fragrance is almost implied for such a beautiful rose, but it will still leave you surprised, astonished and always wanting more. Our rose was baptised on the 4th of October 2013. in honor of the flower city of Donetsk. 28



The Winterjewel速 collection roses share a number of excellent qualities and are exceptionally vigorous in spite of their gentle appearance. They have repeat blooming, are very healthy and can withstand even the harshest winter conditions.

Their hight ranges from 50 to 90 cm, makes them special for a beautiful background combinations with perennials and with smaller roses. As solitary plants, all our roses from Winterjewel速 collection make a unique impression. 30 29

MILLY WINTERJEWEL速 bozmiwin 31 30


Simply beautiful are the first words that will come to you when looking at this pure white rose. Incredibly rich when flowering, its beauty lies in the simplicity of its flowers which have large silky petals. This rose keeps its beautiful dark leaves and flowers until the late autumn. To make the best out of this magnificent rose, use it in large groups in parks and borders or as a decoration in bigger pots. 32


33 32

This intensive purple-crimson rose will be the pride of your garden, particularly in the dusk when its unique colour stands out even in a crowd. The shape of a rosette, with a large number of petals, forms a full rich flower which will never remain unnoticed. This is a very healthy, winter-hardy rose and its flowers will charm you all year long. With an excellent shrub growth it can take its place in the back of the border combined with other perenials, as well as a solitary plant in a large pot.





A rose that loves the sun so much that it houses it in its flower. Its colour pales to a soft yellow-peach as you move away from the centre making it resemble a sunrise. The glossy flowers are very well combined with healthy, shiny and attractive foliage. Quickly forms a medium sized blooming shrub making it ideal for using in mixed borders and rose beds. It will give a pleasant, warm impression to any landscape. 36


37 36

This white rose with a hint of champagne in its colour, will be the first thing you notice when looking at your garden. With shallow-cupped flowers forming a perfect ring it is a graceful and lovely rose. It has a elegant and dense shrub which will bring life to your garden even during the colder months. It is ideal for mixed borders, as a solitaire rose or in attractive rose beds.



BLUSH WINTERJEWEL速 bozblwin 39 38


Enrich your garden with this beautiful warm light pink rose and you will be rewarded with more then just the pretty packaging. It comes together with and enchanting and mysterious scent which will make this rose the one that you stop by each time you visit your garden. It has single flowers opening to an informal rosette shape in the style of Hybrid Tea, with a rich and dense bush. Do not be fooled with her gentle appearance, though, since it is extremly resiliant and will survive even the hardest winter temperatures. 40


Carefully selected roses for creating extraordinary bordures can be found in our exclusive “Bordure” collection. These roses enjoy company and will look the best when planted in groups. They are compact, flowering from bottom to top and have an ideal rounded shape. They do not require special maintanance or pruning. As the name says, they are best used in bordures, but they will keep their charm if you use them in hedges. Our “Bordures” will win you over with their eye-cathing appearance and intensive colours.

These natural flower types attract a lot of butterflies and bees which will make your garden to look as a little Eden. 41 40



43 42

The large flat petals of this charming rose are the perfect shape to radiate its rich yellow colour. Its leaves are healthy, shiny, dark green and form an intensive combination with the flower colour. However, being intensive still provides it for being great for combining with other roses. Even a small group of these plants will make for a magnificent sight in full blooming. It can be used in bordures and combined with small perennials.



RUBY BORDURE速 bozrubor 45 44


The thin white stripes that cross its petals, give an elegant look to this bright, cheerful red rose. The leaves are smooth, leathery and medium green coloured. It forms a beautiful, highly reliable, small sized shrub. Ideal for relativly small spaces in the garden, as well as pots on the balcony. It gives special grace to any area. 46


47 46

One of our favourites in which you will definitely enjoy. Effective, chic, eye-catching, it has all it takes to be the star of your garden. With its pink flowers and outstanding bush it will provide a whole new perspective to your landscape. Perfectly, it suits all purposes and repeats blooming very well. Just a few of these plants will bring balance and grace to your surrounding.




Every day we do our best to add the finest roses to our collections. The desires and needs of our customers are our guidelines when creating new varieties. Since women are our focus, we pay great attention to the special traits such as shape, colour, fragrance and excellent quality. Following trends is something that we have always been doing. With our new collections, intensive perfumed roses, roses with large flowers and extraordinary climbing roses, we aim to set them!

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