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At first, I thought it was going to be really difficult to write five pages of script.

After finishing, I realized it wasn’t that bad. Even though it was easier than I thought, I still had trouble. The thing I found hardest was to refrain from using parentheses. With my story, there were a lot of times where I felt that a parenthesis was needed to convey the right action. It was frustrating to refrain from using them. There’s only so much emotion you can convey with an exclamation point. I found that putting the specific emotion in parenthesis made the dialogue seem much more clear. Also, scene description was hard to write at times. I’m insecure that I may have used it too much. I also think that I might have been too specific in my scene description. For example, some things I wrote could have easily been conveyed through dialogue. Next, I never realized how short five pages of script is. I wrote a scene that I guess would take about 20 minutes (max) and it ended up being seven pages. I thought it’d be a lot less. All in all, I liked this project a lot. The scene I chose to write actually happened. I’ve wanted to write about it since it happened in November. It was too good of a story to just keep to myself. I was really impressed with Celtx. I thought it wouldn’t be that user friendly but I was surprised when I discovered how easy it is to work. I’m looking forward to creating more scripts using this program. The quality looks extremely professional. I make lots of films with friends from back home and the scripts we’ve made look awful compared to the one I just created.