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Music lovers will love it. Connoisseurs of music will no longer be able to do without it. We are, of course, referring to the Noise Canceling headphone, a product that allows you to enjoy your music better by restricting jarring notes from external sources. Apart from helping you enjoy music in its original form, it can also cut off sounds when you sit down to read or when you want to enjoy your forty winks. Success of a product often leads to the same idea being introduced by several others. Same is the case with the Noise Canceling headphone. The success of the brand has spurred several manufacturers to introduce their own brands and it is important to select the right brand to enjoy optimum benefits of the product. Creative Noise Canceling headset HS-400 is perhaps the least expensive brand available in the market. Cushioned ear pads and a unique behind-the-back style make it comfortable to use, especially for those who are conscious about their looks. A detachable microphone enables the user to eliminate unwanted background sounds while in a teleconference. Able Planet Lost Cauze Active Noise Canceling Gaming headphone is known to deliver an excellent sound quality as it increases sound pitch without increasing the volume. The headphone works on LINX Audio technology, which is commonly used in hearing aids with good results. Though not as expensive as some of the leading brands, this headphone still manages to deliver an effective performance by reducing the level of distortion and undesirable sounds. It is light weight and portable, making it very convenient to carry and use. Also, the battery has an extended life and gives out clear signals when it is about to run out. The JVC HANC250 Advanced Noise Canceling headphone is light and foldable and comes with its own slim carry case. An airline dual plug adapter is an added advantage. The single "Triple-A" battery lasts about fifty hours, making it the most comfortable headphone to use for long periods. Excellent sound quality results from a well-balanced bass and treble effect, while the headphone blocks out sounds even when it's not turned on. However, the absence of volume control is a major disadvantage. The noise canceling headsets were introduced by Bose Corporation in the eighties. These can be classified into active and passive sound canceling systems. The former can reduce noise on its own with its materials and is used in most headphones. Active sound cancellation systems use a battery to create sound waves that help cancel out the unwanted sound elements.

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Noise-Canceling Headphones  
Noise-Canceling Headphones  

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