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By Jamie North

Jamie North (+44)(0)7771 821 413

INT. LONDON UNDERGROUND STATION. NIGHT A DEMON emerges from the dark and wanders along a station platform. In human terms she might resemble a young teenager, although of course she is thousands of years old. She is a creature from the depths of hell, but this is the London Underground so no-one pays much attention. The Demon looks around at the crowd of noisy partygoers arriving in Central London for a night-out on the town. She follows the stream of people walking towards the exit. She reaches an escalator. It is heading upwards, where she wants to go, so she steps onto it, trying to keep her balance, and glides towards the surface. At the top she stumbles onto firm ground and follows people towards the ticket barriers. They seem to be letting everyone through but won’t open for her when she bumps against the gates. The people queueing behind her are very irritated that an infernal creature from the underworld is holding them up. The Demon starts to climb over the ticket barrier but a STATION SUPERVISOR on the other side walks over and holds up his hand. STATION SUPERVISOR Excuse me, go through the barrier please. She pushes at it but it won’t open. STATION SUPERVISOR (CONT’D) Do you have a ticket? No.


STATION SUPERVISOR Then you’ll have to pay a penalty fare. Step over here please. He walks to the large exit barrier at the end of the row. She follows after him on her side. STATION SUPERVISOR (CONT’D) The penalty fare is eighty pounds. DEMON I don’t have any pounds. I want to get out. STATION SUPERVISOR You don’t have a ticket or any pounds? I’m sure you’ve got an exciting fancy-dress party to go to but you can’t travel on the Underground without paying.

2. The Demon looks at him, confused. STATION SUPERVISOR (CONT’D) (sighing) Which station have you come from? Hell.


STATION SUPERVISOR You’ve come from hell? That must’ve been quite a long journey. Yes.


STATION SUPERVISOR And what have you come up here, all the way from hell, for? DEMON I want to see the upper world, where you all come from. STATION SUPERVISOR Well you can’t do that without a valid ticket. Or in your case a penalty fare. If you don’t have money you can pay by credit or debit card. The Demon would like to slice him down the middle, but tormenting humans before death isn’t allowed. DEMON Let me out. Two DRESSED-UP COUPLES come over to watch the scene. ANDY Come on, mate, let her through. That’s a brilliant outfit. BEA Yeah it’s amazing. Can we come to your party? STATION SUPERVISOR Step back please. ANDY Where are you going? DEMON The upper world. To see living people.

3. CHARLIE Well we’re all living, pleased to meet you. STATION SUPERVISOR Step back please. She either pays the penalty fare or I call the Transport Police. ANDY Alright, alright. She’s got the best costume in London, just let her through. CHARLIE Let her through.

BEA Come on, let her through.

The Demon reaches over the barrier towards them. DEMON I’ve come a long way. STATION SUPERVISOR Yes, all the way from hell. CHARLIE Shit, she’s from hell, guys. Maybe we shouldn’t let her out. ANDY What’s it like in hell? DEMON Do you want me to show you? Yes, yes. Come here.


ANDY steps forward. DEMON (CONT’D) You really won’t like it. ANDY I want to see it. OK.


She touches his forehead with a claw. Possibly his brain glows faintly inside his skull for a moment, but it’s hard to be sure. Andy stumbles backwards and collapses on the ground with a shriek. His friends stare at him as he lies there gasping, eyes wide in horror. He has glimpsed hell, and it will haunt him for the rest of his days.

4. BEA Jesus Christ! CHARLIE Andy, are you OK? What did she do? They kneel around Andy, staring at the Demon. The Station Supervisor backs away from her, speaking into his walkietalkie. STATION SUPERVISOR Station Super, I’ve got a Code 10 at the barrier, call the police. Right now. And an ambulance. The Demon looks down at the barrier blocking her way. She will never get through it now. STATION SUPERVISOR (CONT’D) Get back, get back. The friends drag Andy away from the barrier. Other people are stopping to watch the scene. GIRL IN CROWD What did she do to him? Everyone stares at the Demon. Suddenly her hellish appearance doesn’t seem so amusing. STATION SUPERVISOR Step back, everyone. The police are on their way. LOUDSPEAKER (O.S.) All staff, all staff, we have a Code 10 at the ticket barrier. Code 10 at the ticket barrier. The Demon backs away, glaring at the growing crowd of onlookers. BEA What did you do to him? DEMON I wanted to see your world. He said he wanted to see mine. DANA You evil bitch, get away from us. Get away from us. The Demon turns away from them, steps onto the escalator sadly, and heads back down to hell. FADE OUT

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