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Phelps Regional Health Care

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1000 West 10th Street, Rolla, Missouri 65401 573-458-7946 •

opening thoughts On the Delbert Day Cancer Institute (DDCI)...

Well before the first brick was laid for the foundation of Phelps Memorial

Hospital in 1950, community members had a vision. It was a vision that one day, a public hospital would be built that would take care of the health needs of surrounding citizens. On March 12, 1951, that dream became a reality. As the years passed, more services were added, particularly in response to changing healthcare needs. Things that we never imagined we could offer are now becoming regular and routine services. Over the years, we have developed radiation oncology, medical oncology and other services to treat cancer patients. But now, we have reached a crossroads when it comes to our cancer care services. It is time to integrate those services, not only to improve operational efficiency, but as a service to our patients and their caregivers. Through the creation of the Delbert Day Cancer Institute (DDCI), all cancer treatment services will be offered in a seamless fashion in one location. It is the next step in our commitment to serving the healthcare needs of the communities we serve. The question is no longer why would you receive cancer treatment at PCRMC; the question is why wouldn’t you? The DDCI would combine all the pieces we have built into a centralized area, allowing us to put the full weight of our resources behind our cancer treatment services. We understand that fighting cancer requires effort and energy, so our focus is on eliminating the huge stressors of travel and treatment coordination. Let us take care of you and your loved ones. We want you to “Come Home for the Best Care.” - John Denbo, CEO

The DDCI is important to Kim and me for a couple of

reasons. One is that we recognize PCRMC as a major asset within our community and want it to remain strong for years to come. PCRMC has served our community for over 60 years and the DDCI is just one more way that it can continue to service our community with an outstanding cancer program. When Kim and I got started on this project, neither of us had a personal history with cancer. A short two years later both of our mothers have experienced it firsthand. There’s no better way to offer and deliver this type of health care experience in a more respectful and dignified manner than the approach being taken with the DDCI. This is what community is all about. The final reason is that it is a way to honor my father, Delbert Day, for the outstanding work he’s done in the field of cancer research and treatment. By creating TheraSphere™ he has changed the lives of thousands of patients that had no other recourse but to accept their diagnosis and die of their disease. Dad has always been a visionary, but I don’t think even he ever saw something like this coming. - Ted and Kim Day, Lead Gift Donors


Foundation in Focus |


s Chief of the Medical Staff at Phelps County Regional Medical Center, I want to encourage your support as we respond to a critical community health issue of providing world-class coordinated cancer care close to home. PCRMC has a long history and a strong reputation for the care and treatment of cancer patients in our region. Nationally accredited since 2004, our cancer program is taking the next steps toward excellence by becoming the Delbert Day Cancer Institute, a state-of-the-art facility offering today’s most promising treatments. We have already started to lay the groundwork for this important transition. In 2012, PCRMC received a three-year accreditation with Commendations from the American College of Surgeons. This followed an on-site evaluation during which the cancer program was awarded an exemplary commendation level of compliance. It is no surprise that patient satisfaction with the radiation oncology program is consistently in the 99th percentile. We want to continue our legacy of cancer care excellence, while at the same time delivering an enhanced continuum of outpatient services. The DDCI will bring our region closer to meeting current demand and will build capacity in anticipation of future need. Projections tell us that cancer case volume is expected to increase in south central Missouri well into the future. Already, 16.5 percent of our region is at least 65 years old, the age group most affected by cancer. Join us in launching the DDCI – a place where you can come home for cancer care. - Mary Graham, MD, Chief of Medical Staff


ou have made the difference through your generous giving in 2013. Wow, you are wonderful! Because of your thoughtful partnership with the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation, many of your family, friends and neighbors have been able to receive the necessary help in their time of need. One of the most heartfelt examples of your donations was used to help a dying 39 year-old woman see her children one last time before she passed away on November 17, 2013. Thank you for helping making her final wish a reality. Another example is being able to offer cancer research trials to cancer patients at Phelps County Regional Medical Center. That is 100% due to your generosity and giving. This is an exciting time for our community. The Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation is launching the public phase of the Delbert Day Cancer Institute Capital Campaign. This is for the creation of a new cancer institute that will be located on the Phelps County Regional Medical Center’s campus. The Delbert Day Cancer Institute will bring all of our cancer services under one roof and will be patient-centered. The cost of the new cancer institute will be approximately $20 million. The Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation’s portion is $7 million. To date we have raised $4.6 million toward that goal. Thank you to each and everyone that has contributed to our success thus far. I am asking everyone else to join us in making this dream a reality. Please review the enclosed case for support for more details about this exciting new project. Thank you for making 2013 a success. It’s all because of you! Happy New Year! - Lorrie Hartley, Executive Director of Foundation

Foundation In Focus |


Foundation IN FOCUS



To serve as the philanthropic organization that facilitates charitable donations to support and assist the mission of PCRMC in providing for the health care needs of the communities it serves.


Be the best hospital foundation dedicated to sustaining and advancing PCRMC in providing world-class healthcare for the continued benefit of our service community. Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation


Candace Connell, President Cindy Beger, Vice-President Ted Day, R.Ph., Treasurer Patricia Leaders, Secretary John Denbo, Ph.D., Ex-Officio Virginia Lomax, Ex-Officio Mary Graham, MD Ollie Jackson Sammy Auxier, Jr. Dwight Look, MD Kathy Nickason Mark Riefer

Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation


Lorrie Hartley, CFRE Executive Director Donia Camarena Major & Planned Giving Specialist Lori Moss Annual Giving Coordinator Ashley Brooks Fundraising Coordinator Chrystal Case Grateful Patient Coordinator Nicki Chapman Administrative Assistant


Lori Moss Editor Amy Wilson Staff Writer Ashley Brooks Graphic Designer


Foundation in Focus |

Opening Thoughts


Spirit of Giving Starts at Home


Come Home for the Best Cancer Care Bringing All the Pieces Together

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Patient Perspectives


Fall Fundraisers


Meet Chrystal Case

Your Donations at Work

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Come Home for the Best Cancer Care Delbert Day Cancer Institute $7,000,000

Join us on our mission:

The Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation has been charged by the Phelps County Regional Medical Center Board of Trustees to assist in raising $7 million of the approximately $20 million that the new cancer institute will cost to build and furnish. Our capital campaign has been going on for six months. Due to the generosity of so many, we are pleased to announce that we have received $4.6 million in pledges and donations – over halfway to our goal! Now it’s time to kick our campaign into high gear and ask the residents in the communities we serve to pledge their support of this amazing project – just like they did more than 60 years ago to start our hospital. Our staff would love to sit down with you and show you how you can make a difference in the lives of those touched by cancer. Please contact Lorrie Hartley at 573-458-7946 or Donia Camarena at 573-458-7604 to discuss your opportunities to give.


Rendering Courtesy of BSA LifeStructures

Staff, employees, and community members joined together December 2-3 to celebrate the official launch of the Delbert Day Cancer Institute’s capital campaign kick-off. The event, held in the Medical Office Building, was an opportunity for the residents in the communities we serve to learn more about the Institute and get a sneak peek at the new facility. Guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and desserts while listening to CEO John Denbo introduce the public phase of the capital campaign “Come Home for the Best Care” at Phelps County Regional Medical Center. John Denbo, CEO

Foundation In Focus |



pirit of Giving Starts at Home A Survivor...Turns Philanthropist

By Amy Wilson Fourteen years ago, Lana Van Doren had a regular mammogram that detected something abnormal. After further study and a biopsy, it was recommended that she have surgery. She was able to quickly get the surgery completed, which was to be followed by a 31-day course of radiation. As the owner of a small home business, Van Doren wanted to develop a treatment plan that would be flexible. She and her husband, Tom, discussed their options and decided to stay local for treatment. “I checked in with Dr. Mary Graham to find out the details, and we decided to have my treatment at PCRMC,” Van Doren says. “Having to travel outside of Rolla would have really disrupted our lives. It would have been at least a two-hour drive, and we didn’t want to have to deal with that worry.” As she recalls the treatment process, Van Doren emphasizes the reception she received from the hospital staff. “The employees were excellent,” she notes. “I remember that the technician Mary Graham, MD really explained


Foundation in Focus |

things very well. Dr. Graham is now a good friend of mine, and I remember how gentle and thorough she was during the process.” Van Doren has never forgotten her experience with cancer; one might say that it truly changed her life. Now, her mission is to support others who are facing treatment. Wearing a light pink sweater, a pink wristband and a breast cancer pin, there is no doubt that Van Doren is an ambassador. High on her list of priorities is generating awareness about the Delbert Day Cancer Institute (DDCI) at Phelps County Regional Medical Center. “My dream is that people will use the new facility,” Van Doren says. The DDCI will serve as a comprehensive cancer treatment center for PCRMC’s service area and beyond. All services, both chemotherapy and radiation treatment, will be located in one area, along with a wide variety of support services. “Having the DDCI will mean that more people can stay here and have their treatment,” Van Doren says. “Here, you know your doctors and the staff treating you. Three-fourths of any treatment is mental, so you have to be positive during the experience. I was fortunate because my cancer was small. If it hadn’t been for the mammogram, we wouldn’t have found it so early.” Van Doren emphasizes the importance of having all the cancer treatment services in a centralized area. “My father-in-law had cancer and had to go to the Bond Clinic for chemotherapy and then to the hospital for other services,” she says. “It was very

“We never know what will happen from day to day. Down the line, there will be people that we know who will need treatment. We want to be part of making their experience better by bringing the treatment options together.” imposing for him to have to go across town.” The Van Dorens decided to financially support the DDCI because it is an investment in the future of our community. “We think this is a great cause,” Van Doren says. “We never know what will happen from day to day. Down the line, there will be people that we know who will need treatment. We want to be part of making their experience better by bringing the

treatment options together.” An investment in the DDCI also helps support the future growth of PCRMC, she notes. “The DDCI will put Rolla on the map as a top cancer facility,” she says. “People will come here from surrounding areas for their treatment. We personally know the Day family, but no matter whose name is on the facility, we would support it.”

Lana and Tom Van Doren Foundation In Focus |


Bringing All the Pieces Together What sets us apart? With the establishment of the Delbert Day Cancer Institute, these additional components are new services that Phelps County Regional Medical Center (PCRMC) now offers. They allow us to provide truly comprehensive, cutting-edge, compassionate, and coordinated care to our cancer patients.

Lorie Bourne, MS, RD, LD, CNSC Registered Dietitian PCRMC offers dedicated nutrition therapy for cancer patients. Our Registered Dietitian meets with patients to help with treatment-related nutrition issues such as: • Coping with weight loss • Poor appetite • Taste changes • Dealing with side effects that impact nutrition (sore throat, sore mouth, diarrhea, constipation) • Knowing what to eat during and after cancer treatment • Use of vitamins, minerals or herbal supplements • Education and support for those with feeding tubes


Foundation in Focus |

Hillary Bleckman, BS, RN Clinical Trials Clinical trials are research programs that involve persons diagnosed with cancer. They follow very specific regulations and are particular about who can participate in the study. In the Fall of 2011, PCRMC became affilated with Cancer Resources of the Ozarks and started offering trials here. We can now offer access to the same new, advanced treatment options that the big city hospitals offer here at home. Hillary is responsible for: • Serves as the primary contact for patients who enter clinical trials. • Screens potential candidates • Enrolls patients into the study and monitors them for the duration of the trial.

Dr. Randee Jo Feco, Psychologist Support Groups Living with cancer poses many challenges for patients and families. At PCRMC, our professionally led support groups can provide a safe and affirming environment for our patients and their families. Support groups are a mechanism to: • present information • provide comfort • teach coping skills • help reduce anxiety • provide a place for people to share common concerns

Carol Walter, MSN, RN Nurse Navigator

Phil Cox, PhD, Chaplain Palliative Care

Susan Buhr, MSW Oncology Support

When patients need help with cancer care, our nurse navigator can: • Be one of the first contacts when patients find out they have a cancer diagnosis. • Help connect patients and their families with healthcare services. • Help patients and their families with insurance issues. • Direct patients and their families to local resources and support services. • Help patients and their families get questions answered. • Help patients and their families find more information about health care.

Palliative care has been defined by the World Health Organization as “an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families, facing the problems associated with life-threatening illness, through the prevention and relief from suffering, by means of early identification, impeccable assessment, treatment of pain and other problems physical, psychosocial, and spiritual.” Our goal is to: • Provide another layer of support for patients with chronic illness. • Support the best possible quality of life for patients and their families, regardless of the stage of the disease or the need for other therapies.

Our Oncology Social Worker provides counseling and other services which can reduce stress for cancer patients and their families through all phases of treatment. We can help you: • Access information to help you understand your diagnosis and treatments. • Cope with your diagnosis of cancer and the many emotions you may be experiencing. • Consider decisions about treatment options as you think about your work, family and other things in your life. • Understand Social Security benefits, disability benefits, and insurance coverage. • Apply for programs that offer financial assistance.

Having someone to count on in a very stressful time can help alleviate anxiety and improve a patient’s wellbeing and quality of life.

Palliative care involves input from all facets of the health care community and works together to provide the best outcome for our patients.

It takes a village...

There are so many elements that make up a comprehensive cancer program from surgeons, radiologists, and physicians to pathologists and support staff. These disciplines all play a vital and important role in a successful diagnosis and treatment for our patients. Our future Foundation in Focus editions will highlight the work being done by these groups and individuals. Foundation In Focus |


Patient Perspectives “No one is ever ready for hearing ‘cancer’ or ‘disease.’ Having Phelps County Regional Medical Center (PCRMC) in our community and being able to come home each day after treatments was healing in itself. I cannot imagine picking myself up each morning and driving a long distance for treatments and doctor visits. PCRMC is a blessing in my backyard and I have found many friends and blessings along the way!” – Salle Smith, Cancer Survivor

“I always felt secure in the process. Phelps County Regional Medical Center never let me down. I felt the determination of the physicians and staff to help me with the proper care. I really wanted to be in Rolla to take my treatments. The process is time consuming enough without leaving the area and since we have qualified physicians here, I felt no need to go elsewhere.” - Patricia Leaders, Foundation Board Secretary, Cancer Survivor

“All cancer services in one location…this is a very important concept since cancer is a growing problem in our county and in this region. Having a dedicated cancer center will help allow people to have access to service in one location and have access to investigational therapies and other drugs that may not be readily accessible elsewhere. As a cancer survivor myself, the medical staff and their nursing and clinical staffs are excellent and very caring individuals.” - Dr. Edward Downey, Campaign Co-Chair, Cancer Survivor

“I am so thankful Phelps County Regional Medical Center has survived and thrived. This hospital keeps reaching out for that next big step to have the next level of excellence here…I was so very weak and so very sick. If I’d had to travel for chemo and radiation, I wouldn’t have made it.” - Cindy Beger, Foundation Board Vice-President, Cancer Survivor


Foundation in Focus |

Meet Chrystal Case, Grateful Patient Coordinator As the newest face at the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation, I know first-hand what it is like to be recognized by grateful patients. I began my career more than 10 years ago at Phelps Regional Homecare, serving as an aide in the home health and hospice areas. It made me feel overwhelmed when I was recognized by a patient because I felt that I had actually made a difference in someone’s life. I even started taking classes to pursue a career as a nurse, but even though I enjoyed the caretaking aspect, nursing didn’t seem like the right fit. I stepped into the caregiving role naturally because my grandmother was ill, and I spent a lot of time with my grandparents helping out. Now, in my new role, I can help recognize those special caregivers. When I left direct patient care, I moved to the clinic setting where I served as a medical office secretary. When the role of Grateful Patient Coordinator became available, I knew it was meant for me. It is such a challenging position, but it offers an opportunity to recognize people who make a difference. The Guardian Angel program offers special recognition when an employee or staff member goes above and beyond in the eyes of a patient or family. I am working to broaden the program to include the clinic and outpatient setting. You have so many patients who receive care and who want to thank someone. In the healthcare setting, patients feel good when they can give back to their provider or facility. I consider myself a native of Phelps County since I moved here when I was 3. I live in Edgar Springs with my husband, Mike, and our blended family consisting of Taylor, 11; Tyler 14; Jared, 14; Jack, 14; Colton, 18; and Autumn, 21. My family loves sports, and you can often find us grouped around wall-size What is the Grateful Patient Program? play-off brackets, particularly for college The Grateful Patient Program provides a basketball, baseball and football. I also enjoy philanthropic opportunity for patients and their many outdoor activities, especially fishing loved ones to recognize a special caregiver and gardening. I am looking forward to getting to know who they believe made a difference during everyone as the Grateful Patient Program their stay or visit at PCRMC. By making a continues to expand. contribution on behalf of your special caregiver, You can reach me at you will honor someone who has touched your or by calling (573) 458-7143.

life in an extraordinary way.

Foundation In Focus |


Fall FUNdraisers These organizations and individuals all raised money for the Breast Center Mammography Fund during the month of October. Each chose to do it in their own unique way – from exercising, to cutting hair, to hosting a volleyball tournament – but they all had the same goal in mind: They wanted to make a difference in the lives of our patients... and they have! We can’t thank them enough for their generosity and support!

Shear Perfection of Rolla “put their breast foot forward” during October and raised $1,002! Pictured are Ashley McCarter, Tracy Whitesides, Becky Calicotte, Sarah Hall, Michelle Johns, and Christina Grant.


Foundation in Focus |

The Centre held a Zumba event and raised $410! Pictured are Amanda Rivera, Kirstan Carpenter, Monica Johnson, Meleena Camp, Chloe Entwistle, and Jacques Walden.

St. James Ambulance District pumped gas and raised


Pictured are Bryan Lambeth, Ashley Hanley, and Joey Hohner.

Holiday Inn of Rolla raffled a basket filled with pink items and gave $65! Pictured are Debra Dutton, Donna Jones and Lori O’Neal.

Not pictured: Panera of Rolla raised $465. RestEasy, LLC raised $231.

To host your own third-party fundraiser please contact Lori Moss at (573) 4587647 or You can also visit our website at for more information.

The Rolla High School Volleyball Team sold t-shirts for their “Pink-Out Game” and raised $820. Pictured are Emily Dodge, Lori Moss and Gabe Otte.

Foundation In Focus |


Your Donations at Work

Wish Fulfilling a last

By Amy Wilson Jessica Rivers received the news in September that there were no other options left to treat her Stage IV lung cancer. For this 39-year-old mother of two, the news meant the end of chemotherapy and radiation treatments that had begun in April 2012. Her two children, ages 16 and 13, had moved in with their father in North Carolina when Rivers became ill. She had not seen them for 17 months, instead having to rely on Skype, texts and emails. She was living on her own with very little income, and unable to work because of her illness. With such an aggressive cancer, she required pain medication to control her symptoms, which left her unable to drive. Phelps County Regional Medical Center’s courtesy van brought her back and forth to treatments. Rivers was used to being active, having served in the military and as a paratrooper. When she received the news that there were no other treatments

Jessica Rivers

“How lucky am I to have had this opportunity to validate my life and existence?”


Foundation in Focus |

available, her only wish was to visit her children and attend her 20th class reunion in South Carolina. She knew that with her health deteriorating, the quality of her life would soon change. However, with her limited funds, she couldn’t afford the flight or hotel costs. When the request was made through Jason Sharp, fund administrator for the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund, to help cover the cost of the round trip flight and two-week hotel stay, he immediately signed off on the request. Her family was planning to pick up other costs such as food, rental car, etc. While on her trip, Rivers posted the following on Jason Sharp Facebook: “I have had the best time of my life, spent with friends and family...and even strangers and new friends. What am I taking home with me from this trip? I am so blessed! I cannot truly express to you all how happy and grateful I am right now. The only words that seem to fit are to say that I am full and complete. Yes, I may be young...and especially for someone preparing for the end of their life...but I have had a rich and full life. I haven’t just existed here...I have lived. “Most importantly, I have loved and been loved by so many extraordinary people. How lucky am I to have had this opportunity to validate my life and existence? It has felt more like winning the Ms. Universe pageant than being on a vacation. I have been overwhelmed with so much love, kindness, joy and laughter...enough to sustain a person through an entire lifetime! If nothing else, so many of you have shown me that I have contributed in a positive manner to the world around me, and in more ways than I would have ever thought. I am very grateful to you all. No matter what my body may be experiencing right now...or tomorrow...or next week...I can endure it with a smile on my face and love in my heart. Thank you for such a precious gift.” Less than 48 hours before she was scheduled to fly back to Missouri, she made contact with her best friend from sixth grade. Since her best friend and her husband only lived about 20 minutes from the airport, they made

plans for Rivers to spend the last night before her flight with them. According to her Facebook post, “I went through the unspeakable painful goodbyes with my babies and headed to Chapel Hill for the night. When I arrived, it was just like it has always been with us...never awkward...hugs and kisses...tears of joy. Within 30 minutes, they asked me to spend all of my last days with them as my caregivers. “Wow! Who does that? Who chooses to watch you deteriorate and pass when they have no responsibility to do so? Who opens their life and home to you, and promises all their time and love to your care and comfort? Who promises to be there to hold your hand and smile at you as you take your last breath? Only the truest of friends and family of your heart...they are real angels. “And the best part??? I am exactly 63 miles from my remarkable to continue to share as much time with them as school will allow. It will be bittersweet having to say goodbye to my Missouri family who has given me so much love and support over the past six years. However, I have peace in the fact that the burden you all have shared in loving and supporting me over the past two years of illness will be lifted as you pass the torch to others who love me,” Rivers wrote. On Nov. 17, Jessica Rivers died, with her family and friends at her side. For the staff at the Bond Clinic, Rivers made a distinct impression. “She touched us so much because she always had such a positive attitude,” said Kaye Sutton, oncology nurse for Dr. Joe Bond. “She was just so remarkable and an inspiration not only to us, but Kaye Sutton to the other patients. Jessica helped me to know that what I do is worthwhile. We can’t win every cancer fight, but we can create special moments.” If you would like to make a donation to the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund please visit or contact Lori Moss at (573) 458-7647.

Foundation In Focus |


2014 T.E.A.M. Employee Giving Campaign

Our annual employee giving campaign was a real T.E.A.M. effort! Together Employees Achieve More gives PCRMC employees the opportunity to give to their heart. This year, they were challenged to lead the way and show our community that we support our own. We raised a total of $103,189 surpassing our goal of $100,000. We had 291 employees participate in this year’s campaign. Those donations provide support for the twelve different funds of the Foundation allowing our staff and employees to go above and beyond for our patients – your family, friends, and neighbors.



Number of employees who gave to the 2014 T.E.A.M. employee giving campaign this year.

$103,189 Total amount pledged by employees to give back to PCRMC’s patients in 2014.

$73,000 Total raised from the 2013 T.E.A.M. employee giving campaign.

29th Annual Cancer Gala

Black & White Ball Saturday, February 8, 2014 Missouri S&T—Havener Center

For more information email Lonna Sowers at or Dr. Janece Martin at

Proceeds to benefit the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund and the Delbert Day Cancer Institute.

Cupcakes Cancer for

This year Brenna Heavin raised an incredible


All proceeds benefit the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund.

2013 Annual

Heart-2-Heart Luncheon Thanks to the efforts of the Heart2-Heart Committee, the 2013 annual luncheon and silent auction raised nearly $32,000!

Pictured, back to front: Rhoda Parker, Barb Smith, Rachel Malva, Clay Allison, Wanda Davis, Libby Niles, Jessica Beucler, Gerry Martin, Tracy Limmer, and Annette Wells Foundation In Focus |


June 2013 - December 2013

Memorial Giving The following loved ones were remembered by family and friends...

Hazel Aaron

Brent and Tana Booker Lowell and Patricia Davis Randy and Kathy John Elizabeth Karr Richard and Maurita Miller Walter Parkinson Lillian Thompson Deborah Warren

Fleeta Adamick

Jack and Mary Gibbs

Ronald Bandy Shirley Bandy

Isabella Bautista

Shane and Donia Camarena

Carol Bock

James and Bernadette Welch

William Brasher Huntleigh McGehee

Robert Cruse Carolyn Cruse

Jean d’Entremont Teri Dakan

Jean Bass Dean

Marion Deidrich

Gerald and Linda Pietsch

Veda R. Dowd

Carl Davis Gary and Peggy Henderson Mary Lou Henderson Douglas Lovell

Minnieles Earney

William and Iris Moreland

Annette Fenley

Thomas and Karen Beard Randy and Lori Fenley Kelly and Patricia Maas Roy and Penny Richardson

Edith Fleming Anna Brown

Riley Godfrey Mabel Godfrey

Willie Harris, Jr.

Willie G. Harris, Sr.

Virginia Karr

Billy and Jean Cantrell Harold and Glenna Hall Doyle and Loetta Karr Lyle and Janell Moritz

Phelps County Regional Medical Center


Foundation in Focus |

Robert Luttrell

PCRMC Patient Financial Services C. Robertson-Bartle Law Office, LLC

James E. Martin Elizabeth Hall

Curtis Means Maria Means

Geraldine Pendleton D.E. and S.K. Foster

Katherine Poepplemeyer Delores Tucker

Donald R. Robinson PCRMC Bond Clinic

Otto and Glossie Roehrick Shane and Donia Camarena

Jerry Smith

PCRMC Bond Clinic

Opal Smith

George and Linda Wheeler

Phyllis A. Turner Doyle Turner

Support Groups Alzheimer’s Support Group

Support group provides vital links to other caregivers and an opportunity to learn more about Alzheimer’s Disease and ways to cope.

Location: Pulaski Room Time: 1:30-2:30 pm Date: First Thursday of month Contact: 573-364-6414 Breast Cancer Support Group Location: Conference Room in Breast Center at Medical Office Building Time: 2-3 pm Date: Second Wednesday of the month Contact: 573-426-3108

Breastfeeding Support Group

Support group provides opportunity for breastfeeding moms to meet and share information.

Location: The Centre Time: Noon-1:30 pm Dates: Second and fourth Wednesday of the month

Contact: 573-458-7353 Cancer Support Group

Separate groups providing support for cancer patients and the families and caregivers.

Location: Radiation Oncology

reception room

Time: 5-7 pm Date: Every Wednesday Contact: 573-458-7500

Diabetes Support Group

Support group forms a bridge between formal health care and self-management. By gathering people with common concerns, goals and interests, members feel less isolated.

Location: Private Dining Rooms 1 & 2 Class time: 10 am-noon Date: First Saturday of month Contact: 573-458-7697

Mark Your Calendars February

February 8 • Cancer Gala

See ad on Page 16 for details.


March 30 • Doctor’s Day

Honor your caregiver.


June 2 •16th Annual Golf Tournament

Contact Lori Moss at (573) 458-7647 for details.

In our next issue... Cancer Gala Wrap-up Annual Donor Recognition Delbert Day Cancer Institute Update

Grief Recovery Program


Location: Pulaski Room Class time: 5:30-7:30 pm Date: Please contact Phil Cox for next

The title of Steven Ballard, ANP was also identified incorrectly.

A seven week program to help move beyond death, divorce and other losses.

In the Summer 2013 Issue the Outpatient Care Department was mistakenly left out. They received a recognition from Vicki B. Allen and Family. We apologize for the error.

start date.

Contact: 573-458-7935 For a complete list of Support Groups, please visit

If you would prefer not to receive future communication to raise funds for Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation, please call us at 573-458-8990 and leave a message or email us at or write to us at PO Box 261, Rolla, MO 65402. Provide your name and mailing address to insure we have the correct information. Please allow four (4) weeks for us to honor your request.

Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation a subsidiary of Phelps County Regional Medical Center

1000 West Tenth Street • Rolla, Missouri 65401



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