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Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation • Summer 2011

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David’s Story

Discover David’s journey to being active in sports.

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Opening Thoughts A cancer story continued…… I had the good fortune to spend this past week-end with my sister, Carman. We ate too much, played games, went to the pet store and watched movies. She also taught my youngest daughter to knit. If you remember she has been diagnosed with lung cancer. There are terms used to describe the cancer she has, for example, treatable, but not curable. I remember the day she called and told me the cancer was terminal and how devastating that was to her and to me. I have learned that sometimes there are no words or expressions to say that can take away the realization of bad news. Sometimes the best thing I can do is to cry with her and grieve the enormity of the situation. I have also learned that keeping your mind occupied with positive stuff is a life line to having a good day and enjoying the moment.

Foundation in Focus

Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation 2011 Board of Directors Ted Day, R.Ph., President Yvonne Dawdy, Vice President Tina Pridgeon, Secretary Debbie Schuetz, Treasurer Jo Ann Brand-Hoertel Mary Graham, M.D. Pat Leaders John Park, Ph.D Mark Riefer John Denbo, Ex-Officio

Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation Team

Lorrie Hartley, Executive Director Donia Camarena, Annual Giving Coordinator Lori Moss, Planned Giving Coordinator

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It’s funny how my perspective has changed about life and about the choices people make. For instance, my sister got a tattoo of humming birds with her families name on her upper arm. There would have been a time in my life that I would have been judgmental of her decision. Today, I see that as an expression of her living her life to the fullest and probably doing what she has always wanted to do. I have started to look at what is important in life and moving away from my own smallness and pettiness. Pain management has become an overwhelming factor with my sister’s quality of life. She is very fortunate to have a comprehensive pain management team at Phelps County Regional Medical Center. Currently Dr. Joe Bond is her medical oncologist treating her with chemotherapy and working with Dr. Kunkel on pain management. Dr. Bond has been exceptional with providing her with different chemotherapy treatment options. He has been working with my sister to make a quality treatment plan. I am also very grateful to the medical oncology nursing staff at the PCRMC Bond Clinic. I went in the other day to visit with my sister while she was receiving chemotherapy and the nurses were patient, understanding, professional and kind. Moving forward my sister is scheduled for a PET scan this week and Dr. Joe will go over the results with her at her next appointment and decide what the next best steps are in her cancer treatment plan.

Lorrie Hartley, 1

Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation Executive Director

Foundation In Focus │ Summer 2011 Donate/ Mail a donation to the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation, P.O. Box 261 Rolla, MO 65402 Call the Foundation office 573-458-7946

Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation Welcomes Lori Moss to the team I am so excited to join the PCRMC family. As a Rolla girl, I recognize how fortunate our community is to have such a quality, forward-thinking medical facility in our own backyard. I know so many of you feel the same – it’s obvious when I look at the way you’ve so generously given back to this organization. It is truly making a difference in the lives of our families, friends, neighbors, etc. It makes me feel good to be a part of “the bigger picture.” I love stories and this organization is full of them – great ones about how lives have been affected and changed because of you. Our feature story about David is a perfect example of not only your generosity, but about this community coming together to make something wonderful happen. I can’t wait to start meeting each of you and hearing about the reason you’ve chosen to give – the story behind your gift.

There is so much to learn in my new role as planned giving coordinator. My hope is to educate our friends about the many opportunities to leave a life-long, life-changing gift that will continue to make a difference in the lives of real people for years to come. I want to share what I discover with all of you. I’m thinking of it as a “join me on my journey” travel log. Each quarter, I will write an article about my own experiences. I’m currently enrolled in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace and one of the first things he talks about is having a will, so that will be my first step. I’m going to find out about bequests, annuities, trusts, etc., and I’ll report back to you on everything I learn. My goal is to have a website that will give you all the information and tools you need to start thinking about a planned gift. We’ll also have informational meetings with trusted advisors that you can talk to about all the different ways you can make a difference. One of my favorite quotes is from Sir Winston Churchill…We make a living by what we get; we

make a life by what we give. I believe we all have the opportunity to give back in such a way that will change not only someone else’s life, but enrich our own as well.

Lori 101:

• I’m lucky to have two wonderful parents (Lou and Jeanine) that have always supported and believed in me. • I love being involved and active in our community and currently serve on the Rolla Chamber and Oak Meadow Country Club board of directors. • I’m engaged to Michael O’Donnell – someone I grew up with but hadn’t seen in 26 years. Thank you Facebook! Wedding planning is hard work. Thank goodness I love to plan events and that I love details because there sure are a lot of them to think about. • I am addicted to golf. For those of you who know me, you know where to find me in my spare time. And I’m always looking for new people to hit the links with!

Mission Statement To serve as the philanthropic organization

that facilitates charitable donations to support and assist the mission of PCRMC in providing for the health care needs of the communities it serves.

Foundation In Focus │ Summer 2011


David’s Story By Amy Wilson, Senior Training & Development Specialist, PCRMC


ike many other boys his age, David Odun-Ayo likes to play sports. When he asked his mother whether he could play football, she was less than thrilled. After all, David had been born with one leg shorter than the other, which requires him to wear a prosthesis. David was determined to try at least one practice, and his mother, Theresa, reluctantly agreed. It turned out to be a life-altering decision. “He begged me to play football and try at least practice,” Theresa said. “Then, it was just one game. He just kept trying in order to finish the season. He has such resilience.” David has worn a prosthetic leg his entire life. He was born with Proximal focal femoral deficiency (PFFD), which is a rare congenital anomaly characterized by failure of normal development of the proximal femur and hip joint. Without the prosthetic leg, he is unable to walk. With it, he becomes just like any other active 12-year-old boy, eager to jump in and try new things. “I would try really hard to do things,” David said. “I just like having fun. If I didn’t try, I would be thinking about how much I had missed if I hadn’t done it.” His prosthesis, which had been


Foundation In Focus │ Summer 2011

provided by the Shriners Hospitals for Children about three years ago, was already showing signs of wear and tear from David’s many activities. “The Shriners were very gracious about what they did for us,” Theresa said. “But David would want to play basketball and would come home from school with his prosthesis all bent and twisted. I have a friend at MS&T who would help us by welding it.” It was with this in mind that Theresa allowed David to play football. “I couldn’t really run and walk without pain,” David said, noting that his prosthesis was not very comfortable. The discomfort was evident in the way David walked, making him have an obvious limp. But it didn’t stop him from being an active participant on the field. That’s where David came to the attention of Rolla surgeon Dana Voight, MD, who has two sons involved in the Rolla Youth Football program. One is a seventh-grade coach and one is a middle school player. “They told me I wouldn’t believe how hard this kid works, and how he never complains about his physical limitations,” Voight said. “We were at the dinner table talking about it, and my wife said, ‘why don’t we help him?’” Voight did not know anything about David’s condition, whether it was a result of a congenital defect or an accident. He started asking around, and quickly found that there was a groundswell of community members eager to help.

“Dr. Tim Isakson (PCRMC OB/ GYN) and I talked about how to help David,” Voight said. “The other coaches were also trying to help.

David and I have never met face-to-face, but I knew who he was from watching him on the field,” Voight said. “He never complains about anything, and loves to just be part of being able to play. He doesn’t do anything but work his tail off.

The first hurdle was to gain information about David’s situation, and a phone call to Theresa accomplished that mission. Once he had her permission to get involved, Voight talked with some orthopedic doctors. “That is when we got things rolling,” he said. “No one really knew what was needed, but that is when we contacted the prosthetic company. They really took it and ran.” “We didn’t know Dr. Voight, but I got a call from his office saying that Dr. Voight would like to have David evaluated and see if anything could be done,” Theresa said. David was evaluated by the staff at Verhoff & Associates in Rolla, which specializes in artificial limbs. It was determined that a new prosthesis would enable David to be more physically active. “During this time, the prosthetic company didn’t even mention cost,” Voight said. “When we started talking about it, there were some big numbers up to $15,000-$18,000. However, the company never asked us how it would be funded or where the money was going to come from. They were already building the leg. Once they knew the situation, they were able to bring the cost down.” The price for David’s new prosthetic leg was $6,000, which wasn’t exactly something that Theresa, a doctoral student in electrical engineering at Missouri Science & Technology, had at her disposal. Little did she know that Dr. Voight was working behind the scenes to gather resources to cover the expense. He had contacted the

Foundation In Focus │ Summer 2011


administrative offices at Phelps County Regional Medical Center, asking if there was a process to help David.

I can’t tell you how many people asked to help,” Voight said. “We had coaches, doctors, hospital employees… so many people came together to help this young man.

That is when the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation came into the picture. The foundation was able to pay for the remaining cost of the prosthesis through our “Greatest Needs” fund provided in part by the Guardian Angel Program. The Guardian Angel program provides a philanthropic opportunity for patients and their loved ones to recognize a special caregiver who they believe made a difference during their stay or visit at PCRMC. The Guardian Angel Program has been in existence for over a year.


Foundation In Focus │ Summer 2011

During that time, 47 physicians and 89 employees have been recognized for outstanding care and compassion by their patients. “We are glad that we can make a difference with this program,” said Lorrie Hartley, director of the foundation. “I am blessed to be a part of it. Being able to help people like David is what I love most about my job.” “Even up to the last minute when David received the prosthesis, I had no idea the foundation was there,” Theresa said. “I was given a form to sign and the man told me all had been paid.” David described the transition to the new prosthesis as being hard in the beginning. “At first, I didn’t want to wear it home because it hurt,” he said. “Then, they made adjustments and it didn’t hurt at all. It is now easy for me to run and play.” “I talked to Dr. Voight’s nurse and gave her an update,” Theresa said. “We talked about how the prosthesis he has now is more seamless and is a much better leg. I saw how the (prosthetic) staff worked with David and how concerned they were about precision. They really wanted to make sure it worked for him.” For Theresa, it’s difficult to express how grateful she is that a

virtual stranger has made such a difference for David. A native of Nigeria, Theresa came to Rolla in 2006, and David joined her two years later. “People have been so good to me,” she said. “This is just a testimony of what people have done for me with their support and love. People say American people keep to themselves, but I have a different story. “I have such gratitude for a complete stranger,” she said. “Out of nowhere someone reaches out and God sends an angel. That is a miracle.” From David’s perspective, he is also thankful to Dr. Voight.

He has really helped me, and I don’t think I could show how grateful I am, David said.

Then again, football season is not too far away, and David is eager to get back out on the field and show what he and his new prosthetic leg can do.










The 13th Annual Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation

tournament Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation

The morning started off better than expected. After days and weeks of rain, rain, and more rain, we just weren’t sure if the 13th Annual Golf Tournament was going to happen. But the sun came out that morning and all looked good. It was a bittersweet excitement to say the least. It was also the morning after a devastating tornado had taken the lives of our neighbors in Joplin. A moment of silence was held during lunch for those whose lives had been taken along with those whose lives had been spared. After a light breakfast, the fifteen teams for the morning flight teed off and enjoyed a pleasant and cool morning round until the black clouds started rolling in. Soon, the sound most golfers dread - the air horn – blew, indicating play would have to halt. Golfers gathered in the clubhouse along with the afternoon golfers that were already starting to arrive for their one o’clock tee off. After rain soaked the course again (thank goodness for those new Nike golf umbrellas that all the players received), the club pro had to make the call to cancel the remainder of the morning round and also cancel the entire afternoon tournament. It didn’t stop those gathered from having a great time. Though a little chaotic at times, Oak Meadow Country Club had enough room to accommodate everyone. The morning teams were treated to happy hour along with a great lunch provided by Celebrations Catering. Sponsors were recognized and awards and prizes were handed out for the flight and contest winners by Glenn Kraft of G2N, our platinum sponsor. One of the issues that came up was what to do with all the food that had already been prepped for the dinner to be held later that night. It didn’t take long for the decision to be made to send the food to those in need in the Joplin area. The City of Rolla’s Fire Department took the food down on Monday evening. We were so glad we got to help out in a time of need. We are looking forward to June 27th when our other thirty-one teams get to put their skills to the test. Our Fall issue will have all the highlights of this event. Foundation In Focus │ Summer 2011


Angels Guardian Angels

Leticia Alaniz, M.D.

“She is a special doctor.” - Robert Ellis

Grace Beaumont, M.D.

“The best family doctor I have ever had. She has been my doctor since she started her practice in Rolla. She really is my Guardian Angel.’” - Charlotte Williamson Also recognized by: Charles and Peggy Hell

“I’m so thankful for Dr. Joe Bond and the Bond Clinic. I see several doctors and they all have been very good to me! Thank you.” - Lucy Reed Also recognized by: Ingeborg Scott James and Deloris Harmon

Cathy Bond, D.O.

Kevin Brewer, D.O.

Tom, Mary and Drew Bahr

Patricia Ewers Warren Patt

“Dr. Cathy is a patient’s advocate. She is kind and caring and always has time for you.’” - Daniel and Jane Haskell Also recognized by:

Cecil and Velma Williams Peggy Risbeck Bill and Ina Bicknell Ouita Rodman John and Eleanor Van Horn Dwane and Donna Whitaker


Foundation In Focus │ Summer 2011

“Saved my life.” - Gene & Marla Maurer Also recognized by: Shirley Waters Virginia Govier

William Cottingham, D.O. Recognized by

Forrest & Alice O’Neal Joe Kearse

____________________ Dwight Deardeuff, M.D.

Keith Frederick, D.O.

“Dr. Frederick is one of the most kind and caring physicians I have ever met. My thanks goes to him for my perfect surgery.” - Joe and Bonita Moore Also recognized by: Lucy Reed

Recognized by an anonymous donor


Mary Bruns, D.O.

”Dr. Mary is a very caring and compassionate physician. She has been my doctor for many years and she will continue to be my doctor as long as she is in practice.” Barbara and Don Thorpe Also recognized by: June Tackett

“Very careful and caring physician.” Sayeeda Khatoon

“I appreciate Dr. Bass’ good spirits, his frankness, his never ending efforts on behalf of his patients.” - Albert & Barbara Hobart Also recognized by:

Edward Bruns, D.O.

Joe Bond, D.O.

Yaqoob Ali, M.D.

James Bass, M.D.

Guardian Angels

Mary Graham, M.D. James Felts, M.D.

“James Felts is a very capable physician. In addition, he is a friend, mentor and a human being par excellence. He has godly qualities.” Shamsher Prakash “Dr. Felts cares and he takes the time I need each visit and he listens to me ‘whine’! :-)” - Dottye Wolf

“The concern for me was very appreciated.” - Vincent and Cindy Clapp Also recognized by:

Pecos Coble, D.O.

“Thank you for your support of cancer patients and their family members when life is short.” - Andy Stormes Also recognized by: Lucy Reed Gene & Marla Maurer Richard Rogers Sidney and Maella Byington Catherine Bade Carol Van Bibber James and Mary Lewis Ronald Godi

“Dr. Graham shows so much care and concern for her patients. She shows so much love and uses her knowledge and skills to treat and comfort her patients.” - Dwane and Donna Whitaker Also recognized by: Robert & Charlotte Gerson Gwen and Bob Loyd Roberta Richards Bridget Peterson Karolina Seibold Cordes Thurm Mary Jones Stephen and Suzanne Femmer Diane Crider William and Edna Shy Erma Young Ronald & Betty Johnston Avella McGuirk Charles and Louise Redburn

Crystal Fleener, A.P.N.

“I’m very thankful to Crystal. She made some very good judgement calls for me. Thank you Crystal.’” - Lucy Reed Also recognized by: Ronald Godi

Foundation In Focus │ Summer 2011


Guardian Angels Vicky Gulley, D.O.

“Dr. Gully always gives her undivided attention and listens to you. She is very professional and caring.” - Ivan Crews

James Hayes, M.D.

“Dr. Hayes commutes all the way from Florida to work in our Emergency Room on weekends. He’s a friendly, dedicated and knowledgeable doctor, and we’re very fortunate to have him.” – Anonymous Donor

Don James, D.O.

“He is ready to help you anytime you call.” - James and Rena Stark Also recognized by: The Parker Girls (Angie, Allis, April and Amber) Omega Parker Fred and Margaret Heeren Bonnie Adams John and Audrey Pritchett Louise Dewing Paul and Dorothy Lane Rae Jean Hart Shirley Kuntz Donald and Ardilla Johnson Richard and Hilda Cockriel George and Eileen Gering Carl and Christine Besemer James and Deloris Harmon Rabel Bledsoe Elwyn & Debbie Wax

Anthony Kaczmarek, M.D.

Recoognized by Charles and Louise Redburn

Larry Marti, M.D.

“An asset to our community.’” - Emily Barnes Also recognized by:

Judyann Krenning, M.D.

“Dr. Krenning spoke to me in such a natural and neighborly way, I felt comfortable with her from the very beginning of my first appointment. It didn’t take long before I was impressed by her knowledge and her helpful suggestions, as well.’” – Anonymous Donor Also recognized by:


Donald McMullin, D.O.

Timothy Martin, M.D.

“He has my confidence and my stability in his decisions concerning my health!” - Patricia Ewers Also recognized by: Joe Kearse Elwyn & Debbie Wax

“I have been going to Dr. Huss for a very long time and I appreciate so much his care and genuine concern.’ Charlotte Pendleton Also recognized by: Ralph and Edeltraud Cantrell


Foundation In Focus │ Summer 2011

“Dr. McMullin is a caring doctor. He listens to his patients. I’ve been going to him for years, in fact, I wouldn’t go to another doctor unless he would recommend it. You can’t go wrong if you have Dr. McMullin as your physician; he is the best in my book so that’s why I’m acknowledging him as my guardian angel by donating.” Judy Richardson Also recognized by: Floyd and Helen Keeling Winona and Kent Roberts Birchard Holden Mary Imboden Dora Day Lucy Gollahon John & Ruby Clouse Charles and Louise Redburn

M. Ali Javed, M.D.

Randall Huss, M.D.

David Myers, D.O.

Recognized by:

Dale and Sara Wands Bobbie and Freda Kell

Suzanne Schacher Bonita Prock Basil & Velta McPheron Ronald Godi

Lucy Reed

“Provided prompt care when I needed it. Worked me into his schedule on short notice. My thanks.” - John and Dorcas Park

Peter McCarthy, M.D.

“A competent and thorough ER physician.” – Anonymous Donor

Robert Pearson, D.P.M. Recognized by:

Leah Pagel Dale and Sara Wands

Sherry Phippen, M.D.

“Super doctor. She saved my life.” Charles Hendrix

Glenn Kunkel, M.D.

Recognized by James Hunter

Tom Martin, M.D.

“He has my confidence and my stability in his decisions concerning my health!” - Patricia Ewers Also recognized by: William and Barbara Lewis Elwyn & Debbie Wax

Maria A Mendez, M.D.

Recognized by Jacqueline Howard

Bonnie Ranney, M.D.

Recognized by:

Charles and Louise Redburn Jeff & Janice Johnson

Foundation In Focus │ Summer 2011


Christine L Alexander

Recognized by Margrit De Florin

Matthew Rieth, M.D.

“I haven’t seen such dedication to the wellness of the whole patient, as I have witnessed by observing Dr. Rieth in action.” - Jackie Moore

Lorri Smith, M.D.

“Dr. Smith was admired and appreciated by her patients when she worked in the Emergency Room at PCRMC. Many of them still remember her fondly. She now practices in the Emergency Room at the Fort Leonard Wood Hospital.” – Anonymous Donor

Zulfikar Rasool Vali, M.D.

Guardian Angels David Earl

Recognized by Jacqueline Howard

Recognized by

Amy Black

Lorrie Hartley

John and Dorcas Park

“Ms. Hartley does a super job.” - Albert & Barbara Hobart

Stephanie Ebeling

Khristine Jarvis

Bonnie Gehlert

Scott Kimrey

Adelle George

David Pankey

Ms. Black is commitment and compassion personified. She’s also the youthful and enthusiastic mother of seven children. - Anonymous Donor

____________________ Ted Smith, M.D.

Recognized by Davis & Kim Haas

____________________ Hugh Schuetz, D.O.

Dana Voight, M.D.

“Saved my life.” - Gene & Marla Maurer Also recognized by:

Recognized by Joan Hansen

Mary Powell Charles and Louise Redburn

“Dr. Schuetz is a very kind, caring professional who we’re honored to recognize his name.” - Richard and Jeannette Clemans Also recognized by:

Recognized by Joan Hansen

Luella Call

Recognized by Virginia Govier

John and Susan Wiemann Bud & Naoma Coffman

Chun Ho So, M.D.

Recognized by Bobby and Marlene Skaggs

Recognized by John and Dorcas Park

Murali Vuda, M.D.

“Dr. Vuda takes time to explain, so I understand my problem and treatment. Thank you.” - Joan Filiaux

Recognized by John and Dorcas Park

Sandra Cooper

Recognized by Joan Hansen

E. David Scott, M.D.

“Emergency Room doctor who was caring and compassionate - just downright nice.” - Elaine Fritchey

Van Stoecker, M.D.

“I’m always impressed by Dr. Stoecker’s friendliness, his concern for his patients, his competence, and his endless curiosity about medicine (and everything else). Rolla is fortunate to have such a fine doctor. – Albert & Barbara Hobart


Foundation In Focus │ Summer 2011

Recognized by Jeff & Janice Johnson

Recognized by John and Dorcas Park

LeRoy Wombold, D.O.

Recognized by Don and Paula Sanders

Merla Deo

“She was great!” - Kathy Knudsen

Foundation In Focus │ Summer 2011


Guardian Angels Allison Rowden, PA-C

“Dr. Voight and Allison, as well as their staff, are GREAT! Over the last 10 years we all have been through lots of things, but I couldn’t have been in better hands. They feel like part of our family and we are very blessed to have them in the area to help everyone.” Mary Powell

Peggie Taylor

Recognized by Bonny Moore

Carla Roedemeier

Recognized by John and Dorcas Park

PCRMC Housekeeping

“The Housekeeping Team is PCRMC’s first line of defense against the spread of disease within our hospital. Without the daily (and nightly) efforts of these hardworking and often underappreciated folks, PCRMC would soon be out of business.” – Anonymous Donor

Carolyn Wraggs

Recognized by Joan Hansen

PCRMC Stress Center

Recognized by Brian Mackley

Casey Caldwell

Recognized by John and Dorcas Park

Rob Stodulski

Recognized by John and Dorcas Park

Theresa Benney

Recognized by John and Dorcas Park

Shannon Gaono

Recognized by John and Dorcas Park

PCRMC Obstetrics Department

In memory of their granddaughter, Isabella Simone Bautista who was born on 12-25-10. – Willie and Diana Phillips

PCRMC Surgical Orthopedics

Recognized by Don and Paula Sanders

Mary Sullins

Recognized by June Tackett

____________________ Retta Sutterfield

“Ms. Sutterfield has a special ability to treat difficult and challenging wounds, and doctors at PCRMC valued her healing skills. She’s now working at Barnes-Jewish Children’s Hospital in St. Louis where she’s much appreciated and where recently she published several papers discussing her experiences with healing challenges.” – Anonymous Donor


Foundation In Focus │ Summer 2011

Ana Parnell

Recognized by John and Dorcas Park


CQM ED Care Managers: Carol Brinson; Sonya R. Mead; Shelly A. Sowers ____________________

PCRMC Emergency Department

Happy Hauler Drivers Recognized by Bonny Moore

PCRMC Pediatrics

In honor of Jacob Ray Richardson who was born on 2-18-11 - Bruce Oliver

“I can’t think of one person being more important then the other. The were all great” – Anonymous Donor

Foundation In Focus │ Summer 2011


New additions at the Delbert Day Cancer Institute

A big thank you goes out to the MS&T Girls Basketball Team. In February, they held a fundraiser for the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund. The players wore pink, had a raffle, held a silent auction, sold pink t-shirts, won the game and raised $500 in the fight against cancer. Wow… we really appreciate their support for such a great cause! All proceeds stay local and assist local cancer patients with issues that come with a cancer diagnoses.

The Delbert Day Cancer Institute recently made some new upgrades to their outpatient chemotherapy center. Thanks to the efforts of the 2010 PCRMC Employee Giving Campaign and the generosity of our community, over $95,000 was raised for the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund. The funds raised allowed us to purchase 20 new medical recliners and two special vital sign monitors for the PCRMC Bond Clinic. These additions provide major patient benefits. Because intravenous chemotherapy requires patients to remain still for long periods of time, the recliners assure that patients are as comfortable as possible. The new vital sign monitors ensure patient safety during treatment, alerting the nurses immediately of any changes in the patient’s condition. The Joy of Caring Cancer fund also provides financial assistance to patients who are currently undergoing cancer treatment and are having difficulty maintaining activities of daily living. It can also assist with prescription medications, food supplements, mastectomy bras, travel expenses, and other needs as identified.

If you would like more information about the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund please contact the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation at (573) 458-7946 or (573) 458-7604.


Foundation In Focus │ Summer 2011

Ted & Kim Day Recognized for Healthcare Philanthropy Local philanthropists, Ted and Kim Day were recently recognized for exemplary contributions to community healthcare. Ted and Kim were honored on June 6, 2011 with the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy’s Distinguished Philanthropist Award for the 13-state Midwest Region. The Days have been loyal donors and supporters of Phelps County Regional Medical Center with major gifts creating the Delbert Day Cancer Institute, the Abbie Darnell Fund, Patient Transportation van replacement project and much more. They also generously support a myriad of other local and regional organizations and initiatives. “I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award,” states John Denbo, CEO of PCRMC. “The generosity of The Days continues to support and sustain any number of programs and services in Phelps County and beyond.” According to the AHP, the award is given to one who demonstrates

S a v e

“outstanding civic and charitable responsibility.” Denbo, Mary Graham, M.D., Medical Director of Radiation Oncology, Lorrie Hartley, Executive Director of Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation, Lori Moss, Planned Giving Coordinator, and Donia Camarena, Annual Giving Coordinator, accompanied Ted and Kim Day, Brett and Christine Day,

t h e

Delbert and Shirley Day, Jerry Davis and Karen Davis (Kim’s mom and dad), Mike and Whitney Harris (Brett’s God parents), to the AHP Midwest Conference in Kansas City, MO where the award was bestowed. Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation nominated Ted and Kim Day for this prestigious distinction, which is given to one donor annually.

D a t e

Date: October 6, 2011 Look for your invitation soon Foundation In Focus │ Summer 2011


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Foundation In Focus │ Summer 2011

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Did you know that your cancer treatment doesn’t end with your appointment? The physicians, nurses and other medical caregivers at The Delbert Day Cancer Institute attend weekly “cancer conferences” to discuss individualized patient treatment plans with their peers. The goal of these conferences is to offer the best care possible by calling on the expertise of the entire cancer treatment team. “Cancer treatment is multidisciplinary,” Dr. Mary Graham, radiation oncologist, says. “It is important for patients to be treated by a team of cancer doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. Not only does this approach benefit cancer patients, it enhances education as we share our experiences and give updates from our specialized fields of interest.” Each patient will have a unique cancer treatment team, assembled to best fit their needs. Generally this team will include a medical oncologist, a radiation oncologist, a surgeon, a pathologist, nurses certified in cancer care, dieticians, rehabilitative therapists, home health and hospice professionals and more. Any physician, nurse or caregiver at Phelps County Regional Medical Center is invited to participate in the cancer conferences. “We present your case and make sure our peers agree with our treatment,” Dr. Joe Bond, medical oncologist, says. “It’s like a free second opinion. We have each patient’s pathology (lab) and imaging (X-ray, CT, etc) reports at the conference and the cases are discussed by everyone present. It’s

cutting-edge, comprehensive care.” The cancer conference has grown and adapted with Phelps County Regional Medical Center’s comprehensive cancer services throughout the years, and it continues to be an important resource with the establishment of The Delbert Day Cancer Institute. “The cancer conference is a unique asset for this community,” Dr. Ruth Ann Nevils, medical oncologist and PCRMC Cancer Committee chairperson, says. “It helps keep everybody up-to-date, and in the future it will be a forum for determining if patients are good candidates for the National Cancer Institute trials we will be running here at The Delbert Day Cancer Institute.” The cancer conference is just one example of the many ways in which PCRMC has assembled the very best for its patients at The Delbert Day Cancer Institute. • We offer a team of skilled and dedicated physicians, nurses and caregivers who share their expertise and compassion with patients everyday. • We offer the best in technology, including a state-of-the-art PET/CT scanner to better stage and monitor cancer throughout the treatment process. • We offer comprehensive cancer services to treat and care for the whole person, not just the disease. • We offer a cancer institute that the community can trust and be proud of – The Delbert Day Cancer Institute brings world class cancer care home to our community.

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Abbie Darnell Fund Update Stacey Goins has spent the last 20 years of her life compensating for foot drop while she walks. She was born with arteriovenous malformation, a condition that effects the connection between her veins and arteries. The condition began causing stroke like symptoms as Goins reached young adulthood, paralyzing her right leg and hand. The extra effort it takes to walk exhausts her, and it also wears on her body. She had already undergone one knee replacement and was facing another before she read Abbie Darnell’s story in the Winter 2010 edition of the


Foundation In Focus │ Summer 2011

Foundation in Focus magazine.

I was so inspired by that young woman’s story,” Goins says. “I was excited to try the therapy and see if it could benefit me too.

Stacey now undergoes physical and occupational therapy at PCRMC’s Outpatient Physical

Therapy Services about three times a week. She uses the Ness H200 Hand Rehabilitation System during occupational therapy to gain more function in her right hand and the Ness L300 Foot Drop System during physical therapy. With each session she is seeing more benefits, and her therapists are hopeful that she will be able to avoid the second knee replacement surgery.

Explaining foot drop

When a person who has foot drop walks, the foot may drop and catch on the ground as the foot moves forward. The foot also may

slap the ground as the person lowers it after stepping. To compensate for foot drop, some people hike their hip or swing their leg out to the side to keep their toes from catching on the ground. “It takes a lot of energy to walk, and I can’t lift my foot on my own because of foot drop,” Goins says. “Before starting therapy, walking would hurt my hips and knees.” Walking is not just a physical exercise; it requires electrical signaling and brain involvement. The brain sends electrical signals to the body through the central nervous system. These signals tell the body how to move. When injury or disease interrupts communication between the brain and the leg, foot drop may result. Foot drop often indicates muscles weakness or paralysis. If a muscle and its nerve supply remain healthy, the foot drop system can be used to replace the natural electrical signals from the brain, helping the weak or paralyzed limbs move again. With continued stimulation over time, the brain may be able to recapture and relearn this movement without stimulation. Effectively, the foot drop system produces immediate results and also fosters long-term benefits in some patients.

How it works

The foot drop system includes three components: a functional stimulation cuff, a gait sensor and a wireless control unit. The leg cuff sits just below the knee and holds the stimulation unit as well as electrodes that are custom positioned for each patient’s leg. The gait sensor sits on the patient’s shoe and automatically detects different surfaces and speeds. It sends signals to the

leg cuff to adjust stimulation to allow for a more natural walking experience. The handheld control unit is programmed by the patient’s therapists and allows for minor stimulation adjustments.

My walking gets better and better the more I have this therapy, Goins says. I feel like I can walk for hours now, and my knees and hips don’t hurt. It really does work, and it really does change lives.


Goins’ therapy with the system includes walking around the gym, walking on the treadmill, sidestepping, walking backwards and strength building exercises through muscle stimulation and contraction. Her physical therapist, Jenny Blanton, monitors her progress and programs the system to address Goins’ unique needs as she progresses through therapy. Goins says she is happy with the results she is seeing. “When I’ve tried walking on treadmills before, I always felt my foot dragging,” Goins says. “When I walk on the treadmill with this system on, it feels great not to hear that noise of my foot dragging and know that my feet are walking.” Overall, the system is designed to help people like Goins with foot drop walk with more ease and less exhaustion. Therapy with the device can help: • Provide close to natural movement while walking • Increase speed and improve steadiness while walking • Increase social participation • Reeducate muscles to function without the system • Prevent muscle loss • Maintain or increase range of motion in the ankle or foot • Increase local blood flow

Hand therapy

Kathy Harrison, Goins’ occupational therapist, leads Goins through her hand rehabilitation therapy. The hand system uses the same functional electrical stimulation to stimulate the arm and hand muscles, enabling the hand to open and close. “The device helps relax her hand,” Harrison says. “Each therapy session has a cumulative Foundation In Focus │ Summer 2011


effect – the more you do it, the quicker the response from the muscles.” The goal of the therapy is to: • Improve active hand range of motion and function • Reeducate muscles to function without the system • Reduce muscles spasms • Increase local blood flow • Prevent muscle loss.

Reaching out

Stacey is not the only patient to benefit from PCRMC’s new foot drop and hand rehabilitation system therapy. PCRMC Outpatient Therapy Services currently has about six patients making use of the foot drop system and several others using the hand rehabilitation system through outpatient therapy. PCRMC’s entire team of physical and occupational therapists have undergone special certification and training for these new systems.

It’s a wonderful experience for people to once again by able to walk with their families, to walk in a more natural way, to not feel like everyone is looking at them, Brenda Hughes, Director of Outpatient Therapy Services and Acute


Foundation In Focus │ Summer 2011

Rehabilitation at PCRMC, It’s says. liberating.


The rehabilitation staff at PCRMC also works with patients who would benefit from home use of either system to help them determine if their insurance will cover the device. If a home system is not covered, they try to work with the patient to find other avenues to procure the therapy, including the Phelps Regional Healthcare Foundation’s Abbie Darnell Fund. To learn more about this exciting new therapy, contact PCRMC Outpatient Therapy Services at (573) 458-7140. To learn more about the Abbie Darnell fund or to make a donation, call (573) 458-7946 or visit

Heart Healthy Recipe

Low Fat Beef Enchiladas Cook Time: 35 minutes Serves 4

Ingredients: • 1 tsp canola oil • 1/2 cup finely chopped onion • 8 ounces extra-lean ground beef • 2 tsp cumin • 1 cup pinto beans • 1 14.5-ounce can crushed tomatoes • 1 4-ounce can diced green chiles • 4 low fat flour tortilla wraps • 1 10-ounce can enchilada sauce • 1/2 cup reduced fat shredded Jack cheese Extra-lean ground beef and pinto beans form the base of these delicious, low fat beef enchiladas. Choose the spiciness of the enchilada sauce to suit your family’s taste. One caveat, however: although this dish is low fat, it contains slightly more than half the recommended daily sodium limit.


The 2010 Heart 2 Heart luncheon raised $36,608.50 on December 5 at Matt’s Steakhouse. The luncheon was co-sponsored by Washington University in St. Louis and Phelps County Regional Medical Center. The event was organized by a group of community volunteers and all proceeds from the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation Heart 2 Heart fund stay local. The 2011 Heart 2 Heart Luncheon will be held at Matt’s Steakhouse on December 2. Join us in the fight against heart disease.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Coat an 8-inch square baking dish with nonstick cooking spray. Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet. Sauté onions until translucent. Crumble in beef and cook until no longer pink. Add cumin, beans, tomatoes and chiles. Cook for 10 minutes until sauce is reduced. Spread a little enchilada sauce on each tortilla. Spoon beef mixture into each of the four tortillas. Roll up and place seam down into the baking dish. Four will fit into the dish perfectly. Pour remaining enchilada sauce over the tortilla rolls. Top with shredded cheese. Bake for 20 minutes until sauce is bubbly and cheese has melted.

Per Serving: Calories 343, Calories from Fat 60, Total Fat 6.7g (sat 2.9g), Cholesterol 42mg, Sodium 1,297mg, Carbohydrate 46.8g, Fiber 7.6g, Protein 23.9g

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