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Bonnie Ranney, M.D.

Honored By:

• Roberta Charles

Hugh Schuetz, D.O.

Honored By:

Dr. Isakson is a good doctor and a real good surgeon who knows what he is doing. He’s a good doctor and he cares. – Gail Waterman

• Richard & Jeannette Clemans • Pauline Cooper

“A very caring doctor.” – Richard & Jeannette Clemans

Dana Voight, M.D.

“He takes time to listen.” – Pauline Cooper

Chun Ho So, M.D.

Honored By:

• Maryann Bates • Alice Slack

“Dr. Voight’s caring and kind words helped me so much with my cancer surgery and other surgeries.” – Judy Brown

“The most patient, kind, understanding and caring doctor, without whom I would not have had my husband as long as I did. He deserves this recognition and so much more. He has my eternal gratitude.” – Maryann Bates

“He’s an excellent doctor, kind and compassionate to his patients.” – Tom & Jan Colvin “Dr. Voight is a skilled surgeon. surgeon. He is caring and goes above and beyond in caring for his patients. I’m grateful we have him here in our community.” – Tammy Elrod

Ted Smith, M.D.

Honored By:

• Davis & Kim Haas

“He’s a fine surgeon and physician. His care and concern for me as a patient was wonderful. I recommend him to anyone.” – James & Lucille Smith

Kevin Snyders, CRNA

Honored By:

• Carolyn Rodgers

“Thanks Dr. Voight.” – Leasle & Lucille Tallant

“Kevin always has a positive attitude and really cares about his patients. Thank you for taking good care of me.” – Carolyn Rodgers

Robert Young, D.O.

Daniel Summers, M.D.

• David and Barbara Summers

• David & Sara Fannin • Jeanine Moss

“Honoring years of service to this community and medical missions through his congregation at First Christian Church.” – Jeanine Moss

No doctor named:

• Rosalie Case • Janette Hinderliter • Ayten Palantekin • Charlotte Williamson

• Peter & Joan Joan Hansen • William Hughes • Leroy Wallis

Guardian Angels

Honored By:

Honored By: By

• Shirley Day

“Dr. Young was my doctor for over 20 years and was an excellent and caring family physician.” – Shirley Day

Honored By:

Jerry Thomas, D.O.

Honored By:

• Judy Brown • Tom & Jan Colvin • Tammy Elrod • James & Lucille Smith • Leasle & Lucille Tallant


Summer 2010  
Summer 2010  

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