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Pecos Coble, D.O.

Honored By:

• Catherine Bade • Thomas and Mary Bahr • Tom & Jan Colvin • Janette Crosby • Ronald Godi • Lucy Reed • Iona Stephens • Nancy Stephens

“Rolla is very fortunate to have a doctor of his degree of excellence. I was born in 1928, and it is my opinion that he is very knowledgeable and intelligent, and explains things in a manner that is understandable for me.” – Catherine Bade “Dr. Coble is an excellent doctor who is caring and compassionate to patients and families.” – Tom & Jan Colvin “Very good doctor.” – Janette Crosby “I’m so glad and feel so fortunate to claim Dr. Coble as my doctor. He is so understanding, kind and compassionate.” – Lucy Reed “I am active now, but was almost bedridden before. I love him.” – Nancy Stephens

Katherine Cook, M.D.

Honored By:

• Carolyn Tilford

“Dr. Cook served as a physician at Phelps County Health Department for child/well baby exams. She was and is a very caring doctor and many have benefitted from her care.” – Carolyn Tilford

Jay Crump, D.O.

Honored By:

• Thomas & Mary Bahr

Michael Elders, D.O.

Honored By:

• Carolyn Fullium

“He and his Dad delivered all six of our kids and have always been #1 with our whole family.” – Carolyn Fullium

James Felts, M.D.

Honored By:

• Charles & June Edwards • Louis and Barb Grimm • Larry & Joyce Sherrell • Dottye Wolf

“He has discovered serious problems and sent us to specialists. He has stressed exercise to relieve minor pains.” – Charles & June Edwards “Dr. Felts is superb.” – Louis and Barb Grimm “Dr. Felts is always willing to take the time to listen and is so helpful – he is a good person!” – Dottye Wolf

Schaun Flaim, D.O.

Honored By:

• Deborah Stoney

“He should be honored for his skill and dedication to the medical field.” – Deborah Stoney

William Cottingham, D.O.

Honored By:

• Helen Breeden • Donald Harmon • George & Clotilda Nisbet • Mary Rogers

“Dr. Cottingham has been my primary doctor for approximately 20 years. He has taken very good care of me and all my many health problems. A very good doctor.” – Donald Harmon


“We thank Dr. Cottingham. He treated our son when he passed out at a hazing at the university in Rolla in 1991.” – George & Clotilda Nisbet

Crystal Fleener, APRN

Honored By:

• Ronald Godi • Leah Pagel

Keith Frederick, D.O.

Honored By:

• Delores Reising

Summer 2010  

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