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Dr. Bass is very concerned about his patients and provides easily understood directions and anticipated results. – Elva Schafer

Grace Beaumont, M.D.

Cathy Bond, D.O.

Honored By:

• Charles & Peggy Hell

“Great care for 13 years! Thanks.” – Charles & Peggy Hell

Honored By:

• Verna Herin • James & Mary Lewis • Sheryl Lynch • Betty Sooter

“Special thanks to Dr. Cathy Bond.” – James & Mary Lewis

Jimmy Bell, FNP

Honored By:

• Floyd & Violet Baxter • Norma Jean Harris • Jo Woods

“A good, caring professional.” – Floyd & Violet Baxter “Jimmy has always been an excellent caregiver who takes times to make me feel he cares about me and my health.” – Jo Woods

Kimberly Bohlmann, M.D.

Honored By:

• Laurence Loughran • Betty West

“She is a fine doctor needed in Vienna.” – Laurence Loughran “I think very highly of Dr. Bohlmann, and am so glad she is here in Vienna.” – Betty West

“She is a very special physician. She has taken care of me for many years.” – Betty Sooter

Joseph Bond, D.O.

Honored By:

• Virginia Govier • Leasle & Lucille Tallant • Buren & Lillie Triplett

“Thanks, Dr. Joe.” – Leasle & Lucille Tallant “We’re thankful for him.” – Buren & Lillie Triplett

Kevin Brewer, D.O.

Honored By:

• Patricia Ewers

“Outstanding and caring.” – Patricia Ewers

Cathy Bond is a very special physician. She has taken care of me for many years. – Betty Sooter

Mary Bruns, D.O.

Honored By:

• June Tackett

Guardian Angels

“She is a wonderful doctor. We are all lucky to have her. I have been a friend and patient of Dr. Cathy Bond and also used to work with her. I totally trust and love her.” – Sheryl Lynch


Summer 2010  

Guardian Angel