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Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation • Summer 2010 Special Edition

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Opening Thoughts The Guardian Angel Program provides a philanthropic opportunity for grateful patients and their loved ones to recognize a special caregiver who they believe made a difference during their visit to PCRMC. To honor a staff member, patients or their loved ones fill out a Guardian Angel form, include the name of the individual(s) they wish to honor and enclose their gift of any amount. The Guardian Angel Program enables patients to say “thanks” and to honor caregivers and other staff who helped make their experience positive. The Phelps Regional Healthcare Foundation has provided the Guardian Angel Program for a little more than one year. During that time, more than 100 physicians and employees have been recognized for outstanding care and compassion by their patients. To recognize a staff member, patients simply fill out the Guardian Angel form and name the individual they wish to honor. They can also leave a special message for their honoree. If you choose to participate in the Guardian Angel Program, you are demonstrating your gratitude for superior patient care in a philanthropic way.

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About Guardian Angels Guardian Angels: Physicians Guardian Angels: PCRMC Staff Giving Form

How to Donate Visit PCRMC online at about/foundation.aspx and scroll down to the online giving form.

Mail a donation to the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation, P.O. Box 261, Rolla, MO 65402 Call the Foundation office 573-458-7946

Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation 2010 Board of Directors • Ted Day, President • Frank Lazzaro, Vice President • Tina Pridgeon, Secretary

Acknowledging an individual for a job well-done is one of the most meaningful forms of support you can offer. If you choose to participate in the Guardian Angel program, you are demonstrating your gratitude for superior patient care and compassion.

Lorrie Hartley Director of Foundation

Phelps Regional Healthcare Foundation

• Debbie Schuetz, Treasurer • Jo Ann Brand-Hoertel • Yvonne Dawdy • Dr. Mary Graham • Pat Leaders • Dr. John Park • Joe Phelps • Mark Riefer • Keith Strassner • John Denbo, Ex-Officio • Suzanne Paule, Ex-officio

Guardian Angels guard•i•an an•gel

Definition: 1. Protector – somebody seen as the special protector of someone’s interests 2. Personal Angel - a person who looks after an individual regardless of the circumstances


he Guardian Angel Program provides a philanthropic opportunity for grateful patients and their loved ones to recognize a special caregiver who they believe made a difference during their stay at PCRMC. By making a contribution on behalf of your special caregiver, you will honor someone who has touched your life in an extraordinary way. When you make a gift honoring your special caregiver, • we will send a note of appreciation informing him or her of your generosity • we will not specify the amount of your gift, and will award your special caregiver with a customcrafted lapel pin to wear proudly on their uniform.

Your recognition

gift supports the following Phelps Regional Health care Foundation annual funds: The Breast Center Mammography Fund, which provides women with screening mammograms at no cost for those who qualify. Joy of Caring Cancer Fund, which provides financial assistance to cancer patients who have difficulty managing their activities of daily living. The Heart-2-Heart Fund helps provide free

heart health screenings, educational materials and sessions for women in Rolla and the surrounding communities.

The Patient Transportation Program Fund

is for patients that have no other means of transportation to and from medical services. The program has logged over a million miles since it’s inception.

The Smile Mobile Fund supports a mobile dental clinic that provides dental care to any child who qualifies. Regional Homecare Hospice Program.

The Baby Steps Fund assists patients with prenatal education, breastfeeding equipment and perinatal loss and bereavement support. The fund also supports the pediatric and obstetric departments with small equipment and playroom toys.

Hope. Help. Access.

The Hospice Fund helps support the Phelps


Guardian Angels: Physicians Patients were invited to make a

gift honoring their physician as a Guardian Angel and support

the Phelps Regional Health Care

Foundation on National

Doctor’s Day, March 30th.

Leticia Alaniz, M.D.

Honored By:

• Shen & Agnes Lee

“My mother received the best loving tender care from Dr. Leticia Alaniz and all the nursing staff on the new second floor during her last twelve days of life.” – Shen & Agnes Lee

Yaqoob Ali, M.D.

Honored By:

• Lucy & David Finch

“Great doctor.” – Lucy & David Finch

James Bass, M.D.

Honored By:

• Bill & Ina Bicknell • William & Rosalie Franklin • George McPherson Jr. • Peggy Risbeck • Ouita Rodman • Elva Schafer • John & Eleanor Van Horn

“We are so grateful to have him as our doctor and friend. His dedication to helping others is an outstanding quality he possesses as a physician.” – William & Rosalie Franklin “A skillful doctor who really cares for his patients.” – George McPherson Jr. “Very personable and caring.” – Peggy Risbeck “He’s good in so many ways. He has seen me through many bad times since 1987.” – Ouita Rodman “Dr. Bass is very concerned about his patients and provides easily understood directions and anticipated results.” – Elva Schafer


Dr. Bass is very concerned about his patients and provides easily understood directions and anticipated results. – Elva Schafer

Grace Beaumont, M.D.

Cathy Bond, D.O.

Honored By:

• Charles & Peggy Hell

“Great care for 13 years! Thanks.” – Charles & Peggy Hell

Honored By:

• Verna Herin • James & Mary Lewis • Sheryl Lynch • Betty Sooter

“Special thanks to Dr. Cathy Bond.” – James & Mary Lewis

Jimmy Bell, FNP

Honored By:

• Floyd & Violet Baxter • Norma Jean Harris • Jo Woods

“A good, caring professional.” – Floyd & Violet Baxter “Jimmy has always been an excellent caregiver who takes times to make me feel he cares about me and my health.” – Jo Woods

Kimberly Bohlmann, M.D.

Honored By:

• Laurence Loughran • Betty West

“She is a fine doctor needed in Vienna.” – Laurence Loughran “I think very highly of Dr. Bohlmann, and am so glad she is here in Vienna.” – Betty West

“She is a very special physician. She has taken care of me for many years.” – Betty Sooter

Joseph Bond, D.O.

Honored By:

• Virginia Govier • Leasle & Lucille Tallant • Buren & Lillie Triplett

“Thanks, Dr. Joe.” – Leasle & Lucille Tallant “We’re thankful for him.” – Buren & Lillie Triplett

Kevin Brewer, D.O.

Honored By:

• Patricia Ewers

“Outstanding and caring.” – Patricia Ewers

Cathy Bond is a very special physician. She has taken care of me for many years. – Betty Sooter

Mary Bruns, D.O.

Honored By:

• June Tackett

Guardian Angels

“She is a wonderful doctor. We are all lucky to have her. I have been a friend and patient of Dr. Cathy Bond and also used to work with her. I totally trust and love her.” – Sheryl Lynch


Pecos Coble, D.O.

Honored By:

• Catherine Bade • Thomas and Mary Bahr • Tom & Jan Colvin • Janette Crosby • Ronald Godi • Lucy Reed • Iona Stephens • Nancy Stephens

“Rolla is very fortunate to have a doctor of his degree of excellence. I was born in 1928, and it is my opinion that he is very knowledgeable and intelligent, and explains things in a manner that is understandable for me.” – Catherine Bade “Dr. Coble is an excellent doctor who is caring and compassionate to patients and families.” – Tom & Jan Colvin “Very good doctor.” – Janette Crosby “I’m so glad and feel so fortunate to claim Dr. Coble as my doctor. He is so understanding, kind and compassionate.” – Lucy Reed “I am active now, but was almost bedridden before. I love him.” – Nancy Stephens

Katherine Cook, M.D.

Honored By:

• Carolyn Tilford

“Dr. Cook served as a physician at Phelps County Health Department for child/well baby exams. She was and is a very caring doctor and many have benefitted from her care.” – Carolyn Tilford

Jay Crump, D.O.

Honored By:

• Thomas & Mary Bahr

Michael Elders, D.O.

Honored By:

• Carolyn Fullium

“He and his Dad delivered all six of our kids and have always been #1 with our whole family.” – Carolyn Fullium

James Felts, M.D.

Honored By:

• Charles & June Edwards • Louis and Barb Grimm • Larry & Joyce Sherrell • Dottye Wolf

“He has discovered serious problems and sent us to specialists. He has stressed exercise to relieve minor pains.” – Charles & June Edwards “Dr. Felts is superb.” – Louis and Barb Grimm “Dr. Felts is always willing to take the time to listen and is so helpful – he is a good person!” – Dottye Wolf

Schaun Flaim, D.O.

Honored By:

• Deborah Stoney

“He should be honored for his skill and dedication to the medical field.” – Deborah Stoney

William Cottingham, D.O.

Honored By:

• Helen Breeden • Donald Harmon • George & Clotilda Nisbet • Mary Rogers

“Dr. Cottingham has been my primary doctor for approximately 20 years. He has taken very good care of me and all my many health problems. A very good doctor.” – Donald Harmon


“We thank Dr. Cottingham. He treated our son when he passed out at a hazing at the university in Rolla in 1991.” – George & Clotilda Nisbet

Crystal Fleener, APRN

Honored By:

• Ronald Godi • Leah Pagel

Keith Frederick, D.O.

Honored By:

• Delores Reising

Mary Graham is a wonderful doctor. – Avella McGuirk

Dennis Goodman, D.O.

Honored By:

• Jane Maull

“In honor of Dr. Dennis Goodman – whose kindness to my family I will never forget.” – Jane Maull

Rachelle Gorrell, D.O.

Honored By:

• Carolyn Tilford

“She is a kind, caring individual as well as a professional physician.” – Carolyn Tilford

Mary Graham, M.D.

Honored By:

• Diane Crider • Stephen & Suzanne Femmer • Avella McGuirk

“She is very caring and gave me a lot of support. Thank you!” – Diane Crider

Timothy Isakson, M.D.

Honored By:

• Gail Waterman

“He’s a good doctor and a real good surgeon who knows what he is doing. He’s a good doctor and he cares.” – Gail Waterman

Don James, D.O.

Honored By:

• Rabel Bledsoe • Ruth Hance • James & Deloris Harmon • Wayne & Suzanne Keeney • Shirley Kuntz • Richard & Edith Quick • Ruthann Reynolds • William & Vera Rinck

“He’s the best there is – a wonderful and caring doctor!” – Rabel Bledsoe “He takes his time talking with you and diagnosing your illness. He’s a very good doctor.” – Ruth Hance “Dr. Don James saved my life not once, but several times over the past year. We thank him and his staff.” – James & Deloris Harmon

“She is a wonderful doctor.” – Avella McGuirk

“I’ve been with Don for 31 years and HE can walk on water. Not only a great doctor but a great man!” – Shirley Kuntz

Randall Huss, M.D.

“Dr. James epitomizes a caring and loving physician. He’s a down-to-earth doctor who deeply cares about his patients. He is SUPERB.” – Richard & Edith Quick

Honored By:

• Ralph & Edeltraud Cantrell • Len & Doris Walderich

“All around good and nice family doctor.” – Ralph & Edeltraud Cantrell “Thank you Dr. Huss for your care, concern and dedication.” – Len & Doris Walderich

Honored By:

• James & Mary Palmer

“Many thanks to Dr. Iftekhar for all her help in bringing home our beautiful daughter, Emily, from Russia. Dr. Iftekhar is an angel here on earth!” – James & Mary Palmer

Anthony Kaczmarek, M.D.

Honored By:

• Joann Portwood

“Guardian Angel – is always there for all who need him and has a wonderful staff and helpers.” – Joann Portwood

Guardian Angels

Riffat Iftekhar, M.D.

“Wonderful physician.” – William & Vera Rinck


Don McMullin, D.O. Judyann Krenning, M.D.

Honored By:

• Alice Slack

Honored By:

• JoAnn Brand-Hoertel • John & Ruby Clouse • Dora Day • Mary Imboden • Frank Mori • Judith Richardson • Jack & Karen Strohl • Belma Walker

Glenn Kunkel, M.D.

“Thanks for everything!” – William Blue

“Thank you for putting up with me.” – JoAnn Brand-Hoertel

Honored By:

• Norma Finnan

Larry Marti, M.D.

Honored By:

• Veda Boyd • Anita Hawkins • Hildegard & Ray Payton • Nell Wilson

“I thank God for Dr. Marti’s skill, upbeat personality and caring. Dr. Dr. Marti’s encouragement helped me to keep trying.” – Nell Wilson

“Don is a dedicated doctor who really cares about his patients.” – John & Ruby Clouse “He saved my life twice after heart attacks and keeps me in good condition since then.” – Dora Day “Thank you so much for taking excellent care of my mother. I trust your judgment when it comes to her health needs, and as far as I’m concerned she has the best doctor.” – Judith Richardson

“Dr. Marti always takes such good care of me and encourages me to do my best in rehab.” – Anita Hawkins

“Thank you for being a caring doctor.” – Jack & Karen Strohl

Timothy Martin, M.D.

David Myers, D.O.

Honored By:

• Dorothy Daniels • William & Vera Rinck • Margot Rowlett

“I needed a pacemaker. I play accordion. I asked him if he could place it where it could not interfere with my playing and he did. I appreciate it very much.” – Dorothy Daniels “Wonderful physician who has cared for me.” – William & Vera Rinck

Tom Martin, M.D.

Honored By:

• William & Vera Rinck

Honored By:

• Dorothy DeWitt • Bobbie & Freda Kell

“Dr. David has treated many of my family members over the years. We are all thankful for his care and we appreciate him very much.” – Dorothy DeWitt “A wonderful and caring doctor.” – Bobbie & Freda Kell

Allen Northern, D.O.

Honored By:

• Pat Adair

“Wonderful physician who has cared for me.” – William & Vera Rinck


Debra McCaul, M.D.

Sherry Phippen, M.D.

Honored By:

• Lucy & David Finch

“Great doctor.” – Lucy & David Finch

Honored By:

• Bernice Jones

“Thank you.” – Bernice Jones

Bonnie Ranney, M.D.

Honored By:

• Roberta Charles

Hugh Schuetz, D.O.

Honored By:

Dr. Isakson is a good doctor and a real good surgeon who knows what he is doing. He’s a good doctor and he cares. – Gail Waterman

• Richard & Jeannette Clemans • Pauline Cooper

“A very caring doctor.” – Richard & Jeannette Clemans

Dana Voight, M.D.

“He takes time to listen.” – Pauline Cooper

Chun Ho So, M.D.

Honored By:

• Maryann Bates • Alice Slack

“Dr. Voight’s caring and kind words helped me so much with my cancer surgery and other surgeries.” – Judy Brown

“The most patient, kind, understanding and caring doctor, without whom I would not have had my husband as long as I did. He deserves this recognition and so much more. He has my eternal gratitude.” – Maryann Bates

“He’s an excellent doctor, kind and compassionate to his patients.” – Tom & Jan Colvin “Dr. Voight is a skilled surgeon. surgeon. He is caring and goes above and beyond in caring for his patients. I’m grateful we have him here in our community.” – Tammy Elrod

Ted Smith, M.D.

Honored By:

• Davis & Kim Haas

“He’s a fine surgeon and physician. His care and concern for me as a patient was wonderful. I recommend him to anyone.” – James & Lucille Smith

Kevin Snyders, CRNA

Honored By:

• Carolyn Rodgers

“Thanks Dr. Voight.” – Leasle & Lucille Tallant

“Kevin always has a positive attitude and really cares about his patients. Thank you for taking good care of me.” – Carolyn Rodgers

Robert Young, D.O.

Daniel Summers, M.D.

• David and Barbara Summers

• David & Sara Fannin • Jeanine Moss

“Honoring years of service to this community and medical missions through his congregation at First Christian Church.” – Jeanine Moss

No doctor named:

• Rosalie Case • Janette Hinderliter • Ayten Palantekin • Charlotte Williamson

• Peter & Joan Joan Hansen • William Hughes • Leroy Wallis

Guardian Angels

Honored By:

Honored By: By

• Shirley Day

“Dr. Young was my doctor for over 20 years and was an excellent and caring family physician.” – Shirley Day

Honored By:

Jerry Thomas, D.O.

Honored By:

• Judy Brown • Tom & Jan Colvin • Tammy Elrod • James & Lucille Smith • Leasle & Lucille Tallant


Guardian Angels:

PCRMC Staff These staff members were identified as Guardian Angels or as a Team of Angels.

Employees Kirk Davis, Emergency Department

AMS Deanna Batarick, Jennifer Gerlemann, Deanna Grimshaw, Terri Knight, Krista Kost and Esther Moore

Medical Oncology Sue Ah, Christine Alexander, Patti Azar, Pamela Belloir, Kimberly Bennett, Kelly Bowers, Kevin Bowers, Cheryl Brantley, Christina Breidenbaugh, Ashley Brown, Persephone Bullock, Gina Bussone, Aaron Cohlmia, Carolyn Crossley, Felicia Eads, Jody Earney, Stephanie Ebeling, Nona Emge, Ann Fulliam, Amy Glenn, Richard Harman, Kimberly Henry, Rachel Hicks, Khristin Hinson, Karen Hussey, Jamie Jones, Julie Kosbar, Sharon Lacey, Brittany Lefebvre, Monica Link, Lynell Maurer, Donra McCown, Tara Moore, Tina Moore, Angela Mullins, Rita Persicke, Nancy Pratte, Andrea Richey, Beverly Ricker, Phileta Rio, Kitti Ross, Linda Stimel, Kathy Thoroughman

Pictured: Gail Burd, Cappie Blackwell, Angie Passig & Brigitte Desherlia

Pediatric Nursing Staff Angie Passig, Brigitte Desherlia, Hope Jones, Cappie Blackwell, Gail Burd, Staci Wilson, Ashley Wann, Randi Wright, Cassandra Castillo, Julie Warren, Karlae Callahan and Beth Murray

Hope. Help. Access.

Vineyard, English Wallace, Joy Wegwu, Steven Westphall, Ashley White, Misty Whittingham, Rodney Wilson, Tina Wilson, Kellie Wood, Carolyn Wraggs, April Zack and Lana Zollman

Radiation Oncology Staff The entire Radiation Oncology team

AMS Staff Above Left: Jennifer Gerlemann. Above Middle: Deanna Batarick. Above Right: Esther Moore.

Above: Medical Oncology group


Corbin, Cassie Tungate, Darlene Twente, Dawn

To the right: Radiation Oncology Group

To the left: Krista Kost

Mission Statement

To serve as the philanthropic organization that facilitates charitable donations to support and assist the mission of PCRMC in providing for the health care needs of the communities it serves.

Yes, I am Grateful! Enclosed, please find my gift of $____________________ contact information (please print) Name: __________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________ City: _________________ State: ______ Zip: ___________ Telephone: ______________________________________ Email: __________________________________________ Please direct my gift to: Greatest Need Fund Joy of Caring Fund Hospice Fund Capital Fund Heart-2-Heart Fund Smile Mobile Fund Patient Transportation Fund Baby Steps Breast Center Mammography Fund Recognize a special caregiver or a Team of Angels: ________________________________________________

Guardian Angels

Giving Form

Giving options Online at Check payable to Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation in the amount of $____________ Please charge $__________ to my credit card ____MC ____VISA ____DISC ____AMEX Card # __________________________________________ Expiration: ______________________________________ Signature: _______________________________________ To learn more about ways to donate to PCRMC, contact the Foundation staff by calling or writing to us at:

Phelps Regional Health care Foundation

Po Box 261 • Rolla, Missouri 65402 (573) 458-7946 or (573) 458-7604

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Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation and PCRMC are committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. We do not rent, sell or trade donor lists. You can be removed from our mailing list at any time by calling (573) 458-7604.


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