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tant and that what the family is going through is real. It makes a huge difference.” The Fetal Demise Committee has been formed to develop a plan to ensure that parents can celebrate the birth of a child in spite of the outcome. “We want to be able to create memories for those families,” said Donia Camarena, annual giving coordinator. “It is a unique aspect of the services we provide, but whether the number is two or 20, we are going to give our patients what they need.” A resource binder has been created to educate parents about their options as they deal with the loss. “We have contacted several local funeral homes who have agreed to provide services for free or at cost,” Camarena said. “That is one less thing the parents have to worry about. We are also working on creating birth announcements. This is a big component because friends and family members may not be able to come to the hospital. The care that our nurses and this program provide makes a difference in how the family remembers the outcome.”

Left: Katie Burdett, Director of Maternal Child Services welcomes a new baby to the world. Right: Julie Conaway, RN Lactation Consultant, holds one of the breast pumps she shows new mothers to use.

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012


Spring 2012  
Spring 2012  

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