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Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation • Spring 2010

Foundation in FocuS

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ob Lambert, a retired Command Sergeant Major, and his wife Dagmar have been married for 31 years. Dagmar began to notice that Bob was having trouble when he was eating – food would feel like it was getting stuck in his throat or he would start to choke. She knew it wasn’t normal, but she had no idea it would turn out to be cancer. At her urging, Bob went to see a doctor.

Bob & Dagmar Lambert

On May 5, 2009, Bob was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus. Dr. Edward Bruns, who has since retired, immediately scheduled a CT scan, which showed damage to the lungs and liver, as well as enlarged lymph nodes. Bob then underwent a PET scan, which showed the cancer was isolated to the esophagus. “The spots on my lungs and liver turned out to be scar tissue,” Bob said. “My best guess is that it comes from my military days of being exposed to agent orange in Viet Nam.” A pre-surgery ultrasound of the esophagus showed the cancer to be at Stage 3, but it had not spread to the lymph nodes. Then came five weeks of chemotherapy and radiation treatment at the Bond Clinic and PCRMC. “My chemo and radiation treatments ran concurrently – in the morning I had radiation and in the afternoon I would go to chemotherapy,” Bob said. “It was nice and handy to be able to receive treatments in the same day. I am living proof they do GREAT work at PCRMC!”

Bob and Dagmar were both grateful for the coordination of services between PCRMC and the Bond Clinic, as well as for the friendliness of the staff. “The radiation oncology staff made me feel very comfortable while I was waiting for Bob to get his treatment,” Dagmar said. “The friendly staff made it easier for me to get through something like this. The popcorn and hot chocolate was nice – it made me feel comfortable, and the Cancer Resource Room was very valuable. A cancer diagnosis is like having a door slammed in your face, but the staff helped make it bearable.” After a five week wait to let the radiated areas heal, Bob underwent surgery in St. Louis on September 3, 2009. Bob’s cancer treatment was not the first time the Lamberts became acquainted with PCRMC. In 2002 their son Chris, who was an S&T student at the time, was admitted to the Emergency Department with dehydration, and in 2007 their daughter Jessie, also an S&T student, was treated in the ED for a bladder infection. “We have always received good service at PCRMC,” Bob said. “I will stay local – I get great service and it is a money saver.” On December 17th, Bob learned he was cancer free. He gets routine blood tests every three months to make sure his numbers are still in range.

PO Box 261 │ Rolla, Missouri │ 65402 │ Telephone: 573-458-7946 │ Email │

Mission Statement

To serve as the philanthropic organization that facilitates charitable donations to support and assist the mission of PCRMC in providing for the health care needs of the communities it serves.

President’s Message Happy New Year!

Another year has come and gone and great things are happening in your Foundation. As reported in our last newsletter, the Patient Transportation Fund was just $16,000 shy of hitting their target of $66,000. A great big THANK YOU to all you employees, physicians, board and community members who stepped up to the challenge and put us over the top. This wonderful fund helps to provide a ride to the hospital and other medical service for patients who otherwise have no means of transportation. In reviewing our fundraising activities over the last year, we got a clear message from our donors and supporters that they are committed to our Foundation. Even though we went through some of the worst economic times we’ve seen recently, our donors dug deep to keep funding these important patient projects. Some of the overwhelming successes during the year included the “Pink Bags,” Panera Pink Bagel and Missouri S&T Bake Sale raising funds for the Breast Center Mammography Fund. The Heart-2-Heart event held at the Havener Center achieved great results also, providing funding for free cardiovascular screenings and education. Don’t forget all the fun that was had at the annual golf tournament, raising funds for the hospital’s program, “Transformation from Shared Spaces to Personal Places.” Last June’s tournament netted over $47,000 for this fabulous program. Our 12th Annual tournament is being held on May 17, 2010, at Oak Meadow Country Club. Get your team put together and join us for this wonderful event. We look forward to another great year in moving the Foundation in the right direction to meet all the program goals PCRMC is providing. Thanks to each and every one of you, I know this year will be one of our best ever! Sincerely,

Ted Day Foundation Board President

congratulations PCRMC

PCRMC was recognized as one of three hospitals in Missouri that had

zeRo CentRal line infeCtions during 2008.

Board Member Profile Keith Strassner currently serves as Director of the Office of Technology and Economic Development at Missouri University of Science and Technology, focused on expanding the economic footprint of the University through commercialization of the University’s Technology assets via licenses, partnerships and entrepreneurial activities, including development of Missouri S&T Innovation Park. He represents the University as a member of the Rolla Regional Economic Commission (RREC) Board and the Board of Directors of Missouri Enterprise. He was responsible for the recent establishment of GE Aviation’s University Development Center in Rolla which when complete will employ up to 100 engineers, scientists, coop students and interns. Prior to joining the University he served as Assistant Director for Alliances at Brewer Science, Inc. responsible for the identification and development of strategic alliances and partnerships leading to the creation new business opportunities. During this time he traveled and worked extensively throughout Europe and Far East. This included a key role in the formation of the Jordan Valley Innovation Center at Missouri State University (Springfield, MO) designed to commercialize University and Industrial technology. He also served as Brewer’s key liaison with Missouri’s Congressional offices and Department of Defense contracting agencies. Prior to joining Brewer Science, he spent 16 years with Petrolite Corporation, a specialty chemical company based in St. Louis, MO and Tulsa, OK, holding a variety of technical, business development and marketing positions including Manager of New Business Development and Research

and Development Manager. He is serving in his third term on the Rolla Public School Board having served two terms as Board President. He is also active on the Missouri School Boards Association Executive Committee and Board of Directors and represents the south central region as the Leadership Development Chair. He is serving or has served on a number of other Boards in Rolla and statewide focused on Economic Development and Education; CORE (Champions of Rolla Education), the Missouri Center for Advanced Power (MOCAP), the Hawthorne Commission’s National Security Industry Council, and was recently appointed to the Phelps Regional Healthcare Foundation’s Board of Directors. Keith Strassner holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the Missouri University of Science and Technology (1979) and a Masters of Arts in Marketing from Webster University (1988). Keith is married (for almost 20 years) to Nancy a speech pathologist at the Rolla Middle school. Keith and Nancy have two children; Emily a freshman at Rolla Junior High, she is an avid dancer, and active in Rolla High Color Guard and David a seventh grader at Rolla Middle school, he is into all things sports, baseball (a New York Yankee’s fan), hockey and soccer, playing on a travelling soccer team for the past several years. When not working or enjoying time with his family Keith loves to garden and genealogy; tracing his Strassner family from Hermann Missouri back to the early 1700’s in St. Martin located in Western Germany, which he visited with his 8th cousin in 2004.

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Donor Profile Glenn Kraft, G2N, Inc.

Glenn Kraft, CPA, leads the team of healthcare consultants at G2N, Inc. Prior to starting the firm, he was a CFO at hospitals in St. Louis. G2N is a consultant to PCRMC, where the company focuses on capturing charges and coding patient visits in order for the hospital to be reimbursed appropriately. Glenn started G2N in response to the need many hospitals have in managing limited financial resources to improve their bottom line. G2N provides revenue cycle services to PCRMC to ensure the hospital is paid correctly for services provided. These payments support the expansion of services available to the community. G2N is again proud to be the Platinum Sponsor of the Foundation’s 12th annual golf tournament. “We’re excited to be able to assist in the Transformation from Shared Spaces to Personal Places fundraising,” Kraft commented. “The hospital’s effort here will provide an even better patient and family satisfaction experience.”

Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation

golf 12th Annual

tournament 4-person scramble Date

Registration Tee Time Location

Monday, May 17, 2010 9:00am-10:45am 11:00am Oak Meadow Country Club

10700 County Road 3110 • Rolla, Missouri

Tournament proceeds will help support PCRMC’s “Transformation from Shared Spaces to Personal Places.” This ultimate private patient room initiative supports patient safety, privacy, and patient and family satisfaction.

Submit sponsor form and payment to: Phelps Regional Health care Foundation PO Box 261 • Rolla, Missouri 65402 • 573-458-7946

How to Donate Visit PCRMC online at about/foundation.aspx and scroll down to the online giving form.

Mail a donation to the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation, P.O. Box 261, Rolla, MO 65402 Call the Foundation office 573-458-7946

PET/CT SCannEr PCRMC is bringing world class technology home to our community with a new, state-of-the-art PET/CT system that combines Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computed Tomography (CT) imaging technologies into one scanner.

behind their head – this allows for a more accurate image of the body. Second, the large opening reduces the chance that a patient will experience feelings of claustrophobia during their scan. The PET and CT are separated into two separate “donut rings,” and there is an opening in the middle of the machine that allows for patients to look out the sides or up The PET/CT Big Bore is the first of its kind in the world at the ceiling. Third, the machine is built to accommodate to be used in a clinical setting. It’s a powerful tool that can patients of all shapes and sizes, ensuring that everyone gets help physicians make more accurate evaluations and help a quality scan. determine the most beneficial course of treatment. PCRMC will primarily use the PET/CT in radiation oncology, and “I have been a PET user for more than a decade,” Dr. Mary in the future it will also be used to help diagnose dementia Graham said. “This generation of scanner is more accurate and Alzheimer’s disease and to capture images of the heart and precise than anything before. The quality of the images, in motion. the state-of-the-art PET component and the 4D treatment planning software will raise us up to a whole new level of The PET/CT is a particularly powerful tool in cancer cancer treatment. It’s a great thing for our patients.” diagnosis and treatment planning because PET can show metabolic activity (or hotspots) in the body that indicate cancer, while CT can provide anatomical images of the body and those areas. PET can even reveal cancer before any structural damage or evidence appears. Earlier detection and treatment of cancer has been shown to lead to better outcomes. The PET/CT big bore features a larger than average opening in the “donut hole.” This benefits patients in three ways. First, the larger opening allows for staff to position patients into different treatment positions. For example, a patient with breast cancer might be positioned with their arms crossed

Foundation in FocuS

Open House

Phelps County Regional Medical Center hosted an open house in the PCRMC Medical Office Building February 25th to showcase its Outreach Laboratory, PCRMC Therapy Services, the Outpatient Medical Imaging Center, PCRMC’s new PET/CT scanner, the Comprehensive Breast Center and Scooter’s Coffeehouse. Attendees enjoyed tours, refreshments and complimentary gifts.

Brenda Hughes, director of inpatient and outpatient therapy services at PCRMC, leads a tour group through the therapy gym.

Dennis Enloe, director of medical imaging, talks about safety precautions in the outpatient imaging center.

Visitors enjoy coffee and cookies at Scooter’s Coffeehouse, located in the lobby of PCRMC’s Medical Office Building.

Echocardiograph Lab One American dies every 32 seconds from cardiovascular disease, disorders of the heart and blood vessels. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, costing society more than $83.7 billion each year in health services, medications and lost work time due to disability. Cardiac structure and flow information provided by echocardiographic testing is useful in the detection and management of many types of heart disease. This noninvasive test has become one of the standard diagnostic tools in cardiology with an estimated 10 million echocardiograms performed annually in the United States. Phelps County Regional Medical Center has been granted accreditation by the The Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Echocardiography Laboratories (ICAEL). The laboratory at PCRMC was recognized for its commitment to high quality patient care and its provision of quality diagnostic testing. “This is a real distinction and the “Gold Standard” in the field of echocardiography,” John Denbo, CEO of PCRMC said.

“We have an excellent staff and are proud to offer quality echocardiography services. Echocardiography is a complex imaging technique that relies on the experience and training of both the physician and sonographer. Their interpretative and technical abilities determine the diagnostic accuracy of an echocardiographic examination. The Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Echocardiography Laboratories (ICAEL) has developed accreditation program that evaluates the quality of these and other critical elements of an echocardiograph laboratory. The ICAEL was established with the support of the American Society of Echocardiography, the American College of Cardiology and the Society of Pediatric Echocardiography to provide a peer review mechanism to encourage and recognize the provision of quality echocardiographic diagnostic evaluations by a process of voluntary accreditation. A nonprofit organization, the ICAEL is dedicated to ensuring high quality patient care and to promoting health care.

Consumer Reports In the March edition of Consumer Reports Magazine, Phelps County Regional Medical Center was featured in the article “Deadly Infections: Hospitals can lower the risk, but many fail to act.” The article stated that out of 40 hospitals in Missouri whose data was reviewed, only three had zero occurrences of central line infections during 2008. PCRMC was one of those hospitals. More than 1.7 million infections are acquired in hospitals each year, usually by patients who are already weak from illness. Hospitals are challenged to take steps to prevent these infections, but some are not as successful as others. The Consumer Reports article chose to research central line infections – describing them as “one of the most dreaded types” of infections. A central line is a large, intravenous catheter that is inserted to deliver blood, medication, nutrition and fluids to a critically ill patient. An infection occurs when the bloodstream becomes contaminated with germs.

The departments shown had over 70% giving for the Rt. 66 Employee Giving Campaign

VoLunTeeR SeRViceS

Left to Right: Tina Pridgeon, Crystal Lorah and Philip Cox

The magazine gathered data that shows central line infections make up more than 15 percent of all hospital acquired infections and account for 30 percent of all related deaths. Advances in infection control have made it possible for hospitals to reduce and eliminate these infections, but appropriate steps must be taken. At PCRMC, nurses, physicians and infection control staff work as a team to prevent hospital acquired infections. PCRMC has adapted and implemented checklists recommended by the Center for Disease Control to make sure proper procedure is followed each time a central line is placed in a patient. The physician places the line while the nurse assists and monitors each step. At the end of the procedure, the nurse signs off on the checklist and it is sent back to the infection control department for review. PCRMC has not had a single central line infection for more than two years.


Left to Right: Terry Boyce, Wanda Schuetz, Cathy Moore, Kasey Lucas, Kate Watterson, Jana Cook, Lori Rivers, Amanda Ellerman, Melanie Roark, Jennie Byers

Director’s Message How the “Joy of Caring Fund” started

How to Donate Visit PCRMC online at about/foundation.aspx and scroll down to the online giving form.

Mail a donation to the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation, P.O. Box 261, Rolla, MO 65402 Call the Foundation office 573-458-7946

Renee Joy Heavin, a wife and mother of two daughters, was living the American dream. Pursuing personal and community interests, the Edgar Springs resident had a busy lifestyle. But in May 1992, disaster struck the Heavin family: Joy was diagnosed with breast cancer and her husband lost his job of 21 years due to a plant closing. The job loss itself wasn’t the entire issue; it was more about the loss of medical benefits paired with the cancer diagnosis. Joy and her family were consumed with worries and stress of how to pay the medical, household and family expenses. Joy was hired by the Bond Clinic as their first Cancer Care Coordinator in 1995. Joy and the Bond Clinic, started the Joy of Caring Foundation in 1995 and designated that all monies in the Fund would go directly to cancer patients who need financial support for activities of daily living. Sadly, in October of 1996, Joy lost her battle with cancer. But her mission lives on in helping cancer patients who benefit from her hard work and dedication. The Joy of Caring Foundation was transferred to the care of the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation and re-named the Joy of Caring Fund.

Phelps Regional Healthcare Foundation Today

Renee Joy Heavin

Phelps Regional Healthcare Foundation was established in 1996 and was incorporated as a non-profit entity of the Phelps County Regional Medical Center. The role of the Foundation is to support the hospital in their mission to be “the healthcare provider and employer of choice.” I’m proud to say, despite touch economic times, the Phelps Regional Healthcare Foundation continues to flourish. For the last 14 years, this community has rallied with our Foundation not only providing financial support, but an unwavering commitment to providing the best health care resources for our local and extended community. In 2009, your commitment to the Foundation increased by 51%. Because of your donations, nearly 300 women received free heart-health screenings, 17 women received free screening mammograms and 20 cancer patients received financial assistance through the Joy of Caring Fund. Your donations also helped to support our patient transportation service (that has now driven over 1 million miles), the Smile Mobile (that has provided dental treatment for over 6,000 children) and additional training for hospice staff and resources for hospice patients. Your giving makes the difference.

Lorrie Hartley At your service,

Director of Foundation

2009 Phelps Regional Healthcare Foundation Donors 701st Military Police Battalion Elva Abbott Joe Abbott Debby Adams Gary & Vera Adams Barry & Kyla Adkins Advanced Electrical Rebecca Aegan Diana Ahmad Dr. Leticia Alaniz Alberici Construction Co., Inc. Phiang Aldrich Donald & Jessie Alexander Jennifer Alexander Rebecca Allard Carol Allen James & Elizabeth Allen Melissa Allen Ron Allerheiligen Mark & Debbie Anderson Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Applebee’s Bar & Grill Marc & Michelle Arand Don & Nancy Arn James Arnold Stanley & Doris Arthur Danielle Asberry Millie Asher Mark & Cora Autenrieb Auxier Drywall & Painting Auxier Farm Patti Azar Daniel & Carol Babcock Jennifer Bailey Joyce Bailey Harold Baird Marilyn Baker Merl Baker Merl & Emily Baker Rosemary Baker Casey Ball Shane Barks Wanda Barnfield James & Ann Bass Michael & Cynthia Bassett Raymond Bassford Mary Bates William & Susan Bates Doris Batson Robert & Marcia Bauserman Beacon Partners, Inc. Rita Bean Mary Beard John & Cindy Beger Anne Benitz Gerald Benitz Jack & Janie Bennett Harold & Evelyn Bennish Beta Omicron Of Beta Sigma Phi Jessica Beucler Christina Beyer I R Bicknell Connie Birdsong Kyla Birdsong Robin Bishop BKD LLC

April Black Gerald Emma Black Rodney & Judith Black Janet Bogenpohl Ila Bolton Charles & Mary Boone Alyssa Borders Boston Scientific Jody Boswell Terry Boyce Joann Brand-Hoertel Emma Lou Brent Denny Brinkley Benny & Judy Brown Donald & Nancy Brown Donald & Victoria Brown Dr. Dan & Kathy Brown Gary & Alys Brown Gordon & Frances Brown Morgan Brown Barbara Brown Kelly Brown Brown Veterinary Gary & Susan Broyles Crystal Brudos Jill Brumett Ariella Brumley John Bruno Pamela Brush BTS Group, Inc. Ellen Buhr Susan Buhr Gary & Debra Bullock Susan Burgos Judith Burke Shawna Burns Carolyn Buschjost Cindy Butler Jennie Byers Karen Byrd Mary Cahill Thomas & Luella Call Donia Camarena Kelley Campbell Rita Campbell Ralph & Edeltraud Cantrell Emily Cardin Kimberly Carnahan Melissa Carson Carol Carver Ronald & Julie Catellier CD Smith Construction Century 21 First Choice Dr. Joey Christmas Church Of Christ Anne Clark John & Karen Clark Diane Classen Edward & Sharon Clayton Jerry & Donna Clements Laura Clements Betty Cleveland Karen Clover Jessica Collins Katherine Collins Christopher Combs

Ronda Combs Commerce Bank Community Blood Center of the Ozarks Pamela Conger David & Candace Connell Joshua Cons Brooke Cook Deborah Cook Jana Cook Michael & Dorothy Copeland Jason Corey John Corey Kelly Cornick Country Mart Covenant Quartet Christa Cox Leah Cox Pati & Tom Cox Patsy Cox Philip Cox Helen Coy Dwayne Crabtree Amanda Craft Ann Crosbie Janice Crosby Chong Cross Barbara Crowell Thomas & Teresa Cullinane Mary Cunningham Virginia Cunningham Madison & Mary Daily Jeanette Daniel-Garver Dorothy Daniels Charles & Jane Dare Betty Davis Bryan & Kimberly Davis Ferrol Davis Kirk Davis Larry & Roberta Davis Lowell & Eunice Davis Richard & Ursula Davis Robert & Wanda Davis Samuel Davis Alan & Deborah Davison David & Yvonne Dawdy Ted & Kim Day Margrit De Florin Carrie Dean Charles & Linda Dean Dee’s Cut & Curl Katie Delong John & Jennifer Denbo John & Pam Denbo Jill Devault Thomas & Laura Dever Harold & Barbara Diaz Paula Diaz Deleon Lorie Dickinson Divas Kelsey Dixon Michael & Jan Dixon Wanda Dobson J.R. Dodds Robert & Cornelia Dodds Diann Donovan Chris Doss

Richard Dubroff Daniel Dunstedter Gary & Rita Duvall Chelsey & Tamara Easley Dorothy Edmondson Edward Jones Charles Edwards Jeffrey & Jan Edwards Ross & Shari Elford Robert & Gail Elieson Tobey Ellebracht Robert & Marcia Ellerbusch Amanda Ellerman Melvin & Arome Ellinger Elliott Data Systems Tammy Elrod Dorothy England-Masters Dennis Enloe Esterly, Schneider & Associates, Inc. Deborah Estey Suzie Faenger Elizabeth Farmer Elizabeth Farrell Daugherty Dr. Randee Feco Roberta Feeler Fidelity Communications Fidelity Telephone Company Harold & Joyce Fiebelman Fields Mechanical Systems, Inc. Yukari Fitzwater David & Ruth Flett Ann Foehrweiser Hugh & Sandra Ford Patsy Fore Forest City Family Practice Peggy Fox Dr. Keith & Marilyn Frederick Barbara Freeman Jerry & Eunice French Friend Sawmill Natalie Fritz James & Margie Fuqua G2N May Belle Gale Annette Garner Janice Gehrman Sharon Gelhot Judy Gentry Cynthia George Robert & Charlotte Gerson Vanilynmae Geulen Gene & Linda Gill John & Ellen Gilleran Michelle Glatz Lucy Glosier Ron & Carolyn Goodling Pandee Goodson Virginia Govier Judith Grady Dr. Neal & Lynn Grannemann Donna Graves Blanche Gray Mack & Phyllis Grayson Jerry & Mary Ann Green Robert & Candice Grimsley Christine Grissom

* Pledges fulfilled in 2010 will be recognized with 2010 donations.

2009 Phelps Regional Heal Mechelle Grumney Anthony & Doris Guido David & Vicki Haddock Ed & Barbara Hale Christine Haley Deborah Halinar Mary Hamilton Rick Hanrahan Pam Hans Peter & Joan Hansen Sandra Harden Harold G. Butzer, Inc. Cynthia Harris Dr. Steven Harrison Cheryl Hart George & Janice Hartinger Kathleen Hastings James Hatchett Virginia Havens Winferd Hays Roland & Elaine Head Jeannine Headrich Healthcare Strategic Initiatives Heartcare Medical Systems Janet Heavin Keri Heavin Cynthia Heck Elizabeth Hedrick Ira & Tammy Jo Heeman Paul & Carolyn Hefley Kay Hegler Nolan Heitzman Linda Helms Verna Herin Peter & Anna Herman Rosemarie Hernandez Cassandra Herrman Kyong Hildenbrandt Lois Hilgers Denzil & Colleen Hills Amanda Hilton Linda Hix Albert Hobart Connie Hobbs Don Hodge Helen Hoertel Helene Hoffman Adah Hogue Bruce & Cindy Holcomb Hazel Holdaway Oren & Martha Hollingsworth Sheila Honeycutt Barbara House Rusty Howard Brad Hubing Todd & Nancy Hubing Troy & Heidi Hubing Floyd Hudgens Betty Hughes Brenda Hughes William Hughes Hope Hughes-Jones Sierra Humphrey Richard & Margaret Huntzberry Hutcheson Ford Don & Dorothy Hutchison Phyllis Hutchison Robin Hutto Mary Imboden

Investment Realty Ronald Isaacson Dan James Dr. Don James William & Arlene James Thomas & Dana Jeffers Ralph & Shirley Jenkins John Henry Foster Co. of St. Louis Bev Johnson Chip & Pam Johnson Grover Johnson Sandra Johnson Debbie Johnston Nancy Johnston April Jones Penny Jones Twila Jones Jones Funeral Home Lawrence Jontz Valerie Jontz David & Carol Julian Sheliah Kahl Pamela Karr Jack & Julie Kearbey Leona Keas Kenneth & Nancy Keeth John & Barbara Keller Charles Kessler Diana Kessler Dr. Jeremy & Pamela Kiersz Lora Killian Emilee Kindel Kay King Sandra King Kirgan Enterprises Stanley & Marilyn Kirkendall Robert & Dorothy Kitchen Thomas & Lois Kliethermes John & Joyce Koch Mary Koehler Allan & Sharon Kohrmann Julie Kosbar Krista Kost Katherine Kranz Jennifer Kresse Marcille & Janet Kudlack Mary Kuelker Jung Kwon John Lackey Laura Lackey Tania Lambert Mark & Carol Landt Roberta Lange Law Offices of Robyn R. Swaim, P.C. Lawrence Group Donna Lawson Bill & Pat Leaders Carmen Ledbetter Nona Lehman Ralph & Maxine Lehman Julie Lenhardt K.R. & Joyce Lenox Cindy Leonard Beverly Lepley Level Paths, LLC Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. James & Mary Lewis Mary C. Lewis Mary E. Lewis

* Pledges fulfilled in 2010 will be recognized with 2010 donations.

Jane Linkeman Jessica Lister Helen Litz Ramona Lizama Mary Locke Jeanne Locklear Virginia Lomax Mark Long Rodney & Karen Lorence Lisa Losee Annette Lowe Kasey Lucas Amanda Luke Lorraine Luncsford Harold & Daphne Lupberger Kyong Lurie Karl & Lynn Lutzen James & Yvonne Macauley Brenda MacCash David & Linda Mace Madison Investment Advisors, Inc. Louis & Nancy-Ellen Magdits Maid Rite Mainline Fire Protection Lee & Ruby Malone Managed Care Partners, Inc. Cody Manely Richard & Emma Mann Angie Martin Beverly Martin Dr. Tom & Geraldine Martin Nettie Martin Linda Mason Reba Mason Michael & Heidi Massey Margaret Matthews Rebecca Matthews Clora Mayfield Juliet Maylee Howard & Rebecca McClanahan Sara McClelland Patricia McCormack Donra McCown Terry McCurry Alta McDonald Joby McDonald Joseph McDonald Rodney & Marla McDonald Agathe McEachern Kim McFarland Merle McFarland Marilyn McGuire Jeff McKune Barbara McNamara Medtronic, Inc. Mary Melton Nancy Mengel Judy Mennis Meritain Health Betty Louise Merrell Clifton & Linde Merrow Meusch Interiors Meyer Electric Mid America Bank & Trust Company Mid-Missouri Internal Medicine, Inc. Jeremy Miles Cathy Miller Maranda Millman Carol Mills

Bernard & Jeanette Minix Missouri Geological Survey Missouri Home Care Missouri Medical Collections Cindy & Steve Mitchell Nancy Mitchell Tom Mitchell MMC Management Consultants, LLC Wallis Companies/ Mobile On The Run Mary & Michael Monus Pat Moon Kreig & Cathy Moore Rita Moore Chana Moreland Kenneth & Rachel Moreland Bob & Dorma Morgan Lavella Morgan William & Sharlene Morgan David & Charlene Morrow Denzil & Pam Morrow Mo-Sci Health Care Andrea Moshier Don & Micky Mowry Teresa Mugel Thomas & Barbara Mullen Cathy Mullinex Gerald & Virginia Murphy Murphy Company Martha Mustion Paul & Cindy Mustion Caleb Nelson Christine Nelson Leander & Joanne Neumeier Stephanie Newton Mary Nicewaner Libby Niles Kim Norbury Rebecca Oehring OES Rolla Chapter No. 176 Jane O’Keefe Margaret A. O’Leary Kathy Oliver Forrest & Alice O’Neal Alice Osborn Don & Pat Oster Jon & Susan Ourada Pam Owen Robyn Owens Ozarks Coca-Cola Bottling Company Palmaris Imaging L.L.C. Panera Bread Cheryl Pankey Dr. John & Dorcas Park John & Angela Park James & Judy Parker Verneal Parker Donna Parker Melissa Parks Anastasia Parnell Doretta Parsell Professional Abatement & Remediation Technologies (PART) Angie Passig Warren Patt Cindy Patterson Jerry & Suzanne Paule Cathy Paulsmeyer Lori Payne Amelia Payne-Rulo

lthcare Foundation Donors PCRMC PCRMC Auxiliary PCRMC Education Gloria Peeples Jason Penserum Kathryn Peppers Pepsi Cola Travis Perry Rita Persicke Peterson Business Systems Brent Pettijohn Dorothy Pettijohn Jeffrey & Robin Pettijohn Kathalee Pevehouse Patti Phelps Phelps County Bank Phelps Regional Home Care Willie & Diana Phillips Dr. Sherry Phippin Charles & Sharon Pilgrim Donald Pingleton Paula Pitts Jean Platt Kerry Poindexter Alice Polivick Joan Pope Stella Pope Jamie Porter Mona Poucher Bruce & Patricia Powell Nancy Pratte Presbyterian Manors, Inc. Leah Prewett Tony & Tina Pridgeon Donnie Priest Derek Prim Alex & Cathy Primm Pro Tile Protect Property Management William & Grace Prouty Gary & Cathy Pryor Christine Rabenau Cristlyn Randazzo Dr. Royal & Merle Ranney Estate of Mildred Rauth Bob & Stell Ravenscraft Christopher Ray Charles & Louise Redburn John & Mary Redshaw George Reed Lucy Reed Ivy Reeves Rehab Care Group Vanessa Rehkopf Dorothy Reno Curt & Jami Reppond Results Radio Earl Richards Steven & Joanne Richards Alfred & Margaret Richardson Beverly Ricker Stacy Rictor Jack & Marcia Ridley Gordon & Cherie Rigsby Virgil & Janet Rigsby Martin & Patricia Rinehart Phileta Rio Charlene Rioux Donald Ripley

Melanie Roark Sean & Lisa Robbins Winona & Kent Roberts Kelly Robertson Joshua Robinson Ouita Rodman Dana Rodriguez Rolla Lioness Club Rolla Lions Club Rolla Truck & Trailer Edna Rolufs Lisa Rolufs Jackie Romito Billie & Betty Rosenburg Anna Roy Brad Rozema Sheryl Rubey Tim & Susie Rupp Christina Rush Paul & Emma Rusinko Shantelle Russell Scott & Gail Rust Sabin Family Florence & Garmal Sanders Jolina Sandidge Virginia Sandmann Cathy Sands Sandra Sands Rita Sansoucie Jodie Sapaugh David & Doris Schertz Robert Schneider Schneider Electric Company Brenda Schollaart Kay Schomer Edgar & Shirley Schreit Dr. Hugh & Debbie Schuetz Wanda Schuetz Judy Schwalje Cambra Scott Ingeborg Scott Ethel Scovell James Seago Charla Seay Senior Seekers Martha Sewell Wrenae & Frank Shabel Linda Shahsavarani Maureen Sharkey Bonnie Shelton Lorraine Shelton Sherrick Othodontics Ivan Sieber Wanda Sieber Carla Simmons Willie & Ann Simmons Ronald & Michelle Simpson Michael Sims Carlton & Janice Sletten Cyrus & Bonnie Smelcer Deborah Smith James & Lucille Smith Jewel Smith Jim & Patty Smith Judith Smith Marguerite Smith Rebecca Smith Tami Smith Verla Smith

Wilma Smith Kathy Smith-Jones Glenda Snodgrass Something Special Florist Miranda Southard Thomas Sowers Karen & Larry Sparks Terri Sparks Becky Spencer SSM Health Care St Johns Clinic-Rolla Greg & Angella Stahlman Phil & Pat Stambaugh Sandra Stanek Amy Stark James Staszewski State Farm Insurance John Stegman Bernadine Stellharn Donald & Sharon Stephens Rhonda Stephens Jeri Stern Patricia Stranigan Irene Stratman Stryker Orthodontics Mary Stubblefield Sherri Stubblefield Charles & Caryn Studyvin Regenia Stull Viswanathan Subbaratnam David & Barbara Summers T. Dale & Bessie Swinford Donna Swinney Amy Taggart Leasle & Lucille Tallant Linda Taylor Rhonda Teague Leilani Tedtaotao Gina Tegart Jane Tennyson Julie Terry David & Leona Tharp The Havens Group Jeremy Thomas Tina Thomas Thomas, Birdsong & Mills, P.C. Janice Thompson Margaret Thompson Helen Thomure Ryan & Pamela Thorson Carolyn Tilford Milton & Maria Tilman Town & Country Bank Glen & Jane Townsend Triwest Healthcare Alliance Roger & Janette Trupp Derek Tucker Christine Tupper Diana Turner Jeff & Tammy Turner Darlene Twente Patricia Unger Trish Unger US Bank US Foodservice Valco Data Systems Inc. Thomas & Lana Van Doren Debra Vankeulen Paula Vann

Claude & Bernice Veasman Wachovia Securities Annalisha Waggoner Hal Wagher Leonard Walas Cynthia Walker Kristeena Wallace Amy Wallen Ruth Wallingford Wallstreet Financial Group Walsh Insulation Services Carol Walter Richard & Paula Walters Ashley Wann Julia Warren Washington University Heart Care Institute Jean Waterman Jeff Watkins Rodney Watson Debra Wax Michelle Weaver Rick & Teri Weaver Lueazer Webb Pamela Webber Terry Weidemann Glenda Weller Mary Weller Gregg Welton Dwane & Donna Whitaker Juanita Whitaker Daniel & Susan Whitcomb Clifford, Sandra & Gary White Dagmar Wiedmeyer Bill & Lynn Wieties Brenna Wilfong Carl Wilkinson Carol Williams Cecil & Velma Williams Kelly Williams Mary Williams Melissa Williamson Amy Wilson Dale & Bonnie Wilson Davis & Rita Wilson Dennis & Lynn Wilson John & Sharon Wilson Pamula Wilson Tasha Wilson Howard & Sheralyn Wink Louis & Marion Wisniewski Anthony & Susan Wolf Dottye Wolf Byron & Annie Wood Dave & Janice Wood Kathleen Wood Wood-Jones & Associates Judith Woods Dale & Laura Wurzer David & Pam Wyant Pauline Wyss John & Jane Yoder Gary & Wendy Young Dr. Syed Zahoor Ul Mueen Brian Zerr Jess & Nancy Zink George & Frieda Zobrist

Hope. Help. Access.

PO Box 261 │ Rolla, Missouri │ 65402 │ Telephone: 573-458-7946 │ Email │

Address Address Address Address PO Box 261 • Rolla, Missouri 65402

PhelPs Regional health CaRe Foundation


Your quarterly newsletter from the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation Winter Spring 2009 2010

Foundation in FocuS

Hope. Help. Access.

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Upcoming Events Heart-2-Heart Screenings for Women

Regional Health Care Foundation 2009 Phelps BoARD oF DiRecToRS 2010 BoARD oF DiRecToRS

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• Ted Day, President • Mark Riefer • Frank Lazzaro, Vice President • Dr. Mary Graham • Tina Pridgeon, Secretary • Pat Leaders • Debbie Schuetz, Treasurer • Joe Phelps 2nd Annual Heart-2-Heart Luncheon • Jo Ann Brand-Hoertel • Keith Strassner • Dr. John Park • John Denbo, Ex-Officio • Yvonne Dawdy • Suzanne Paule, Ex-officio

Spring 2010  

Oncology, Radiation,

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