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Hope. Help. Access.

PCRMC physician Dr. Don James is more than a caregiver to many of his patients. He’s their Phelps Regional Health Care

Foundation Hope. Help. Access.

Guardian Angel. Story on Page 6

Phelps County Regional Medical Center

PO Box 261, Rolla, Missouri 65402 573-458-7946 •

golf 15th Annual

Monday, June 3, 2013 (Rain Date - June 17)


Oak Meadow Country Club

Sponsorships Available! Contact Lori Moss at (573) 458-7647 or Proceeds benefit the Delbert Day Cancer Institute • Visit for more information


! k c a b e r ’ hey

Cupcakes for Cancer To place your order for July delivery, please email Brenna Heavin at Help Brenna in her mission to help others with cancer. Proceeds benefit the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund Visit to read Brenna’s story.



Thoughts 4 Opening Executive Director Lorrie Hartley reflects on the events of 2012.

Party Fundraisers 5 Third They come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing they have in common is a desire to make a difference.

9 Giving Thanks

Michelle Koons and Betty Southard share their thoughts about being recognized by patients.

Recognition 13 Donor Our donors recognize others in a

time of need; we want to recognize them.

22 Memorial Giving

A tribute to those remembered by a loved one.

23 Mark Your Calendars

Take note so you don’t miss out on the upcoming events and support groups at PCRMC.

10 A Night to Remember

Proceeds from the Cancer Gala continue to help cancer patients in our community.

Special Feature

A Healing Touch


Don James, DO, explains the value in creating relationships with patients so they become more than just a number.

Foundation In Focus | Spring 2013


opening thoughts

A 2012 Year in Review

As I reflect on the great things accomplished during 2012 at the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation, two words come to mind. THANK YOU! The dedication of the Foundation Board, employees, donors, third party fundraising committees and individuals have generated almost $1 million dollars in philanthropic gifts for the Phelps County Regional Medical Center.

During 2012, the Foundation had its first board retreat where governance strategies and fundraising expectations were set in motion to ensure a successful year. The cancer gala team, a third party fundraising committee, donated more than $65,000* to the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund and the Delbert Day Cancer Institute for research. The Foundation moved its offices to the main campus of the hospital. We would love to have you visit our offices located directly inside the Main and North entrances. A new donor-focused website at was created. Our website allows donors to check their individual giving records, find valuable information about fundraising priorities, upcoming events, and other important information. We also welcomed four new board members to the Foundation; Dr. Dwight Look, Candace, Connell, Ollie Jackson, and Cindy Beger. To honor the importance of our donor’s contributions to PCRMC, three new giving societies were created allowing us to say thank you in a very meaningful way. The Cornerstone Society is for annual donors, the Pillar Society is for cumulative giving and the Legacy Society is for donors who have named the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation in their estate plans. Each society has different benefits and opportunities for us to thank you. The Foundation Board of Directors and Foundation staff held its first ever thank-a-thon. This was an event where we randomly chose 155 donors to send a personal thank you card to. At the Foundation, all our donors are appreciated and as a way to say thank you, the third annual Comedy Uncorked appreciation event was held. Our donors enjoyed an evening of wine tasting and comedy. The Heart-2-Heart luncheon raised over $35,000 and proceeds from this third party fundraising event support the Heart-2-Heart Fund. Third party fundraising efforts are very important to the success of the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation’s annual giving priorities. Without community support, we would not be able to help bring world-class health care to our communities. With Sincere Appreciation,

Lorrie Hartley Executive Director of Foundation *Through the 2012 Cancer Gala. To read about the 2013 Cancer Gala, please turn to page 10.


Foundation in Focus | Spring 2013

Foundation IN FOCUS

Mission Statement

To serve as the philanthropic organization that facilitates charitable donations to support and assist the mission of PCRMC in providing for the health care needs of the communities it serves.

Vision Statement

Be the best hospital foundation dedicated to sustaining and advancing PCRMC in providing world-class healthcare for the continued benefit of our service community. Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation

2013 Board of Directors

Ted Day, R.Ph., President Candace Connell, Vice-President Debbie Schuetz, Treasurer John Denbo, Ph.D., Ex-Officio Kathy Nickason, Ex-Officio Patricia Leaders Mark Riefer Cindy Beger Dwight Look, MD Ollie Jackson

Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation


Lorrie Hartley, CFRE Executive Director Donia Camarena Major & Planned Giving Specialist Lori Moss Annual Giving Coordinator Ashley Brooks Fundraising Coordinator Robyn Owens Administrative Assistant

Production Contributors

Amy Wilson (Human Resources) Senior Training Specialist

Your Gift Matters Visit the Foundation online at or call 573-458-7946

Third Party Fundraisers What is third party fundraising? Third party fundraisers are excellent vehicles to raise money to support the programs and services offered by PCRMC – allowing our staff and employees the opportunity to go above and beyond for our patients.

Who can have a third party fundraiser? Any individual or non-affliated group can create an event where the proceeds go directly to the Foundation.

Where do the funds go? You may designate the proceeds to a fund of your choice allowing you to give to your heart.

Are there any guidelines regarding fundraising? The Foundation does have guidelines regarding these fundraisers. We want you to be successful and have put some things in place that will help you in the process.

Faith Hartley (with nephew Elias) raised $750 for the Baby Steps Fund through her fundraiser, Calories for a Cause.

Anything else we should know? Third party fundraisers come in all shapes and sizes...from baking cupcakes to gala events. We are fortunate to enjoy the generosity of so many people and organizations in the communities we serve. And the best part is that all your donations stay local! For more information on how you can help, contact Lori Moss at (573) 458-7647 or Hillary Bleckman and Brooke Bell raised $300 for The Joy of Caring Cancer Fund by selling “Joy” Christmas ornaments.

Foundation In Focus | Spring 2013


program highlight

A Guardian Angel in a White Coat James focuses on relationships By Amy Wilson

Ask Dr. Don James for his recipe for success, and he will tell you that it boils down to relationships. If he has a problem with his car, he knows who to call. If his water heater isn’t working correctly, he’s got a specialist for that. For any given situation, there is a “go to” person who is best suited to handle it. And when it comes to medicine, Dr. Don has been on the “go to” list for more than 35 years. It’s no wonder that he has racked up the most mentions in the Guardian Angel Program sponsored by the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation. According to the program’s guidelines, “Guardian Angels slip into our lives at just the right moment with a kind word and a gentle touch that goes above and beyond. They never ask for anything in return and yet we often want to express our gratitude in a meaningful way.” For the thousands of people who have passed through the doors of Mid-Missouri Internal Medicine, James has been more than just a dispenser of medication or a diagnostic evaluator. “I’ve always been busy,” he says. “I have seen


Foundation in Focus | Spring 2013

times when the waiting room has been packed, with people waiting two hours, three hours. They keep coming back. I went around asking myself why they would do it and why would they stay in a waiting room for three hours. I kept trying to figure it out.” As the first internist in the area, James soon realized early in his career that people didn’t really understand what an internist was. “They thought that I was still in training, so I changed the title to internal medicine,” he says. “Through the years, I kept asking myself why people would wait so long to see me.” On a side note, he explains that his brothers, John and Robert, also experienced the same phenomena in their practices. “Although the patients didn’t always wait as long for them…,” he says with a laugh. He finally realized that there are three things required for success as a doctor: be authentic, be interested in what the patient is there for and be nice to them. “You have to treat your patients as equals – human to human,” he says. “If you have all three

qualities, being good at what you do was good to have, too. I’ve known some really brilliant doctors with unsuccessful careers. Patients can’t just be a number to the doctor or just the gallbladder case. It’s Susie or Mrs. Jones.” For James, receiving recognition as a Guardian Angel is a humbling experience. “When you achieve recognition, that means that somehow you have made that connection,” he says. “For me, it has never been about a gift or an object. The most gratifying feeling is when you have done everything you can for a patient who dies, and the family comes in and says thank you.” When he takes his grandchildren to Wal-Mart, it is common for people to come up and share stories relating to the care he has provided. Those stories are

accolades from patients always touch you, too.” He also points to the concepts covered in Rick Warren’s book titled “The Purpose Driven Life” regarding the importance of self evaluation and being satisfied with your efforts. “That is what drives me,” he says. “It’s all about relationships. The unique thing about our community is that everyone in this community has the potential to contribute the same level of service to one another. Other people are just as important to me as I am to them. We are interconnected.” In his role as the Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs/Chief Medical Officer at Phelps County Regional Medical Center, James serves as a mentor for new physicians coming to the area. “People who come to this community to practice

“For me, it has never been about a gift or an object. The most gratifying feeling is when you have done everything you can for a patient...” especially valuable to him. He has plenty of his own stories to tell, but one in particular stands out in demonstrating the value he places on his patients. James recalls that the incident happened prior to 1980 because the new emergency department had not been built. He had received a call that there was an 18-month-old baby with an airway obstruction. At the time, he was on his farm in St. James, and he hopped on his motorcycle. As he tells the story, he notes that the motorcycle topped out at 120 mph., and he could never seem to keep it under 100. “I remember racing to the hospital on the motorcycle and going in to the emergency room,” James says. “I held the child’s mouth open while Duffy, the CRNA, removed the metal washer that was stuck in his throat. Apparently the child had gotten the shiny hubcap off of his tricycle and swallowed it. There was a quarter inch hole in the washer, which is how he had been able to breathe. After we removed it, the child’s parents left and never said anything. “I realized I could have been killed going so fast on that motorcycle,” he says. “It was at that point that I recognized that you get your gratification from self satisfaction, knowing that you did a good job;


Foundation in Focus | Spring 2013

medicine are patient focused,” he says. “Programs such as the Guardian Angel Program help remind us that we make a difference.” Making a difference is what Don James is all about. Just take a look at the lapel pin that he proudly wears on his white coat identifying him as a Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation Guardian Angel.

For more information on the Guardian Angel Program or to recognize your own Guardian Angel, please contact Donia Camarena at (573) 458-7604 or

Meet a Few of Our PCRMC Guardian Angels

On being nominated...

“It means a ton and it’s really an honor. We spend the majority of our time with patients so to know that we have affected them in a way that they would remember us is amazing. That in their time of need, they would think of us and recognize what we do.” Michelle Koons, RN OB/Peds Unit Have a positive experience with PCRMC? We’d love to hear your story and print it in our magazine! Please contact Lori Moss at (573) 458-7647 or for more information.

“I know that my passion for helping others is demonstrated through my skills in ultrasound. My patients have been my best instructors over the past 34 years. They share their stories, love, hugs, honesty, and lives with me and this makes me a better professional. I am glad that I can help someone and they have the opportunity to pass it on to others in my nomination.” Betty Southard Ultrasound Technologist Foundation In Focus | Spring 2013


Arabian Nights Photos by the Rolla Daily News and Lonna Sowers

Gala attendees hit the dance floor.

David Connell and Janece Martin

By Lonna Sowers

A magical evening of Aladdin lanterns, jewel tones and exotic candle sticks combined with dinner and dancing made the 28th Annual Cancer Gala, held February 9, a night to remember. “Knowing that the funds are used directly for friends, family and neighbors makes a huge difference to our donors,” says gala committee member Lonna Sowers. “Keeping the funding in our own backyard and supporting folks we may know brings a sense of reality to this effort. We know them, their struggles and the fear involved in a cancer diagnosis.” A total of $93,000 was raised at this year’s event. The proceeds will benefit the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund to help with essential everyday expenses which are out of reach for many dealing with cancer. These expenses could be medication for pain or nausea,


Foundation in Focus | Spring 2013

The crowd demonstrates “Gangham Style”

gas cards, wigs, nutritional supplements or whatever the patient must have to survive on a daily basis. Proceeds from the gala will also be used for cutting edge research and the clinical trials currently being offered by the Delbert Day Cancer Institute. “Now residents in the communities we serve can receive the highest quality cancer treatment and participate in trial studies right here in Rolla without having to travel great distances,” Sowers says. One of the evening’s highlights was a mystery treasure chest carried through the crowd at the Missouri S&T Havener Center by costumed S&T students. Tickets of chance were sold in exchange for gift certificates to Kent Jewelry. Valued at $4,000, the prize winning ticket was won by Dan Blank and can be used for travel to many fabulous destinations. Also popular

2013 Cancer Gala Committee

The 28th Annual Cancer Gala raised $93,000 to help PCRMC cancer patients and fund research.

Front: Maria Grant, Sue Eudaly, Lonna Sowers, Susan Bowles, Cyndra Lorey, Jamie Maddux, Jeanne Cavender, Annie Bass, Caroleen Ferrell, Carolyn Bolin, Cindy Beger Back: Dustie Badillo, Susie Baldwin, Dawn Smith, Jeanne Jenks, Steve Raper, Michael Doan, Robin Kordes, and Janece Martin Not pictured: Kelly Money and Sandra Johnson

was the silent auction that featured many items donated by individuals and area businesses including original pieces of art, sports packages, specialty meals, breads, pies and live music venues.

Dancing to the music of Travel Tunes is always a highlight with the dual dance floors being filled throughout the evening.

“Keeping the funding in our own backyard and supporting folks we may know brings a real sense of reality to this effort. We know them, their struggles and the fear involved in a cancer diagnosis.” “We are overwhelmed by the response from people wanting to help local residents in their fight against this horrible disease,” Sowers says. “We actually sold out our reservations two or three weeks prior to the deadline, so we opened an additional room to allow more folks to attend.”

Premier donors were presented with engraved awards by the 21 members of the gala committee. “It takes an army to put this event together,” Sowers says. “We begin in early November every year and use all the talent, time and commitment this busy gala gang can donate.”

Foundation In Focus | Spring 2013


28th Annual Cancer Gala Sponsors $5,000 or more • MO-Sci Corporation • Chartwells • US Foods

$3,000 or more

Arabian Nights themed decor

• St. James Winery • Kent Jewelry, LLC Dustie Badillo with John and Cindy Beger

“Now residents in the communities we serve can receive the highest quality cancer treatment and participate in trial studies right here in Rolla without having to travel great distances.”

Annie and Dr. James Bass are presented a plaque by Dawn Smith honoring their sponsorship.


Foundation in Focus | Spring 2013

$2,000 or more • Anonymous • Mitch and Terisa Esquibel • Phelps County Regional Medical Center, Administration

$1,000 or more • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Aging Made Easy, LLC Dr. Christopher and Susie Baldwin Dr. James and Annie Bass John and Cindy Beger Drs. Joe and Cathy Bond Citizens Bank of Newburg Dr. Edward and Ailleen Downey Esterly, Schneider & Associates, Inc. Gingerbread House James and Dr. Mary Graham Hillcrest Pharmacy & Optical Jenks-Long Insurance Inc. Legends Bank Mercy Clinic Mid America Bank & Trust Company Missouri S&T, Office of the Chancellor Ozarks Coca-Cola Bottling Phelps County Bank PCRMC, Bond Clinic Medical Group PCRMC, Marketing Realty Executives/Ferrell Associates Ed and Marilyn Schmidt Sherrick Orthodontics Town & Country Bank Wal-Mart Distribution Center #6069 Don Walker Family

For a complete list of sponsors please visit

2012 Donors

Friends of Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation Donations received from January 2012 through December 2012

Bill and Hazel Aaron William and Judith Aaron Nurelign Abebe and Meskerm Asfaw Denise Abernathy David Ackiss Acoustical Ceilings, Inc. Barbara Adair Robin Ahart Diana Ahmad Al West Chrysler, Inc. Leticia Alaniz Alberici Construction Co., Inc. Alex’s Pizza, Inc. John and Helen Allen Melissa Allen Norman Allen Ron Allerheiligen Kathy Ames Max and Katrina Anderson Robert and Joann Anderson Jim Andrews Anonymous (32) Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield John Arata Dianna Armstrong Shannon Arthur-Baker Lonnie Artis Millie Asher Beverly Atchison Atkinson Dental Clinic Alan Atkisson Patti Azar Daniel and Carol Babcock Thomas Baird Allison Baker Brandy Baker Floyd and Evelyn Baker

Rosemary Baker Christopher and Susie Baldwin Cookie Bales Bales Construction Bank of America Bank of America/Merrill Lynch Bank of Salem Brenda Barfield Clark and Susan Barker Son Barks Jamie Barlow George and Elizabeth Barnitz David and Kay Barr Chris Bartle Susan Bartlett James and Annie Bass Richard and Mary Bates Eugene Batha Alicia Bautista Thomas and Vicky Bayer Shirley Beck Lawrence and Virgene Becker C. Harold and Elizabeth Beger John and Cindy Beger Marsha Belvo Trinity Benito Carol Bennett Theresa Benney Harold and Evelyn Bennish Bob and Midge Bentley F. Nadine Bentley Gary and Barbara Bertrand Wayne Bertz Aaron and Kelli Best Howard and Sharon Bilbrey Brownie Binkley Darlene Birk

Sharon Birkman BKD LLC Ken Blackwell Rosemary Bland Melissa Blanton Hillary Bleckman Rabel Bledsoe Karen Bloomner Lisa Bockman Patty Boesch Carolyn Bolin Donna Bond Bond Clinic Genevieve Bono Charles and Mary Boone Clyde Booth Kim Booth Ella B. Boothe Rhonda Borders Zelma Borders Lawrence and Patricia Borgerding Boston Scientific Jimmy Boulware Charles Bourland Lorie Bourne Joe Bowles Sandra Bowling Terry Boyce Donald and Nancy Brackhahn Jean Bradshaw Sarah Brady Ronnie and Sarah Bramlett Sharon Brandhorst Michael Branson Scherry Branson Bernice Branstetter Pamela Branstetter

Foundation In Focus | Spring 2013


2012 Donors Continued Cheryl Brantley Joann Bratcher Daniel Breidenbaugh Lynne Brennan-Howk Lena M. Breuer R. G. Brewer Brewer Science Ivan and Linda Bridgeman Milada Brinker Denny Brinkley Steve Brinkman Carol Brinson Patricia Broaddus Rachel Brockmeier Michael and Mary Brooks Patrick and Ashley Brooks Tiffany Brookshire Danny Brower Ann Brown Dan and Kathy Brown Don and Vicky Brown Doris Brown Joseph Brown Lola Brown Obed W. Brown Sharon Brown Brown Veterinary Edward Bruington Delona Brumett Elaine Brumett MaryJo Brumett Bernard Brune Melissa Bruno Tucker Bruno BSA Lifestructures, Inc. BTS Group, Inc. Robert Bucher Buck or More Dollar Store Lesa Bulman James and Katie Burdett Carter Burford and Ellen Ogden David Burnett Ryan and Carolyn Buschjost James and Pamela Butery Beef and Patricia Butler Cynthia Butler Ruby Byfield


Foundation in Focus | Spring 2013

Carrie Byrd Joyce Calhoun Thomas and Luella Call Karla Callahan Shane and Donia Camarena John Camp Dave Campbell LaDel Campbell Norma Campbell Janet Cannell Billy and Jean Cantrell Evelyn Carlton Roy Carlton Robin Carmen Vincent and Sally Carpenter Carol Carver Roni Carver Melissa Casey Andrew and Catherine Cassidy Brian and Deborah Castle Bessie Casto Daniel and Heather Cavender Richard and Jeanne Cavender Susan Centner Central Federal Savings & Loan Centurytel, Inc. Donald Chapman Roberta Charles Luciano Chavez Ronald and Sharron Christensen Cintas Corporation Citizens Bank of Newburg Carolyn Cizek Diane Classen Edward and Sharon Clayton Jerry and Donna Clements Betty Cleveland Don Clift Clifton Larson Allen LLP Donald and Karen Clover Pam Clovis Pecos and Sakhon Coble William Cochran Richard and Hilda Cockriel Frances Coffey Gerald and Brigitte Cohen Rose Coleman

Charity Collins Lisa Collins Tom and Jan Colvin Commerce Bank Committee for Ted Day Jerry and Terri Compton Nancy Conklin David and Candace Connell Kimberly Conrad Deborah Cook Jana Cook Mary Beth Cook William and Sherry Cook Felix Coomes William and Ayako Cooper Country Mart Ernest Coverdell Philip Cox Tom and Pati Cox Danny and Vicki Crain Mary Cravens Mitzi Creager Diane Crider Russell and Valerie Crocker Gail Crump Jane Cruz Greg Culp and Paula Smith-Culp Mike Currier Charles and Annette Cyrus Summer Cyrus Madison and Mary Daily Brent and Jean Darnell Denise Davis Kent Davis Kirk and Linda Davis Marie Davis Melina Davis Richard Davis Sally Davis Steve and Monica Davis Theresa Davis Wanda Davis David and Yvonne Dawdy Lisa Dawson Marian Dawson Delbert and Shirley Day

Ryan T. Day Ted and Kim Day Linda Deardeuff David and Susan Dearth Dominic and Kristen Deluca Jody Deluca Terri Deluca John and Pamela Denbo Rickey and Brigitte DeSherlia Jill Devault Louise Dewing David Dewitt Toni Diamantini Diana’s Diner LLC Randall Dietrich Kenneth and Lori Dixon Mark and Vickie Dixon Michael and Jan Dixon Maria Dmellow Wanda Dobson Randall and Christina Dodd Charles Dodson Sharon Dolisi Doolittle Darlins Lunch Bunch Gene Doty Carol Douglass Stephen and Bette Douglass Edward and Ailleen Downey Ray and Sharon Downs Scott and Mary Doyel DrFirst John and Sally Droste Eric and Tracy Dunken Tami Dunn Dan and Lindsey Dunstedter Sophronia DuPree Gary and Rita Duvall Betty Eckhardt Dwayne and Martha Edwards Joseph Edwards Cathie Eikermann Cindy Engelbrecht Ella Engle Bonnie Enke Shirley Enke Dennis Enloe Enterprise Fleet Management

Barbara Ernest Nancy Ernst Mitchell and Terisa Esquibel Esterly, Schneider & Associates, Inc. Mike and Deborah Estey Mark and Susan Eudaly Walt and Elizabeth Eversman Betty Eyberg Fairground Chevrolet, Inc. Wilbert and Linda Falke Dennis Farmer Andrea Farrar Alice Faulkner Roberta Feeler Scott and Amy Feeler Tim and Sherry Feeler Warren Feeler Feeler Scheer Architects, LLC John and Cheri Fenton Ralicia Feuerborn Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fidelity Communications Harold and Joyce Fiebelman Dixie Finley Mildred Finley First Assembly of God First Community National Bank David and Ruth Flett Andrew Flori Jack and Betty Forbes Patsy Fore Forest City Family Practice FormFast, Inc. Forum Dental Brendon Fox Katherine Frahm Shelley Frazee Keith and Marilyn Frederick Lyn Freeland Wilson and Marjorie Freeze Fremont Community School District Harvey French Sandra Fuller G2N Bonnie Gabel Jesse and Mildred Gahr May Gale

2012 Donors Continued

Beatrice Gallagher Martha Garner Jill Garnett John and Regina Garrabrant James Garver and Jeanette Daniel-Garver Vernelle Gasser GateHouse Media, Inc. Bonnie Gehlert Shannon Gehlert Judith Gentry Cynthia George Michael and Adelle George Vinod and Patricia George Glenn and Pamela Gibson Wesley and Harriet Giebink Gene and Linda Gill Michael Gillen Argyle and Jennifer Gillies Amy Gillman Gingerbread House David Givens Amy Glenn Gordoz Restaurant, Inc. Robert and Rachelle Gorrell Roger D. Gott Virginia Govier Charlotte Govro Donald and Jama Graham James and Mary Graham Grainger Neal and Lynn Grannemann Steven and Maria Grant Joseph and Karen Gravely Anne Graves Blanche Gray Katrina Gray Roxana Gray Keith and Melissa Grayson Great Dane Trailers Lisa Green Rhonda Green Tom and Alisa Green Davis and Renee Greenshields Michael and Jeanette Gregory Christine Grissom Barbara Grommet

Foundation In Focus | Spring 2013


2012 Donors Continued Z. Annabelle Grover Dwight and Angela Groves Cheryl Grubbs Kelly Gruenberg Mechelle Grumney James Gruver May Gunter Donna Haines Edward and Barbara Hale Johnathan Hale David Hall Elizabeth Hall Maxine Hall Helen Hamlin Nhan Hang Richard Hanrahan Joan Hansen G. Marie Happel John Happel Sandra Harden Amy Harrington Barbara Harris Cynthia Harris Greg and Cindy Harris Willie G. Harris Michelle Harrison Harrison Orthodontics Nelson and Rae Jean Hart Robert and Lorrie Hartley George Harvey Daniel and Jane Haskell Kathleen Hastings Michael and Kelly Hathaway John and Patsy Havens Loretta Hawk Ellis and Lisa Hawkins Jeremy Hawkins Mona Hawks Winferd Hays Headlines Salon Jeannine Headrick Phillip and Judith Headrick Brenna Heavin Ethel Heavin Geoffrey and Tonya Heavin Keri Heavin Kevin and Rosita Hebl


Foundation in Focus | Spring 2013

Elizabeth Hedrick Paul and Carolyn Hefley Heitman Land and Cattle, LLC Mary Heller Alice Helms Gary and Peggy Henderson Darrel and Sharon Henry Peter and Anna Herman Michael and Lois Hilgers Hillcrest Pharmacy Glen Hindbaugh Carleen Hinson Chris and Gail Hintz Albert and Barbara Hobart Larry and Amber Hobbs John and Linda Hobson Shawn Hodges Cheryl Hoerr William Hoertel and JoAnn Brand-Hoertel Jerry Holland Carolyn Holt Shannon Holt Megan Hood Robert and Susan Hooper Thelma Hopper John Horrell HospiScript Barbara House Gary Howard Jacqueline Howard Erica Howdeshell Cathy Howe Junko Hoyt Bob and Brenda Hribar Betty Hughes Brenda Hughes Hope Hughes-Jones Donald and Linda Humphrey Ellis and Dorothy Humphrey Susan Huss Fay Hussey Luci Hussey Orville and Ruth Husted Hutcheson Ford Crystal Hutson Il Bacio Day Spa

Mary Imboden Immanuel Lutheran Church Elizabeth Inman Investment Realty Timothy Isakson J. Rogers Architecture, Inc. Anthony Jakuboski William and Arlene James Jay B. Smith Funeral Home, Inc. Tracy Jenkins William and Jeanne Jenks Jenks/Long Insurance Inc. Angela Johnson Donald and Ardilla Johnson Grover Johnson Ronald and Karen Johnson Tina Johnson Cecily Jones Emma Jones Eugene and Angie Jones Lori Jones Paulette Jones John and Karen Jordan Paul and Ginger Joyner Steven and Sandra Judge Judy’s Place Sheliah Kahl Luke Kaiser George Karr Michelle Karr Pamela Karr Christine Keeler John and Barbara Keller Roxann Kelly Sam Kenley Kent Jewelry Joan Kephart Linda Kerr Key Sport Shop William and Myla Kickbusch Pamela Kiersz Janet Kilian Chris and Sue Killian Bonnie Kimbel Emilee Kindel Vonda Kinder Kindred Healthcare Operating, Inc.

Joshua L. King Nancee King Wenona King William and Mary Ellen Kirgan Kirgan Enterprises Stanley and Marilyn Kirkendall Bernadette Kleissler Robert and Jane Knight Terri Knight Raymond Knotts Barbara Koch Chester and Martha Kojro Julie Kosbar Kenneth and Carolyn Kraft Susan Kramer Katherine Kranz Marilynn Krenning Loretta Krewson Harvey Kroeker Mary Kuelker Rita Kuerzinger Trevor Kuerzinger Frederick and Barbara Kuntz Shirley Kuntz David and Christina Lair Andrew and Della Lamar Tania Lambert Robert and Eva Lambeth Phillip Lampert Shana Landreth Barbara Lane Les and Alhesha Lane Paul and Dorothy Lane Bill and Connie Laney Wayne and Marilynn Langston Susan LaPlante Keith Larke Lathrop & Gage LLP Cynthia Lautenbach Frank and Janet Lazzaro William and Patricia Leaders Bohdan Lebedowicz Legends Bank Danette Lehnhoff Catherine Leimkuehler Laura Lemmermann Daniel Lenauer

H.T. and Sharron Lenox John Leonard Mylisa Lepard Level Paths Investment Advisors Ronald and Kathy Levis James L. and Mary L. Lewis John and Judy Lewis Mike and Judy Lewis Paul Lewis Lewis, Rice & Fingersh, L.C. Connie Light Donna Lisenbe Allen and Helen Litz Andrea Litz Tamara Livesay Ramona Lizama Brittany Loll Paul and Martha Long D.C. and Patricia Look Dwight and Kelly Look Crystal Lorah Katherine Lortz Bob and Gwen Loyd Warren Luckett Mark Luebbert Greg and Susan Luehmann Katherine Luehmann Lorraine Luncsford Allan Lunsford Kyong Lurie Donald and Debra Lutes Anita Lynch Sheryl Lynch Lynch & Sons Plumbing & Electric April Lyons Randle and Amy Lyons Jamie L. Maddux Louis and Nancy-Ellen Magdits Lawrence and Maureen Maher Mainline Fire Protection Michelle Maloata-Faletogo Eileen Malone Julie Malone Managed Care Partners, Inc. Cassandra Mancha Richard and Emma Mann Marelly Products

2012 Donors Continued

Sandy Marshall Larry Marti Dale and Janece Martin Marga Martin Michael and Beverly Martin Thomas and Gerry Martin Timothy Martin Virginia Martin Michael and Jenny Maruschak L.L. Mash Reba Mason Robert and Dorothy Masters Kristen Masterson Kevin Mathis Len Mathis Margaret Matthews Matt’s Steakhouse Gene and Marla Maurer Jama Maxwell Bob and Carlene May Hollie McBride McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. Rita McCarty Tony and Charlotte McCarty Milo McCormack Donra McCown Edwin McDonald McDonalds Leroy and Ovia McGinnis Norma McGuire Roy and Shirley McGuire Avella McGuirk Donna McKeever Mary McKinnon Jeffrey McKune Deb McLucas Barbara McNamara George McPherson Ben and Doris McWilliams Sonya Mead Mead O’Brien Incorporated Maria Means Medical Laboratory Services, Inc. Medley Pharmacy Judy Mennis Mercy Clinic - Rolla Betty Louise Merrell

Foundation In Focus | Spring 2013


2012 Donors Continued

E. Ward Merrell Clifton and Linde Merrow Meyer Electric Frances Michael Mid America Bank and Trust Company Jennifer Middleton Mid-Missouri Internal Medicine, Inc. Amanda Miller Anne Miller Gerald and Cherl Miller Richard and Margaret Miller Scott and Laurie Miller Sheri Miller Miller Glass J. Randall Mills Diana Miloro Bernard and Jeanette Minix Missouri Department of Public Safety Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop I Missouri University of Science and Technology Linda J. Mitchell MMC Management Consultants, LLC Herbert and Juanita Moeckli John Money Estelle Monje Tina Monson Allan Monterozza Steven and Paula Montgomery Bonny Moore Cathy Moore Jackie Moore Rita Moore William and Carol Moorkamp Thomas Moran Annetta Moreland Chana Moreland Iris Moreland Jill Moreland Nancy Morgan Winona Morgan Lyle and Janell Moritz Chad and Shelley Morris MO-Sci Corporation


Foundation in Focus | Spring 2013

Anthony and Marlene Mosley Lori Moss Lou and Jeanine Moss Edmund and Ann Mulholland Patrick and Judith Mulvany John and Ann Murphey Murphy Company John and Shaley Nagle Jermiah Nelson Joanne Nelson Tammy Nelson Scott Ness Ruth Ann Nevils Alma Nichols Alfred and Libby Niles Kim Norbury Carl and Dorothy Norris Richard and Cora Norris Samra Norris Null & Son Funeral Home Roger and Sheila Oakley Mary Ann O’Connor Patricia Oglesby Jane O’Keefe Forrest and Alice O’Neal John Ortlip Mary Osborne Don and Pat Oster Kenneth and Beverly Oster Maxine J. Overby Somer Overshon Pamela Owen Brenda Owens Elizabeth Oyadomari Ozark Wellness Practice, LLC Ozarks Coca-Cola Bottling Company Leah Pagel Ayten Palantekin Panera Bread Cheryl Pankey Diana Pantaleo Ashley Panteleo John and Dorcas Park Kelly Parker Rhoda Parker-Sachs Tabitha Parks Doretta Parsell

Professional Abatement & Remediation Technologies Percy Pascoe Angela Passig Gene Patt Gary and Barbara Patterson Barbara Paulsen Jane Pawlak Michael and Dawn Payne Penny Payne Amelia Payne-Rulo PCRMC Auxiliary PCRMC Clinical Quality and Measurement Department PCRMC Marketing Department PCRMC Medical Staff Douglas Pearson Pepsi Cola Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of New Haven Hiram Perkins Travis Perry David and Brenda Peters Karl Petersen Peterson Business Systems Brad Pettijohn PFPA/SSD Joe and Betty Phelps Patti Phelps Phelps County Bank Phelps County Regional Medical Center Danny and Ginny Pherigo Philips & Company Judith Piatt Paul and Sarah Piazza Trisha Pierce Chris Pilgram Piney Ridge Center (TLC) Donald Pingleton Monique Pinkston Denise Pinson Richard and Connie Pirtle Paula Pitts Jesse and Dagmar Pogue Curt Poling

Joseph and Amber Polizzi George Ponzer Laura Ponzer Mark and Susan Potrafka Clyde Potter Mona Poucher June Powers Shamsher and Sally Prakash Mark Premont Demetri Prendergast Presbyterian Manors, Inc. Amos Pretzer Garrett Pridgeon Tony and Tina Pridgeon Derek Prim Jessica Prock James Pugh Darrell and Sherry Pulley Lyle and Charlotte Pursell Radiation Oncology Central, LLC Mindy Raetz Kellie Ragan Betty Rahner Royal and Merle Ranney Stephen and Jerena Raper Nathan and Ann Ratchford Donna Ray Karen Ray Norma Ray Liberty Rea Edith Reade Realty Executives/Ferrell Associates Lynn Reasons Red Door Gifts Charles and Louise Redburn Marcinda Redburn Jim Reddington John and Mary Redshaw Darlene Reed Gerda Reed Lucy Reed Dottie Reno Results Radio John Rice Christine Richards Lynda Richards Steven and Joanne Richards

Roy and Penny Richardson Mark and Michelle Richmond Dixie Ridings Mark and Kelly Riefer Matthew Rieth Shari Riley Charlene Rioux Peggy Risbeck Traci Risner Marisa Roach Ashley Robbins Kathleen Roberson J. Kent and Winona Roberts Charles and Esther Robertson David and Ruth Robertson Debra Robertson Ronald and Lucia Robertson Kenneth and Lula Robinson Lucy Robison Serenia Roden Julie Rodgers Ouita Rodman David and Carla Roedemeier Timothy and Amy Rolen Rolla Church of the Nazarene, Inc. Rolla Country Club Rolla Federal Credit Union Rolla Junior Club Rolla Lioness Club Rolla Lions Club Rolla Ophthalmology Assoc. Inc. Rolla Public Schools Edna Rolufs Lisa Rolufs Jeneen Roof Cornelius and Carolyn Root Janna Roselius Amy Ross Timothy and Jennifer Roth Allison Rowden Gail Rowden Mark and Jeanie Rowden Willie and Christine Rowell Anna Roy Myrna Rueff Jeffrey and Brenda Rujawitz Tim and Susie Rupp

2012 Donors Continued Christina Rush Rudy Rush Kay Russell Rosilee Rynning Alan Sachs Betty Sachs Karel and Brenda Safarik Salem Avenue Baptist Church Catherine Salts Don and Paula Sanders Garmal and Florence Sanders Jolina Sandidge Cathy Sands Sands Farm & Home Center Bob Sanford Rita Sansoucie Eileen Sapaugh Jodie Sapaugh Patricia Sauer Cynthia Scearce Elva Schafer Charles and Brenda Scheetz Tom and Janet Scheffer Ray and Jane Scheidemantel Schindler Elevator Corporation Charles and Marilyn Schmidt Rita Schmidt Schneider Electric Company Hugh and Deborah Schuetz Eddie Schwertz Anita Scott Coy and Dana Scott Janice Scott Rebecca Scrivner (Elliott) Don and Virginia Secrist Karolina Seibold Vijay and Charlotte Sekhon Ralph Sellers Ronald and Edna Seufert Murl Seymore Frank and Wrenae Shabel Jason and Diana Sharp LaRhonda Sharp Sherrick Othodontics Steven and Bette Shields Jan Shipley Janet Shira

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2012 Donors Continued Stanley Shockley David and Jan Shore Wendy Sidwell Keith and Sherry Simpson Ronald and Michelle Simpson Viola Fay Sinden Henry and Betty Sineath Michael and Rebecca Singleton John Sisemore Elaine Sitek Nicholas Sitro Bobby Skaggs David and Rose Skyles Mark and Starla Slawson Amy Smith Charles Smith Deb Smith Harland Smith Jimi Smith John and Barbara Smith Judith Smith Lacey Smith Linzi Smith Rebecca Smith Richard Smith Rick Smith Ronald Smith Tami Smith Teresa Smith Verla Smith Wanda Smith Smith & Turley Law Offices Caroline Snider Paul and Janell Sniff Betty Southard Fred Southard Harold and Marcia Southard Lisa Southard Miranda Southard Steve and Lonna Sowers Spengel-Boulanger Funeral Home Richard Sphar Daniel and Mary Spore Spring Hill Farms SSM Health Care St. James Ladies Golf Association St. James Winery


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Mary E. Staat Jennifer Stacy Keith and Sandra Stanek Joe and Candace Stanley Amy Stark State Farm Insurance, Daniel Collier State Farm Insurance, Kathy McKay Helen Stearns Keith and Judy Steele Rhonda Stephens Jim and Jean Stephenson Melissa Stephenson Zachary and Lisa Stephenson Hugh and Patricia Stewart STL Communications Van and Ruth Stoecker Bill and Kathy Stoltz Marion Stone Emily Stratman Pauline Stricker Wayne Strohschein Harold and Carol Strotheide Mary Stubblefield Charles and Caryn Studyvin Viswanathan Subbaratnam Cynthia Sublett Fabien Suliin Deloris Summers Jerry Summers Dale and Kristina Sutton Harold Swarnes Robin Swarnes Maria Swartzel Donald and Connie Swetnam Deborah Sybert Patricia Tadlock Amy Taggart Leasle and Lucille Tallant Margie Tayloe Alan Taylor Donald Taylor John and Carolyn Taylor Johnny and Ruth Taylor Linda Taylor Peggie Taylor Raymond and Georgia Taylor Susan Taylor

Susan Taylor Therese Taylor William Taylor Rhonda Teague Betty V. Teal Leilani Tedtaotao John and Gina Tegart Dorothy Tennyson Sharon Tennyson Mildred Terrill The CENTRE The Maries County Bank The Seal-Gap Company Therapy Support, Inc. Jeremy Thomas Teresa Thomas Amy Thompson Janice Thompson Lisa Thompson Robert Thompson Wayne Thompson Helen Thomure Carolyn Tilford John Timmerberg TKH, Inc. Kevin Token Tony Froehlich Agency, LLC Town & Country Bank Selden and Joyce Trimble Max and Susan Trueblood Michael and Susan Tucker Mike and Joy Tucker Richard W. and Virginia Tucker Margaret Turnbough Diana Turner Mildred Turner Bobbi Tyler Charles and Denise Tyler Otis and Dorothy Ummel Brenda Urban Buford and Wilma Urban Christopher Utley Tom and Lana Van Doren Eleanor Van Horn Larry and Nancy Van Horn Cepha Vanbibber Carl and Claudine Vance

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Betty Lu Weldon Annette Wells Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC Peggy Welsch Robyn West Tammy West David and Beverly Whalen Melissa Wheeler Donald Whitaker Dwane and Donna Whitaker Barry and Carol White Charlotte E. White Nancy White Vickie White Rebecca Whittaker John and Susan Wiemann Patti Wiench Bill and Lynn Wieties Jennifer Wigger Charlotte Wiggins Sarah Wiggins Wiggins Abstract Co. Susan Willeford James Willen Anita Williams Cecil and Velma Williams Jane Williams Jennifer Williams Ralph and Kathy Williams Timothy Williams Velma Williams Williams, Robinson, Rigler & Buschjost, Pc Michelle Williams-King Wilma Willy Amy Wilson Dale and Nell Wilson Dennis and Lynn Wilson Donna Wilson Joe and Frances Wilson Ronald and Kathleen Wilson Staci Wilson Tasha Wilson Woodford and Helen Wilson Toni Wind Deborah Wink Paulette Winningham

2012 Donors Continued Britney Witt Heather Witt Dottye Wolf Kathie Wolfert Leland and Dawna Womack Byron and Anne Wood George Wood David and Stephanie Woodruff Judy Woods Kim Woodson Della Annette Woolf Warren and Mary Wray Wendy L Wyatt Leah Wylde Jessica Yarbrough Era Neline Yates Lynn Yates Robert D. Yenzer Linda Yoakum Margaret Yoakum Kerry York Ona Young Wei-Wen and Yuehhsin Yu Lloyd and Veda Zeigenbein Brian Zerr Diane Ziegler George and Frieda Zobrist Christiane Zoghbi

Thank you to all our donors who give so generously to help so many. If you find an error in the spelling of any of the names listed in the previous pages, or if your name has been left off in error, please contact the Foundation office at (573) 458-7648.

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December 2012 - February 2013

Memorial Giving The following loved ones were remembered by family and friends...

Carol Adams

Mitch and Susan Adams Mont Adams Jacqueline Frintrup Mona Hawks Alfred and Libby Niles

Shirley Andrews

Jim Andrews Chris and Gail Hintz

Ronald Bandy

PCRMC Bond Clinic

Alice Coufal Alice Helms

Chong Cross Leticia Alaniz

Lowell Foley

PCRMC Bond Clinic

Mel Garner

Neal and Lynn Grannemann Rolla Downtown Business Association Dave Simily

Charles Harris

Mike Rehan

Irma Jenson

Karen Shore

Douglas Harris

Zelma Borders Glenn and Pamela Gibson Rhonda Green Hillcrest Pharmacy William and Carol Moorkamp Rolla Country Club

Elmer Jones Sharon Dolisi

Kevin Kordes

Fidlar Technologies William and Carol Moorkamp

Jessie Nations

William and Susan Balicki Andrea Fisher Claryce Holmberg Dale and Kimberly Sylvan

Jamie Porter Leticia Alaniz

Ella Raberding

PCRMC Bond Clinic


Foundation in Focus | Spring 2013

Lucy Finch

Lawrence and Patricia Borgerding

Marjorie Taylor

Raymond and Georgia Taylor

Juanita Whitaker

Karen Gilliam Robert and Carlene May Lynda Murdock PCRMC Medical Staff Mark and Bonnie Ranney Selden and Joyce Trimble

Alma Wools

James and Pamela Butery Dennis and Lynn Wilson

Support Groups Alzheimer’s Support Group

Support group provides vital links to other caregivers and an opportunity to learn more about Alzheimer’s Disease and ways to cope.

Location: Chronic Disease Resource

Center, 1500 Hwy 72 East

Time: 1:30-2:30 pm Date: First Thursday of month Contact: 573-364-6414

Breastfeeding Support Group

Support group provides opportunity for breastfeeding moms to meet and share information

Location: The Centre Time: Noon-1:30 pm Dates: Second and fourth Wednesday of the month

Contact: 573-458-7353 Cancer Support Group

Separate groups providing support for cancer patients and the families and caregiver.

Location: Radiation Oncology

reception room Time: 5-7 pm Date: Every Wednesday Contact: 573-458-7500

Diabetes Support Group

Support group forms a bridge between formal health care and self-management. By gathering people with common concerns, goals and interests, members feel less isolated.

Location: Private Dining Rooms 1 & 2 Class time: 10 am-noon Date: First Saturday of month Contact: 573-458-7697 For a complete list of Support Groups, please visit

Mark Your Calendars


JUNE 3 • 15th Annual Golf Tournament

Oak Meadow Country Club Contact Lori Moss at 573-458-7647 for details. Rain Date: June 17


JULYJUN 1414th - 19 • Cupcakes for Cancer

Email for more information.


Leach Theatre


Supporting cardiac services

OCTOBER 17 • Comedy Uncorked

DECEMBER 6 • Annual Heart-2-Heart Luncheon

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Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation a subsidiary of Phelps County Regional Medical Center

1000 West Tenth Street • Rolla, Missouri 65401


Doctor’s Day Join PCRMC in celebrating our physicians on March 30. This is a day to show appreciation and to honor those who dedicate their lives for the well being of others. • To express gratitude to a caring physician. • To honor a skilled and dedicated healer. • To ensure that the Phelps County Regional Medical Center can continue to provide top quality, state-ofthe-art facilities and services to our patients and their doctors.

To make a donation, please use the enclosed envelope or visit

Spring 2013  

Foundation in Focus Spring 2013

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