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Phelps Regional Health Care


Hope. Help. Access.

Our Promise More than six decades ago, Phelps County Regional Medical Center opened its doors, thanks to the hard work and perseverance of locals who were interested in the long-term health of our community and the people who live and work here. Now it’s our turn to show that our health and the health of future generations is important to us. We must pick up the torch and ensure we continue to have high quality care that is close to home and able to meet our community’s growing and changing health care needs.

Hope. Help. Access.


Phelps County Regional Medical Center’s (PCRMC) rich history is deeply rooted in the community. Our organization was created over 62 years ago through the philanthropic involvement of area businesses and residents who rallied together to make the dream of a county hospital become a reality. PCRMC originated from a community need—a need to ensure residents living in Rolla and the surrounding areas had a home for their healthcare. Today, our organization has grown substantially, but the reason that every resident in our community safely, efficiently and effectively, close to home. Providing our patients with the ability to stay home is one of the many benefits of PCRMC that we are most proud of, and we are privileged to be able to offer high-quality healthcare to our patients where they need it most: close to the comforts of their familiar surroundings, family and friends. Without the continued support and involvement from the community, PCRMC would lose the essence of its beginnings, and the fundamental reason it began in the first place: as a grassroots effort between civic-minded residents who promoted and created a physical space to help their neighbors and friends. Since the foundation of PCRMC is ingrained in the act of giving back, our organization has been committed to giving back to the community since the first bricks were placed on the hospital building in 1950. PCRMC is proof of how powerful one community can be when we all stand together for a common good. Sincerely,

John Denbo, Ph.D. Ex-Officio Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation

1} Giving for Li fe Major Gift Campaign

PCRMC is proof of how powerful one community can be when we all stand together for a common good.”

we exist remains the same: to provide world-class healthcare to


To achieve our vision, we are launching GIVING FOR LIFE, a $1 million comprehensive major gift campaign that both aligns with PCRMC’S strategic needs and addresses the growing needs of our healthcare community. Your support of this campaign will provide:

Technology and Equipment As health care testing and treatments continue to evolve, so do the capital needs of Phelps County Regional Medical Center. By continuing to invest in new technology and equipment, the hospital helps ensure the local community has access to state-of-the-art care close to home. Planned purchases include: — Linear Accelerator — PET CT Scanner — 3-D Mammography Machine — ViTracs

Cancer Care Services The Delbert Day Cancer Institute is dedicated to providing patient-centered care that includes state-of-the-art treatment methods, access to clinical trials and the ongoing education and support cancer patients need as they navigate their treatment and recovery. Funding will support: — Staff education — Patient support groups — Genetic testing and research

Preventive Services and Community Health When a community’s residents are healthy, everyone benefits. This initiative will provide ongoing support for educational programs, preventative testing and other community health needs. Funding will support: — Breast cancer awareness and testing — Cardiac therapy

2} Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation

— Patient transportation

Physician Needs To help ensure PCRMC Medical Group and Bond Clinic patients receive world class treatment and access-to-care, physician champions will identify opportunities for enhancing the level of care they provide day-to-day in their clinics.

The hospital is extremely important to everyone in the community. We are just doing a small part to make sure it’s here to stay.



Engaged and Connected Since 1951, PCRMC has grown from a small, county hospital with 65 beds to a world-class healthcare facility serving the more than 200,000 people that call South Central Missouri home. It provides members of our community with local access to a comprehensive breast center, heart and vascular center, sleep center, cancer care services, emergency department, maternal and pediatric services, surgery center and many other critical areas of care. With 242 licensed patient beds and 1,700 employees, PCRMC is also today our region’s largest employer.

On any given day Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation and Phelps County Regional Medical Center touch the lives of patients and their families in countless ways: Providing comprehensive healthcare services

I’ve volunteered at the hospital for over 15 years. I started out driving the golf carts around the parking lot with my friend Gerald. I’ve just been here to help where it was needed.” — GENE PATT

Building facilities to meet healthcare needs of the community

Meeting unexpected patient needs

Honoring every patient in life and death

Ensuring continued access by providing patient transportation

Educating and supporting the community

Caring for generations of families daily

4} Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation

PCRMC by The Numbers Emergency department visits

approximately 35,000

Surgeries performed

more than 5,000

Babies delivered


Community outreach services provided


Donations to community groups


2013 was the last year when statistics were available.

Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation Donors 714



2014 0









Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation Donations Received $140,194 $1,061,717

2014 $







Because we are a 100% employee-owned bank, Phelps County Bank has a large team of committed owners who live in this community. It makes us passionate about the quality of life for our families, customers and our neighbors. Supporting a growing, healthy hospital is a win-win for us. — DAVID CONNELL, CEO, PHELPS COUNTY BANK

5} Giving for Li fe Major Gift Campaign



Changing Lives Every Day Those before us gave us the opportunities we have today.

generations continued access to care and community

Now is our time to continue the tradition of philanthropy in

health services.

our community.

A truly meaningful legacy is about more than we leave

Our major gift campaign supports the mission and vision

behind. It’s about the difference we make from having

of Phelps County Regional Medical Center and the growing

been there. More than buildings and equipment, our

health needs of the communities we serve. We have the

lasting legacy will be the effect we have had on a patient

opportunity to forge a legacy that guarantees future

or family member during their time of need. Continuing our community’s rich tradition of philanthropy. Building a legacy of health and wellness.

1947 The community

1971 A major renovation


raised more than $400,000 and

took place and the 4th floor and

Renee Joy Heavin founded the Joy

the Rolla Lions Club donated land

entire East Wing were added to

of Caring Cancer Fund at the Bond

for the hospital to be built.

the hospital.

Clinic; this was the first fund for the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation. To date, more than

1979-1981 1951 Phelps County Memorial Hospital opened its doors with 65 beds.

1998 The Courtesy Vehicle

the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund.

Program was established offering transportation for our patients. This program was initially funded

A $14.5 million bond issue passed

by the Auxiliary and Volunteer

and PCRMC transformed into a

Services and is currently supported

financially independent institution

by Phelps Regional Health Care

and has not received county

Foundation through the Patient

tax dollars since that time. A

Transportation Outreach Fund.

renovation ensued and the new Emergency Room was opened.

6} Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation

$280,000 has been contributed to


We’re Dedicated to Providing More More mammograms performed. More cancers cured. More patients educated. More families supported. More equipment provided. More programs funded. More facilities built. More caregivers recognized. More people honored. More donors appreciated. This is our vision for the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation.

2005 The Emergency

2009 The Mildred K. Rauth

2015 Phelps County

Department was renovated

Rehab Care Center was founded

Regional Medical Center will

and expanded thanks in part to

through a legacy donation of

officially break ground on the

donations totaling nearly $100,000

$525,000 to the Phelps Regional

Delbert Day Cancer Institute in

received from the community

Health Care Foundation.

early spring. With the support of

through the Phelps Regional Health

2003 Generous donations

the community, Phelps Regional

Care Foundation.

Health Care Foundation will

of nearly $200,000 from Phelps

2006 Donations totaling

Regional Health Care Foundation

more than $58,000 from the

Dr. Delbert Day’s enormous

contributed to major growth

Phelps Regional Health Care

accomplishments to advance the


Foundation contributed to the

field of cancer treatment, the

construction of the new Cardiac

Delbert Day Cancer Institute was

Catheterization Lab.

envisioned by a philanthropic

2011 In recognition of

contribute over $7 million to this project. Completion and opening of Waynesville Medical Plaza which will expand ambulatory services in Pulaski county.

gift to the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation from Ted and

The raising of extraordinarily large sums of money, given voluntarily and freely by millions of our fellow Americans, is a unique American tradition... Philanthropy, charity, giving voluntarily and freely... call it what you like, but it is truly a jewel of an American tradition. —JOHN F. KENNEDY

7} Giving for Li fe Major Gift Campaign

Kim Day.


Dedicated and Inspiring PCRMC’s ability to deliver world-class healthcare depends on the generosity of those who share our vision. We are fortunate to have dedicated and inspiring group of donors, many of whom have supported our hospital for years. Their reasons for giving are as varied as the givers themselves, but all are connected by their appreciation of and commitment to the health of our community. Each gift, no matter how large or small, helps us make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

I give in memory of my wife. It’s what she would have wanted and what she would have done herself. She was everything to me, and I can only hope that my gift has honored her in some small way.”

8} Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation


We give because quality healthcare is essential and because PCRMC gives back and supports our community. We have all been touched by the work of excellent nurses and caregivers, and many have had personal experiences at PCRMC. As local residents and business-owners, it is important to us that our fellow community members have opportunities for quality care and feel supported by their local hospital.” — DR. AND MRS. HENRY ANTOLAK, OWNER OF FORUM DENTAL

Dr. Edward Downey Family

We give because it’s the right thing to do. The hospital plays a vital role in our community. It is an economic engine, it is one of the top employers in the county and it brings good people to our area. Every community needs a hospital, and Phelps County Regional Medical Center has been there for our family when we needed it.

Bill & Pat Leaders

McCarthy Building Co.


Ted & Kim Day

9} Giving for Li fe Major Gift Campaign

Dr. Delbert Day


People don’t have to travel to St. Louis or Springfield for quality care. It makes a difference.”


10} Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation

Dr. Billy Jack and Jean Bass Family

It seemed like the right thing to do. Dad started his career in medicine in the Dent and Phelps County area and was one of the original PCRMC admitting physicians. This is where he and mom would have wanted it to go. Dad and mom had six children, five of them went into medicine. While raising those kids, mom was treated for melanoma on her leg. Giving this gift to PCRMC was like them coming home. It’s a resting place for both of them. It will do the most good for the most people–and they would have loved that!” — DR. JAMES BASS AND ANNIE BASS

My wife spent several of the last weeks of her life under the care of Phelps County Regional Medical Center. The staff was courteous, professional and well-qualified. I give because I want to make sure the establishment is there to serve others, as it served my wife and I. — OLLIE JACKSON

Rob & Heather Light Family

Wilson & Marjorie Freeze

Fidelity Communications

Town & Country Bank

11} Giving for Li fe Major Gift Campaign

John & Cindy Beger Family


Make An Investment In Our Future It is important for all of us to understand the challenges PCRMC faces as it strives to meet the growing healthcare needs of the people in our community. More than ever, our hospital must rely on our generosity to fund many of the programs and technologies needed to deliver outstanding care to our patients and communities. Your support of Giving for Life will honor our community’s tradition of philanthropy and provide a strong foundation for the continued growth of PCRMC and the

12} Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation

communities it serves.

Phelps Regional Health Care


Hope. Help. Access.

Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation PO Box 261, Rolla, Missouri 573 | 457-7946

Hope. Help. Access.

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