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Opportunities ABBIE DARNELL MOBILITY FUND supports patients experiencing loss of movement or nerve functions through Bioness therapy.

BABY STEPS FUND offers new parent support, breastfeeding essentials to working mothers and fetal demise bereavement services.

BREAST CENTER MAMMOGRAPHY FUND offers lifesaving mammograms and

prescription medications, personal bills, food supplements and other needs as identified.

JAY CRUMP, D.O. MEMORIAL FUND provides for the needs of the Emergency Department at PCRMC.

JOY OF CARING CANCER FUND provides financial assistance for cancer patients who may have di�iculty managing their daily activities and challenges that are experienced from their cancer diagnosis.

additional services, if needed, at no cost for women who financially qualify.

ENHANCING NURSING EXCELLENCE FUND provides our nurses with the

DELBERT DAY CANCER INSTITUTE provides comprehensive, coordinated, compassionate and cutting-edge cancer care.

tools needed (equipment, education, technology) to improve the quality of care and health outcomes for our patients.



existing funds, supports capital priorities of PCRMC and helps patients in need that are not covered by another fund.

purchases and maintains vans to support the program, which provides transportation to patients to and from PCRMC within a 30-mile radius.

HEART-2-HEART FUND offers free hearthealth screenings, educational materials and cardiac rehabilitation assistance.

HOSPICE FUND provides financial support to qualified Hospice patients and their families through assistance with



Walt Branson

Vice President Sammy Auxier, Jr.

PEDIATRIC DENTAL FUND helps support on-going costs and services associated with providing dental care to area youth between the ages of one and eighteen.

Cindy Beger Candace Connell Ollie T. Jackson Steven Lynch Amy Medows Patricia Leaders


Ernie Kost

Dr. Christopher Spencer

Keri Brookshire-Heavin (ex-o�icio)


Executive Director

Donia Camarena, CFRE

Major Giving O�icer

Marsha Wayman, CFRE

Major Giving O�icer Brittany Farmer

Database Manager

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Lorrie Hartley (ex-o�icio) Jason Shenefield (ex-o�icio)


STAFF Lorrie Hartley, CFRE

Edward Clayton (ex-o�icio)

Cameron Hance

Annual Giving Coordinator

Shelby O'Keefe

Digital & Technical Writer Lauren Jones

Administrative Assistant

Shelby O'Keefe

Content Development, Photography & Graphic Design

Mission To serve as the philanthropic organization that facilitates charitable donations to support and assist the mission of Phelps County Regional Medical Center.

Vision Be the best hospital foundation dedicated to sustaining and advancing Phelps County Regional Medical Center in providing world-class healthcare for the continued benefit of our service community.

{Pictured on front cover—Sandra Stanek, James Spadaro, MD, FACC, FACP, FSCAI, and Keith Stanek}

Looking forward ow! Did BSA LifeStructures, Inc. and McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. deliver a masterpiece or what? Now that the Delbert Day Cancer Institute (DDCI) has officially opened and is now seeing patients, we are able to actually see the vision that so many of us have had over the last couple of years. Thanks again to all our donors who made this possible! Please let any of our staff know if you missed out on any of the previous opportunities and would like a tour of the DDCI, and we will be glad to put one together for you. Your Foundation has been busy since our last Focus edition. We have a couple of new faces on our staff as well. Please join me in welcoming Shelby O'Keefe, Marsha Wayman and Lauren Jones to our wonderful Foundation staff. December brought some wonderful third-party fundraising events including the Heart-2-Heart Luncheon at Matt’s Steakhouse. I want to thank all the members of that committee who continue to make it a very special day! The entire Foundation Board of Directors, Hospital Administration and Foundation Staff had our annual board retreat in January. This year Edward Clayton, our hospital CEO, outlined some of the hospital’s strategic plans and how the Foundation can help in those long-range efforts. In February, we experienced a “Big Fat Greek Wedding” Cancer Gala at the Havener Center. Many thanks to all the Cancer Gala Committee members (and their spouses) that contributed all their time and effort to make this a night of celebration and fun. We are looking forward to the annual butterfly release for our Hospice Fund and the annual golf tournament in June benefiting the DDCI. We are also looking forward to this year's Cupcakes for Cancer Fundraiser with Brenna Heavin and her family, who single-handedly have made more than 10,000 cupcakes and have raised more than $10,000 for the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund. This has become an annual homecoming event for the Heavins, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts. Finally, this edition also features the Staneks and their participation in the Guardian Angel Program. Thanks again to all our donors. It is visionaries like you that make all these projects and programs possible! Sincerely,

Ted Day Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation Board President Foundation in Focus 3

AROUND US By: Shelby O'Keefe


he relationship of a caregiver and patient is one

that can leave a lasting impression on a person. The relationships that Keith and Sandra Stanek have with Dr. Salim Shackour and Dr. James Spadaro at Phelps County Regional Medical Center (PCRMC) are filled with positive comments and praise. When it came to recognizing a caregiver for the Guardian Angel Program through the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation, it was an easy choice for Keith and Sandra Stanek to recognize Dr. Shackour and Dr. Spadaro. DR. SHACKOUR & KEITH STANEK Keith Stanek started seeing Dr. Shackour about a decade ago and was one of his first patients in the PCRMC Medical Group Internal Medicine.

“The thing that impresses me the most about Dr. Shackour is as soon as you tell him what your problem is he has a plan for what to do almost immediately,” said Keith. “It’s almost [superhuman] and more like a response from a computer. It’s the only way I could describe it.” On numerous occasions, Keith came to the hospital with problems, and Dr. Shackour always had a plan of action for his troubles. At one point, he was having trouble with his stomach and it persisted for quite a while. Dr. Shackour asked if there were any triggers, and he mentioned coffee. Foundation in Focus 4

Keith Stanek and Salim Shackour, MD, PCRMC Internal Medicine

Foundation in Focus 5

“He told me to give up coffee, so now I just have my tea," said Keith. He went through a long list of things and within a week Keith’s stomach problems cleared up. “I don’t know many doctors that focus on your problems the way he does,” said Keith. “He must have a nearly photographic memory because all the names of the medications are right on the tip of his tongue.” About a year ago, Keith was having problems when he would bend over and difficulties breathing. One night he took off his shoes and told Sandra, his wife, that he could barely breathe. The Staneks ended up in the emergency room to have his condition evaluated. He had fluid in his lungs and a touch of pneumonia and received treatments before returning home. The next day Sandra called Dr. Shackour to discuss Keith’s condition and Dr. Shackour received the x-rays to look them over. After reviewing the x-rays, Dr. Shackour noticed a tumor (which later turned out to be cancerous) on one of his non-transplant kidneys and a few spots on Keith’s right lung. Previous x-ray scans from many hospitals had passed over the tumor. Keith said, “Sometimes you tend to overlook things when it is not what you are looking for, but in this instance it just points out the thoroughness of Dr. Shackour.” Since Keith is a transplant patient from Barnes-Jewish Hospital, he traveled there to have the doctors evaluate him due to the protocol associated with being a kidney transplant recipient. He ended up having the kidney removed. If Dr. Shackour had not viewed the x-rays it may have slipped through the cracks and his cancer may have spread.

DR. SPADARO & KEITH STANEK Dr. James Spadaro has been the Staneks’ doctor since 1996, after Keith’s first heart bypass surgery. Keith’s secretary called Sandra and told her that there was something wrong with Keith. He was very dizzy and had fallen at work. Sandra picked him up and immediately called Dr. Spadaro’s office to explain the conditions. Dr. Spadaro wanted to see him right away and told him it was time to see someone about a bypass surgery. He connected the Staneks with doctors at Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital to schedule a surgery. Dr. Spadaro called Sandra and asked if Keith would mind if he looked over some of his previous x-rays. After reviewing the x-rays, Dr. Spadaro discovered Keith had a tumor on his lungs. An MRI confirmed the tumor, and Dr. Spadaro called a fellow colleague to discuss the situation and previous x-rays. The colleague asked if he could take all the information to a conference where they review special cases. The entire group came to a consensus that he needed bypass surgery. Sandra expressed concern about the tumor on Keith’s lungs and asked Dr. Spadaro if they could consider removing it while proceeding with the bypass surgery. After collaborating, the physicians decided it was in his best interest to remove the tumor. The bypass surgery was successful, and the cancerous tumor was removed. Later on, Keith’s health started to deteriorate and grew progressively worse the years after his bypass. Dr. Spadaro told him it was time for him to get a pacemaker. After receiving the pacemaker, he felt better and now has more energy and it ultimately changed his life. DR. SPADARO & SANDRA STANEK

“There were so many times I would tell Dr. Shackour that this was a problem, and he would immediately have a plan of action,” said Keith. “They always worked. I just feel like I couldn’t be in better hands. Dr. Shackour is what the practice of medicine is all about. He is very patient-oriented." Foundation in Focus 6

Sandra’s first patient experience with Dr. Spadaro at PCRMC was in September 2006. Sandra was clipping the hedges out in her yard, and she started feeling exhausted and could hardly walk. She turned around and felt something in her chest. Once she reached the house, she called 911. Dr. Spadaro was not in the office at the time, therefore Sandra was transported via air to SSM Health St. Clare Hospital – Fenton, where he also practices. He was very helpful and explained that she had suffered a heart attack. He had guidelines on what to look for and a plan of action in place for her.

Sandra Stanek and James Spadaro, MD, FACC, FACP, FSCAI, Cardiologist at the PCRMC Heart and Vascular Center

Over the years, the Staneks became friends with Dr. Spadaro and while in he was in town, they would get together for dinner. “When he gave me his phone number, I felt very comfortable with that. This guy is so down-to-earth that he is giving me his personal number,” said Sandra. When Sandra went in for her six-month check-up with Dr. Spadaro and he asked how things were going, she mentioned the falling. “I am falling. I am falling a lot. I have fallen fifteen times,” said Sandra. After he asked Sandra why she was falling she responded, “I don’t know. It was suggested to me that I might have nerve damage in my feet. The strange thing is I don’t even remember falling.” Dr. Spadaro mentioned it sounded like an issue with her heart. Sandra had to wear a Holter monitor for forty-eight hours and return it for Dr. Spadaro to review the results.

After viewing the results, Dr. Spadaro immediately called Sandra and told her he was on his way to St. Louis and for her to have someone drive her there right away.

“He told me to not drive and I was NOT to go to sleep,” said Sandra. “When I asked why, he told me it was because I might not wake up.” Sandra’s daughter-in-law drove her to St. Louis where they admitted her immediately upon arrival. Sandra ultimately went into surgery to receive a pacemaker. Since then, she has not fallen and has a lot more energy now. Without Dr. Shackour and Dr. Spadaro, the Staneks might not have survived beyond their illnesses. Both Sandra and Keith benefited from a caregiver-patient relationship that is filled with positive comments about the two doctors. The abilities they have to find things that were previously missed speak volumes to the time and energy they give to each individual patient at Phelps County Regional Medical Center. Foundation in Focus 7

Often unsung heroes are those who touch our lives in an extraordinary way simply because they care. They have chosen a profession in health care for one reason — to help others. The Guardian Angel program at Phelps County Regional Medical Center provides an opportunity for you, as a grateful patient, and your loved ones to recognize and express gratitude to a special caregiver who touched your life, or the life of your loved one at PCRMC. A caregiver can be anyone who made a difference in your appointment, stay or treatment at PCRMC. This can include (but not limited to): nurses, physicians, therapists, administrative staff, transportation assistants, technicians, etc. John Horrell Dietary Aide A donor said of John, “John always shows a positive attitude, even on days he may not feel so great. He cheers up people around him and has a kind word for everyone. That's on top of John being an excellent and hard worker!” Dr. Jennifer O'Malley Family Medicine A grateful patient said of Dr. O'Malley, “Dr. O'Malley has gone above and beyond to assure that our medical services have been a smooth transition.”

HOW DO YOU HONOR YOUR CAREGIVER? 1. Fill out the return envelope, along with your donation (directed to the fund of your choice), and few words of appreciation (when applicable) to the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation 2. Visit to nominate your Guardian Angel

HOW IS YOUR CAREGIVER RECOGNIZED? 1. Presented with a certificate recognizing them of their extraordinary work (amount of donation not specified) and a custom – crafted Guardian Angel lapel pin to be proudly worn on their employee badge/uniform 2. Recognized amongst their peers through announcement of the nomination via hospital wide e-mail, bulletin boards, social media and note to director (when applicable) 3. Recognized in annual Guardian Angel issue of the Focus magazine along with photo and name(s) of the grateful patients or loved one who recognized them

Unable to honor just one caregiver? Honor an entire department!

PCRMC Outside Patient Transportation Department From left to right, Jack May, Marion Shults, Dave Thomure, Dave Unger, Annette Woolf, Kenny Chase, and Mark Stevenson. Not picturedSteve Gray and Larry Jontz

Foundation in Focus 8



not have supported a hospice patient and given her the Christmas she deserved in 2016. In the fall of 2016, the Hospice Fund at Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation provided in a meaningful way for a 53-year-old woman in Salem estranged from her family. At the time, she was living with a family member who could no longer care for her. With nowhere to turn and in need of special care, she ended up in nursing care. Since the holidays were already extremely tight for her and with no money for Christmas presents for her grandchildren or even food for herself, the Hospice Fund was able to step in and provide those comforts. The Hospice Fund contributed the extra comfort of presents for her grandchildren, $150 in groceries and a comforter and sheets. The Hospice Fund directly impacts many individuals in the community who would otherwise not have the opportunities the fund affords.

Around the holidays, resources can be limited to patients, and this year the Hospice Fund provided twenty baskets for Thanksgiving and cooked for an additional twenty patients. At Christmas, the fund provided for fifteen food baskets. It may be a small gesture of philanthropy, but for hospice patients it means a holiday meal. “We take care of the people where they are,” said Cynthia Van Woeart, fund administrator and Director of Home Health at PCRMC. The Hospice Fund provides for those who are suffering and have little resources and instead allows them to enjoy what time they have left with family and friends. For more information on the Hospice Fund and how you can contribute, please contact Cameron Hance at

I do not know how I could do my job without the Hospice Fund,” said Anna Tucker, a social worker with the Phelps Regional Homecare at PCRMC.

Groceries going to a young mother with three children under the age of 10. She was caring for her grandmother with Alzheimer's.


gel n An a i d Guar s in use! fund

Through generous donations from grateful patients, the Patient Transportation Service received a new vehicle, a Chevrolet Trax. The PCRMC Outside Patient Transportation Service provides transportation to area residents within a 30-mile radius to allow them to safely travel to and from necessary appointments and treatments at Phelps County Regional Medical Center. Foundation in Focus 9

THANKS TO YOU $32,532.00 was raised for the Phelps

Regional Health Care Foundation Heart-2-Heart Fund. This year all money raised went towards our Cardiac Catheterization Lab Initiative! We would not be able to do it without all YOUR support.

Gue s Mar t speake r tin, MD Timoth , FA y CC, J. CCD S.

Attendees enjoyed a lunch at Matt's Steakhouse and listened to guest speaker Timothy J. Martin, MD, FACC, CCDS Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Lab discuss coronary atherosclerosis, which is a condition in which plaque builds up inside the arteries. In addition, attendees participated in the silent auction and ra�le. Thanks to the Heart-2-Heart Committee for making this year another success! For more third-party opportunities, please contact Cameron Hance at or 573-458-7699. WHY IS THE CARDIAC CATHETERIZATION LAB IMPORTANT? Healthcare technology in the 21st century is changing at a dramatic pace, and at Phelps County Regional Medical Center (PCRMC), we’re committed to providing the residents of south central Missouri with uninterrupted access to world-class medical service. There has been a huge focus on cancer, but right now, we have a critical need to replace our current cardiac catheterization equipment. To ensure that PCRMC continues to maintain its commitment to you and your neighbors, your support is needed to fund the acquisition of equipment with the latest diagnostic and treatment technology. The Foundation is looking to raise $500,000 towards the 1.5 million dollar purchase of replacement equipment and customization of our Cardiac Catheterization Lab. We thank you for your consideration of this important initiative and deeply appreciate your generosity.

The new equipment will provide immediate benefits for our patients, including: > Improved image quality to aid in stent placement > Decreased radiation exposure for patients and medical personnel > Increased uptime and speed in serving patients > Decreased maintenance cost > Enhanced recruitment of top-tier cardiologists Please contact Donia Camarena by phone at 573.458.7604 or at for more information on supporting this initiative. Or visit to give today. Foundation in Focus 10

cipating in the Attendees parti silent auction.

Gerry Martin, committee member, meets with Abilene Lortz.

Back Row: Eunice French, Evelyn Bennish, Barb Smith, Tania Lambert, Tricia Helton-George, Tracy Limmer, Gerry Martin, Jessica Beucler, Rachel Slawson |Front Row: Annette Wells, Fredi Zobrist, Julie Rodgers, Libby Niles


Foundation in Focus 11



Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation is discussing the role of philanthropy and businesses within our community. It is important that businesses invest in the community, and we congratulate them when they take active philanthropic initiatives. Last fall, on November 10, the Hospital Foundation hosted its first Presidential Roundtable with our CEO, Edward Clayton. A Presidential Roundtable allows business members and leaders to attend and hear an insider update on the state of the hospital. On February 16, 2017, we held our second Presidential Roundtable here at Phelps County Regional Medical Center. Attendees enjoyed a catered work lunch and listened to a presentation on the hospital from Edward Clayton. We are excited to share the powerful stories of the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation and its philanthropic support of PCRMC. Investing in local nonprofits is just as important as investing in local businesses. The more we invest in our own communities, the more we see the impact in our daily lives. Thank you all who attended and participated in the inaugural sessions of the Presidential Roundtable.


elcome Marsha Wayman, CFRE to the Phelps Regional Health Care

Foundation team as our newest major gift officer! Marsha joined the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation in August 2016 as a Major Gift Officer. She supports the Foundation initiatives and mission to ensure that health care delivery in Phelps County and the surrounding communities continues to be transformational. She is a Rolla native and a graduate of Missouri University of Science and Technology, recently returning after nearly two decades away serving both the private and public sectors. In 2015, she earned her Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) designation. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors, traveling and caring for her menagerie of rescue pets.

If you would like more information about corporate giving or to schedule a meeting with a gift officer, please contact Marsha Wayman at 573-458-7648 or

Foundation in Focus 12

“Philanthropy plays an important role in the Hospital’s future progression.” -EDWARD CLAYTON, CEO

OLLIE T. JACKSON How did you first get involved with Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation? In the last few weeks of her life, my wife received treatment at Phelps County Regional Medical Center. She had excellent care there from all the nurses, staff and doctors. I wanted to see it continued to help someone else that was in need because I believe there is a time when you do not know quite what to do. At Phelps County Regional Medical Center people were there for me so I had a heart towards Phelps County. What has surprised you most about working with Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation? We accomplish what we say we are going to accomplish. I have been a part of many organizations and we would meet and outline many ideas. We would leave the meeting with a list of ideas, but getting those accomplished was a completely different thing. What do you wish other people knew about Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation? I wish they knew of all the work that goes into making the Foundation happen and all the inter working with the hospital, board and hospital staff. There is sincerity from all the people on the board and towards our mission.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about donating, volunteering, etc.? I would start by discussing the slogan of the hospital and how it is fantastic: “World-class healthcare close to home.” That is what the hospital does every day. I would also tell them about my experiences with the hospital and how those experiences just do not happen at every hospital. They happen because the hospital has needs, people are dedicated and the funds are raised. What might someone be surprised to know about you? I would tell them about how I grew up on a farm in rural Missouri and that I love country music. I really love all kinds of music. How would you describe your views on philanthropy? It comes from the Bible. You don’t give because you are looking for something back, but you give because there is a need. I have known my purpose in life for quite some time, and I have thought about it a lot. My purpose is to help somebody else. My purpose is to help them in whatever way I can whether that be through finances, time, just talking to someone, giving them a hand up or whatever it might be.

I have known my purpose in life for quite some time, and I have thought about it a lot. My purpose is to help somebody else. My purpose is to help them in whatever way I can.

Ollie Jackson in his home in Waynesville, MO.

My Big Fat Greek Cancer Gala A BIG THANKS to the 2017 Cancer Gala Committee for another successful Cancer Gala! This year they raised $189,842.97 for the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation Joy of Caring Cancer Fund and the Delbert Day Cancer Institute.

The theme this year was My Big Fat Greek Cancer Gala, and the committee succeeded in turning the Havener Center into a Greek wedding! Attendees enjoyed dinner, drinks and music from the band madBeats. In addition, attendees participated in the silent auction and mystery trip drawing to New York City.

HOW YOUR DONATIONS SUPPORT THE JOY OF CARING CANCER FUND AND DELBERT DAY CANCER INSTITUTE The Joy of Caring Cancer fund provides financial assistance to patients undergoing cancer treatments who need additional assistance. This includes prescription copays, prescription medication, food supplements, wigs, mastectomy bras, cancer rehabilitation therapy, travel and food expenses (while in treatment), etc. Top Left 2017 CANCER GALA COMMITTEE Back row left to right: Carrolyn Bolin, Carla Clayton, Mary Albertson, Carolyn Buschjost, Mike Doan, Amanda Kordes, Susie Baldwin, Errica Hartley, Erin Bell, Lisa Barnes, Dawn Smith, Monica Davis, Steve Raper, Brenda Miller, Ryan Dillon, Rosalie Franklin, Cheri Stevens, Tracy Limmer Front row left to right: Elissa Jennison, Caroleen Ferrell, Susan Bowles, Robin Kordes, Annie Bass, Candy Metcalf, Cindy Beger, Katy Combs

The Delbert Day Cancer Institute opened in January 2017 and accommodates our area with world-class, regional cancer care. The institute provides all-inclusive, patientcentered services in a single, accessible location and creates a seamless transition between cancer services. The Delbert Day Cancer Institute allows PCRMC to serve an additional 520 patients annually. Thank you for your continued support.

Memorial Giving Bouman, Kathy

Earney, Minnie Lee

Hodges, Ronald L.

Carter, Roberta

Foster, James l.

Justus, Darlene

Oglesby, David B. & Patricia S.

Seibert, Anna L.

Moreland, William E. & Iris F.

Davis, Russell H.

Clark, Ronald & Anita Tuck, Bob & Carol

Read, Clayton & Melba Marschel, Ruth Adam, Linda M. Shelton, Paul & Hazel Parry, Wayne & Jo Lynn

Day, Shirley

Freeze, Marjorie S.

Day, Delbert Ray, Alvin D. & Katherine E.

Durrett, Robert E. PCRMC Bond Clinic

Foundation in Focus 14

Freeze, Wilson G.

Hinkle, Mildred H. Rogers, Virginia L.

Richards, Karl D. & Christine M.

Sinks Pharmacy

Kerr, Jerry J.

Kerr, Jeffery A. & Sandy

Light, Dorothy H.

Tiefenbrunn, Dan Sherrell, Larry & Joyce Montgomery, Linn R. & Judith K. Matthews, James D. & Ella M. Lewis, Floyd & Tonya


In 2016, Brenna Heavin sold more than 4,000 cupcakes and raised $4,515. To date, Brenna has sold more than 10,000 cupcakes and raised more than $10,000.

Proceeds will benefit the Hospice Fund at the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation

Since 2011, Brenna and her family have selected a week in July and set up shop in a local church where she bakes cupcakes and sells the cupcakes for $1 a piece. All proceeds are donated to the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund at the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation. For more information on Cupcakes for Cancer or the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund please contact the Foundation at or 573-458-7699.

When: May 20th – 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Where: Huffman’s Flowers of the Field 18148 CR 1000 | St. James, MO 65559 The Hospice Butterfly Release honors the memory of loved ones and relieves the financial burden for those in need when facing end of life decisions. The afternoon includes beverages and light snacks accompanied by some of the best natural scenery on two wings. If you are interested in sponsorship levels please contact Tara Peters at 573-458-3802 or e-mail

Brenna Heavin and her cousin deliver cupcakes to a PCRMC employee

Matthews, James D. & Annette L. Railey, Martha A.

Phenix, Shawn Cox, William T. & Patricia L.

Maas, Stanley

Ranney, Bonnie

PCRMC Bond Clinic


Minix, Jeanette

Sherrell, Mikayla

Urethane Roller Specialist, Inc.

Page, Louis

Page, Ashley N.

Phenix, Cynthia S.

Robison, Lucy E. Moreland, James & Helen Spreng, Susan

PCRMC Bond Clinic

Skaggs, Marlene Skaggs, Bobby B.

Summers, Barbara L. Hope Lutheran

Trimble, Joyce K. Trimble, Selden Y.

Tupper, Christine Stiritz, Virginia A.

Turner, Margaret

Stevenson, Mark A. & Reva J.

Wantland, Linda F. Gamblin, Nicole M.

White, Maxine Wofford, Junya M.

Foundation in Focus 15

Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation A Subsidiary of Phelps County Regional Medical Center PO Box 261 Rolla, Missouri 65402

5th Annual PCRMC Superhero 5K

June 10th

Location: Veterans Memorial Park, Rolla, MO

If you would prefer not to receive future communication to raise funds for Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation, please call us at 573-458-7249 or e-mail us at or write to us at PO Box 261, Rolla, MO 65402. Provide your name and mailing address to ensure we have the correct information. Please allow up to 4 weeks for us to honor your request. Foundation in Focus 16

Foundation in Focus Spring 2017  
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