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Fall 2016

Opportunities ABBIE DARNELL MOBILITY FUND supports patients experiencing loss of movement or nerve functions through Bioness therapy.

BABY STEPS FUND offers new parent support, breastfeeding essentials to working mothers and fetal demise bereavement services.

BREAST CENTER MAMMOGRAPHY FUND offers lifesaving mammograms and additional services, if needed, at no cost for women who financially qualify.

DELBERT DAY CANCER INSTITUTE provides comprehensive, coordinated, compassionate and cutting-edge cancer care. The Delbert Day Cancer Institute is slated to open in 2017.

their families through assistance with prescription medications, personal bills, food supplements and other needs as identified.

JAY CRUMP, D.O. MEMORIAL FUND provides for the needs of the Emergency Department at PCRMC.

JOY OF CARING CANCER FUND provides financial assistance for cancer patients who may have difficulty managing their daily activities and challenges that are experienced from their cancer diagnosis.

ENHANCING NURSING EXCELLENCE FUND provides our nurses with the tools needed (equipment, education, technology) to improve the quality of care and health outcomes for our patients.


existing funds, supports capital priorities of PCRMC and helps patients in need that are not covered by another fund.

purchases and maintains vans to support the program, which provides transportation to patients to and from PCRMC within a 30 mile radius.

HEART-2-HEART FUND offers free heart-


health screenings, educational materials and cardiac rehabilitation assistance.

helps support on-going costs and services associated with providing dental care to area youth between the ages of one and eighteen.


HOSPICE FUND provides financial support to qualified Hospice patients and

Mission To serve as the philanthropic organization that facilitates charitable donations to support and assist the mission of Phelps County Regional Medical Center.

Vision Be the best hospital

Board Members

foundation dedicated to

Ted Day, R.Ph. President

Cindy Beger

Walt Branson Vice President

Ollie T. Jackson

Sammy Auxier, Jr. Treasurer

Amy Medows

Patricia Leaders Secretary

Candace Connell Steven Lynch Jeff Schrader Dr. Christopher Spencer


Keri Brookshire-Heavin (ex-officio)

sustaining and advancing

Edward Clayton (ex-officio)

Medical Center in providing

Lorrie Hartley (ex-officio)

the continued benefit of our

world-class healthcare for service community.

Jason Shenefield (ex-officio)

Production Team

Lorrie Hartley, CFRE Executive Director

Tanya Ragain Administrative Assistant

Brittany Farmer Content Development

Donia Camarena, CFRE Major Giving Officer

Brittany Farmer Database Manager

Somer Overshon Content Development

Zachary Woolsey Major Giving Officer

Cameron Hance Annual Giving Coordinator

Cameron Hance Photographer

Marsha Wayman, CFRE Major Giving Officer

Phelps County Regional

Phelps Regional Health Care


Hope. Help. Access.

A Vision Becomes A Reality he day that we’ve all been waiting for is just around the corner. The completion of the Delbert Day Cancer Institute is almost here. We’re on schedule for the delivery of the building from McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. to Phelps County Regional Medical Center (PCRMC) in October 2016. It has been quite the project, which began in fall 2010 with initial project discussions between Administration and the Hospital Foundation. Between then and the approval from the Hospital Board, many meetings were held looking at everything from project feasibility to how to provide the best in patient care. Backed with the name Delbert Day and a vision, the project slowly began to take on a life of its own, with the support of our community. Concept drawings were provided by BSA LifeStructures, Inc., using glass frontage to present this new service to the world as something different, and indeed it was. This was the first project of its kind in PCRMC’s history, where the engineering and construction of the building was directed around just one concept, the patients’ care and experience. Never before had one of PCRMC’s clinics been so dedicated to just a single concept where everything centered on not just excellent clinical care, but also on the experience of the patients and their families. Engineers and architects met with cancer survivors, current patients and their families to determine how we could do it better than we’d done it in the past. Some of their input was so simple, yet so meaningful, that if it hadn’t been shared we might have missed important features to provide for the well-being of our patients. Again, I want to thank all of you who took part in these meetings to make the Delbert Day Cancer Institute the best it can be! As you read on about people like four-time cancer survivor, Audrey Huddleson, you’ll understand the importance of being able to provide all the services required when treating such a disabling disease. Not all have Audrey’s “will not quit” attitude, but having examples like her give us hope that by providing an excellent environment and treatment, we can beat this disease more often than not and have more opportunities to “ring the bell.”

“This was the first project of its kind in PCRMC’s history”

On October 13, 2016, donors of the Delbert Day Cancer Institute will have the opportunity to get their first “sneak peek” of the new cancer center. While we’ll still be equipping the cancer center with all of its new state-of-the-art equipment, you’ll be provided the opportunity to see the near-complete facility. Surrounded by glass, you’ll see the views and vantage points that our patients will experience as they receive treatments. Thanks to all of our donors that supported our early vision to provide the best cancer center in the heart of Missouri. A place where our cancer patients can be treated with the convenience of staying close to home. A place that offers excellent care, where our staff and volunteers are second to none. A place where we strive to ensure our patients will always feel calm, cared for and comforted. Sincerely,

Ted Day Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation Board President

Foundation in Focus 3

elping Others Through a

Longtime Hospital Foundation donor and volunteer, Audrey Huddleson, has helped the greater Rolla community for 35 years and counting.

By Somer Overshon

Step into Phelps County Regional Medical Center's (PCRMC) Medical Office Building on any given Tuesday, and you may have the pleasure of being greeted by longtime PCRMC volunteer and Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation donor, Audrey Huddleson. Audrey is a long-standing member of the PCRMC family and a firm believer in the power of philanthropy. Empowering Others from Personal Experience Audrey is passionate about supporting people in their fight against cancer, because cancer has deeply touched her life: She is a four-time cancer survivor, her second husband passed away from cancer, both of her daughters are cancer survivors and her sister and mother also had cancer. Through genetic testing, Audrey discovered she and her entire family tested positive for Lynch syndrome, an inherited condition which puts a person at a higher risk of developing cancer in the digestive tract, gynecologic tract and

Spirit of Giving other organs. ”At the time, I had to drive to Columbia to have my genetic testing done,” Audrey says. ”Now, local patients do not have to travel, because genetic testing is available to them at the Delbert Day Cancer Institute.” Audrey is grateful she received genetic counseling, because she is more aware of what types of cancer she is likely to develop. She makes sure she stays on top of her preventive exams and is tested for bladder, colon and breast cancers each year. ”I am blessed to be able to have all of my testing done right here in Rolla, with a great group of physicians,” Audrey says. ”My family care physician is Dr. Kara Meler; I receive my yearly colonoscopy with Dr. Dana Voight; my urology care is with Dr. Anthony Kaczmarek; and I get my yearly mammogram through the PCRMC Comprehensive Breast Center. I could not ask for better care.” Compassion and Giving Audrey is also a generous donor to the Delbert Day Cancer Institute Fund through the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation. Audrey gives to the Hospital Foundation, because she knows the Delbert Day Cancer Institute will benefit many cancer patients and their families. Also, Audrey knows the Delbert Day Cancer Institute is good for the community and local economy: The new cancer center will entice the brightest physicians, nurses and staff to also call Rolla their home.

“My husband received chemotherapy at BarnesJewish in St. Louis,” Audrey says. “I wish we could have stayed in Rolla for his treatments, because I feel comfortable here. I believe staying close to home when someone you love is undergoing cancer treatment is important, because family members can go home at night without having to worry about lodging and transportation. A cancer patient should not have to worry about ‘one more thing.’ The Delbert Day Cancer Institute will minimize added patient stress and concern, because all treatments and services will be conveniently located under one roof.”

Meet Foundation Donor and PCRMC Volunteer Audrey Huddleson > AUDREY has known the Day family for more than 20 years, and she has a special affinity for Delbert. “Delbert and my second husband were friends, and while Delbert is a seemingly ordinary person, he is quite extraordinary,” Audrey says. > AUDREY is a four-time cancer survivor. She has beaten uterine and endometrial cancer; bladder cancer; breast cancer; and colon cancer. > AUDREY is the longest-standing volunteer at PCRMC with 4,063 lifetime hours spent serving others. > AUDREY served on the PCRMC Auxiliary Board of Directors; attended Heart-2-Heart and Meet the Medical Group luncheons; and assisted with numerous special events, such as blood drives, emergency preparedness drills, and state project events. > AUDREY has been a donor of the Hospital Foundation since 2013.

From left to right, Director of Volunteer Services Tina Pridgeon, Audrey Huddleson, CEO Edward Clayton

Foundation in Focus 5

Audrey's team of physicians, from left to right, Dr. Kara Meler, Dr. Dana Voight, Dr. Anthony Kaczmarek

Audrey began giving to the Foundation when she read about how the Foundation uses 100% of their donations to help local patients in need. ”I feel good when I help other people, and I think donating my time and resources to others allows me to serve the Lord,” she says. Audrey plans to continue to volunteer and give to the Foundation for as long as she can. ”They will have to carry me out of PCRMC kicking and screaming,” she says, flashing her beautiful smile. A Champion of Volunteerism Audrey's generous spirit led her to a life of volunteerism. She continues to help patients and visitors at PCRMC, a job she has cherished since 1981. Audrey is currently the longest-standing member of the PCRMC Auxiliary and holds a total of 4,063 lifetime hours spent donating her time to assist countless visitors, patients and staff throughout the hospital. For many years, Audrey served as the PCRMC mailroom chairperson and was instrumental in keeping the mailroom running efficiently. When the mailroom transitioned to a third-party vendor, Audrey volunteered in the catheterization lab as well as several other volunteer stations, but she found her new home in the PCRMC Medical Office Building. Audrey's charitable personality is a perfect fit for the Medical Office Building, and she is happy to help patients of all ages, whether they are visiting for the first time or are regular, friendly faces.

”I love volunteering,” Audrey says. ”I love getting to know all of the people and being helpful to them. My job is fun, but the best reward comes from just helping. I enjoy the ‘at home’ atmosphere at PCRMC. The people here are welcoming, and they truly care about their patients and visitors.”

Cutting-Edge Technology Research Collaboration

T By Somer Overshon

he Delbert Day Cancer Institute will be equipped with some of the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology in the United States. Missouri S&T Chancellor “Two of the most impressive pieces Cheryl Schrader speaking of equipment will be housed in the Delbert Day Cancer Institute,” CEO Edward Clayton says. “One is the Varian TrueBeam Linear Accelerator, which is created to deliver radiation quickly and with pinpoint accuracy and precision, and the other is the Siemens PET/CT scanner, which allows physicians to see the structure and function of cells and tissues in the body. It provides a highly accurate, detailed and precise picture of cancerous tissues.” Another exciting development for the Delbert Day Cancer Institute is a planned collaboration with Missouri University of Science & Technology (Missouri S&T) in the area of biomedical research. “We signed a memorandum of understanding with Missouri S&T last year for the purpose of teaming up medical researchers with physicians who have similar areas of interest,” Clayton says. “Activities related to biomedical research will occur in the Delbert Day Cancer Institute, which is very exciting for the community.”

“Activities related to biomedical research will occur in the Delbert Day Cancer Institute, which is very exciting for the community.”

Foundation in Focus 7

Third floor Second floor

The Delbert Day Cancer Institute at a Glance


> Three complementary therapy rooms

> Private patient waiting rooms

> Registration and wayfinding

> Outdoor courtyard with water feature > Meditation room/spiritual healing center

> Patient exam rooms

> Café

> Medical Oncology > Physician clinics > Patient exam rooms > X-ray suite

2nd + 3rd

Ground floor

> Resource room provided by PCRMC and the American Cancer Society, to include computers, information on diagnosis and suggestions for managing disease > Bra-fitting room and onsite salon to try on wigs and scarves


First floor

> Auditorium/conference room that seats approximately 100 people

> Social worker, dietitian and nurse navigator’s offices

> Infusion Center with new chemotherapy chairs > Two private rooms for patients who choose to lie down to receive chemotherapy

> Space for future expansion

Why Choose PCRMC? PCRMC is unique from other healthcare organizations because the focus is on the patient experience and their needs, not how many patients a provider can see in one day, CEO Edward Clayton says. “Every part of planning we do at PCRMC is geared toward how patients will feel when they move through our organization. We are committed to improving the patient experience, and our dedication to our patients encompasses everything we do.” The Delbert Day Cancer Institute is scheduled for completion in late 2016 and will open its doors to patients in early 2017. To learn more about the world-class cancer services at the Delbert Day Cancer Institute, please visit

> Conference room for cancer committee and other meetings > Radiation Oncology > Clinical Research Department > PET/CT scanner and TrueBeam Linear Accelerator

> Chemotherapy laboratory


We Wouldn’t Be Here Without This Team! Delbert Day Cancer Institute Operating Committee Members COMMITTEE CHAIRS Dr. Christopher Spencer Jason Shenefield, Sr. VP/COO RADIATION ONCOLOGY Dr. Christopher Spencer Medical Director – Radiation Oncology Michelle Simpson Chief Therapist – Radiation Oncology Department Manager MEDICAL ONCOLOGY Dr. Joseph Bond Hematologist Oncologist Dr. Stephen Toothaker Hematologist Oncologist Rhonda Teague Infusion Coordinator – Medical Oncology

BUILDING Bill Leaders Administrative Director Facility and Support Services Nick Cox Architect, BSA LifeStructures, Inc. Justin Decker Builder, McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. Vickie Dixon Director of Materials Management INFORMATICS Jeff McKune Chief Health Informatics Officer

Lisa Collins, RN Oncology

Phil Hartman PMO Manager

CANCER CENTER CORE Lorrie Hartley Foundation Executive Director

REGISTRATION Samra Norris Office Coordinator – Radiation Oncology

Sarah Wiggins Tumor Registrar – Radiation Oncology Susan Buhr Oncology Social Worker SURGERY Dr. Dana Voight General Surgery

Michelle Simpson Chief Therapist – Radiation Oncology Department Manager

Interested in Supporting the Delbert Day Cancer Institute? Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation offers a Delbert Day Cancer Institute Fund to support the life-saving work of the already nationally-accredited Delbert Day Cancer Institute. Your donations make a difference. By supporting PCRMC through the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation, you are helping our local cancer patients and improving the quality of their lives. The vision of the Delbert Day Cancer Institute is to ensure that local cancer patients receive the best care available through access to world-class cancer care treatments and services, all conveniently located right here at home.

Allison Rowden Physician Assistant – General Surgery

Please consider donating today. Your gift

ANCILLARY SERVICES Shawn Hodges Administrative Director Ancillary Services

100% of your donated funds go towards

Dr. Edward Downey Radiologist

Foundation website at

helps our friends and neighbors living in Rolla and surrounding communities, and helping PCRMC patients. To learn more, please visit the Phelps Regional Health Care

Dr. Paul Cook Pathologist Amy Weckman Pharmacist

Foundation in Focus 9

The Hospital Foundation to launch 2016 Employee Giving Campaign in October

We’re All In Phelps County Regional Medical Center (PCRMC) has the most generous employees. In October 2015, nearly 330 employees — 20% of the work force — donated more than $105,000 through one-time pledges and payroll deductions. The Hospital Foundation is looking for another successful campaign this year.

Thanks to employee donors of the Greatest Needs Fund, a family received assistance in time of need. A family was recently in a car accident that forever changed their lives. They found themselves split between PCRMC and another hospital. Hundreds of miles from home without transportation or a cell phone, they found themselves in a very desperate situation. Caregivers here at PCRMC purchased shoes, clothes, food and provided them with a hotel room, as well as arranged transportation by the Outside Transport Service to the other hospital. This was mostly paid for by funds from the Greatest Needs Fund.

In 2015, approximately 7,500 miles were covered by the Patient Transportation Fund. Your donations helped provide: — van transportation to medical appointments

In 2015, 59 people benefited from the Greatest Needs Fund. Your donations helped provide: — assistance for medications — haircuts for long-term patients — mastectomy garments — necessary dental work — car seats

— gas cards






JoinUs. Join us on Thursday, October 13, 2016 for the Delbert Day Cancer Institute Pre-Grand Opening and Donor Appreciation Event. This by-invitation only event will be held to thank all donors and show our appreciation for their philanthropic support of the Delbert Day Cancer Institute. The event will include presentations by hospital administrators, physicians and members of the Day Family. A hospitality tent, refreshments and entertainment will also be provided. Following the presentation, guests will be invited on guided “sneak peek” tours of the new Delbert Day Cancer Institute. Members of the Delbert Day Cancer Institute staff will be on-site to explain details about each area of the Institute.

Cupcakes Never Tasted So Good renna Heavin, now 14, told her mom at the age of 9 that she wanted to do something to help others. Her mom told her to come up with some ideas, truly never expecting her to follow through with the concept. Brenna created Cupcakes for Cancer. Since 2011, Brenna has devoted each July to her cupcake campaign. Customers place their orders ($1 each, including delivery) in the weeks preceding delivery, and then Brenna starts baking. In 2011, Brenna sold 336 cupcakes. This year, she sold more than 4,000 cupcakes and raised $4,515. Collectively, she sold more than 10,000 cupcakes resulting in more than $10,000!

e c n Si 11


Left: Brenna Heavin presenting Cameron Hance, Annual Giving Coordinator, with proceeds from the 2016 Cupcakes for Cancer.

This feat is not one she can tackle alone. A family affair, many members of Brenna’s family take their vacation during the same week in July to help out. This program is near and dear to Brenna’s heart as she has lost both of her grandfathers to cancer. All proceeds from Cupcakes for Cancer are directed to the Hospital Foundation’s Joy of Caring Cancer Fund.

What is the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund? As the first fund of the Hospital Foundation, the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund was started by Edgar Springs resident, Renee Joy Heavin, who sadly lost her battle to breast cancer in October of 1994. The Joy of Caring Cancer Fund provides financial assistance to patients undergoing cancer treatments who need additional assistance. This includes, but is not limited to, prescription co-pays, prescription medication, food supplements, wigs, mastectomy bras, cancer rehabilitation In 2015, therapy, travel and food expenses (while 221 people benefited in treatment), etc. from the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund. Your donations helped provide: — gift cards for general expenses — mastectomy garments — assistance with utilities — nutritional supplements — wigs

As of 2016 Cupcakes for Cancer has raised more than

$10,000 Foundation in Focus 11


For more information, contact Annie Bass at 573-465-0101 or

40,000 20,000

Funds from the Cancer Gala benefit the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund and the Delbert Day Cancer Institute Fund.







120,000 The Cancer Gala has been incredibly successful, thanks to donors like you. Be sure to mark your100,000 calendars for February 18, 2017 and plan to 80,000 attend the 32nd Annual Cancer Gala.






Cancer Gala Fundraising is on the Rise!



Join us for the

From left, Ted Day (Hospital Board and Foundation Board President) speaks with Phelps County Regional Medical Center CEO Edward Clayton during the 2015 Heart-2-Heart Luncheon

In 2015, 154 people benefited from the Heart-2-Heart Fund. Your donations helped provide: — carotid artery screenings — heart-healthy screenings — co-pay payments for cardiac rehabilitation

9th Annual Heart-2-Heart Luncheon on Friday, December 2, 2016 at Matt’s Steakhouse in Rolla, MO. All proceeds from the luncheon benefit the Hospital Foundation’s Heart-2-Heart Fund. Individual tickets are $25.00 per person, and sponsorships are available. Purchase your seat or reserve your table by contacting Annette Wells at 573-308-1301 or Proceeds from the 2016 Heart-2-Heart Luncheon will be directed to the Cardiac Catheterization Lab Initiative.

Seeking Support for the Cardiac Catheterization Lab Initiative Healthcare technology in the 21st century is changing at a dramatic pace, and at Phelps County Regional Medical Center (PCRMC), we’re committed to providing the residents of south central Missouri with uninterrupted access to world-class medical service. There has been a huge focus on cancer, but right now, we have a critical need to replace our current cardiac catheterization equipment. To ensure that PCRMC continues to maintain its commitment to you and your neighbors, your support is needed to fund the acquisition of equipment with the latest diagnostic and treatment technology. The Center for Disease Control estimates that more than 700,000 Americans suffer a heart attack each year, making cardiac disease the leading cause of death for both men and women. Cardiac catheterization provides diagnostic and treatment capabilities that saves lives every day — improving patient outcomes with each new generation of technological advancements.

The new equipment will provide immediate benefits for our patients, including: > Improved image quality to aid in stent placement > Decreased radiation exposure for patients and medical personnel > Increased uptime and speed in serving patients > Decreased maintenance cost > Enhanced recruitment of top-tier cardiologists

The Hospital Foundation is looking to raise $500,000 towards the 1.5 million dollar purchase of replacement equipment and customization of our Cardiac Catheterization Lab. Remember, when it comes to saving lives with cardiac diagnostics and interventions, every minute counts! Your gift will allow PCRMC to realize its mission to continue the local delivery of transformational healthcare for you, your loved ones and your community with the use of premier technology. We thank you for your consideration of this important initiative and deeply appreciate your generosity.

“Right now, we have a critical need to replace our current cardiac catheterization equipment” HOW CAN YOU DONATE TO THIS INITIATIVE? Please contact Donia Camarena by phone at 573-458-7604 or at for more information on supporting this initiative. Or visit to give today. Foundation in Focus 13

Memorial Giving Bailey, Darrel

Bailey, Karl & Bobbie

Bohm, Rex A.

Happel, G. M. Heiberg, Mike & Susan K. Spehle-Heiberg Mace, Rick D. & Deborah L. Pilkenton, Scott & Kaye Wilson, John R. & Sharon E.

Chu, Harry

Douglass, Bette D. Heinemann, Meribeth Russell, John & Judy

Douglass, Stephen

Clouse, Ruby

Codemo, Nick

Hague, Robert M. & Kathryn S. Williams Laney, Bill & Connie Zerr, Dennis J. & Rochelle L. Zerr, Wesley P. & Deborah R. Zerr, Jim & Alyce

Davis, Russell H.

Anonymous Bach, Robert M. & Rebecca J. Cox, William T. & Patricia L. Davis, Kathy J. Davis, Frederick E. & Janet B. Davis, Jeff & Nancy Davis, Patsy S. Deluca, Terri R. Frost, Victor & Linda Gahr, Scott & Barb Garcia, Alberto J. & Rita P. Kell, Gary W. & Janet L. Wilson, Tim R. & Barb Wilson, John R. & Sharon E. State Farm Insurance

Day, Shirley

Day, Delbert Ray, Katherine E.

Day, Vanora E.

Bryant, Jeffrey J. & Jill A. Huffman, Eugene W. & Darlene Huffman, W. Alan & Kathryn R. Lewis, Doral J. Sailor, Peggy

Disser, Joseph

Adams, Wilma Arechederia, Tony & Rose Copeland, Ronald & Barbara Deimeke, Leon & Deann Gahr, Scott & Barb Gittemeier, Denise Kirgan, William & Mary Ellen Krampe, James & Melody Krampe, Bill & Jean Flag Springs Full Gospel Church USGS Flower Fund

Schluemer, William & Elizabeth

Hardebeck, Elizabeth M.

Kickbusch, William L.*Â Heinemann, Meribeth Russell, John & Judy

Brake, Everett D. & Martha R. Dortch, Chandler B. Sauer, Patricia A. Trueblood, Max B. & Susan E.

Feeler, Maxine

Hayes, Margie

PCRMC Bond Clinic

Eckhardt, Betty S.

Clouse, John A.

Hahn, Peter

Femmer, Stephen R.

Brockfeld, Gretchen Crowell, Barbara Daily, Madison M. & Karen D. Janke, Brian A. & Kimberly R. Maurer, Gene & Marla McFarland, Lynn H. & Paula Mesko, Thomas Moorkamp, William B. & Carol Packard, Sheila Petersen, James Raof, Debbie E. Smith, Noel Soleta, Don & Lynne D. Stewart, James A. & Fayette M. Trueblood, Max B. & Susan E. Watson, Gene & Karen First United Methodist Church State Farm Insurance

Davis, Siah & Joan Duncan, James M. & Carolyn K. Ellerbusch, Robert & Marcia Greig, Marvin L. & Doris J. Hemme, Arthur & Charlet A. Lewis, Danny & Sherry Light, Steven E. & Teresa L. Maxwell, Ernest & Lynn M. Nash, Shannon L. & Donna Stratman, Randall G. & Patricia A. Walker, James & Delores Weidinger, Joseph & Brenda White, Randy & Patti Williams, John E. & Charlotte R. Christ Community Church Cramm Revocable Trust

Hicks, Leatha R.

Butler, Cynthia A. PCRMC Outside Patient Transportation Department

Freeze, Marjorie

Jones, David M.

Gaddy, Troy

Jones, Rebecca

Camarena, Donia

Ahland, Robert W. & Joyce L. Lewis, Terry & Nikki Reagan, James & Catherine

Garrabrant, Regina

Western Dairy Transport, LLC

Gilmer, Charles E.

PCRMC Bond Clinic

Gelsheimer, Rickey L. & Judy K. Mathews, Patrick J. & Christy R.

Jontz, Valerie

Jontz, Lawrence Poenicke, Kirk A. & Cynthia L.

Katalinich, Dottie

Charles E. Gilmer Irrev Trust

LaPlante, Susan L.

Goddard, Mary E.

Kinard, Charles E.

Goddard, Paul E. & Janice

Grant, Steven L.

Ambrose, Deborah Breitenstein, Kathleen M. Breitenstein, James M. Cavender, Richard A. & Jeanne A. Cunningham, David & Mary Grant, Maria P. Montgomery, Robert & Dee Puleo, Andrew B. & Marsha A. Stanley, Ronald J. & Candice H. Truitt, Vickie M. Rolla Animal Hospital

Greer, Shirley F.

Doyle, Richard A. & Debra

Barr, Randy & Deborah Burns, William T. & Claudia A. Carr, Bobbye J. Carter, Sue E. Galvan, Vera Gelsheimer, Rickey L. & Judy K. Hance, Kenneth & Donna Harris, David L. & Shirley A. Petti, Karen L. Raysor, Owen M. & Susan J. Shull, Loretta J.

Mace, Ava G.

Alexander, Randal L. & Angela K. Gewinner, Kim M. Huskey, Harold C. & Hazel A. Jones, Diana

Martin, Stan

Bourne, Rodney & Lorie A.

McDowell, Erma D.

Havens, Richard S. & Janet M.

Miller, Jonita

Dearth, David W. & Susan E.

Oliver, Deborah Camarena, Donia

Patt, Alice I.

Patt, Warren E.

Phillips, Dessie C. PCRMC Bond Clinic

Ranney, Bonnie

Grannemann, Harry N. & Lynn Pendley, Betty M. Ranney, Royal W.* & Merle

Riddle, Danny

Bales, Jim D. & Charlas Dusek, Marlena Klouzek, Dana & Laura L. Montgomery, Linn R. & Judith K. Payne, Randall Towell, David A. Wiggins, John D.

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Dales, William T. & Sandra B. Dewitt, Robert D. & Connie M. Horst, Maureen Luebbers, Angelo H. & Judy A. Miller, Barry & Martha R. Smith, Ronald P. Wingler, Tamara L. Wischmeyer, Rick & Sharon Workman, David & Judith BSA Lifestructures, Inc. PCRMC Outside Patient Transportation Department

Summers, Barbara L.

Anonymous Archer, Jamie S. Attar, Janet Bagnall, Kent A. & Lindsay L. Bain, Lee J. & Harriet Barker, Clark R. & Susan L. Beger, John D. & Cindy A. Bradshaw, Jeff & Jean Bray, Tim & Jamin

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Widener, Betty J.

Loudermilk, Mark & Jacque Marsh, Linda Melton, Stephanie K. Roesler, Mary Seest, Larry D. & Sandy J. York, Phyllis L. Prock Operations, Inc.


“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — MAYA ANGELOU

Foundation in Focus 15

Phelps Regional Health Care


Hope. Help. Access.

PO Box 261 Rolla, Missouri 65402

Upcoming Foundation Events: Restaurant Night – Joy of Caring Cancer Fund

October 3rd

Location: Colton's Steakhouse & Grill – Rolla, MO *10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund. Time: 4:30-9:00 p.m. Employee Giving Campaign – We're All In

October 3rd-31st

Delbert Day Cancer Institute Pre-Grand Opening & Donor Appreciation Event

October 13th

Location: Delbert Day Cancer Institute Time: 5:00-7:30 p.m.

Breast Cancer Awareness March

October 15th

Location: Phelps County Courthouse Time: 9:00 a.m. 9th Annual Heart-2-Heart Luncheon

December 2nd Location: Matt’s Steakhouse Time: 10:00 a.m.

Delbert Day Cancer Institute Public Grand Opening

December 8th

Location: Delbert Day Cancer Institute Time: TBD

If you would prefer not to receive future communication to raise funds for Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation, please call us at 573-458-7249 or e-mail us at or write to us at PO Box 261, Rolla, MO 65402. Provide your name and mailing address to ensure we have the correct information. Please allow up to 4 weeks for us to honor your request.

Fall 2016  

Foundation in Focus Fall 2016

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Foundation in Focus Fall 2016