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2010 More OneNote Tips

Information Technoloy Services Concordia College, Moorhead, MN September, 2010

More OneNote Tips (4) Adding Extra Lines in the Last Cell of a Table Pressing the Enter key in the last cell of a table creates a new row rather than adding extra lines in a paragraph. To add extra lines (force a hard return) in the last cell of a table use ALT + Enter.

If you want a continuation of paragraph formatting use Shift + Enter.

Keeping the Side Note Window on Top Pressing the push pin icon in the Side Note window will keep the Side Note window on top at all times.

How to Make Side Notes Available

The Side Notes feature of OneNote should appear in the notification area of your task bar. If it does not, choose: 1. Tools 2. Options 3. Other 4. Check: Place OneNote icon in the notification area of the Task Bar. Customizing What the Side Note Icon Can Do By default, clicking the Side Note/OneNote icon in the notification area of the task bar launches the Side Note program however you can customize the default action taken. To change the default setting to something else, right click on the OneNote icon in the notification area. Choose Options, OneNote Icon Defaults (see below).


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