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This album is for the dreamers who never made it, for the hopeless and frustrated, for the outlaws who can‘t fit in and the ones who never got a chance ...

the new beginning

Well I have to say, I am owing you an applause and there’s surely no reason for a comparison between us. You are the lover and I am the friend, now that I see clearly and I seem to understand. Got an unrealistic vision, was completely wrong, I’m moving all alone with all the hope gone. I gave you too much chances, I gave you all my soul, we both are different summing-up the same fool. Want to try want to find just an easy way out, bet on falsified cards, there’s no doubt The pain struck my soul and the pain struck my heart, can’t hold on like this, I want to restart. Can’t remember all the pain, don’t know how I moved along, it’s time to make a point my friend, good bye, I am gone.

Getting out of focus while staying on the road, forgetting what’s important and my priorities, heading from town to town it’s hard to keep your mind clear while crossing several boundaries And I’ve been driving all night long, suddenly my mind crosses you and I wonder if you think about me too! Another show, other people, unknown places, the resounding call of unexperienced adventure. Partied far too hard, shots are hitting the floor, simply forgot to give you your well deserved attention And I’ve been drinking all night long, suddenly my mind crosses you and I wonder if you think about me too!

thinkInG aboUt You

Came down to find oblivion and paradise, found nothing but never ending range took far too long before he realized now he’s sitting on the corner sparing for change and to make sure that there ain’t no misunderstanding I tell you real life got

no haPpy ending

NoNo, Funny how deep you fall for love, situations full of tears and embarrasment the sword of disappointment is hanging above, the ways you walked were all dead-end Princess finds prince that ain’t gonna happen, cheesy bubbles, roses on the wedding floor happy until the end, cheerful satisfaction, in real life you won’t find what you’re looking for.

Long live the union which made us strong to push the stronger forward until the weak are gone. Treat your neighbours like you want to be treated, a motto the west never needed. As I turn my head I see a place for all, for the ones who need help, are starving and crawl, Europe should be the one to begin but they won’t let them in, no they won’t let them in! From UK to Germany, from France to Austria, this Modern Transylvania, Transylvania!

Modern Transylvania

Get up, get up and tear those fuckers down! So I point at the criminals who can’t be forgiven, just try to feed their children and keep on living and I’m sick of all representors of the state with their unreal arguments and campaigns of hate. Poverty is growing, my nihilistic feeling too, noone realizes there is so much left to do. We are all worrying about our property and desire while our brothers and sisters die in barbed wire! I turn my head again and see bloodsuckers everywhere. A fire burns inside my soul and tells me: “OUT OF HERE!“ Western civilisation, the angels of the poor, where the rich are getting richer and want more, more, more, more!

My Time, My city

Well it’s my time and my city from the riverbanks to my little pretty and I feel blessed now, run fast now, I went away but I got to get home tonight! Back in the days where life ended at night and it was all about a game, a kiss, a fight the streets and lakes and woods was where we used to go, I never thought how much my world is going to grow. So here we are tonight, those lights are shining bright, my girl right by my side, boy if that ain’t right! So here I stand and there’s people walking by, I don’t know none of them and look them in the eye. The rich, the drunk, the poor, the crippled and insane, they are all a part of this and the city’s not to blame. Somehow we all fit in through destiny and sin. No matter in which pond you drown, don’t let the bastards grind you down!

From six to two, from two to ten to six and back, you got a job, which is hard, just as hard as it can get. You never learned to live ‘cause your work is all your life and you watched your opportunities and there’s no end in sight. You got a lady, you barely see and a baby, which barely knows its daddy but you’re giving your best at work for getting branded as scum and jerk. One day, one day I’ll break out of this everyday routine. One day, one day I’ll find my way out of this capitalist machine. One day, one day the middleclass will fight back and succeed. Someday, someday, they won’t ignore the workingclasses needs. And he’s drinking and can’t stop thinking with his self-confidence shrinking and sinking and the bosses are grinning and clapping their hands for their workers struggling hard, struggling like ants. Now he realizes nothing moves in his life and he won’t be able to turn the tide and he rips us his ass and is treated as one, as a workingclass bastard as worthless scum.

Wo ing cla Bea

ork g ass at

MisS blue eyes

Just another sunday evening on a cold december day, me and Jakob all fucked up going our way. With a beer in our hands and my best friend by my side we banned our way through shiny city lights, saw the train arriving and everything seemed alright. But her appearance struck me hard, her unchanged lovely smile, it’s been a few years now, hadn’t seen her for a while. Look at me, look at me and as time flies I lost myself in your beautiful blue eyes I used to spread my wings and fly away, London, New York and San Francisco Bay. First time in my life I want to stay, wouldn’t have it any other way. Laughing, talking side by side, this natural feeling just feels right, have to admit you look beautiful tonight.

Well it was all about the movement, not a question of fashion and style, with the wish of being different, it’s all over and been a while. The times they are changing, a scene condemned to die, a minority still fighting and holding the black flag high. There’s still live in the old dog yet, reaching for its throne, we’re bringing anarchy back, we’re

bringing anarchy back home. What happened to the attitude, the screams for unity, where everyone was accepted and it was ok just being me, now everyone follows dresscodes, magazines tell me how to be punk, tell me how to fit into the scene. Follow the rules, but where’s the fun? Alright all you fashion junkies and stylers, pack your mascara and leave my home as fast as you can. You rattlesnakes poisened the scene for far too long, but leave the door wide open for the real outlaws to come!

not my country I heard so many stories about our liberty, our patriotic feelings and unstained democracy, but all this politicians are doing what they want, people remain just paralyzed, our war is lost and fought. And I watch the rivers passing by, the woods and mountains, I say goodbye to this cloudy magic skies ‘cause now I see: With akward tricks and politics they stole my home, while they’re having a tax-free life I’m out here all alone, just throw amounts of salt to our societies running sore, this country ain’t my country anymore! I heard so many stories about the hopeful and the free and I turn my head this hopeful and scared faces is all I see. The right wing is on the go, the fascists ruin my day and I dream myself to a liberal country far, far away.

Heartbroken Heartbreaker An unknown feeling is rising above, never had it before, never fell in love. Relationships didn’t cross my mind at all, now it’s like standing on skyscrapers ready to fall. A nervous breakdown the way you look at me, no place anywhere I rather like to be. I feel dizy, sick, stoned, weird happy and drunk, you don’t like my hair, tattoos, being a punk. And rejection is what I’m afraid, it keeps me depressed and awfully sad. I have to reset, I have to restart I’m a heartbreaker with a broken heart. I have to admit that I’m no angel, fought the law, woke up in police stations but now I really don’t know what to do, no right, no wrong, no false or true. I’m a drinker, smoker, jerk, short I am a skunk. I’m a fucked up person just talking junk, got my chain on the wallet and I lie too much, always played with girls, never stayed in touch.

Californian Sun Glamour and glitter are blinding the eye, a town built up by dreams and illusions. Waiting for the one-time chance which won’t come, wannabes drawn into prostitution Starlets burn up on the sky, a nation all gone wrong under the californian sun! Wealth and poverty seperated by one block, the sun shining down on a minority, while smoke is soaked through desperate lungs, misdirected by the media conspirancy. This city of madness is waiting for better days to come under the californian sun! The coil of desperation, where all the hope is gone under the californian sun!

You say it’s time for mean but that’s no lif on the track with I still keep my nig garbage, which I sim smile and a bottle of

While you lost you more I already have w several paths and enjo is the

The Journey’s Rewa

a game lost I always thought that you’d be the one, that our hearts would rhyme on a special day. Now I wished it never started and every-thing went a whole different way. I gave more than my best, lost my heart, you were the fire inside me which I always missed. Hoped for more than I could expect, thought that things would change after our first kiss. Now I sit in my room and I light another cigarette, let the images fade away and try to forget that I lost the game, know I suck, I’m in love, you don’t give a fuck, maybe I’m just out of luck. Shot after shot alcohol burns the pain away, never reached you like you reached me. Standing in the rain in resegnation, I’m not the man I’m supposed to be. Waking up’s just hard but now I see the truth, let the past be past and don’t think what I’ve left undone. Got the sad truth inked on my sleeve, waited far too long for better days to come.

Blame me, criticize me, wish me bad luck. I won’t ever, I won’t ever, I won’t ever grow up. change and more responsibility, to face the truth, get fe for me. While you try to take off your wings I stay h cigarettes in my pocket and my guitar on the back. ghts long and keep my days short. Still buy myself mply can’t afford. You find me at the bar with a f booze. Still living high, don’t give a shit and nothing to lose. ur passion and your greed forces you for what you’ve been looking for. So I walk oy my life step by step, the journey e reward I have nothing to regret.


Wouldn‘t Change a thing A minivan packed with gear and hangoverish musicians, countless cups of coffee to keep myself awake. Locked down with the same people for days and weeks, who are changing more into my family with every step we take. No I won’t, no I wouldn’t, no I wouldn’t change a thing! Saw the desert changing into palm trees and the coastline melting into the sea, while the miles drop down the odometer, from one city to another destiny. Got shelter offered by the unemployed and poor, while being avoided by the upperclass society. We slept on the floors of the cheapest motels and got branded as time-ticking catastrophy.

The misty memories start to enlight as I drive back to LA down on Interstate 5. It was at the bunkhouse at Fremont Street where Reggae hit our soul and we drank to the beat. Jakob drank so much until he laid on the floor, Andi took a deep breath and drank some more. It was one night, one night in the city of sin So we stayed there ‘til the mourning, stayed all night, good music keeping on, we were alright and we met this two guys with pockets full of weed and we smoked it in demon-speed. Hannah smoked so much until she laid on the floor, Jakob took a deep breath and smoked a few more.

City OF siN

emptY botTles

My heart in thousand parts, all this heartbroken fights. What went wrong? Torn letters and tearstained sleepless nights a hole inside my soul, which never will be filled empty bottles, sad truth and memories of guilt Kept running oh so fast but my bad luck’s always faster felt secure, felt home, turned out to be a complete disaster wherever I go, whoever I love, wherever I want to stay signs guide me into false directions, nothing ever goes my way. And I know and I know that I would stand by your side until the bitter end and I know that I am rejected, abandoned and all alone again But there are always sunbeams on the horizon, shiny, shiny lights to guide me through my angry youth and all this wasted nights as long as there is hope, there is a smile I won’t stop, I will try and aspiration is on my side, it is the last one to die.

The Forum Walters are:

philipp eislvocals&guitar matthias mair-zeininger guitar&vocals hannah kosch bass&vocals jakob wimmer drums&vocals Credits:

All songs produced by Bassix All songs recorded and engineered by Sebastian Pracher @ Mischwald Studios, Bad Goisern All vocals and acoustic guitars recorded and engineered by Bassix @ Irievibrations Studios, Vienna All songs mixed by Sebastian Pracher @ Mischwald Studios, Bad Goisern All songs mastered by Peter Funke @ Marax Studios, Berlin design, illustration and & artwork by Elena Rieser, photos | All songs and lyrics written by Philipp Eisl except Track # 5 by Herbert Koller All songs arranged by The Forum Walters Additional vocals on “Modern Transylvania“ by Christian Kosch Additional vocals on “City Of Sin“ by Manuel Bornbaum and Bassix

special thanks to: Martin Six for spending so much time and nerves on this project; Sebastian Pracher;

Vrony Kosch; Elena Rieser for the passion and creativity; the Eisl, the Kosch, the Mair-Zeininger & the Wimmer family for all the love and support; Simon and Peda from You Know!?; Aunt Harry; Syrix & Prof.; Dr. Tom; Grisu @ Teenage Riot; Alex @ BF Concerts; Arena Vienna; Viper Room Vienna; Cary Scuff; Dave Sloan and Machete; Michele, Xavier, Wolfie and Ava Ramoz; Richie Casketeer; Herby, PT, Josch and Tony aka the Bodyslammers; our roadies SteveO, Hofa Flo, Andi Ladner and Mani Borbaum; Shellac Bar; the Liquor Stores all over the States and Europe; all our fans and people who believed in us and supported us from the very beginning on! Thumbs up for: Dispatched; The Casketeers; Final Summation; The Scuffs; Ramazuri; Tommy Gun; Iriepathie; Stüngö; Vrony & Support; Bluebury Me; Bassix Riddim Corporation; Kitty In A Casket; You Know!?; Time Again; Killing Oma and Wham Bam Bodyslam Get tattooed by Kay @ Punctum, Bad Goisern and by Mäx @ Tattoos to the Max, Bad Ischl


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