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Client names and addresses (Personal info)

Health history including family history

Diagnostic information

Treatment information

Any care previously provided including the names of care providers

A plan of service/care

Payments or eligibility for health care

Lab results

Health card number

Name of client’s substitute decision maker

A Few Important “Do Not’s” 

Do not discuss client information in public places such as lunchrooms, elevators, hallways, on the bus home or at the local coffee shop

Do not discuss client information with other clients or staff not involved in their care.

Do not use your personal e-mail to send personal health information only use your PDA for email and use limited personal health information.

Do not remove client information from the office

Do not share PDA passwords

Do not access information for which there is no professional purpose

PSWs & Privacy 

Only specific information will be communicated from coordinators to PSWs

PSWs must record information on specific forms only

Forms are put into the home chart in the clients home

Schedules with client names and addresses are only kept on the secure PDA device

Schedules and client forms returned to the office monthly for shredding and/or filing, and minimum at every team meeting.

For any privacy concerns please contact

Privacy Officer – Tracy Jones Ext. 3224

Privacy & Confidentiality  

What does client confidentiality really mean to you?

Privacy & Confidentiality  

What does client confidentiality really mean to you?